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Posted: Sat Jul 04, 2020 6:08 pm
by Tracy

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Posted: Mon Jul 06, 2020 5:38 pm
by 936trt
Tatiana looked around the table trying to gauge individual reactions to this bombshell. Her gaze came to rest on her nearest neighbour, Heather Lane .

Tatiana : “ Mister chairman can I suggest Heather may have more accurate intel?” Before Stefano could respond Heather began passing documents around the table .

Heather: “ This is from Cuba, Jamaica and Aruba where I still have assets ,at least as of this morning. You see they confirm it is the Chinese. It is difficult however to differentiate between their public and private sectors these days.”

They heard Stefano’s ‘phone, he apologised and held up his hand as he took the call.

Stefano: “ I am informed the last of our colleagues has arrived. His flights were delayed.”

Tatiana was watching discreetly when the late arrival made his entrance. She almost stopped breathing when she saw him. He was instantly recognisable as her principal torturer during her ordeal last year. She saw Maria stiffen as he took a drink from her proffered tray .He was leering as he whispered something in Stefano’s ear. As the meeting resumed she heard him addressed as Kemal while giving details of particular container traffic from the Black Sea to Belize. She felt nauseous, it was not only her personal familiarity with the route but it had also been the source of Joachim’s greatest financial success.
There was pressure on her arm ,she turned to see Heather,sitting very close.

Heather: “ Your feelings are mirrored in your face Tatiana. I don’t think he has recognised you. Keep calm.”

Tatiana: “ How do you know about him?”

Heather: “ I have a copy of your debrief from Kenny Brown. And I have to tell you this guy is the reason for Europol getting their knickers in a twist recently. He organised a team of Turkish workers as assassins some years ago in Germany. We’ll talk later.”

Stefano began to speak.

Stefano:” It is clear that we have pressure in many places. I hope that we can ascertain if it is coincidence or if there is a more sinister motive. After Poti there was an uncomfortable amount of attention focussed on our activities in that area and I then learned of federal interest shown in Guatemala and elsewhere. Tatiana you have something to say?”

Tatiana: “The shooting of the Chechen is one thing but poisoning the FCO man ,Greig was in my opinion a mistake. It served only to draw attention to us. The US Navy medic was able to precisely identify the toxin .”
There were cries of dismay and audible anger which Stefano had to subdue.” It was the same poison used on mafia leaders in the Caribbean and on my colleagues in Spain. Do we have to join the dots?”

Fraser: “ So what's the beef? Joe Stalin had the right idea ,remove the man remove the problem.”

Okashi: “ I mentioned to you Stefano that there were incidents relayed to me by friends in Cambodia. They also see a Chinese influence. They were able to deal with it but not without some losses.”

Fraser: “ We don’t have to assume it’s anything other than coincidence. I’m with Okashi on this we should just waste the bastards as and when.”

Stefano: “ But after that one Alistair there will be another then another." Tatian had raised her arm."You want to raise a point Tatiana?”

Tatiana : “ I had a friend who worked in a supermarket. They had a problem with shoplifters. Occasionally they would prosecute but in the meantime they just put up their prices and lived with it, until the bonus for catching shoplifters kicked in.”

Fraser: “Hey Stefano she’s not just a pretty face.” He got up and walked around the table toward her.

Heather: “ Alistair, I suggest you sit down, unless you want to be castrated.”

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Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 5:57 pm
by Tracy
Where is Ooli ? :P

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by 936trt
Dennis and Dagmar are sat with Nev and Oz in Fredo’s office.

Fredo: “ Thanks for your patience. I have some good news from Europol. It seems they have intel I'm not sure from where , that the person of interest has been tracked down. Your help in the identification of the Beco workers is acknowledged .This person was at that time the owner of a brothel in Dusseldorf and it is believed he sub contracted the hits to several of the workers at the Beco site.”

Oz: “ It’ll be that bugger Kemal, the one that roughed up Ulli!”

