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Re: A New Beginning

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:50 pm
by 936trt
Oz and Kenny are talking , touching on their respective futures .

Kenny: “ So Oz part of this plan is to bring the brains trust up here ?” Kenny had just returned from a work out in the gym and was a little out of breath.

Oz: “ Well as I see it Kenny this is better for them in the long run. I can’t see why you didn’t do it from day one.” Oz could see an expression on Kenny’s face . ” Is this going to be a problem Kenny?”

Kenny: “ Of course not Oz, you have free rein here , you know that, but.”

Oz : “ Ah well there is a but ?”

Kenny: “ I’ve been planning my next move Oz, and by the way this is between just you, me and Vicky.” Oz had the feeling Kenny expected a response.

Oz: “ I’m all ears kiddah. I was wondering when you would get bored, I’ve seen you champing at the bit these last few weeks and the fitter you became the more obvious it seemed to me .”

Kenny: “ You see it just came back to me now when you mentioned moving the team here. When I set up Ames Security it grew so fast it seemed to have a life of it’s own and I was desperate to preserve my personal space. I didn’t want to be living in the office so to speak, but I see now that that has all changed.”

Oz: “ So what's the plan then Kenny?”

Kenny: “ You know when I acquired Chrissy’s business ?”

Oz : “ Yes Fantasy Holidays and the Leisure stuff.”

Kenny: “ Well when Barry took over there was a long standing problem which he resolved by re negotiating the contract with the Hollywood guys. I was able to renew an old acquaintance and have a very fruitful discussion.”

Oz : “ Kenny you’re not thinking of going back to your old business I hope?” Kenny laughed and slapped Oz on the shoulder.

Kenny:” Don’t think I couldn’t make a living at it Oz, but no it’s not that. I have since formalised a new partnership with Stefano. You may know we have a shared interest in history, legends and mysteries relating to ancient civilisations. After Father Ben’s success it sparked our interest again but my health was an issue then. That’s no longer the case.”

Oz: “ You included Vicky in this?”

Kenny: “ Yes. It should be no surprise to you that Vicky agreed to be part of this.”

Oz : “ Nah. I expected something while we were away in Wooler. I came to realise that whatever it was we’d had, it had run it’s course. She made that very clear. It was a bit much for me to expect if I was honest. We’d been apart for such a long time ,a lifetime really while Sara Victoria was growing up, and you were a much larger part of that than me. Anyhow what’s your first venture ,or should that be adventure?”

Kenny: “ Bobby will be taking us and the film crew in Sara Victoria to a remote part of the American north west. We are on the trail of some folks who trekked across what is now the Bering Straits more than a thousand years ago. Then we’ll be flying to Northern Peru to investigate some recently unearthed Inca sites. there is an open ended understanding about TV and film rights with these guys. We can't wait .”

Oz: “ Dear me lad ,I’ve heard the nights can be cold up there ,you better take your Long Johns.”

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Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:54 pm
by Tracy
Ancient civilizations ? Oz will be well into that. He can trace his family history back to the second world war ! :lol:

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Posted: Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:56 am
by 936trt
Dennis , Nev and Moxey are in a hut in front of a stove drinking beer .

Dennis: “ Why lad this takes me back mind. Pass us another beer Nev.”

Neville: “ Back to where Den, that holiday camp in North Wales ?”

Dennis: “Nah man, us lot in a hut with a stove, y’kna, the smell of the rare steak on the grill, the bottle of red wine, a fine cigar and the satisfaction you get from an honest days’ graft.”

Moxey: “ Sounds like bollocks to me Den ,except the bit about honest graft.”

Neville: “ Well ,substitute Dusselforf for the Scottish Highlands and you’re closer, the main difference is we’re a few missing .”

Moxey: “ Aye well our Wyman’s stuck in Arizona since they found tunnels outside the res it’s become a Federal thing.”

They all stared at the stove in silence for a few minutes.

Den moved his feet a little closer to the stove and took a pull from his beer.

Dennis: “ I was thinking the same thing Nev.”

Neville: “ As much as he gets on my tits most of the time he’s always good company .”

Moxey: “ You’re talking about Oz ?”

Neville: “ Yes.”

Moxey: “ I was thinking about Barry and Bomber.”

All three fell silent again, staring at the stove and drinking their beer.

