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A New Beginning

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Mon Jan 28, 2019 2:40 pm

After leaving the Saugus medical centre Wyman and Chip are trying to understand the situation.

Wyman: “ All this time Chip and only now is it obvious what was holding up the work on the site. I can’t believe I didn’t see it.”

Chip: “ Don’t beat yourself up Wy man, no one else worked it out either and we should be able to recognise our own people.”

Wyman: “ They must have been using this place as a staging post since day one. It still beats me that no one had any idea.”

Chip: “ People like Charlie Fox are always quick to blame others, but it was down to him and his council friends that delivery checks were moved from the site to the reservation boundary. We think that maybe someone planted that idea in his head , it suited the traffickers. They knew that the feds wouldn’t dare put surveillance on Indian lands without permission. I guess Mel will tell him why her friends will be all over the res now. ” They both laughed.

Wyman: “ I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, they’re experts ,they’ve been at it a long time . Mel told me it’s a problem all along the border. " Wyman held up his hand. " Don’t you dare say a thing ,I’ve heard it over and over, when Nev said Den should write to the president with a quote for the wall job.”

Dennis and Dagmar are relaxing at home.

Dennis: “ So pet, how’s your new job going?”

Dagmar: “ Much as I expected Dennis. Vicky has been a great help , I ‘phoned her a lot at the beginning. On a different subject I’ve been wondering about the boy. Has he said anything to you recently about his work at CWN?”

Dennis: “ Nah, but then he never used to say much before when he was with the Border Force. Any particular reason for asking?”

Dagmar: “ I was wondering about Debbies' new career and……”

Dennis: “ And you were going to say bonny lass, is Detlef feeling neglected?”

Dagmar: “ Certainly not, don’t be silly Dennis. I was only thinking the other day how long they’ve been married, it must be about a year.”

Dennis: “ So what, where are you going with this pet?”

Dagmar: “ Has he said anything to you about children?”

Dennis: “ Bloody hell ,where did that come from , we never talk about stuff like that man .Anyway I’d be surprised if they had the time.”

Pru and Neville have been sat very quietly.

Neville: “ You’re right of course. Mojito is a good choice. I remember how you used to ply me with drink every night after our fence building ,and it was always mojitos.”

Pru: “ Strange how your memory plays tricks on you.I thought it was the other way around.”

Neville: “ You’re also right on another count. It has been a long time. Too long maybe.”

Pru: “ Is that a question Neville?”

Neville: “ No. It’s a statement I think. “ Pru looked at him and put her hand over his.

Pru: “ What’s wrong pet?” Nev returned her gaze.

Neville: “I thought all I needed was to try being with the lads on the tools again.But if you hadn’t ‘phoned I would have come back anyway. There was something missing.”

Pru: “What’s missing Neville?”

Neville: “ Do you recall when I told you about the letter Bomber sent for Den to read to us on the Thailand job?”

Pru: “ Yes, when he said he wasn’t going to join you .”

Neville: “ I think I realised then, in some way, that it was the first crack in our wall. I know Oz told Den at the time he thought it was all over. I know how devastating it feels and now it seems ten times worse , we 're all scattered to the winds and I can’t see how we can ever get back to where it was. To where we were.”

Pru: “ I’ll tell you something now pet , but perhaps I’m breaking a confidence.”

Neville: “Go on , now you’ve started you cannot stop.”

Pru: “ I was talking to Dagmar at the time there was all this trouble over Tatiana ,and she told me that Dennis had said something very similar to her.”

Neville: “ How’d you mean similar?”

Pru: “Well it was to do with Barry’s troubles, including his spells behind bars, and Den had said, and I quote, there was always the lads, like a family to help in times of need. I think I understand what he meant and it’s not camaraderie. It's what Oz saw being threatened by Bombers’ letter.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:14 am

Bit of wife swapping ?! :shock:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun Feb 03, 2019 2:26 pm

Tatiana and Kenny are sat in a bar in a Havana hotel.