Dennis: “ Have I understood this correctly Fredo, the guys you asked us to identify were all working for Kemal?”

Fredo: “ Europol are fairly sure that is the case. There is a lot of circumstantial evidence . They were regular clients at his establishment, and his modus operandi was never to get his own hands dirty. Unlike the other gangs operating at that time no guns were used. The killings he ordered were all knifings.”

Neville: “ Aye you were lucky Oz….…” He was interrupted by Oz.

Oz: “ Aye ,aye we don’t need to hear all that Nev. So inspector, this means all your questions are answered?”

Fredo: “ The questions were never mine ,I acted only on behalf of Europol. We have been able with your help, to establish these individuals were not only on the site at that time but have a strong connection to the person of interest.”

Dagmar: “Inspector we are all anxious for this to be over, it is even more unsettling to learn that we were working on the same site as contract killers.”

Fredo: “ Rest assured Mrs Patterson there is no further police interest in this matter.”

Dennis: “ Well that is a relief . Moving forward however, there is a question we have for you, inspector. Have you made any progress with the incidents on the industrial estate, you recall we reported our premises had been broken in to and some of our people had been intimidated, they thought by Chinese criminals?” Fredo closed his eyes and sighed.

Later that day in Oz’s tree house, Den ,Nev and Oz are discussing what they see as Fredo’s failure.

Neville: “At this rate I can’t see a real future for PCD unless something is done.”

Dennis: “ Howay Nev ,we’ve plenty contracts on the go.”

Neville: “ Den there’s hardly a day goes by without a break in and the lads were only saying last week they’re sick to death of having their tools nicked.”

Oz: “ It’s bound to be a real pisser losing personal gear like that, I know I was emotionally attached to me trowel.”

Dennis: “ Aye I’d feel the same way if me level had been half inched.”

Neville: “ Well then think how these lads feel. Most of them are preferring to work from home and are worried things might get worse. Surely there’s something we can do?”

Dennis: “ You heard me tell Fredo, we are all being targeted one way or another and it’s not just here in town, it can be any site they’re on.”

Oz: “ It doesn’t help if the clients start thinking it’s something to do with PCD. We could do with someone like Big Baz…….” He was stopped in mid sentence by Den.

Dennis: “ It’s not like we can put a name or a face to whoever it is, we can’t point Baz to anyone at the moment, it was different with the Chechen. We need proof and that’s what Fredo said he needed.”

Oz: “ Right ,then that’s what we’ll do .We’ll stake out the site and catch the little buggers at it.”

Wyman and Maureen are talking to Carla.

Maureen:” I get the impression that Chris is very popular right now?” Carla frowned when she heard this.” Sorry Carla I didn’t mean anything other than the deal he made with the local mayors.” Carla eased the tension by bursting out laughing.

Carla: “ Sorry ,it’s me .I’m still in catch up mode. You know I hadn’t seen Chris for ages and suddenly it’s wall to wall Chris. This deal he did is perfect for the locals ,they get a percentage on profits in return for mineral rights and Chris underwrites construction of schools and hospitals.”

Wyman: “ He really is a very popular bloke. The university have nothing but praise for him. Some of them confided their worry about the near monopoly by our oriental friends.”

Maureen: “ We can only do so much, Chris knows we can’t be seen to be policing the sites.”

Wyman: “ He said those lads we were talking to ,the Aymara, are straight up and want to set up their own security but are reluctant to involve the police.”

Carla: “ I know ,they tend to look at them as city folk with no local knowledge or loyalties.”

Maureen: “It’s not new I gather, and we can guess what will happen if the intimidation becomes more widespread.”

Wyman: “ Is there no federal authority to go to ,we had problems on the reservation in Arizona but we still got help from the FBI?”

Carla: “ I don’t know Wyman, in the end it all comes back to whether the Aymara would buy into it.”

Wyman: “ Where’s Chris right now?”