Dennis: “ Bloody hell lads, we’ll be getting morbid if we’re not careful and Bomber was many things but he was never morbid.”

Neville: “ Mind it’s strange how he keeps popping up now and then. Wee Anna’s seen him a few times.”

Moxey: “ Aye and Wyman's come across him . You know lads there’s nowt we can do for Bomber but I reckon there must be something we could do for Barry.”

Neville: “Oz told me Barry said he’d too much on with the business right now, but he wouldn’t be good company anyway at the moment.”

Dennis: “ It’s a pity like, he would enjoy this and he could have helped with the wiring . I have to admit Moxey your lad’s got a good idea with these lodges. It’s a great place for a holiday, Scottish Highlands, environmentally friendly lodges in idyllic woodland surroundings.”

Neville: “ Dear me Den you’ve been reading the brochures!”

Moxey: “ I must say it again lads you’ve been a great help pulling us out of the clarts at the last minute.”

Neville: “ So all that bollocks with the contractors was down to this Naomi woman ,again?”

Moxey: “ Yeah , she found out about the planning deadline and managed to put a spanner in the works. Anyway you two got here in the nick of time, so thanks again lads.”

Dennis: “ As our Scottish friends would say, dinna fash yersel ,bonny lad and I’ll take another beer while you ‘re on your feet.”

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Posted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 7:25 pm
by Tracy
Tunnels outside the res ? Aye, The Chicken Ranch ! :roll: :D

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Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:46 pm
by 936trt
Oz is looking at a recent email from Dennis about registering their new company, PCD Ltd, when his ‘phone rings.

Oz: “ Hi Nancy what’s up pet?”

Nancy: “ Mr Osbourne we have a visitor in reception who says you are acquainted . She is attached to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, her name is Sarah Kennedy.”

Oz was taken by surprise and wondered what Sarah was up to. One way to find out.

Oz: “ Of course Nancy can you send her up. By the way is everything ok, you and your friends still like it here better than in the town?”

Nancy: “ You have made us more than welcome Mr Osbourne. I will have Claire show her up to your office.”

Oz heard a knock on his door as Claire ushered Sarah through the door.

Oz: “ Thank you Claire . Leave the door pet and will you bring coffee?” He looked at Sarah who nodded assent.

Sarah was as attractive as Oz remembered , perhaps a little more rounded than before. She walked quickly toward him and gave him a big hug .This was not wasted on Claire and she wondered if this was deliberate .

Sarah: “ Oh I have missed you Oz.” Oz could feel her trembling so much so he was concerned. He took a closer look at her and thought he saw signs of distress.

Oz: “ Sarah it’s good to see you ,although an unexpected pleasure. Please have a seat. Ah coffee, excellent , thanks Claire.”

Sarah: “ Fine , just black ,I see you remembered.” She drank some and sat back looking at Oz with a puzzled expression. ” So ,this is very unexpected for a northern lad isn’t it Oz, castles in Spain, my we are moving up are we not?” She laughed and took another sip of coffee. Oz noticed her hand shaking slightly. He adopted what he hoped was a stern face.

Oz : “ It’s widely known that I owe all this to my benefactor and friend Mr Ames. But I like to think that I earn my keep. “ Sarah put down her cup and sat back in her chair. This was not how she had hoped things would develop.

Sarah: “ I’m sorry . I didn’t mean to sound so……it didn’t come out as I intended……I was trying to I suppose … make small talk .”

Oz: “ Don’t worry about it. Have you travelled to Spain on your own?”

Sarah: “ No , the two attaches who flew over with me are staying at the embassy.”

Oz: “ I recall the last time we met there was a group of you from the FCO. Heather told us that you sometimes hunt in packs.”

Sarah: “ Are you interrogating me Oz, I only called in for a chat and ..…by the way are you recording this conversation?”

Oz: “ You’re paranoid bonny lass. But maybe I should be if you are here on official business?”

Sarah: “ I actually came here to help you but it looks like you are not disposed to be friendly.”

Oz: “ Perhaps it’s my turn to apologise I’m not the genial host I used to be and I can explain why. We have all had a bad time here recently. In fact it was a threat to how we earn our collective living, our way of life here ,so maybe you can appreciate why you’re not being welcomed with open arms ,so to speak.”

Sarah: “ Would you care to explain?” Oz sat back , rubbed his eyes, took another drink of coffee and signalled through the glass doors for Claire to bring a refill. She told me she was here to help so what the hell, thought Oz.

The next few minutes were spent giving an account of the recent attack on Ames Security and finished when Heather and Gary left with chapter and verse courtesy of the company they were trying to discredit.

Sarah: “ While Heather and I have similar connections to FCO it’s worth pointing out there are significant differences . The lines between MI5 and the intelligence community generally may be blurred these days but their reputation is not, our internal politics is where the problems arise. ”

Oz : “ Would you care to explain?” Sarah helped herself to coffee and a handful of biscuits.

Sarah: “ There is widespread albeit covert concern , about the minister, his under secretary ,a UN official and a certain peer .Some international Aid intended for an emerging African country was shall we say re distributed with assistance from one Alistair Fraser. He was pivotal in this and recently, having taken a holiday from his Caribbean servitude, told us that he can shine a very bright light on all of them. The truth is they are crooks and need to be dealt with. The attempt to muzzle Ames Security either by discrediting the company or worse is why Heather and Gary were here.”

Oz: “ It makes more sense now, Sarah. But it’s clear Heather is not your favourite person?”

Sarah: “My personal feelings have no bearing here.”

Oz : “ You didn’t come all this way I’m sure without evidence of their complicity in the attack on our company?

Sarah: “Let me just list some facts and you can make your own judgement. In no particular order . Who produced photographic evidence of your wife with Benito Ramirez. Who recruited Detlef knowing he was close to CWN and hence the Stille uranium connection. Who authored a report on improprieties arising from the Outreach Project implicating you and your friends without the knowledge of Gary Turnbull. I can tell you knew nothing of that one from your expression. There are other examples. On a more personal level why do you think she was so keen to keep us apart at our last meeting?”

Oz: “ Honestly pet I can’t see the connection. If the Outreach team is discredited it would hurt Ames, if she authored those photos, not Delgado as we were told, then that’s personal , if she had plans for Detlef that could impact on his family then that’s all of us in the crosshairs.”

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Posted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:54 pm
by Tracy

Re: A New Beginning

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:33 pm
by 936trt
Sarah is looking at the view from Oz’s office. She turns, and shaking her head smiles at him.

Sarah: “ Sorry, I realise now I lost my perspective. We’ve been on this for so long I just assumed we would be on the same page. You have to take my word for it but Heather has been working away at this for years. Much longer than you might imagine.”

Oz’s facial expression confirmed Sarah’s thinking.

Oz: “ I don’t understand this. We have always looked on Heather as one of us, especially after that business with Tarquin and Grainger and of course Ali Fraser.”

Sarah: “ My superiors have files on everyone including you ,as well as Heather Lane. So I know this started even before she recruited Neville Hope, it dated from when she became aware of the network Ames had built up. The history of Ames Security deserves a book of it’s own. However I guess this part of the story begins in about nineteen eighty six. Mr Ames ,by then a fixture in this part of Spain, had a reputation for discretion among the criminal fraternity and a good friend in Prince Stefano. Building on this respect he was able to transform a fledgling business into what would become Ames Security. All businesses need funds and finance was scarce then and the future bleak for many of those in hiding over here. Your lottery win played a not insignificant part. Yes I do know you gave it to Vicky who parlayed it into what became a very profitable chain of shops.” Oz was stunned and it showed. Sarah smiled at his confusion and surprise. She put a hand on his shoulder. “ This was a lucky turn of events, because can you imagine what would have happened if your colleague Mr Patterson had not intercepted Frasers bag of cash and it had found it’s way to Kenny Ames ? We might now be talking about Fraser Security instead, we all know about Frasers business reputation. Mr Ames has more than one reason to look favourably on you Oz. Moving on . Heather made the connection between the Bridgenorth team of Arizona fame and that earlier group contracted by Fraser to work in Spain, from the OED files, and thence to your relationship with Mr. Ames. The value of his security business is clear to everyone in the intelligence community. Completely apolitical, no partisan allegiances , just intel at a price and always reliable. Whoever is in control could exert enormous influence if he or she so wished. Problem. How to get control.”

Oz: “ Jesus H Christ, that’s what she’s been after all these years?”

Sarah: “ Indeed . We have known for some little time. We also believe it is important to preserve Ames Security. It’s an invaluable asset for us. If it falls into the wrong hands it would be disastrous. There are those in our department who are of the opinion Heather really did go to the dark side in the recent past ,hence the watching brief.”

Oz: “ As part of the team you mentioned and then later gifted all this I guess she would see me as a target?”

Sarah: “ Yes. Now you understand why at our last encounter she was so keen to keep us apart ,because she was afraid I might give the game away.”

Oz: “ Well ,Sarah you’ve told me a lot about Heather, one of these days I’ll have to tell you what she said about you.”

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:21 am
by Tracy
Good thing Majorie never found ooot ! "OOOZZZ !!!" :evil:

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:31 pm
by 936trt
Barry has a telephone call from Kenny Brown.

Kenny: “ Hi Barry, I hear you’ve been building up the air miles?”

Barry: “ Indeed Kenny , it’s no bother in fact I’m glad to have plenty to do. So how are things with your shadowing job?”

Kenny: “ Don’t know how much has been passed on but to date we followed them from Cuba where we had disembarked , but it was too late ‘cos the captain had sussed us. We opened the container on reaching Belize got the hostages and Zoe to hospital. Incidentally Tatiana’s not here , she’s at Zoe’s bedside. Apparently the paramedics were too optimistic about Zoe’s condition , she’s now in intensive care. Frankly I was not impressed with the place , it’s like a war zone , I hope it’s not a hospital acquired problem. Any way Barry I’m letting you know the local plods invited the Guatemalans into last nights’ debriefing. Our guys were not happy but their hands are tied. It’s not good news my friend. Some of the other hostages have been questioned and confirmed that Zoe bragged about what she had on the traffickers and implicated your wife. Tatiana was questioned in my presence , and then we had them release her into my custody. It boils down to this ,they have tied Tatiana somehow or other to the traffickers and that’s not good. I will try to get her out and keep you posted. Sorry have to go . Cheers Barry."

Oz has suggested he show Sarah some of the castle on their way to meet with Pru.

He ushered her out of his office and as they passed Claire he asked her to let Nancy know where they were headed.

He turned to Sarah:” We’ll take the scenic route .On your left the banqueting hall. All the portraits are of the Montecatini family, Stefano’s ancestors. On your right that corridor leads to the office of the managing director which was Dagmars’ job until she became Mr Ames’ personal assistant. Another stunning view of the gardens on your left . Incidentally the floors and wall panels are all original, you notice these things when you’re in the trade you know, and here we are, the new home of Ames Security.”

Oz knocked on the door and startled the young man who was sat at the reception.

Oz: “ Don’t worry bonny lad. I don’t have an appointment but I know you know me. Please tell Mrs Hope I’m here with a visitor from the UK and we would like to have a few minutes of her time.” The young man ducked his head and ran down the corridor. He returned a minute later grinning and nodding to Oz.

Oz : “ Good lad, it’s Martin isn’t it?”

Martin: “ Yes sir . Mrs Hope says to go right down she's just finishing a call.”

Oz and Sarah sat outside Pru’s office in comfortable chairs which Pru’s secretary had offered them. A few minutes later the young lady looked up and smiled at Oz.” Mrs Hope will see you now sir.” Oz smiled back and walked ahead of Sarah into Pru’s office.

Pru: “ Hi Oz that was Dagmar she’s sending us Kenny’s new itinerary, she’s struggling with it. I’ll tell you later.”

Oz: “ Thanks for this Pru . This young lady is Sarah Kennedy and she’s here to fill us in on the background to our recent visit by Heather and Gary. Sarah I’d like to introduce you to Pru Hope the head of Ames Security.”

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Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:41 pm
by 936trt
True to her word Pru demonstrated her hospitality by arranging for a snack lunch for the three of them. Over sandwiches Sarah began to detail her life post Grainger. They heard a telephone in the outer office, and a light flashed on Pru’s handset.

Pru: “ Hello Martin. Can I help ?”

Martin: “ Mr Taylor for Mr Osborne.”

Pru: “ Oz it’s for you would you like to take this next door?”

Oz: “ No problem . See you later Sarah.” Oz went into the outer office and Martin handed him a ‘phone, saying “ It’s Mr Taylor.” Oz walked into the corridor.

Oz: “ Hi Barry,everything ok?”

Barry: “ Sorry if I interrupted something but I’ve just had a worrying call from Kenny Brown. I didn’t know who else to ring.”

Oz: “ Barry lad calm down what’d he say?”

Barry: “ He said the Guatamalan police believe Tatiana is involved with the traffickers. He is going to try to get her out ,she’s up to her neck in trouble. I wonder if I can get Chris to help.He’s got a lot of pull in that part of the world.What do you reckon Oz?”

Oz: “ Barry mate where are you right now?”

Barry: “ I’m at the leisure Centre in Varna, why?”

Oz: “ Look I can set things in motion with CWN if that’s the route you want to go but in the meantime you should get yourself back here asap. We can do more if you’re here ok? Use the Amesec facilities when you reach Barcelona. See you soon mate.”

In Oz’s absence Pru was trying to put a clearly nervous Sarah at ease.

Pru: “ More coffee Sarah, another bun?”

Sarah: “ Coffee thankyou, bun no thanks, I have to watch my diet.”

Pru: “ I’m curious Sarah ,I never knew my Neville and the lads before they came to Cuba and I know you were involved with the job in Middlesbrough and Arizona. What was your impression of them before they joined OED?”

Sarah: “ Well apart from the jaunt to Middlesbrough with Jeffrey I saw very little of them ,most of the negotiations were between Oz and Grainger. I do recall Oz telling me the lads gave Neville a lot of stick about his contretemps with Yorgo the gangmaster.”

Pru: “ Really ,what was that about?”

Sarah: “ It is rather involved I’m surprised you don’t know about it?”

Pru: “ Was this about a journalist who wanted to expose the exploitation of Eastern European labour?”

Sarah: “ Yes, that’s it. Anyway I understand poor Neville got it in the neck from them and from his wife Brenda.” Pru was looking quizzical, at which point Oz returned from his ‘phone call with Barry.

Oz: “ Sorry about that but Barry had a call from Kenny Brown. I’ll explain later. So you two have scoffed all the buns?”

Pru: “ No, there’s one left , it has your name on it. Sarah has been telling me about events after Grainger. Sarah?”

Sarah: “ Not a lot to tell actually, within two years I was in a PR office in Westminster. A little networking got me an interview at FCO. Having a law degree helped . I got the job and I’ve never looked back.”

They heard the familiar buzzing sound from Pru’s ‘phone. She picked it up.

Pru : “ Yes it is. I’ll come down immediately.” Pru looked up and smiled.” Sorry I need to have a meeting with Ross and Derek. You two will be ok here for now?”

Oz: “ That’s fine Pru. We’ll get more buns if we need them.” Pru left,smiling at both of them.

Oz looked at Sarah : “ So you never looked back?”

Sarah : “ Until now.” She looked at Oz.” For what it’s worth our brief liaison has always been something I feel happy about. I remember it . In detail, and my one regret is how vulnerable I feel when I hear someone say Bonny Lass. There I’ve said it. Tell me I’m a fool.”

Oz: “ You’re not a fool. You have made me think .A lot. Not just about recent events. I can’t take it all in. It's what my mate Barry calls information overload. ” Oz looked away and then turned back.” I think it would be good for you to meet with the rest of the team. You know it’s sixteen years give or take.Is there no significant other?”

Sarah: “ What do you think Oz. Why do you ask?”

Oz: “ Because it’s my turn to ask.”

Sarah: “ Yes. You met him. Greig. We were together but not any more.”

Oz: “ Oh,I’m sorry.”

Sarah: “ That’s kind but unnecessary. These things happen and it’s a Westminster problem.”

Oz: “ I did wonder what became of you .I never thought to get in touch. I wouldn’t have known how even if I'd thought you would have been interested in me. I had a bad time in Cuba and then more recently another bad time. Anyway I was really sorry to hear about your problem.”

Sarah: “ Don’t tell me ,Heather told you I was drug addict?”

Oz: “ As a matter of fact she did ,it was the last time we met ,you know the Fraser thing. She advised me to make sure I locked my hotel door.”

Sarah: “ Didn’t stop her trying it though.” Oz looked at her .

Oz: “ Are you saying it was her who tried the door?”

Sarah: “ Yes. I saw her. I was watching.”

Oz: “ I thought it was you, so I went down the corridor to your room , the door was open and I saw you doing something ,you know ,with your toes.”

Sarah: “ I do that sometimes . I’m diabetic. I carry insulin pens most everywhere I go.I’m not an addict Oz.”

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Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:37 pm
by Tracy
mmm Sarah's buns ! :lol:

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Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 11:07 am
by 936trt
Dagmar is chatting with Dennis in their favourite restaurant.

Dagmar: “ That was a good meal Dennis, I think we made a good choice.”

Dennis: “ Aye, I like those crunchy bits in the soup.”

Dagmar: “ I also think we made a good choice not to stay in the castle, especially now I’m spending more time there. What do you think ?”

Dennis: “ I noticed you fell asleep in front of the tv the other night. I reckon you’re working harder than before.”

Dagmar: “ Dennis I love this job but it’s true there is much more to do, I had an email from Father Ben yesterday asking me to make an agenda for Mr Ames’ next meeting with the Andalusian Antiquarian society. I ask you .”

Dennis: “ Can’t you see if that Nancy lass can spare one of her minions to give you a hand?”

Dagmar: “ The photographs and videos sent by Mr Ames and Stefano have to be catalogued and filed and I’ve been sent a maintenance schedule addressed to Mr Blande , for the boat. Yesterday I got some paperwork from a firm of painters and decorators asking when it would be convenient to start work on the castle!”

Dennis: “ Hey petal take it easy ,there’s been a mistake ,this is something Oz should take care of. I’ll have a word.”

Dagmar: “ Please Dennis don’t make me look like a wimp but I know how these things can work out. I’ll end up doing everything.

Dennis: “ Y’kna I bet Barry has people he can throw at this, he must have tribes of them .I have been meaning to give him a bell to see how he’s doing.”

Dagmar: “ I heard that he was going to make new managerial appointments at each of the Leisure Centres but intended to retain personal control of the Fantasy holidays.”

Dennis: “ Figures like ,he can’t be in half a dozen places at the same time.”

Dagmar: “ So the new people will deal on a day to day basis but I expect they will answer directly to Barry?”

Dennis: “ No wonder he said he plenty to do.”

Kenny Brown ‘phones Oz.

Kenny: “ Hi Oz, I can’t reach Barry, is he off grid?”

Oz: “ Hi Kenny, no he’s supposed to be on his way back here, we’ve been talking to Chris about you know who.”

Kenny: “ Well it’s not good news here I’m afraid. I spoke to my guy at the hospital and he said Tatiana's gone. One of the staff saw her leaving with , he said, a soldier. I don’t know how Barry will take this, she left voluntarily. Zoe is still in ICU.”

Oz : “ Shit. Looks like she was part of the gang then?”

Kenny: “ Yeah. I’ll give Chris a bell so he’s in the loop. In the meantime I’ll send you a picture from the CCTV of her leaving. You’ll see what I mean. Cheers. “

Neville is playing with the twins while Pru relaxes with a drink.

Pru: “ So did you boys play nice in Scotland?”

Neville: “ I hope you’re not being sarky. Actually Moxey was over the moon , they were really in the clarts ‘cos of the planning cock up. Aye , I enjoyed it and so did Den. It’s good y’kna , to be back with the boys again, bit of graft ,few bevvies and a bit crack like .”

Pru: “ Oz mentioned that this company you’ve formed is called PCD?”

Neville: “ Yes, pitch circle diameter, P for Pru, C for Chrissy and D for Dagmar. Clever eh?”

Pru: “ I guess we should all be flattered ?”

Neville: “ I could explain it as it’s a bit technical.”

Pru : “ Now who’s being sarky?”Anyway will this take up more of your time than before?” Nev looked up from the fort he was building.

Neville: “ I know what you’re getting at. I don’t want to miss out on the lads growing up. I just have to get my work life balance sorted.” Pru’s face was a picture of restraint.

Moxey and Chrissy are in their garden. Star gazing.

Moxey: “ I ‘d no idea you were interested in this pet.”

Chrissy: “ It was something I always wanted to do but never seemed to have the time. So when I saw the course advertised at the college I enrolled.”

Moxey: “ So you’ll need a telescope ?”

Chrissy: “ Well eventually yes. I’ve managed with binoculars up to now, but I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if we could build a little observatory. You couldn’t could you ?”

Moxey: “ No problem Chrissy. How big and where do you want it?”

Chrissy : “ I have a plan that I got off the internet. Do you want a refill Mox? These mojitos are just hitting the spot. By the way did Bea tell you how much she enjoyed herself in Scotland? She found a new friend, the Irvines have a niece.”

Moxey: “ That’s good ,I was beginning to think she was feeling left out with all the attention on Guy’s building project.”

Chrissy : “ I know but all credit to the lad he still found time to spend with her while we were there.”

Moxey: “ I wonder what our Jacky would make of her now. She’s still got five years or so at school and I’m not sure what else I can do?”

Chrissy: “ Don’t sweat it Mox. She has a lot of hobbies and interests but I guess she might be a bit lonely now that Guy has all this other stuff going on.”

Moxey: “ How does Pru deal with Anna ,she’s nearly fifteen now?”

Chrissy: “ Actually you’ve just given me an idea. How do you feel about Anna coming here with us?” Barry’s got his hands full like Pru, and Oz told us Tatiana’s probably out of the picture for the foreseeable?”

Oz has just recieved an email from Kenny Brown with an attachment. It shows a slightly fuzzy picture of Tatiana walking out of the hospital hand in hand with a guy in camouflage gear .

Oz: " Ah, bollocks. What now Barry?"

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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 5:56 am
by Tracy
Dennis doesn't like bread with the bits in it. But the soup is a different kettle of trout ! :P

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Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 1:15 pm
by 936trt
Kenny Brown is in Miami in a coffee bar with Chris.

Chris: “ Kenny I’m sorry to drag you away but I gather things are not at a critical stage in Belize?”

Kenny: “ No more than usual boss, but what’s going on with you, meeting here ?”

Chris: “ It’s safer this way. I’ve had word from Solly and when he says be careful you know he means it. He has reason to believe the Stille group have recently started channelling funds to the near East. He has heard from two sources ,Mr Gomez our mafia friend from the Caribbean ,and your namesake Mr Braun recently of Dusseldorf.”

Kenny: “ How does that involve me boss?”

Chris: “ Please stop calling me boss. It involves you because I want you to keep an eye on Barbara.”

Kenny: “ Is she in danger?”

Chris: “ I don’t know but I don’t want to take the risk. “

Kenny: “ This may be a silly question but does Mr Braun know something we don’t about CWN?”

Chris: “ It’s no different now to when I first came on the scene. There are many Stille sympathisers within the company. Without Solly’s experience in these matters who knows , any way he has drawn to my attention the fact that Barbara’s parents, who are prominent in political circles, have very public connections with Israel. He suggests that my relationship with Barbara puts her at risk.”

Kenny: “ These funds you mentioned ?”

Chris: “ Yes he believes they are going to Lebanon.”

Kenny: “ You think she is in danger, not her parents?”

Chris: “ Yes, since the connection is a personal one ,to me. Her parents have their own security anyway. She hasn’t. Yet. It was Prince Stefano who first introduced Barbara to Kenny Ames. They met at an embassy do somewhere. Her parents are diplomats and took her all over the world .She found she could entertain people with her prodigious memory. Perhaps I was lucky because I wasn’t frightened away by that part of her persona, and the rest you know . “

Kenny: “ You know my guy in Belize has lost contact with Tatiana?”

Chris: “ Yes you told me, so perhaps there will be less to do in this regard anyway?”

Kenny: “ It looks that way, I think I will suggest to Oz that he keeps the details to himself.”

Tatiana woke up. Patrice had gone. There was no shower. He had told her the hotel was a dump, but it suited their purpose. She should have known that Zoe would look after number one. Luckily Tatiana had attracted the attention of Patrice , one of the hospital guards. He said he liked blondes.

There was a noise from the other room , a stranger came through the door. He smiled at her.

“ Hello blondie, Patrice has gone up country .He told me you are very friendly.” She tried to run , he was too quick and strong.

When she came to it was in the back of a truck with some other women. None of them had shoes , all were tied at the wrists. It was dark and the road was very rough. She was frightened .

Oz has another call from Kenny Brown.

Kenny: “ Oz I’ve had an update from our guy in Belize. He’s identified the man in the cctv with Tatiana. He’s one of the mercenaries used as security by the mining companies in the interior. None of the workers are ,shall we say volunteers. From time to time the traffickers do business with them and ship a load of women to the area . You can guess why. Two trucks left this morning and Tatiana was on the second one. Maybe you shouldn’t tell Barry about this.”

Re: A New Beginning

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 6:41 pm
by Tracy
Not looking good for Tats ! :cry: