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A New Beginning

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Fri May 03, 2019 6:19 am


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Tue May 07, 2019 1:59 pm

Barry had been trying to contact Oz without success since leaving Capetown . After taking his leave from Hazel, who had travelled with him for most of the return journey, he tried Oz’s number again and this time Oz picked up.

Barry: “ I’ve been chasing you for days Oz, it’s like you dropped off the planet. No one in the office had any idea where you were.”

Oz: “ Sorry Barry I’ve been out of touch for a while, trying to clear my head. What’s the problem? ”

Barry: “ It’s bad news Oz, Kenny Brown ‘phoned me , in fact he ‘phoned all of us .Wyman’s wife and bairn are both dead. The car they were in was blown up . They were killed instantly.”

Oz: “ Hells teeth .” The line went quiet.” It makes no sense . Was it something to do with her job, y' know the FBI like ?”

Barry: “ No one knows for sure . Kenny thinks it was meant for Wyman. He says that recently there had been signs that Wyman and Chris were right at the top of the Stille’s to do list .”

Oz: “ How’s the young’un taking it?”

Barry: “ Don’t know Oz, he was helping the FBI with their enquiries up to last night.”

Oz: “ Any of the lads gone over?”

Barry: “ Not as far as I know .Chrissy is on her way as we speak , Moxey is looking after Bea and Anna. I learned all this on the way back from South Africa.”

Oz: “ Bloody hell ,the lad doesn’t have a lot of luck .First Amanda ,then Mai, and now Mel and the bairn.” Barry could see the news had really upset Oz.

Barry: “ How are you feeling Oz, you said you’ve been trying to clear your head?”

Oz: “ Aye ,I’m feeling a lot better, better than poor Wyman that’s for sure. There must be something we can do, I feel like I should be doing something but I don’t know what.”

Chris has been in more or less constant communication with Kenny Brown since the attack on Mel and Mai.

Kenny: “ We’ve been over this Chris. Yes our security failed, big time. So did the FBI protection team.”

Kenny had never seen Chris so angry . He’d cancelled his South American holiday and sent Barbara back to Spain with an escort.

Chris: “ I keep asking myself ,how the hell could this happen ?”

Kenny: “ I have no idea ,there’s nothing more I can say .All the usual checks were carried out .We have absolutely no idea who could have planted the device. I’m sorry , but like the poison you were given it points to an inside job.”

Chris: “ But we know everyone Kenny. It means it’s someone we trust, in our midst.”

Kenny: “ Chris you keep telling us all the Stille’s have enormous resources , they must have been embedding people all over for years . Solly told us we should never underestimate them. We must accept we’ve made mistakes and placing the device and exploding it was probably done by someone we know.”

Chris : “ Looks like we have a lot of work to do.”

Moxey and Nev are sat in Den’s tree house with a beer.

Dennis: “ So Moxey have you heard from Chrissy?”

Moxey: “ Yes she’s been to see Wyman and reckons there’s nothing she can say or do. She’s very concerned about his recovery .”

Dennis: “ He was sedated you said?”

Moxey: “Yes but no one's saying how long they'll keep him like that.” The lads looked at each other with much shaking of heads and raised eyebrows.

Neville: “ Den, have you seen anything of Barry ?”

Dennis: “ Aye he said he might try to come by after he’d made a few calls.”

Neville: “ He told me that Oz has been on a retreat?”

Dennis: “ Aye he'd been up in that cabin belonging to Father Ben. Trying to sort out his head he reckons.”

Moxey: “ That’ll be the day.”

Neville: “ Nah he’s had a lot on his plate recently ,and it’s not that long since the bother with his ex and the wee one.”

There was a creaking noise on the steps leading up from the garden.Barry made an entrance, puffing and blowing.

Barry: “ Bloody hell Den ,time you got a lift . These flaming stairs are steep.”

Dennis: “ Stop moaning you miserable bugger and have a beer. How’s Oz ?”

Barry: “ Thanks Den I’ve worked up a thirst just getting up here. He’s a lot better and counting his blessings since hearing about poor Wyman. It’s true what he said, the lad’s not had a lot of luck since Amanda.”

Neville: “ Aye and Oz’s had his share with Ofelia and Sofie.”

Moxey: “ Did Dagmar say what the girls are getting up to Barry?”

Barry: “ They’re playing on Bea’s computer.”

Neville: “ So Barry how did your holiday go with Hazel in South Africa ?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Thu May 09, 2019 7:24 pm


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Thu May 16, 2019 12:33 pm

Oz is relaxing in the garden with a cold beer when his ‘phone rings. It’s Sarah Kennedy.