Carla: “ He’s on his way back from up there.” She pointed to the mountain behind them.” He said to keep you entertained and fed until about two o’clock when he returns. You want another beer,it is hot in this sun?”

Wyman :” Yes please ,I’d forgotten how dry it is here.” As they sipped at the cold beer they could make out the sound of an approaching helicopter. They all looked up and could see it was in difficulty, smoke pouring out of the side. The landing wasn’t text book but it was effective as Chris said later .It rocked as it touched down and the pilot cut the engine. Three figures emerged through the smoke which now enveloped them, one of them limping and being supported by John .Carla had jumped up and was running toward them.

Carla: “ Chris, Chris are you alright?” Chris was bleeding from his arm but managed a weak grin from an ashen face. John was helping Chris stay upright and answered for him.

John: “ He’ll be fine. He’s lost some blood but it’s a through and through as they say on tv. The hero of the day is this guy”

Maureen: “ Bloody hell, Hugo what are you doing here?”

Hugo: “ Got bored in Phoenix so I volunteered to go check on you.”

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by Tracy
Didn't take long ! :P

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by 936trt
Pru has had a call transferred from reception, a caller identified as Nikki Myles asking for Neville Hope.

Pru: “ Hello caller, I understand you wish to contact Neville Hope?”

Nikki: “ Hello, yes I am trying to get in touch with Neville .To whom am I speaking?”

Pru: “ I deal with all mister Hope’s calls and correspondence, can you identify yourself and explain what it is you want?”

Nikki: “ My name is Nikki Myles and I worked closely with Neville some years ago exposing a major human trafficking ring. I am currently investigating global trafficking and believe that Neville may be in a position to help me . I would like to discuss this with him, there are aspects that would be to our mutual advantage. Can I arrange a meeting?”

Pru: “ Give me a number where you can be reached and I promise to pass on your request Miss Myles. Good day.” Pru put down the ‘phone and walked along the corridor to Dagmar’s office. She knocked on the door to discover Anna sat at a monitor next to the receptionist. Anna smiled at Pru and returned her gaze to the monitor.
“ Morning Katherine ,is Mrs Patterson available?”

Katherine: “Yes Mrs. Hope. I’ll just let her know you’re on your way.”

Dagmar: “ So she rings out of the blue looking for Neville?”

Pru: “ Indeed. I’ve looked at her current profile from Amesec, and I recall Nev telling me about the incident with Mickey Startup, but that was nearly twenty years ago.” Dagmar was looking at her computer as Pru was talking.

Dagmar: “ Yes ,I’m just reading it now. She was with that magazine wasn’t she , the one that ran a few stories about the new slave trade using container ships ,but then it petered out. What does Neville think about it?”

Pru: “ I haven’t spoken to him about it yet.”

Dagmar:” Dennis said she wrote a book . He was very impressed.”

Pru: “ Yes. So was Neville.” Dagmar laughed.

Dagmar: “ You think she is a femme fatale?”

Pru: “ I am bothered by her idea that there could be something to their mutual advantage.”

Moxey is at Kilgrinnan castle with Beatrice and Guy.

Guy: “ Are you going to stay with us uncle Moxey?”

Moxey:” I promised Bea I would stay for a while after I’d laid Chrissy to rest. I’ve had time to think since Jamaica and try to understand what’s best for you both, and especially for you Bea. You have a good friend in Anna and everyone in the New Castle like me, is concerned for your future. Where do you want to stay?” Beatrice looked closely at him.

Beatrice: “ I feel at home there but I don’t ever want to leave you.” There was a hint of tears at this and Moxey was transported back a couple of years to that scene in the headmasters study. His sister Jacqueline’s two children .He recalled the responsibility was new and overwhelming. They seemed more vulnerable then, perhaps it was the school uniforms. Perhaps he would never know. They still seemed vulnerable to Moxey, he felt so close to them, and more so since that day.

Moxey: “I feel at home there too Bea. Remember we will always be a family .”