Tatiana: “ Can I speak now Kenny?” Kenny closed his eyes momentarily , took a drink from his Cuba libre and replied through clenched teeth.

Kenny: “ This last two weeks will go down in a record book. Somewhere.”

Tatiana: “ Why are we here when Zoe is on the way to Guatemala?”

Kenny: “ As I told you before if we all stayed on board head office thinks alarm bells would ring . I would have preferred to disembark in Florida,but we have orders. However we'll still follow but more discreetly.”

Tatiana: “ The other guy, Louis?”

Kenny:” What about him?”

Tatiana: “ You said he had learned something about Zoe on the way here?”

Kenny: “ Yes Louis has always been good at recognising the weakest links and he was right about one of the three guys that were in charge of Zoe’s container. He did most of the slopping out.”

Tatiana: “ Like in prison?”

Kenny: “ Yes, chemical toilets, buckets, hosing down vomit among other duties.” He looked at Tatianas’ expression. “ Don’t tell me you didn’t know it would be like this?”

Tatiana: “ She would not know until they put her inside, but two weeks ……”

Kenny: “ Another week to go and we don’t know what between now and Guayaquil, if she gets as far as Ecuador .”

Tatiana: “ Kenny you’re a bastard she’s my sister.”

Kenny: “ Look we’ve had this discussion before .I know part of you thinks she deserves it as well, are you forgetting what she’s done, even before Varna? No I thought not.”

Tatiana: “ No one deserves to be treated like that. “

Kenny: “ There are others in that container and we're doing our best for all of them, but the prime objective must be to close down the trafficking gang. I’ll tell you something sister about a year ago I lost a very good friend , a guy called Danny. I’m not going to lose another because of some greedy selfish bitch .We will play this by the book. Once the ship sails our guys here will have eyes on the boxes left on the docks. There will be backup in Guayaquil for Louis and Jo .I suspect they will need it.”

Tatiana: “ So did he learn anything about Zoe?” Kenny gave Tatiana another hard stare.

Kenny: “ Yes.She terrorised one family in particular, probably deliberately. You know survival of the fittest. I guess in total there must have been about two dozen people . But she was seen as a heroine when she did away with a young guy who decided Zoe was next on his list of deserving causes. Amazing what she managed with a plastic spoon. Anyway he went over the side when they were slopping out.”

Tatiana: “ How will we know what happens to Zoe and the others?”

Kenny: “ We will be near at hand.”

Tatiana: “ Near at hand?”

Kenny: “ Once our friends are happy with the containers on the dockside here we’ll be going for a trip by helo . It’s not far to Guatamala and the word is we won’t be needed after that. You will be wanting to see Zoe ?”

Tatiana: “ Of course ,but……”

Kenny: “ No buts. Shut up, we’re going to eat now and then get a couple of hours shuteye.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Wed Feb 06, 2019 4:57 am

Oh poor Titiana, Russian mafia was never like this I think ! :cry:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Wed Feb 06, 2019 1:15 pm

Oz and Vicky have been entertaining Gary and Heather Turnbull. Oz has taken Gary for a look around the garden to avoid more dinner table friction.

Gary: “ Your friend Vicky is very protective of Mr Ames?”

Oz: “ Vicky can take care of herself Gary and I tell you Heather shouldn’t think otherwise. Kenny took her under his wing years ago when Fraser went inside . They have a shared history. So , now that we’re out of earshot what is it you’re after?”

Gary: “ I don’t want to ruffle feathers asking questions that Vicky might misunderstand.”

Oz: “ Howay Gary, spit it out, I don’t mind standing in for Kenny but I’m beginning to wonder what the hell you’re doing here?”

Gary: “ Where is Mr Ames at present?”

Oz: “ Dear me, I already told you, he’s on a business trip with Dennis and Nev. Anyway they’re back tomorrow you will be able to ask him all the questions you like.”

Gary: “ We were thinking he was avoiding us for some reason.”

Oz: “ Is Heather still on Her Majesty’s secret service?”

Gary: “ What makes you say that Oz?”