Sarah: “ Well hello, and how are you?”

Oz : “ You didn’t call, you didn’t write ,I was bereft.”

Sarah: “ Do you actually know what bereft means?”

Oz: “ Floating on the sea on a bit of wood, you snotty bitch. To what do I owe the pleasure of your dulcet tones?”

Sarah: “ Typical. Deflection. Ok , I have some news but I wanted to hear your voice darling.”

Oz: “ Ditto. What’s the news?”

Sarah: “ Your friend at CWN has had bother recently and my people picked up on something we believe is relevant. Do you have regular contact with him?”

Oz: “ No. In fact I speak more often with Kenny, Kenny Brown.”

Sarah: “ My colleagues are reluctant to draw conclusions but let the facts speak for themselves . The report from our chap in Beirut states that one of Christophers' trusted lieutenants was picked up somewhere he shouldn’t be and with someone we didn’t think he knew.”

Oz: “ Already intrigued pet. What do you want from me ?”

Sarah: “ Careful bonny lad, that’s dangerous talk.”

Oz: “ That’s easy to say over the ‘phone, different face to face. “

Sarah: “ You’re on Oz.” There was a pause while Oz thought about it.

Oz: “ Where are you petal?”

Sarah: “ I’m on my way as we speak.”

Oz: “ I’ll put the kettle on.”

Sarah: “ Is that the best you can offer?”

OZ: “ Ok you twisted my arm. I’ll open a tin of beans. How’s that?”

Sarah: “ Sounds delicious. Can you pick me up?”

Oz: “ Where are you?”

Sarah: “ I’m at the airport waiting for my bags.”

Oz: “ Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?”

Sarah: “ Just so you could make up an excuse ?”

Oz: “ Why would I not want to see you?”

Sarah: “ I thought you had been avoiding me .You’ve been incommunicado.”

Oz: “ There’s a reason. If you wait until we get back I’ll explain.”

Sarah: “ Well here we are, sat comfortably with a cold drink. Now you can explain. Please tell me I haven’t made a complete fool of myself.”

Oz: “ Do you want beans ,I can offer toast as well?”

Sarah: “ You really know how to treat a girl. It’s one of your endearing qualities.”

Oz: “ Dinner will arrive in about half an hour so I have an opportunity to explain why I was off the radar.”

Sarah: “ You’re very business like Oz.”

Oz: “ Well it’s important I get this right. I don’t want any misunderstanding, after all you were a large part of my reason for going on a retreat.”

Sarah: “ Retreat, really .You on a retreat?”

Oz: “ Yes. I will explain.” Which he did and she was silent until he finished. She looked at him , accepted the drink he offered, and smiled.

Sarah: “ You’ve given this a lot of thought ,did you realise it’s what I’ve always wanted?”

Oz: “ Does it matter, is it a problem for you Sarah?”

Sarah: “ No it’s not, but I will have a lot to do. I will need time to make arrangements.”

Oz: “ Of course, it goes without saying . That’s ok then ." He smiled at her and let out a big sigh." Now .Your news. You were going to show me some pictures .”

Sarah: “ Indeed. This is very business like . Unlike the old Oz .Anyway .Ok have a look at these.” She laid out a number of photographs. “ Do you recognise anyone?”

Oz: “ I do. That guy is called Pfister or most recently we know him as Kenneth Braun. I don’t know the woman.”

Sarah: “ These were taken in Beirut by one of our chaps who keeps an eye on Barbara’s parents , you know they’re with the consular section?”

Oz: “ I knew they moved in diplomatic circles but wasn’t aware your lot kept an eye on them.”

Sarah:” Indeed and cover was extended to their daughter when she started walking out with Christopher.”

Oz: “ So what’s the significance of the woman?”

Sarah: “ She has history with the old soviet crowd ,her speciality is in toxins and chemical agents, and now she is in the private sector.”

Oz: “ So Pfister may know her from his time in the Stasi?”

Sarah: “ Maybe but that’s not the important point. He has complete access to CWN because of his relationship with Chris.”

Oz:” But he’s one of Solly’s guys , he’s on our side , isn’t he?”

Sarah: “ If we hadn’t this picture of him in Beirut and he had no reason to be there, and more importantly with a known expert on poisons, I would never imagine he was anything else.”

Oz: “ Surely we have to tell Chris?”

Sarah: “ Already in hand and word of mouth only .We think internal comms at CWN are prejudiced ."

