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‘What’s The Beef Here?....’

Stan Hey - 10 Questions, actually 12!. TV Times - November 11th 1983, first ‘Pet. Beco Building Site - Interactive Guide. Central Television - Letter to Redmile residents. New Zealand Listener - Tim Healy Interview. Is The Bridge Going? - A viewers letter. Tyne Idols - Bus Tours, River Cruises & Events Series 1 Promo - Rare Series 1 Picture

‘There’s a letter for you Oz..’

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“Oi, Oi!....what’s the word then?...”

Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - Radio Times Favourite ITV Show Of All Time! Not content with winning the Evening Chronicle's top North East TV Series of all time earlier this month, we can exclusively reveal Auf Wiedersehen, Pet has done it again! We've beaten Thunderbirds (second) and Coronation Street (third) to take the No. 1 spot in the Radio Times favourite ITV programme of all time! According to Radio Times editor Ben Preston, the writers were “years ahead of their time”, as “the issues thrown up by migrant workers dominate our politics today like never before.” Read more on this from our October Newsletter.
August Newsletter In our August issue, we teamed up with Tyneidols to bring you a new competition, launched a brand new T-shirt, interviewed Series 1 & 2 Producer Martin McKeand, and went into ‘The Archives’ to bring you interviews with Gary Holton and Noel Clarke! You can read the latest issue here, and also sign up for the Newsletter here.
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June Newsletter. In the latest newsletter, we bring you all of this: Fans best wishes to Tim Healy, The 2016 Sunday For Sammy DVD Preview, we launch our Wayne Winston Norris T-Shirt, an interview with Gary Holton from 1984 and ‘DHB?, thats the district of Düsseldorf isn’t it?.....” Read now. Sign up for the Newsletter now for all the latest information - awpet.com/newsletter Also, visit us on Facebook - Twitter to keep up with current news, events and merchandise!
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet has established itself as one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever in the UK. 30 years later the show is still as popular and has a strong legion of fans worldwide. It’s strength is behind it’s writing, it’s cast and it’s passion, which many fans hold close to their heart.   
Since 2012, the Official Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Fansite has been ‘constructing’ the largest ever collection of behind the scenes pictures, videos, memories, build plans, scripts and so much more. Since it’s first airing back in 1983, the show has struck a chord with viewers and critics alike, which continues today.   
Dennis, Neville, Oz, Bomber, Barry, Moxey, Wayne and Wyman have travelled the world laying bricks, nailing timber and drinking beer. From Düsseldorf to Thailand the lads have given us laughs and tears, ending with Neville saying those immortal words, ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.....’ The show is ever expanding with Fan Events, the first being the cast attended ‘Convention’ in Newcastle in September 2013, and the latest ‘Fan Gathering’ in July 2014.                                                                                          Explore the ‘Site’ and enjoy!