Oz: “ Bloody hell that dinner we just had nearly turned into a small war. There’s something up, and now we’re outside I hope you’re going to come clean.”

Gary: “ Oz I hope I’m not overstepping a mark here but I have to ask you .You are close to Mr Ames and your recent change in circumstances is very evident.”

Oz: “ So?”

Gary: “ Is his health an issue?”

Oz: “ We told you earlier his health is much improved and there is no evidence of his Parkinsons returning. Is that it. Surely MI5 could have found that out?”

Gary: “ No, that’s not it. Oz , it is common knowledge that we , collectively, have had extensive dealings with Mr Ames’ organisation in the past but in light of recent events we need to confirm there are no impending changes we should know about.”

Oz: “ That’s a loaded question if ever I heard one. I ‘ll tell you again ,ask him tomorrow.”

Gary: “ Not good enough Oz, because if Heather’s intel is to be believed we might not expect to hear the truth.”

Oz: “ Ah now we’re getting to it, what intel is this?”

Gary: “ Akio Takahashi has been focussed on this recent problem with trafficking with containers, and is concerned about a name that keeps cropping up in the context of the Black Sea mob and certain orientals . Before you ask I’ll tell you , it’s Prince Stefano de Montecatini.”

Oz: “ Howay Gary we all know Stefano, he’s one of Kenny’s oldest friends.”

Gary: “ Exactly.”

Oz: “ Surely you don’t think he’s one of the bad guys?”

Gary: “ I can’t speak personally ,like you , but he got Mr Taylor into all kinds of bother through his relationship with a certain Father Ben?”

Oz :” But this is not proof of anything , in any event we all did a favour for Father Ben some time back “

Gary: “ We know about that. This is more recent when Barry paid a visit to Turkey and attracted some very unwelcome attention . Look, when Heather gets a whisper like this she ‘s like a terrier, you know not letting go. We need to be able to say there’s nothing to report .”

Oz: “ As I said earlier Gary you’ll see him tomorrow and you can ask him yourself and then make up your own mind. By the way pal I prefer people to ask me questions directly ,not going round the houses . Kenny wouldn’t like this sneaky approach either kiddah . Your'e not laying these problems at my or Vicky’s door whatever Kenny may or may not be guilty of. See Gary you’re a canny lad , but I haven’t been employed by OED for a long time and you’re in my house, so you won’t be upset if I tell you and your missus to sling your bloody hook. Will you?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:52 pm

Tatiana insisted on taking a shower after the most uncomfortable journey of her life, she said. Kenny is having a telephone conversation to rival his worst nightmare.

Kenny: “ Shit ,shit ,shit. Are you absolutely sure? Does nobody know anything about surveillance? Now none of us are in the right place to help Zoe.” At the mention of her sisters name Tatiana stopped towelling her hair to listen to Kenny’s conversation. “No you idiot , we’re here in Guatemala City, and you’re telling me the ship’s going to Belize and then to Panama ? Look, get a message to Luis and Jo, tell them to get off when they reach Panama , we’ll head off to Belize right away. It’s Tuesday now the ship won’t reach Guayaquil until next week at the earliest. Get on to Washington and say I need Team B to go to Ecuador. I reckon our intel was crap and the captain must be in on it.”

Kenny pocketed his ‘phone and went to reception to find flights to Belize.

Tatiana: “ This is too much Kenny, it’s obviously all bullshit I don’t believe any of it.”

Kenny: “ Tatiana ,shut up. It happened and we’re leaving now. Get your bag the chopper won’t wait.”

By the time they landed it was dark. Kenny checked them in to the hotel and had the receptionist organise a hire car for the morning.

Kenny: “ I am worried that someone or something spooked our container buddies . I’m going to be tied up for a while why don’t you help yourself at the minibar?”

Tatiana needed no further instruction poured herself a drink and then handed a whisky to Kenny while he made his calls.

Heather and Gary are considering their next moves.

Heather: “ So what did Oz have to say ?”

Gary: “ We are free to stay until tomorrow .He will not hear anything untoward said about his benefactor and I have to tell you your performance over dinner did not help our cause.”

Heather: “ I should worry.”

Gary : “ Don’t underestimate them. We’re on their turf at present , we really needed their help and yet you blew it.”

Heather: “ So Ames and the Geordie mafia will be here tomorrow ,we can make our request known then surely?” Gary glanced at his wife. She was gazing at the floor.

Gary: “ What have you got against these people?”

Heather: “ Absolutely nothing ,in fact you have to admire Oz. He really landed on his feet with this place and, from all accounts a very lucrative business.”

Gary: “ Don’t forget Mrs Patterson is Ames’ new PA and double oh geordie’s wife heads up Ames Security these days.”

Heather: “It beggars belief.”

Gary: “ Come on my sweet ,there was sound reasoning to Ames’ decisions .There isn’t a little jealousy creeping in here is there, or could it be something to do with the delectable Vicky ,mother of Sister Sara Victoria , entrepreneur owner of a string of beauticians, hostess in a Moorish palace, who apparently is not in awe of you?”

Heather: “ Why are you saying these things Gary?”

Gary: “ You don’t usually lose focus like this. You and I have been involved in any number of operations some more clandestine than others, think about Fraser and Tarquin bloody Pearce. So what’s going on?”

Heather: “ My record speaks for itself Gary, you know what sacrifices I've made and yes, there is a little jealousy. Where, I wonder where have I benefited from my labours?”

Gary: “ Heather my sweet you are a career spook. That’s one of the things about you that first attracted my attention. I have difficulty in understanding why these folks make you feel so insecure. Surely it’s not the material trappings , the manor house in Northumberland, the luxury yacht , the company chopper?”

Heather: “ Have you finished Gary?”

Gary: “ We don’t do too badly my sweet. We have the place in Jamaica as well as my Cuban hideaway. You always stressed how important it is to be understated in all things ,we share that Scottish trait. There will be a very generous pension…..” He was interrupted by Heather .

Heather: “ Jeeze, Gary give it a bloody rest!”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:26 pm

Canna see a problem for Kenny. It's Tuesday. And nothing ever happens on a Tuesday. :P

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:53 pm

Kenny and Tatiana are looking in awe at a colossal structure built of containers sat on the dockside in front of their car.

“Kenny :” I don’t think I’ve ever been this close to so many containers. There are hundreds.”

Tatiana: “ How are we going to find Zoe, there are so many, it’s like a maze?”

Kenny: “ Well this row in front of us is twenty long and ten deep, and at least six containers high, as far as I can see.”

Tatiana: “ I can count, I want to know how we can find Zoe.” She made to get out of the car until Kenny restrained her.

Kenny: “ Me too, but let’s see what Captain Delgados’ people have to say.”

Tatiana: “ Is that the policeman from Cuba, is he here?”

Kenny: “ Not in person, but after I’d told him to expect some containers on his patch he arranged for some people from the Caribbean Drug enforcement group to give us a hand.”

Tatiana :” Maybe that’s them over there ,I can see a lot of torches flashing .”

As they both began walking toward the lights Kenny shouted.

Kenny: “ Hi my name’s Kenny Brown is there a detective Sanchez here ?” A slim young woman detached from the group of torch holders and waved.

Sanchez: “ Ola Kenny ,captain Delgado told me to give you all the help you require. I am detective Sanchez, and I guess you must be the sister of the kidnapped woman?”

Tatiana: “ Yes I am Zoe’s sister. Can you tell me which container she is in?” Sanchez glanced at Kenny with raised eyebrows.

Sanchez: “ We have examined all the outer containers at ground level without success. I am expecting the port authority to be here shortly with crane and gantry drivers . We will have enough people , these Belize guys are very friendly, we’ve worked together a lot over the last few years. “

Kenny: “ Did they give you a record of cargo movement?”

Sanchez: “ They did but it’s not very helpful.”

Kenny: “ Do we know when the ones we’re interested in were offloaded?”

Sanchez : ” Sorry Kenny, we got the call at about two in the morning so estimate maybe six hours ago.”

Kenny: “ I see the dog handlers over there, I take it no results ?”

Sanchez: “ The animals didn’t show any interest and I’m wondering if they’ll be any good at this, most of the time they look for drugs. Anyway we agreed they would stay until the cranes are on site and we can get the dogs closer to the containers in the centre.”

Tatiana: “ That dog looks very agitated.” Kenny and Sanchez turned in the direction Tatiana was pointing and could see a handler struggling to control a white Alsatian.

Sanchez: “ That is very strange, they are always docile when not working. I’ll see what is wrong.”

Kenny and Tatiana followed and both turned at the sound of a panel van heading in their direction. The driver and his passenger got out , opened the rear doors and were joined by half a dozen more all with high visibility vests who were making their way toward them.

Sanchez: “ Ola , I’m detective Sanchez .Do you have the cargo details we asked for?” The driver held up a folder and waved it in answer.” We may have had a stroke of luck, one of our dogs has become very agitated at something we think may be in the second row. If you can start there I would consider it a personal favour.” After the warmth of the car Kenny and Tatiana were both feeling the cold but wouldn’t move as they couldn’t take their eyes off the scene .
The speed that the cranes and gantries worked at was astonishing and having removed the topmost containers soon revealed two which had markings Sanchez had been looking for.

Sanchez: “ Senor Kenny, that one is on the list as one of the first unloaded but we won’t know the order in which they were positioned.” The dog handler was waving his arms and shouting at them .

Sanchez: “ Please, por favour .Quiet everyone .” All they could hear was the dog howling until the handler quietened it down, and then the faintest of sounds coming from a container sandwiched between the two recently exposed by the cranes.

Tatiana: “ I can hear someone ,it sounds like crying ,can we get it open?”

Within quarter of an hour the container had yielded to the efforts of hammers and bolt cutters. When the door was opened the smell was just a precursor. Sanchez confided to Kenny afterward that they would all have the sight etched upon their minds forever. Of the twenty or so they had been told to expect, only five were visibly conscious. The Belize authorities first responders sent the most vulnerable to A&E, and five were pronounced dead at the scene. There were six children who someone had laid on boxes presumably to raise them above the ankle deep liquid sloshing about on the bottom of the container. Dawn was trying to break through when Sanchez let Tatiana through the cordon .

Sanchez: “ Tatiana there is a woman in there with a small child .Could that be your sister?”

Tatiana: “ Zoe has no children, let me see.” She pushed her way inside holding a handkerchief to her nose and could just make out this figure.” Zoe, Zoe, is that you , Zoe?” Kenny had followed Tatiana into the container and was soon ankle deep as well.

Kenny:” Hold on Tatiana.” He grabbed her by the shoulder and pulled her back. ” Stay there, let me do this.” Tatiana struggled and kicked, yelling obscenities. Kenny slapped her once very hard and she stopped, staring at Kenny one hand to her face ,mouth and eyes wide open. As Kenny made his way toward the far end his eyes became more accustomed to the gloom and he wondered at the evil man visits on his fellow man. The figure in the corner was holding a baby in her arms and two small boys were sat at either side. There was the sound behind Kenny of one of Delgados men retching uncontrollably. The woman was emaciated, filthy and seemed to be sleeping. She resisted ,weakly when Kenny tried to take the baby away from her.

Kenny: “ Don’t worry dear you’re safe now, your baby is sleeping.” At the sound of Kenny’s voice so close she opened her eyes and looked over his shoulder trying to say something. Kenny heard the sound of splashing and Tatiana’s voice.” Zoe is that you , Zoe?”

Kenny: “ Are you sure it’s her Tatiana ?”

Tatiana was in tears and close to hysteria. “ Yes ,yes it’s her.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:38 am


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:35 pm

Vicky had taken Heather and Gary to the banqueting hall where Den ,Nev and Kenny were putting the final touches to the conclusions of their meetings with the newly formed subcontract group.

“Kenny: “ We’re going to need a good name for this outfit lads.”

Dennis: “ Aye well I’ll put on my thinking cap Kenny.”

Neville: “Maybe we should see what we can make out of our initials?”

Dennis: “ We did that once before kiddah and it didn’t work. Remember , and now there are less of us. ?”

Kenny: “ Well hello there ,it’s our guests .You’re bright and early Heather, Gary?”

Heather: “Just as well we set off at dawn we’ve had a guided tour through so many rooms, vaulted ceilings, panelled walls, oil paintings , parquet floors, very impressive.” Heather glanced over to Vicky who with averted face was openly grinning at Kenny.

Kenny: “ You know I took this place off Stefano’s hands .He looked on it as an imposition ,and wanted rid. Those imposing portraits , those weird bewigged guys are his ancestors. We like it but I can see it’s not to everyone’s taste.”

Heather: “ Is this where we are having our discussion?” She was looking at a large oval table, around which chairs were arranged equidistant from one another except at one end where one chair sat alone.

Kenny: “ Yes we agreed it would be the best place. Ah here come the rest of our happy band . ”

Oz had arrived with Pru and Dagmar.

Dagmar: “ Hello everyone, I hope you like this arrangement. Kenny agreed that as we have a lot to discuss our decisions would benefit from a more formal atmosphere. We can thank Vicky for re arranging staffing which means all our refreshments are on tap so to speak. I wish to ask Mr Ames to get our meeting under way ?”

Kenny: “ Thankyou madam chair. I for one am looking forward to resolving these questions ,there are a number of very worrying items on the agenda. Please take your seats , I call on Mrs Patterson . “

Dagmar: “ I will summarize the position as I see it. Mr Turnbull if you will correct any factual errors .It appears that the intelligence body that you are representing believes Ames Security has been influenced and perhaps infiltrated to a point where our reputation and by association yours also, is prejudiced by involvement directly or indirectly with certain people. Namely Prince Stefano de Montecatini and Father Beneficio.”

Gary made to speak but Heather put a hand on his arm and rose from her seat.

Heather: “ I would like to….” She was stopped in mid sentence by Dagmar.

Dagmar: “ Excuse me as Mr Ames has indicated the agenda is clear. Remarks , proposals and so on through the chair . Please.”

Heather: “ Very well.” Heather glanced at the agenda noting Dagmar was indeed formally the chair .

“Madam chair I wish to draw your attention to the documents we tabled earlier.” Gary helped to hand out copies to all those seated.

Dagmar: “ I take it this will illustrate the first part which you describe as Historical?”

Heather: “ Indeed madam chair . If you permit I will briefly outline the areas of concern?”

Dennis rolled his eyes as he looked at Oz.

Dennis: “ What’s Vicky up to ?”

Oz: “ She’s gone to the convent.”

Dagmar looked across to Dennis and scowled.

After an hour of to- ing and fro- ing Vicky came back into the room and whispered in Dagmars’ ear. She nodded and raised her arm.” If I may interrupt this might be a good time for refreshments and a chance to stretch our legs?”

Pru went out side with her ‘phone to return very quickly and make her way over to Kenny who was in conversation with Den and Nev.

Pru: “ I have just had a message from Kenny Brown relayed via CWN. They have located Zoe and ask if we can let Barry know as they have been unable to contact him.”

Vicky: “ Did they say how she is?”

Pru: “ As well as can be expected and luckier than some .The crew assigned to them jumped ship before docking in Belize."

Dagmar caught Pru’s attention and headed off to the coffee table.

Pru: “ Is it going as well as you hoped?”

Dagmar: “ I knew it wouldn’t be like our normal business meetings but I do think the formal atmosphere has stopped this turning into the Heather and Gary show.”

Pru: “ You get that vibe too?”

Dagmar: “ Indeed. I have to ask what is her problem?”

Pru: “ I know that Neville is not her biggest fan but even when I worked on her team she wasn’t this bad. Something has happened recently I would say and whatever it is it’s directed toward all of us.”

Dagmar: “ Vicky told me about the conversation over dinner .I would venture the simplest explanation is jealousy.”

Pru: “ Well ,well. Maybe things will be clearer this afternoon?”

Dagmar: “ Perhaps. The points she has made up to now are however ,very divisive and I think they will claim that Ames Security is not fit for purpose.”

Pru: “ Not yet proven .”

Dagmar: “ Indeed.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sun Feb 17, 2019 7:45 am

Banger anyone ? :D

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Mon Feb 18, 2019 3:13 pm

The meeting was re convened after everyone had eaten.

Dagmar: “ I think we should record a vote of thanks for the effort Vicky and the girls have made.”

Kenny: “ Hear hear. If I may madam chair?” Kenny looked toward Dagmar who nodded assent.” We have heard arguments from all parties about the potential problems facing Ames Security. On the basis of openness and transparency I have invited Barbara, Ross and Derek to this afternoon’s meeting.”

Heather: “ Madam chair is this a wise move?”

Dagmar: “ I don’t see a problem, in fact they may be able to shed some light on the events you outlined this morning.”

Kenny raised his hand .

Kenny: “ Perhaps if the chair were to summarise our progress this morning?”

Dagmar outlined the key questions asked by Heather, and the responses .

Dagmar: “ Would you agree that is a fair assessment ?” Heather nodded assent.” Very well I know that Mr Ames would like to say a few words before we make a formal reply.”

Kenny: “ Thank you madam chair. It is no secret what Ames Security does and has done for thirty years or more. We rely on a wide circle of informers and respondents like everyone in the gathering of intelligence . One of the most worrying aspects I find of the accusations levelled today is the aura of authenticity assumed by the proponents. In our community we often use the same sources but as experience teaches corroboration is all. This case is no exception. Our three experts have extracted all the data relevant to the criticisms of our reputation, with text of statements, calls and emails made by Father Ben and Stefano .” Kenny pointed to a number of file boxes on the table in front of Barbara.

Dagmar: “ Heather, Gary you are welcome to look at these as the overwhelming conclusion we came to is that your criticisms are groundless. We must assume that you have been misled , misinformed or worse.”

Heather:” Are you saying that HM intelligence is at fault?”

Kenny: “ Dagmar if I may. Heather I think someone cherry picked certain items ,ignored other parts and used what they had to fit an agenda.”

Gary: “ Madam chair I would like to respond.”

Dagmar: “ Very well Mr Turnbull.”

Gary : “ I know where some of this came from and I know one particular source is very anti Prince Stefano. Nevertheless . Smoke without fire?”

Ross: “ Madam chair?”

Dagmar : “ Yes Ross.”

Ross: “ We can save a lot of time here. I also have a copy of the tape recording to which Mr Turnbull refers ,of Prince Stefano’s so called indiscretion. We also have statements from subsequent discussions with the police at a later meeting. Suffice to say the parts of the recording tabled by our friends from MI5 are just that, only parts and taken out of context. This is also true of the rest of the material they tabled.”

Dagmar: “ You can prove this ?”

Barbara: “ Yes , these files on the table contain the complete background to the events .Under other circumstances one could be excused from thinking this is a very poor attempt to discredit Ames Security.”

Gary looked at Heather in amazement.

Gary: “ What the hell is going on .Is this the truth?”

Heather: “ I stand by the statements I made earlier. What motive could there be for the department to distort the truth?”

Dagmar: “ Perhaps now is the time for you to reveal your source ?”

Heather: “ I am not able to reveal the original source as I am not privy to that but my information came from the office of a certain under Secretary.”

Gary: “ I believe everyone is au fait with this chap and his PA?”

Dagmar: “ You said from his office . Is he the source?” It was Heathers turn to squirm and look embarrassed, her eyes downcast.

Heather: “ It would originate in the Ministers office.” Several pairs of eyes were raised simultaneously.

Dagmar: “ Ross have you anything more to add?”

Ross: “ There is a connection with the Minister and Kenneth Mbutha which we discovered when researching the supply of uranium via the Stilles and one Alistair Fraser. He told us UN funds ended up in Ally Frasers bank , facilitated by the minister and his contact within the UN.”

Dagmar: “ This minister must have someone in MI5 ?”

Kenny: “ That may be so but it’s not our immediate problem. Madam chair can I suggest we avail our friends Heather and Gary with such intel as we think appropriate that will allow our esteemed colleagues to obtain exoneration on our behalf?”

Dagmar: “ That would seem equitable Mr Ames.If there no further points perhaps we can bring this meeting to a close. I would like to thank everyone for attending. Any and all responses to the course of action will be forwarded in due course.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Tue Feb 19, 2019 8:52 pm

Au fait with his PA ? Howay ! :roll:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:36 am

Heather and Gary had left for the airport , Den and Nev were still talking with Dagmar as she collected her paperwork.

Dennis: “ I still have the feeling I’ve missed something pet.”

Dagmar: “ What do you mean Dennis?”

Dennis: “ Who exactly has Heather got it in for?”

Neville: “ Aye, I ‘m beginning to think she’s got it in for all of us.”

Dagmar: “ It may have looked like that but the accusations were aimed directly at Stefano and by association Ames Security , however, as you say it did feel personal .”

Neville: “ But in the end those files proved it was all bollocks ‘cos it was only part of what actually happened?”

Dagmar: “ Yes ,just as well Ames Security has access to those files .”

Dennis: “ Does that mean Heathers' lot don’t have the full picture?”

Dagmar: “ No, I think they have all the intel it just suited someone to pick out the bits that supported their narrative.”

Neville: “ So when Kenny said they could have all that stuff what was the point of that?”

Dagmar: “ Because now they will know that we know what they are up to.”

Dennis: “ Ok but where does that get us?”

Dagmar: “ I would say it’s like cards on the table?”

Neville: “ So it’s not over?”

Dagmar: “ Maybe Pru will have more up to the minute info but I would guess no, this was just a shot across the bows?”

Dennis: “ Dear me pet gambling as well as pirates ?”

Dagmar:” Dennis are you being critical of my use of English expressions?”

Dennis: “ Perish the thought petal.”

Neville: “ Give it a rest you two. I’m more worried about where this is going. It can’t just be about discrediting Ames Security?” At that point they were joined by Pru .

Pru: “ I think you are on to something Neville. I’ve been talking to Derek. He’s had a whisper that our friends in the Caribbean may have misplaced one of their long term guests.”

Dennis: “ Anybody we know?”

Pru : “ According to Kenny Brown it‘s almost certainly Alistair Fraser.”

Dennis : “ Bloody Norah. How’s he managed that?”

Pru: “ According to Kenny it was an inside job and do you know that sounds really iffy to me. I sometimes wonder if Kenny Brown is one hundred percent open with us. Any way over a period of time Fraser cultivated a guard, as we might guess he still has access to funds and then one thing led to another.”

Neville: Pru you said you think I might be on to something?”

Pru: “ Yes , Ames Security has been instrumental in getting a lot of bad guys behind bars ,so to speak. If it was shown to be wanting or corrupt there would be repercussions would there not?”

Dagmar: “ There are several people who could be behind such a move. The Stille family and Fraser spring to mind.”

Pru: “ And no shortage of spondoolicks as Oz would say.”

Neville: “ Perhaps some of the big wheels we’ve heard about recently are feeling nervous about past misdemeanors……..?

Dennis: Pru can I ask you about these files?”

Pru: “ Certainly Dennis, what about them?”

Dennis: “ There was a ton of stuff and it didn’t seem to take long to pull it all together .Ok I know the team would consider it a favour for Kenny Ames ,but is this stuff on all these people so easy to lay hands on?”

Pru: “ Yes. A lot of it is just a click away Dennis. “

Dennis: “ Would those people just a click away include us as well ?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Fri Feb 22, 2019 7:46 am

Cards on the table tennis Dennis ! :lol:

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