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sat May 18, 2019 7:13 am

Toxins ! :lol:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Mon May 20, 2019 1:08 pm

Wyman was explaining to Uncle Charlie the shaman about Chrissy’s latest efforts to get him to go back to Spain.

Wyman: “ What she says makes a lot of sense. Everything here is a constant reminder of what I’ve lost.”

Uncle Charlie: “ You must do what your heart tells you Wy man. This is a hurt that will stay with you even when you leave here .”

Wyman: “ I have memories Uncle Charlie.”

Uncle Charlie: “ Your woman and child will always be with us. They are part of Chocanaw memory.”

Wyman: “ It’s a good thing to know . You told me before your history is something to look after and keep alive .”

Uncle Charlie: “ I forgot to ask Chip if those two guys took the flying thing away?”

Wyman: “ What two guys, what flying thing uncle Charlie?”

Uncle Charlie: “ Like a bird but faster and sounds like a mosquito.” He laid back in the chair ,his eyes already closed.

Chip takes a seat next to Wyman outside the sweat lodge.

Chip: “ You have been with your spirit guide Wy man ?”

Wyman: “ It helps me being here Chip. I have good memories of Bomber. You're looking for me?”

Chip: “ Yes . The two who had been watching you since you found the tunnel, they are with Gerald at the FBI now.”

Wyman: “ Who are they, do we know why they did it . I couldn’t make sense of what uncle Charlie said ?”.

Chip: “ Steady Wy man . We asked them the same questions.”

Wyman: “ Did you get any answers?”

Chip: “ They told us they watched you for weeks until their masters told them to put a thing in your jeep. “

Wyman: “ They spoke freely ,you think it was the truth?”

Chip: “ At first they were not happy but Charlie said we should try the old ways.” He laughed. “He told them how things were done by our grandfathers and that was enough to make them talk. They are low level, I don’t think they would ever know the why only the when and how to do what they did.”

Chrissy has had no success in trying to persuade Wyman to return to Spain. The doctor in Phoenix said physically he was fine but the event had left him traumatised. He refused to attend a clinic for counselling.

There was a visitor at Chrissy’s door, from the FBI.

“ Good morning madam I’m Larry Schmidt from the FBI Phoenix office. Can I have a word with Mr Wyman Norris ?”

Chrissy: “ Morning Mr Schmidt. He’s not here at the moment , I expect him shortly. Would you like to come in and wait ?”

Schmidt: “ Thank you, that’s very kind.”

Chrissy: “ What do you want to talk to him about?”

Schmidt: “ I guess you must be his mom?”

Chrissy : “ Yes. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Schmidt : “ I don’t believe so, I’m really hoping he can help us ,I have some questions if you think he’s up to answering ?”

Chrissy: “ Judge for yourself ,I can hear him coming .”

Schmidt: “ Thanks again for agreeing to see me Mr Norris. I am so sorry for your loss but we are trying to apprehend those responsible and there are some questions I would like to put to you if you feel up to it?”

Wyman: “ Depends what the questions are. I have a few of my own .”

Schmidt: “ By all means Mr Norris. If there is anything I can do I will but after you answer my questions .Is that ok?”

Wyman: “ Go ahead.”

Schmidt: “ Were you or your wife under any duress in these last few months. For example have you been approached by a third party offering inducements or cash?”

Wyman: “ Inducements ,cash, what on earth would we have they would want?”

Schmidt: “ Your wife held a sensitive post within our organisation.” Wyman stood up and moved toward Schmidt at which point Chrissy intervened.

Chrissy: “ Just hold it there Mr Schmidt .This sounds to me like you are making accusations about that poor girl.”

Schmidt: “ I’m sorry, I have to ask .At this point we have to eliminate the more obvious motivations, before we explore other avenues. In the same way your relationship with CWN and Ames Security would make you a potential target.”

Wyman : “ The answer is no. Do I get to ask a question now?”

Schmidt: “ Ok .Go ahead.”

Wyman: “ Did you find the drone?” Schmidt’s face was a picture . It was clear he didn’t know Wyman knew about the drone.

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Tue May 21, 2019 6:19 pm

Does Wyman know about the drone ? I think it is best that he does not yah ?! :lol:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun May 26, 2019 11:41 am

Pru has been quizzing Nev about Sarah Kennedy’s recent visit to Oz.

Nev: “ Honest pet if I knew any more I’d tell you.”

Pru: “ Would you Nev, really?”

Nev: “ Why wouldn’t I petal?”

Pru: “ So it’s petal now is it?” She laughed at Nev’s expression realising the situation needed defusing. “ What’s wrong love?”

Nev: “ Nah, forget it ,it’s just me .I’m worried about our Debs. She put a business plan to Chris a few weeks ago. Truth be known he had a big part in knocking it together so she was expecting big things.”

Pru: “ But does she know about Chris’s problems?”

Nev: “ I thought Detlef would tell her, but then unless he was there he might not know .There was a clamp down on ‘phone and email comms if you recall.”

Pru: “ So why are you worried?” Nev looked sheepish, eyes downcast, hands in pockets.” Bloody hell Hope, pull yourself together!”

Nev jumped at Pru’s raised voice, looked up and tried to smile.

Nev: “ Sorry pet I didn’t tell you Debs had a letter from her mother.”

Pru: “ Is that unusual ?”

Nev: “ I don’t know ,I don’t ask, but this letter was a bit of a downer for her.”

Pru: “ Let me guess she’s wanting something ?”

Nev: “ In a way ,yes but not money ,this time she wants her pity I think. She says she has cancer and it’s well advanced.” Nev looked close to tears when Pru gave him a hug.

Pru: “ You silly man why didn’t you say something, it’s nothing to do with the business plan is it?”

Nev: “ Nah I’m sure her business idea is in there somewhere but Brenda’s letter has really taken the wind out of her sails.”

Pru: “ And yours as well I think. Petal. “

Moxey and Barry are making their way up the steps to Dennis’ treehouse.

Barry: “ Hi Den, see you still haven’t got a lift.”

Dennis: “ You’re a cheeky bugger Taylor. Help yourself to a beer. Did Dagmar tell you Anna and Bea have gone out?”

Barry: “ Yes .They’ve gone shopping she said .It’s a new thing they’re into since you took on that au pair, do you really call her that?”

Dennis: “ Nah man she’s a domestic assistant ,these bloody PC rules are over here now as well. Nah we just call her by her name, Consuela . Since Dagmar took on the new job she’s got less time and I’ve never been much at housework.”
They all laughed." Moxey what's the latest on Wyman?"

Moxey: " He's ok physically but Chrissy says his head is still minced."

Dennis: " Do they know what it was all about yet ?"

Moxey: " They reckon it was Mel they were after,the little one was collateral damage. The two guys who the FBI have said they put a tracker in Wymans' jeep for someone else to target with a drone."

Dennis: "I don't like to think what's going through Wyman's head at the moment." They all looked at each other saying nothing . Moxey broke the silence.

Moxey: "Hey Den have you spoken to Nev recently?”

Dennis: “ Haven’t seen much of him these last few days. Why?”

Moxey: “ Thanks I’ll have a beer Den, I’ve gone off this Spanish lager. Well, I was talking with Chrissy yesterday and she said Pru told her she’d seen Bomber talking with Anna the last time she was over there. I wondered if Nev had said anything?”

Dennis: “ Not to me Mox. Do you know anything about this Barry?”

Barry: “When I spoke to Anna she told me she’d seen Bomber. See it’s one of those things we, I have just kind of accepted. As long as she’s happy it’s fine with me. If she starts to worry about it that’s when I’ll take advice. Even as a toddler she would sometimes answer questions before they were asked, if you know what I mean. It’s an inherited trait from you know where.”

Moxey: “ So what did he say Barry?”

Barry: “ Tell Wyman to take care.”

Dennis: “ Bloody hell .Let’s change the subject. Barry have you heard anything from Oz?”

Barry: “ He ‘phoned me yesterday to say Sarah Kennedy was over here, he’d had a text from Kenny Ames asking did he know Chris and Barbara have gone back to Titicaca, and he thinks they know who was behind poisoning Chris.”

Dennis: “ Dear me they really seem to be in the know , who needs Ames Security.”

Moxey: “ Chrissy reckons Oz is really keen on Sarah Kennedy, you know wedding bells and all that.”

Dennis: “ Oz, wedding bells, cannot see that lad .Not after the last do. What do you think Barry?” Barry seemed to be agitated, he'd just about squashed his can of beer.

Barry: “ I’m not the one to ask Den. I try not to think about marriage, after all where did it get me, the current Mrs Taylor has disappeared into the jungle doing who knows what, or who.” Barry flung his beer into the garden and made a run for the stairs .

Dennis: “ Barry man what the hell are you trying to do!” Moxey jumped up and grabbed him by the arms while Dennis helped to force him back into a chair.

Moxey: “ The last time I saw him like this was in Arizona.”

Dennis: “ Barry man what’s up with you?”

Barry: “ Everything is hunkey dorey for you while I’m really struggling Den .”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sun May 26, 2019 6:58 pm

Dear me, that was a reet downer ! :(

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