Maureen threw her hands in the air.

Maureen: “ So much for our low profile in sleepy San Pedro. Carla, is there a local doctor?”

Chris: “ Don’t worry ,we have the medical kit from the chopper. The wound just needs cleaning up.”

Carla: “ There’s a guy in the town we’ve used from time to time. We can be there in two minutes. What’re you doing about the whirly bird John?”

John: “ You’re asking the wrong guy .” He grinned and pointed to Hugo who was on his mobile and waving one arm up and down.

Carla: “ Ok. I’ll take Chris into town, Wyman will drive us, ok. You’ll be able to handle these two Maureen?”

Maureen: “It’ll be a chance to find out exactly what they’ve been up to !”

Neville is meeting with Nikki Myles in an office in the New Castle.

Nikki: “ It’s so good to meet with you again Neville. I hope you are well?”She gave him a big smile.

Neville: “ Yes, we’ve all been very lucky.” Nev was uncomfortable and squirmed around in his seat .” Look Nikki, what’s this all about. You put the wind up our lass y’kna?”

Nikki: “ Neville it was not my intention. I want to assure that my focus is the same as it was all those years ago. I have information that I’m sure you will find interesting and I hope useful. It should put a more positive spin on recent events.”

Neville: “ If that’s true then all well and good but I remember our last encounter and if you’re honest you’ll agree, it was more to do with enhancing the career of Nikki Myles.”

Nikki: “ Well that’s partially true but it was a long time ago Neville. More to the point you must want to get closure on the events leading up to Poti. Your overland trip, your encounter with Conservation Union, who was behind the deaths?”

Neville: “ You still haven’t answered my question, what do you want from me?”

Nikki: “ You know I always protect my sources Neville.” She reached under the table between them and squeezed Neville’s knee.” I have reached a point where I need corroboration ,you know confirmation, of certain aspects of the background I’ve been compiling with the help of your friends’ wife Mrs Taylor.”

Neville: “ You what, you’ve been talking to Tatiana!?” Nev had risen to his feet in surprise. Nikki was unprepared for the anger.

Nikki: “ Don’t act so surprised Neville ,she is after all a human being ,a mother ,who has survived horrific treatment over a prolonged period and frankly I believe she is to be admired .”

Neville: “ You’re entitled to your point of view I suppose. Cut to the chase Nikki, what do you want from me?”

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by Tracy
So there was a book in it ! :lol:

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by 936trt
Heather and Tatiana are strolling in the gardens during a break in Stefano’s meeting.

Tatiana: “ So .You said we should talk later. Is that now?”

Heather: “If there should be any long lenses aimed in our direction it would be from the house I guess. You know, I’ve had months of this. It makes me think I’ve had enough. I wonder, I keep asking myself, is it worth it?”

Tatiana: “Am I supposed to believe you’re still one of the good guys?”

Heather: “ Tatiana I couldn’t give a toss what you think. I can still sleep at night, can you, are you still popular in the Balkans?”

Tatiana: “ Stop all this bullshit, what do you want to talk about?” Heather nodded in the direction of the house.

Heather: “ They are some of the most dangerous and evil people in the world. I bet you’d like to poke a sharp stick in Kemal’s eye, eh?”

Tatiana: “I know his reputation at a personal level, and I also know a little about Ulrich .He makes Stefano look like an angel. Enough. What do you want?”

Heather: “ Information.”

Tatiana: “ What’s in it for me?”

Heather: “ Depends on the quality of the intel. But I guess you don’t want money?”

Tatiana: “ What can you offer?”

Heather: “ What do you want?” Tatiana put a hand on Heather’s arm ,and stopped looking directly in her face.

Tatiana: “ I have a daughter and I simply want to see her on a regular basis. Can you fix that?”

Heather: “Will she want to see you on a regular basis?”

Tatiana: “ Do you understand the mother daughter relationship?”

Heather: “ Interesting you should deflect my question. I might be able to help if I thought what you say you have is worth it. I am on very good terms with your ex husband. Oh hang on I think that was the gong, time we went back.”

Neville: “ I think this is a waste of time Oz. Why did we come down here at this time of night .There haven’t been any incidents recently anyway?”

Oz: “ Exactly Neville. Because nobody has been around recently after the lockdown, until now. So as soon as there’s a sign of life they’ll be back and we’ll be here to fettle them.”

Dennis: “ I thought you said you’d heard something down at the weighbridge, about them coming tonight. Have you been having us on lad?”

Oz: “Nah man, that’s right I did. That lad y’kna the thin one with specs ,he said we were due a visit from the yellow peril.”

Neville: “ Bloody hell Oz, that’s the solid proof you had to get us down here in the early hours?”

Oz: “ Nev man if you keep whining on they’ll hear you back in China. Hey ,hold on ,shurrup a minute, I thought I heard something. There, look over there. Is there someone in the office, that’s a torch isn’t it?”

Carla is talking to Pablo.

Carla: “ You’re sure it was them Pablo?”

Pablo: “ Si senorita. The locals have no reason to lie. They are happy with senor Chris, he has given them what they want. They say he was followed when he left the car with senor John. We told him it was not safe. He laughed. Lucky the chopper came .”

Carla: “ It’s good of you to look out for him, the doc says it will heal ok but he needs to rest it. Pablo, you say there are some others who want to do a deal with Chris?”

Pablo: “ Yes, but they were not happy when they heard senor Chris had been shot.”

Carla: “ John can explain that ,we can tell them they could meet with Chris’s brother Wyman. It would be a way to keep things moving while Chris is recuperating.”

Tatiana and Heather are having a final walk in the garden before retiring to their rooms .

Tatiana: “ Listen to me .I have a unique knowledge of the players in this game. From the Black Sea to the Amazon. From pawns to kings and queens. When and where payoffs are made, the flow of people ,drugs and weapons, east west and north south. I am learning even now how this affects whole countries.”

Heather: “This has been known for a long time, I don’t wish to belittle what you say.”

Tatiana: “ Of course the game is known, idiot. Listen to me . People have died to learn this, I know the pay offs, the when, where and who.”

Heather: “ You have information on our fellow guests?” Tatiana smiled and nodded.

Tatiana: “ I’d be surprised if you didn’t have it too .I’m sure they have as much on you as well. Heather I need you to convince me you can deliver in the right way assuming we come to an agreement. You will understand if I only needed muscle to do this we wouldn’t be talking. This is not like acquiring an asset. This is different .It must be done peacefully so everyone is happy.”

Heather: “ There may be such a way. Do you know all of Ulrich’s background?”

Tatiana: “ I’ll give you a taster. He is in bed with the Stille family, what’s left of it. They are Nazi sympathisers with appetites that include uranium and other exotic metals. Ok?”

Heather: “I think we might do business. I will let you know .You are leaving tomorrow afternoon?”

Tatiana: “ Yes. I have a business to run.”

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by Tracy
Tatiana being 'Breaking Bads' Lydia. Now we're cooking !!! :twisted:

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by 936trt
Heather and Tatiana’s conversations had not gone unnoticed . Fraser lost no time . An up to date resume on Tatiana was e-mailed to his smartphone. He knew all he needed to know about Heather, smiling to himself at his memories of their last encounter. He glanced at Kemal who was watching him across the table.

Fraser: “ So my friend what do you know about Tatiana?”

Kemal: “ Why should I tell you Ali, where is the profit in that for me?”

Fraser: “Hey, hey compadre, we are business partners. We should look out for one another especially at the competition, and she still runs the Chechen’s business .”

Kemal: “ That is so, yet her presence here still surprises me. I know Stefano is an admirer but I wonder if there is another reason he asked her here. Ulrich has expressed concern about her influence in Guatemala . Maybe he is watching her too.”

Fraser: “ Maybe they have their heads together because they are the only women here?”

Kemal: “ I’m suspicious. Maybe they are planning something?”

Fraser: “ How so. Heather hasn’t the same assets or leverage as Tatiana, I don’t see them as partners?”

Kemal: “ Ali you’re missing the obvious.”

Fraser: “Enlighten me O eastern mystic.”

Kemal: “ Piss off Alistair!”

Stefano is making a few remarks as he indicates the meeting is drawing to a close.

Stefano:” Well my friends , we are in agreement that not only was this meeting necessary but also there is little we can do to improve our situation. The suggestions made by Tatiana are already in hand and Alistair will follow up on the untimely deaths of our colleagues in Cuba and Jamaica.” Jeffrey Grainger raised his hand. “ Jeffrey ,you have something to add?”

Grainger: “ I have just learned that Christopher Norris, head of CWN, has just been shot by some Chinese guys .He is in Chile looking at mineral deposits and they didn’t like it. Any comment Hans?”

Ulrich: “ We are dealing with it.”

Grainger: “ I did say the culprits are Chinese didn’t I?” Ulrich had not missed the implication.

Ulrich:” What are you getting at Jeffrey?”

Grainger: “ We have just had a meeting which was called to discuss this very problem.”

Ulrich: “ Your point is?”

Stefano: “ Yes Jeffrey. What is your point?”

Jeffrey: “ I was under the impression that this group had no connection with the Chinese. Is that still the case Hans?” Ulrich had risen to his feet and his fury was clear to everyone.

Ulrich: “ Who do you think you are , you dare to speak to me like this. I will not tolerate it.” He made to leave the room but Stefano’s men were stood at the doorway .

Stefano: “ If you please Hans ,come back to the table, sit and we will discuss your displeasure with Jeffrey. There is obviously something annoying you.” Fraser had been watching the exchange between Ulrich and Grainger very closely.

Fraser: “ Jeffrey asked you a fair question . There are lots of Chinese and not all of them are our competitors. Would you agree Hans?”

Heather: “ There may be a more simple explanation Alistair. Perhaps Jeffrey is hinting at a deal that went sour?”

Stefano: “ It appears I was mistaken ,our meeting is not drawing to a close after all. Maybe someone would care to enlighten me?” He looked across at Tatiana and smiled.

Tatiana: “ In my travels last year I learned a number of things among which were many aggressive moves in all aspects of the business. Some in authority were anxious to explain it was no more than the usual jockeying for position among the lower ranks. Not exactly true is it Hans?” Ulrich turned to Tatiana and actually bared his teeth.

Ulrich: “ What would you know Russian bitch.” These last almost snarled words were the evidence if any was needed that he’d lost it and clearly had something to hide.

Tatiana: “ A long, long time ago ,for reasons best known to yourself you took out a unique contract with a hit man. Not unusual you might say except that none of the usual suspects knew about it. This was a new kid on the block who, in addition to a skill set more associated with black ops, had access to a wide range of chemical weapons. Completely deniable ,unknown and you thought invisible. A clever way to insinuate people answerable only to you throughout our whole enterprise, and maybe even further. How supremely arrogant,and it was this arrogance that caused your downfall. As my friends in the north east would say you dropped a huge bollock Hans. The people who infiltrated the organisation are answerable to someone other than you and by the time you found out it was too late.” There was silence around the table.

Stefano: “Hans is this true, did you do this. You know will find out anyway?” He looked across to Tatiana and nodded. Ulrich hung his head, placed his hands on the table and began to speak.

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by Tracy
Russian bitch ?! Good heavens, what a to do, I say what a to do ! :lol:

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by 936trt
The lads would not have immediately recognised the man sat at the table. Life had clearly not been kind to Ulrich . He struggled to find his words.

Ulrich: “ In life we all must decide where our loyalties lie, and now is such a time for me.” He raised his head and took his hands from the table.” I need you all to understand how we came to this point.” He looked across to Stefano who smiled and nodded. ”Some parts of this story will be known, my apologies to those few, so this is for those who do not. I devoted my life to the family and owe them everything. They are not difficult to admire. Stille Industries was a huge company and I was proud to be in their employ. After the Beco contract was complete my responsibilities as aufsichtsperson for Christa, chaperone to you Alistair, I thought would be terminated when we learned she was pregnant. Not so. I was retained, not exactly in loco parentis ,but after Christa threw him out the father was kept under surveillance and my brief was to keep an eye on her and subsequently young Christian when he made his appearance .In the following years there was no further contact with her ex .The fear he might be attracted by the family fortune did not materialise and to everyone’s relief, including Christa he ceased to be a problem in 2000. In addition to this watching brief I had been spending more time outside Germany in line with increased duties in mining and construction as well as some aspects of HR.” He smiled and nodded to Fraser.” The wider aspects of HR Alistair. This was mainly in America but to a lesser extent in Africa and the Far East. In the years leading to the millennium, global trends in sources of strategic materials altered dramatically. The changes I could see within Stille Industries were related to the huge growth especially outside our traditional markets. I was not naive and could see what was happening. After Christa’s father died the surviving brothers instigated more changes which included a name change for part of the business, this became CWN. You must understand how large this enterprise had become and I realised only a few had positions of control and I was one of them. They had waited to see my response when the dirty washing had been revealed, and I fulfilled their expectations. Afterwards progress was rapid and my workload increased again. The family wanted to groom Christian as the future CEO and his security was top of my list. This continued through his school years and on to university in the US. The problems occurring in reach of our usual contractors multiplied and were now outside Europe. “ He nodded in the direction of Kemal. ”After consultation with the Stille’s they arranged a contract with friends of long standing within the Chinese community. The problems had changed , it was less to do with strong arming territory and more to do with taking over whole operations, increasingly right at the heart of the mines, the processing, and our labour forces.” Jeffrey raised his hand but Stefano shook his head.

Stefano: “ Carry on Hans I guess this is where we learn about your changes to the Stille plan?”

Ulrich: “Indeed the family were told by their Chinese friends of an inexcusable series of events culminating in their people being compromised, either turned or replaced .The Triads are known to be persuasive where necessary. I tried , as our friend Tatiana Ivanov said ,but this is a work in progress. The code the Stille and their Chinese colleagues worked by nearly forty years ago is defunct. In their apology they said there is no honour now.”

Stefano:” So the all singing all dancing guy you employed is trustworthy and not responsible for our problems?”

Ulrich: “ I believe so .”

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by Tracy

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by 936trt
The lads confronted the intruders and got a surprise.

Dennis: “ Bloody hell man ,they’re just bairns Oz, all they need is a clip round the ear .” The three of them had crept up to the office, Nev slowly opened the door ,Oz grabbed the nearest lad and Dennis had switched on the lights.

Oz: “ This one’s not going to be any trouble. Are you kiddo?” His partner in crime made a run for the door, dropping a bag in the process when Den tripped him. The third lad shouldered Den, pushed past Nev and was gone into the night.

Neville: “ None of these look even slightly Chinese Oz. Your mate at the weighbridge is a real wanker!”

Oz: “ What are we going to do with these two?”

Dennis: “ Do you speak English?” they both nodded.” Who sent you here?”

Neville: “ Well that’s a bugger isn’t it.”

Dennis: “ Just goes to show y‘cannot trust anyone.”

Oz: “ I blame you Dennis. It was you who said we needed proof. I wouldn’t have spoken to him if I’d known.”

Neville: “ You silly bugger Oz, he was the one behind it all, we should have known.”

Oz: “ I never really took to him, those specs made him look…....”

Dennis: “ Made him look what Oz ,like a criminal or maybe Chinese?”

Neville: “ I wonder what Fredo will say ,keep up the good work or keep your noses out?”

Barry is savouring his latest favourite drink, a Pisco Sour. His favourite since last visiting Aruba. The barman at the Leisure centre, who was from Lima, had asked him if he had ever tried it.

Barry: “ Only once ,last year on a brief visit to Iquitos ,it had a few flies in it, but that's a long story. I prefer a mojito, but go on ,I’ll have a shot .” Since then he’d developed a liking. His reverie was interrupted by someone at his front door which was unusual. Even more unusual it was Heather Lane and she looked very serious.

Heather: “ Hello Barry, I hope you don’t mind ,I know it’s unexpected but…..can I come in?”

Barry: “ Sorry, sorry Heather, where are my manners, of course, please ,this way. Can I offer you anything ?”

Heather: “Not just now , it's very kind of you, but I have some news and I’m not sure of the best way to tell you.”

Barry: “ I hope it’s good news.” He laughed but when he saw her straight face the smile disappeared from his lips and he became the old, worried Barry.

Heather: “ Take it easy ,it’s not what you would call bad news, it’s unexpected even strange but definitely uplifting. It concerns your ex wife Tatiana.”

Barry: “ Oh dear god what’s she done ?”

Heather: “ Well she’s actually done something amazing. I was with her about six weeks ago and had absolutely no idea what she was planning.” Barry still had a concerned and worried look .” Really Barry you’ll be astonished at the story.”

Barry: “Heather in my life with Tatiana I’ve heard everything that’s possible. Sorry, sorry I’ll shut up and listen.” Heather looked at him and began relating the story of her undercover meeting at Stefano’s estate on Majorca.

Heather: “ My Europol contact arranged a meeting last week at which he told me they had had a breakthrough in their long running effort to close down the trafficking ,weapons, drugs and people, and needed my help. Their informant, anonymous as expected, was asking for immunity but offering some unusual intel as a precursor to the deal. I was able to corroborate and by the nature of the information I immediately had an idea who it might be. I said nothing at that point but agreed to make myself available as and when.”

Barry: “ You’re going to tell me it was Tatiana?”

Heather: “ Yes. I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing and had ensured, by the nature of the intel that I would be drafted in at some point. She talked continually, giving background to all the movers and shakers from Bulgaria to Nicaragua, the key operators of the container traffick, arms dealers drug suppliers and included names at the sharp end of the mining and refining as well .It is the most comprehensive data they have ever had covering movements of people and goods across the Caribbean to central, southern and north America. She had an approximate costing for the supply and distribution of weapons , the drugs from south America and trafficking south to north and east to west. Do you know the annual profit from drugs attributed to just the Triads alone is two hundred billion dollars. Their share of the trafficking is small at about three to four billion dollars. After three days they had enough information to justify the biggest, most comprehensive crackdown Europol had ever mounted.”

Barry: “ Very uplifting I’m sure but why are you telling me this Heather?” Heather fixed Barry with a look of incredulity.

Heather: “ Do you realise the personal risk she has taken. In all probability she’ll need protection for the rest of her days. I have nothing but admiration for her.”

Barry:” Perhaps I cannot comprehend the scale of what you described, but my question is still the same Heather. Why are you telling me?”

Heather: “I explained to you maybe two months ago, that all Tatiana was interested in was access to Anna. My personal feeling is your refusal was like the last straw to her." Barry made to respond and Heather raised her hand, palm uppermost.” No Barry hear me out. After her ordeal and it was an ordeal let’s not debate how she ended up being trafficked herself. Yes it may have largely been her own fault. Nevertheless it was horrific and would have killed a lesser person. The details she memorised have hopefully led to the dismantling of a complete operation. Passing this to Europol is the most selfless act I think I have ever witnessed. I thought you should know. Barry, if you can look beyond your own hurt consider how you might bring a little sunshine into Tatiana’s life. I’ll go now. I’ll be interested to hear what you decide.”

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Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:34 pm
by Tracy
So who sent them ? Who man, who ? Foo Manchoo ? :ugeek: