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Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 1:12 pm
by 936trt
Nikki Myles caught a glimpse of Nev as she stepped inside the cabin and was visibly shaken by his appearance.

Nikki:” What happened, what’s wrong with him?”

Fraser:” Don’t worry Nikki he’ll be fine. Come in here and have a seat.” She glanced from one to the other ,saw Dennis glaring at her so addressed her response to him.

Nikki :” He’s your friend isn’t he, tell me what happened to him?” It was clear to everyone that seeing Nev in his present condition had given her a real shock. Den thought her eyes were just a little red and softened the tone of his response.

Dennis :”He’s just been given the worst kind of news and we’re all trying to deal with it Nikki.”Den looked at Fraser and lifted his chin in Nev’s direction.

Fraser :” Please miss Myles ,take a seat, join us ,you may like to try the wine ,under the circumstances?” He smiled at her and poured wine into a glass. She downed half of the contents before Fraser had returned the bottle to the cooler. She relaxed a little and sat down.” You told my assistant you know about the woman in Malaga jail?”

Nikki :” I do. I believe I can help in your search for her companion.” Fraser exchanged glances with Dennis.

Dennis :” How come you know about her?” Nikki snorted.

Nikki :” Come on Dennis, it’s my business to know these things. There’s a good story here ,I can tell.”

Fraser :” That may very well be so yet you have still to explain how you can help us.”

Nikki :” Really. You want to play games, then I’ll start by telling you I don’t intend to wind up entertaining miners in Peru like your last girl friend.” She smiled at Frasers tight lipped expression.” And I have no desire to sit in a camper van waiting for it to explode….” She paused and waited.Fraser chuckled.

Fraser :” I’m still waiting to hear what you came here to tell us Nikki. How-do-you-think-you-can-help-us.What is the problem you believe you can resolve, or are you here under false pretences?” He glanced at his watch and noted with some satisfaction a look of annoyance pass across her face. Dennis laughed.

Nikki :”It is widely known in the expatriate Marbella community that two women were jailed by your friend inspector Fredo. One pulled a gun on a VIP and the other was done for fraud but recently was to be released on parole .A little bird told me the wrong one was released, or was it the wrong one?”Fraser sighed and looked at Dennis with raised eyebrows, then glanced at his watch again.

Fraser :”Nikki, Nikki oh Nikki. How do you think this would help us. It is common knowledge in our circles .I think you have nothing.You came here to see what you could find hoping perhaps for another scoop. By the way how do you find working from home?” Dennis laughed again ,more loudly.Nikki scowled and stood up.

Nikki :” I came here with every intention to offer my assistance but all I’ve heard are insults. If you’re not interested I’ll take my leave.Thanks for the wine.” She turned to go and Fraser raised his hand.

Fraser :”Come on bonny lass, you did say you wanted to help, so tell me what it is you know that you think would help.” Fraser could see she was close to tears and this in itself was unusual for a hard bitten journo like Nikki. She stopped and paused before taking her seat once more.

Nikki :” I’ve known Linda Katrizky some time ,as well as her boss Heather Lane. Linda told me she wanted out from under a while ago so ,I agreed to help and we’ve been working on a story that would achieve her goal as well as mine .This story includes the aforementioned and also touches on Barbara Hunt, Tatiana Taylor and more recently Pru , our Neville’s other half.” At the mention of Pru’s name Neville sat bolt upright.

Neville :”What do you know about Pru, if you know what’s going on for heavens sake tell me?” Dennis had to restrain him.

Dennis :”Nev lad, take it easy, here have a drink.” Fraser interrupted.

Fraser :” No Den, don’t do that. I just heard someone come on board.” Dobro appeared at the door with a stranger.

Dobro :” Mister Fraser this gentleman says he’s a nurse and he knows you.”The visitor greeted Fraser like an old friend.

“Now then Alistair .This is our patient I guess?” He began to look Nev over, then suggested they go into the adjacent cabin. Fraser returned his attention to Nikki.

Fraser :”So Nikki ,you were saying?”

Nikki :”I gathered from Linda that Pru had been recruited last year by Heather Lane, but not without some difficulty. Much had been made of her previous involvement with the feds and there remained the possibility of her being a mole. Eventually it became clear her motives precluded any such notion.”

Fraser :”Don’t stop Nikki.” He smiled and refilled her glass.”It’s getting to the exciting part.” She sighed and sat back in her seat, nodding.

Nikki :”So to come right up to date we have to go back to the time before Pru took up her post with OED. She was recruited at that point by Heather Lane, joining that particular branch of our security service.Her initial brief was covert monitoring of embassy staff. Routine but necessary. Fast forward to Havana and a certain press liaison officer, one Tarquin Pearce. Heather was struggling with operations ,staff who were blown and known she said, and a growing awareness of the significant Chinese influence in Cuba.It was not unexpected owing to the cultural and political similarities between the two countries. During this time Pru became aware of the enormous, international scale of the Chinese operation and of course the rewards for those who stepped over the line, so to speak.”

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Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2022 11:09 pm
by Tracy
Enter the Man U Dragon ! :geek:

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Posted: Sun Nov 27, 2022 2:14 pm
by 936trt
Dennis :” Rewards for those who stepped over the line. You mean she was planning this all that time ago?”

Nikki :” Linda told me all sorts of things, some gossip perhaps ,but mostly based on facts. For example in looking into Pru’s background Heather learned that the move to the gated community with you and Dagmar was considered to be one of the nails in the coffin so to speak.” Fraser noticed Dennis flinched on hearing this.

Fraser :” Did she use that exact expression Nikki?” Nikki was apologetic.

Nikki :” Sorry, that’s my fault ,I’m already writing the story in my head you see. No she wouldn’t have said that at the time but this is in the larger context of what Linda learned from Heather Lane which contributed to Pru's desire to move to the dark side.”

Fraser :” I will take some convincing that Pru would take such a risk.There must be other factors at play here?”

Nikki :”Let me finish Alistair. There are several telling instances. The dialogue she had with Jeffrey Grainger regarding the financial arrangements you made in the Caribbean, that had a dramatic effect on her, owing to the very large sums involved.Her primary interest in the money appeared to be in the influence and power it would bring. Linda used the expression -in thrall.”

Dennis :” All the time I’ve known her she never gave any impression of being power hungry.”

Fraser :” Nikki, are there any others who witnessed this kind of behaviour?”Nikki snorted and shook her head.

Nikki :” Apart from Linda probably only Heather Lane. Just bear in mind what she was trying to do. She sent an email to you and your pals describing Nev’s symptoms in such a way that you all assumed he had dementia.Yes?”

Dennis :” That’s true , I remember.”

Nikki :” Why do you think she did that, I’ll tell you why ,to throw you off the scent. She had already committed to a course of action, the modification of Nev’s diet was under way. They think the plan was there would be no part for Nev in her future.”

Fraser :” You really believe she was influenced by Jeffrey Grainger?”

Nikki :” It makes sense to me Alistair, he is a very personable chap, you can ask Sara ,I’m sure she remembers. “ She laughed. ”Pru came into his orbit more significantly probably during ,or shortly after the work he undertook for you in the Caribbean.” Fraser nodded at this.

Fraser :”Jeffrey has his uses . Nevertheless someone of Pru’s temperament should have been immune to his overtures I would have thought?”

Nikki :”Come on Alistair ,there’s no getting away from it ,he impressed Pru. She would see in him, the life of luxury she could have had. No more crying babies at the sea side, it’s Copa Cabana or Rio or sports cars along the Cote d’Azur.”

Fraser :”You can’t be saying she’s a victim ,falling under Jeffrey’s spell?”

Nikki :” All I’m saying is I can look at it from her perspective and believe how it could have happened .”

Dennis :” So what went wrong?”

Nikki :” It hasn’t gone completely wrong yet but I would guess the next steps are already planned and will have a decided Chinese flavour.”

Fraser :” How active a part do your friends believe Jeffrey has taken in this?”

Nikki :” They haven’t said so I don’t know, but I would guess he also may have an eye on the future in the Caribbean having witnessed events post Fraser.” Fraser was tightlipped .” But they speculated after Tatiana’s ploy crashed and burned.”

Fraser :”Really ,and what was this speculation ?”

Nikki :” That you would try to re establish control?” Fraser was gazing into the middle distance and slowly shaking his head from side to side.

Fraser :” I’ve heard all the arguments Nikki. The markets will always be there and so on ,it’s sadly down to human nature ,frailties ,appetites. Someone will always take advantage and grasp the opportunity.but not me .Not any longer.” Dennis was looking at him with a surprised expression on his face.

Dennis :” Is this a new Ally Fraser we’re seeing, a reformed character?”

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Posted: Sat Dec 03, 2022 5:15 pm
by 936trt
Fraser glanced down his feet before responding to Dennis’ question.

Fraser :” I have been exchanging letters with Sara Victoria for the last six months.” There was a significant silence in the cabin . Dennis and Nikki exchanged looks.

Dennis :”I guess you had some catching up to do?”

Fraser :” That’s how it started ,but she told me she was suspicious when her questions were either not answered or only very evasive comments were forthcoming. ” Nikki made an exaggerated sighing sound.

Nikki :” Aye bonny lad, it all comes back to bite you in the bum one day.”

Dennis :” Don’t be a clever shite Nikki, it doesn’t suit you!”

Fraser :”No Dennis, no she’s right . You know how I couldn’t believe it when I found out about her. So I did take some time explaining my history with Vicky .” Nikki interrupted.

Nikki :” I bet that took all of two minutes!” Fraser turned and looked at her. She was shocked to see tears in his eyes. She swallowed , then apologised . “ I’m really sorry Alistair.”

Fraser :”She wants to see me. I told her I would think about it. My first thought was to refuse. I felt ashamed . But she insisted. She believes if I really want to , I can change.” The cabin was silent again. Nikki and Dennis could hear Nev in the adjacent cabin. Phil poked his head around the door.

Phil :” Excuse me Alistair, I’d like to see him up at the clinic just to be on the safe side ,okay ?”

Fraser :”That’s fine Phil. Many thanks.” Fraser looked down at his feet again.

Dennis :” You must know there are problems in that neck of the woods.It’s not the most peaceful part of the world?” Fraser looked at him with wrinkled brow.

Fraser :” I know Dennis. Wyman was killed up there and Chris was wounded , but the place where she’s working is safe.”

Dennis :” Aye I suppose so. Father Ben told us there’s been a mission close by for over fifty years and they’re well liked by the locals . The major problem is the dispute over borders.”

Nikki :” For what it’s worth I was told it recently got a lot worse when fighting started over ownership of the mineral deposits.”

Fraser :” Anyway I don’t see anything to stop me going to visit Sara.” Fraser looked at Dennis and he smiled. Den was speechless .He couldn’t remember ever seeing such a happy expression on Ally’s face .This was a new perhaps unique image of Alistair Fraser .

Dennis :” I bet the last time you were near a church was that trip to Lindisfarne a few years back?” Fraser laughed.

Kenny Brown ‘phoned Chris to say he’d had a stroke of luck.

Chris :” So you came to the conclusion when you saw Tarquin that he was also shadowing Pru?”

Kenny :” I did and then realised I was wrong because who should turn up at the same house but Heather Lane !”

Chris :”Let me get this clear.Tarquin had been tailing Heather Lane and coincidentally she not only turns up in Chinatown but heads to the same house as Pru?”

Kenny :”Exactly.”

Chris :” Where are you precisely?”

Kenny :” I’m in a window seat at a cafe over the road from the Chinese Arch .It’s very impressive actually.”

Chris :” You can see Tarquin?”

Kenny :” Yes ,but I don’t know how long he’ll stay on the sidewalk now she’s gone inside. Oh, oh hang on ,a car has just pulled up and he’s getting in. What do you want me to do now boss?”

Chris :”I would bet they’re there for a meeting, probably with their paymaster, bearing in mind what we now know about them.Tarquin will be wanting to suss out their contact .It would be a major feather in his cap at DEA.”

Kenny :” I can see Pru has just left the building and is walking up toward St.James’s park.She’s not alone ,she’s with a Chinese guy.I’ll have to leave or she’ll see me.”

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Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 5:57 pm
by Tracy
Did someone say Chinese ? :lol:

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Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2022 12:10 pm
by 936trt
Oz could hear a telephone ringing from the Fantasy film offices and went to investigate. There was no one around which was very unusual.He picked up the phone and Barry spoke.

Barry :”Hi Oz ,good ,I’ve been trying to reach you. I heard the bad news from Kenny Ames .I’m so very sorry about Brian.If there’s anything I can do just let me know.”

Oz :” We’re both in shock Barry, Sara’s beside herself .She doesn’t know what to do except that she’s not staying here.Too many memories.”

Barry :” Whatever you want Oz just let me know.You’re very welcome to come and stay with us if you think she’s up to it.I’m always here for you mate ,you know that.”

Dagmar has ‘phoned Dennis.

Dennis :” Hello pet ,alright?”

Dagmar :” No Dennis it is not. I have had Debbie shouting at me on the ‘phone .She says she can not reach Neville or Pru. What is going on?”

Dennis :”Calm down pet explain to me why she was shouting at you?”

Dagmar :” The children are upset , they want their parents ,I suspect Debbie is somewhat short tempered. Can you let Neville know what is happening?” Dennis had to try to explain in a measured way that Pru was in the wind and that Neville had been hospitalised after being poisoned.By Pru.

Dennis :” I guess this will go down like a lead balloon with Debbie, but there’s no way to sugar coat it petal.You could say Neville’s been taken ill and we can’t reach Pru, that will buy us some time?”There was pause before Dagmar replied.

Dagmar :”I’m sure you are serious Dennis. I can try to pacify her and explain you are concerned for Neville’s health and will be in touch as soon as you can. In the meantime I will offer my childminding services.”

Dennis had just finished his conversation with Dagmar when Neville’s phone began ringing. He handed it to Dennis shaking his head ,mouthing Barry’s name and looking embarrassed .

Dennis :” Hello Barry, it’s Dennis. Nev’s not up to talking at the moment ,he’s just out of hospital.It’s complicated. What’s up?”

Barry :”I hope he’ll be okay. It’s bad news Den. I’ve just heard from Kenny Ames and then I managed to reach Oz.They’ve lost the bairn ,Brian. He had an operation for a heart condition but never recovered.It’s really tragic Den. They’re both in a real state as you can imagine.What’s up with Neville?”

Den explained as best he could and promised to keep Barry up to speed as things progressed.

During his conversation with Barry, Phil had been helping Nev from the cabin and readying his car for his trip to the clinic in Berwick. Neville looked at Den and spoke quietly .

Neville :”Can you do me a favour Den and speak to our Debbie?” Dennis grimaced.

Dennis :”Nev I know what you’re going to say ,but how can I tell her what’s happened without putting the wind up her?”

Neville :”Dennis, there’s no way round this .It is what it is ,tell her I’ll be in touch as soon as my head’s on straight.”Nikki had heard this conversation and put her hand on Den’s shoulder.

Nikki :” I’ll go with him to Berwick Dennis, it looks like you’ve got enough on your plate at the minute.” Den looked surprised.

Dennis :” That’s very good of you pet, it’s true ,there is a lot going on at the moment.” He turned to Fraser. “ Ally are you serious about going see Sara Victoria?”

Fraser :”Never more so Dennis.I’m making arrangements to leave today.”

Dennis :”You do know that Christian Norris has lots of contacts out there.He could prove very useful .”

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Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2022 12:49 pm
by 936trt
Dennis ‘phones Oz to see how they are coping .

Dennis :” Hi pal, we’ve had the news from Barry, how are you both?”

Oz :” I’ll tell you the same as I told Barry, we’re devastated,Sara doesn’t know where she’s at but she definite about one thing and that’s she doesn’t want to stay here.”

Dennis :”It sounds like you both need to get away y’kna, have some time to yourselves?”

Oz :”Aye, sounds like a good idea, but where to go Den?” Dennis was thinking rapidly.

Dennis :” You remember that place of Kenny Ames ,up at Wooler , well Nev has it now and I happen to know it’s vacant at the moment.” There was a pause. “ Hello Oz are you still there?”

Oz :” Aye ,I was just thinking about it.”

Dennis :” He has the same deal with Big Baz that Kenny had, he’s sort of caretaker when no one’s about. If you like I’ll give Nev a bell ?” There was another pause.

Oz :” Aye ,okay ,have a word with Nev and let me know, thanks Den, I’ll talk to Sara.”

Den ‘phoned Nev intending to ask him about Oz and Sara staying at the house in Wooler. The phone was answered by Nikki Myles.

Dennis :” Hi Nikki, I was hoping to talk with Nev about his place at Wooler, can he come to the phone?”

Nikki :” He’s just here Dennis ,I’ll put him on.” Dennis couldn’t quite make out what Nikki said but Neville resumed their conversation.” Hi Den, what’s the story with Oz and Sara?” Den brought him up to speed then quickly brought the conversation around to the house at Wooler.

Dennis :” So, I was talking to Oz and I reckon they need to get away y’kna ,and spend some time together ,would you let them use the place at Wooler?”

Neville :”No problem Den, just let Baz know and he’ll sort it out ,the heating will need organising.”

After Den spoke to Baz he decided to drive up to Berwick and check on Neville. When he arrived at the clinic he recognised Nikki’s car outside and had another surprise when he walked into Nev’s room. Moxey was sat on Nev’s bed.

Dennis :”Hiyah Mox, how come you’re here ? Now then Nev ,hello Nikki ?”

Moxey :”Simple really. I had a call from Barry last night and he told us what had happened ,so we drove over today to catch up with you all. How are you Den?”

Dennis :” I’m fine ,I’ve been trying to arrange for Oz and Sara to have a break ,they’re both in a state as you might expect.” While Den was talking to Moxey he could see Nikki, sat at Nev’s bedside holding his hand, gazing at him and oblivious to everyone else in the room.

Moxey :” You’ve just missed Ally Fraser ,Dobro has taken him to the airport.” At this Nikki sat up and turned to Dennis .

Nikki :” They were going via a wee village on the coast. I overheard Dobro say something to Fraser about it on their way out.”

Dennis :” And this is significant because?” Nikki gave Den a smug grin.

Nikki :” He is going to pay his respects .There is a grave he has visited before.It’s actually very sad and rather sweet at the same time.” Dennis frowned and looked at her.

Dennis :” Do you know who’s buried there?"?”

Nikki :”The love of his life.A girl called Mary and their daughter .They died while he was working away and he never really forgave himself for not being there for them.”

Dennis :” He was backwards and forwards from a job in north Africa I recall.She told him to go even though he didn’t want to .She was only weeks away from giving birth, and there were complications while Ally was abroad .”

Neville:” This was the lass he used to sing with, they went round the folk clubs I heard, very popular.”

Dennis :”Aye the gravestone says Mary and Anne, gone with the boatman.”

Nikki :” How do you now this?” Dennis laughed.

Dennis :” Big Baz and me ,we go back a way.He told me their favourite duet was waters of tyne. After she died he never wanted to hear it.He once sacked a lad for whistling it at work.”

Moxey :” So he’s definitely going to see Sara Victoria?”

Nikki :” Yes.After you left Dennis, I overheard him talking to Christian Norris and heard something about La Paz?”

Moxey :” That’s Bolivia isn’t it?”

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Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2022 1:34 pm
by 936trt
Tarquin counted himself lucky that he had a resourceful driver. When the DEA had organised this latest job the need for good reliable transport covering areas new and unknown was clearly paramount. When he suddenly found himself alone in this strange city the appearance of his car as if on cue, was more than timely.

Tarquin :” Good man, head up towards the football stadium , it’s signed all the way up this street.” He indicated where Heather Lane could be seen .”We need to see where she goes .” In fact they didn’t have to wait long as she turned into a restaurant and within a few minutes was joined by Pru.
Tarquin was able to take pictures from the car as they passed by the restaurant and was pleased with the headshot of the dinner guest who had stood as Pru joined their table. He was surprised at the speed of the reply to the pictures he sent. The dinner guest was a person of interest, a sometime Europol employee. Observe but do not approach were his instructions.

Dennis had deliberately postponed calling Debbie, he reasoned she’d be placated by Dagmars’ offer of help. Who am I fooling he thought as he dialled her number.

Debbie answered.” I thought it might be you.What’s happening?”

Dennis :” Everything’s fine pet.”

Debbie :” Don’t pet me Dennis, I can tell when something’s wrong.”

Dennis :” Your dad is very much better and asked me to tell you not to worry. He will explain everything to you later when he’s feeling better.”

Debbie :” What’s wrong with him Dennis?”

Dennis :”I know Dagmar told you he is in hospital, he has been poisoned according to the doctor , but is expected to make a complete recovery.”

Debbie :” Where is Pru?”

Dennis :” Honestly pet we have no idea.”

Debbie :” I don’t believe you ! ”

Dennis :” Frankly Debbie I don’t give a toss whether you believe me or not. My major concern is your dad’s state of health ! “ He rang off before he said anything else and immediately regretted losing his temper with her.

Tarquin received another message during his observation duty.The person of interest ,the recent dinner guest ,was believed to be behind the release of Heather Lane. Tarquin was trying to understand his presence here in Newcastle and particularly being joined by Heather Lane and now Pru. Could there be a connection with the location. Chinatown? Tarquin suddenly became excited. Could they have inadvertently stumbled on the bad guys' headquarters? Why would Heather Lane escape from prison and make a bee line for this place? Pru had known this address in Chinatown.She had told Den to drop her off leaving her to find her own way. Such prior knowledge speaks to subterfuge thought Tarquin.

Another dedicated observer ,Kenny Brown ,had to leave his vantage point to avoid being seen as Pru was walking towards his position. As he left the cafe a car passed him and he recognised the passenger, it was Tarquin Pearce. On reaching his hotel he let Chris know he wasn’t the only one on observation duty, he had seen his favourite DEA agent, Tarquin Pearce.

Chris was worried by this development and told Kenny of his concern.

Chris :”The interest focussed on this meeting in Newcastle is putting the Fraser Caribbean situation in the shade.This guy must be very important if Heather initiated her escape to meet with him.”

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by Tracy
Well goodness gracious me ! I wonder if they will get to see the World Cup ? Could get Messi :lol:

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by 936trt
Nikki Myles had revealed to Fraser that Pru was targeted by Grainger initially after finding out she was privy to the settings used on the Cuban coastal transponders .He had been advised that any influence on shipping interests must be seen as a game changer. Thereafter, in Nikki’s words Pru was easily drawn to the dark side by Jeffrey’s promises of wealth and power.

Linda Katriztky collaborated with Nikki to ensure the publication of her story covering, among other things, the financial transactions generated by criminal business in the Caribbean. The story would explore a common factor in the career paths of Barbara Hunt, Heather Lane, Tatiana Taylor, and more recently Pru Hope. As she explained to Alistair Fraser, Linda was desperate to escape Heather Lane, but realised the potentially dangerous outcome from revealing her employers’ criminal complicity.

Kenny Ames and Vicky both remarked how little activity there seemed to be recently around the Fantasy Film offices. There was no one to be seen this particular morning in what had been their reception, which prompted Kenny to e mail Barry. Soon afterwards Kenny received a phone call.

Kenny :” Hello Barry .Can’t you sleep mate, I thought you’d be in bed at this time?”Barry laughed.

Barry :”Hi Kenny .I thought it better to phone and explain.This has only just happened .The Commission are playing silly buggers but it's disguised as revisions to their directive to bring video sharing platforms in line da de da de da ,combat hate speech da de da de da , etcetera. All very well but what they really want is to increase their tax revenue by taxing us on stuff they say we make for non EU markets. So I said no way, it's not true. Our legal guys are waiting for a response.”

Kenny :” So you might be moving?”

Barry :” Yes. It’s silly we can have studios all over the place but I felt loyalty to our staff here ,plus in any case they know what’s been happening. in fact some have already relocated. In the meantime I’ve transferred some business to Australia.”

Kenny :”I guess Chris Norris might have an opinion?” Barry laughed.

Barry :” Indeed, in fact we are talking later about just that .Anyway Kenny ,I hope you have a clearer picture now. Must dash.Talk again ,soon. Cheerio.”

A few hours later ,Kenny is talking to Chris.

Chris :” Yes Kenny. I have agreed a deal with Barry, and no I don’t envisage any problems with the lease.Do you see any difficulties?”

Kenny :” No Chris, it’s more of a personal thing. Over the years Vicky and I got used to the company and now we see the place gradually emptying. You’ve heard about Sara and Oz and now with Barry shutting shop here there are even fewer familiar faces .” Chris was taken aback.The speed with which this had occurred had taken him by surprise.

Chris :” It never occurred to me Kenny, but now that I think about it since Barry’s visits became increasingly infrequent since relocating, and I guess, since pulling back from Amesec…….” He paused, leaving the sentence unfinished ,in obvious embarrassment. Kenny laughed.

Kenny :” It wasn’t my intention to make you feel uncomfortable or create a problem for you.Vicky and I were talking about this ourselves recently ,we are considering relocating as well .Would you be interested in acquiring the Newcastle in its entirety?”

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by Tracy

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by 936trt
Tarquins’ curiosity overcame his caution. He told his driver Les, to park so he could see what the dinner party was up to.

By the time Les had them in position the dinner had been cut short and the would- be diners were stood outside the restaurant,Tarquin assumed waiting for a taxi. The group did not wait for long. A large four by four stopped ,the driver jumped out and shepherded the waiting group into the vehicle.

Tarquin followed and they headed eastward out of the city. After they passed a third sign indicating Tynemouth their destination seemed clear. Fifteen minutes later Les asked if Tarquin wanted to continue into the marina which he knew was just ahead and posed a risk of them being seen. Tarquin told him to slow down just to confirm this was their destination when they might be expected to stop . They watched four figures emerge and make their way on board a large ocean going yacht. The four by four then turned around and drove out of the parking area.

Tarquin :” Can you get us closer Les, I can’t see clearly from here, even with the bins.”

They managed to get a better view but unfortunately managed to attract the attention of a couple of security guards who began walking toward them. Tarquin focussed on the deck house where the group were being greeted ,and was greatly surprised on recognising the man making such a great fuss over his guests.

Tarquin :” Good grief, I don’t believe it! “ He managed a quick photo before the guards were banging on Les’s window. “ I’m very sorry officer ,it’s my fault ,I made a mistake ,we’re in entirely the wrong place .We’ll be on our way immediately. “ He turned to Les.” Let’s head back to Newcastle and let these good gentlemen get back to their work.”

Tarquin was jn his Newcastle hotel room preparing a DEA report, which included an apology for the poor quality of the picture he was sending but emphasised he was confirming the person Heather Lane and Pru were meeting was Prince Stefano de Montecatini.

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by Tracy
Did he take Hazel up against the rails ? :P

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by 936trt
After a poor night’s sleep Dennis was on his way to see Nev again . The call he’d had with Debbie was still going round in his head and he couldn’t see any quick way to sort it . When he got to Nev’s room he was packing his case and gave Den a big smile.

Neville :”Hiyah Den, I’m just getting ready to leave. The quack said I can go if I really want to.”

Dennis :” Are you sure this is the right thing to do kiddah, it’s only five minutes since you were at death’s door?”

Neville :”This is the best thing for me and the bairns Den. Our Debbie will be round the twist by now.”

Dennis :” You’re dead right there ,she’s been talking to our lass and she’s struggling. But how are you going to manage Nev being on your own like?”

Neville :” Don’t worry it’ll be fine .By the way I’ve heard from Oz, he says Kenny Ames is selling up. Looks like Chris will be taking over the New Castle completely!” Den looked at Nev open mouthed.” Aye,and they seem to be settling in over in Wooler. Oz reckons it’s just the job for Sara. " Nev turned to look at Dennis." I feel so sorry for them both losing Brian like that. I know he’d been poorly but it must have still come as a hell of a shock.” Dennis looked at Nev and thought that in the middle of his own troubles he could still think about other folk’s problems.

Dennis :” So ,you’re going back to the states today?”

Neville :” I emailed our Debbie and told her to tell the lads when I'll arrive.”

Dennis :” I have to ask Nev, what’s the position with Pru?” Nev’s face changed and he almost snarled in reply.

Neville :” Dennis, I don’t want to hear her name again. She’s not part of our life any more.Okay?”

Den raised his hands and nodded.

Dennis :” Can I give you a lift anywhere kiddah?” Nev looked up from his packing with a furrowed brow.

Neville :” Well actually I was thinking I would call in to Wooler to see how they were getting on but now I’m wondering if they might think I’m poking my nose in?”

Dennis :” See ,I told Dagmar I’d let her know my flight once I’d been to see you ,but now there’s really nothing to stop us going back together , that’s if you don’t mind the company?"

Re: Nevilles Dilemma

Posted: Wed Jan 18, 2023 1:29 pm
by 936trt
Chris Norris had made an unexpected call to Carla and she responded with an uncharacteristic expression of concern.

Carla :” Chris, you must have known a lot of things would change after the acquisition of Amesec was completed and signed off, and then with Fantasy Films relocating…….?” She heard a sigh.

Chris :”Of course my love, but I wasn’t prepared for how quiet it has become and now ,having just heard that Kenny and Vicky are leaving……”There was a long pause.

Carla :”Chris ,you’re not saying Amesec was the wrong thing to do are you?”

Chris : “ No, no, maybe I’m over reacting but this is a much larger building, it’s even bigger without Barry’s people, and since our computer system upgrade so much more space has been released it’s hard to believe.” There was another pause.

Carla :”If I didn’t know you better my dear I would say you are exhibiting signs of loneliness.” Carla heard his intake of breath.

Chris :”I think you may have something there, it’s a strange feeling.”

Carla :”Are you intending to stay there for longer Chris, I haven’t seen you for ages?” There was a pause again before he answered.

Chris :”Amesec is an enormous responsibility Carla , larger than I imagined as I’m finding out day by day. As I learn more about it I feel more and more responsible for it’s function and it’s sometimes overwhelming.”

Carla :” You brought people over from the US when the deal was initiated, surely they can help?”

Chris :”No, you misunderstand ,the administration of the business is not the problem .It is well run, the processes all work smoothly. The amount of influence exerted by the business is so much more profound than I originally believed. I worry about what would happen if it fell into the wrong hands.”

Carla :” What a strange thing for you to say. Is there any particular reason for you to have such a worry?” Chris gave another audible sigh.

Chris :”I have seen an increasingly malign influence in events occurring within our business activity and more unsettling ,within our happy band ,specifically Neville and his family. I recall Hans Ulrich’s initiative for my uncles worked very well all those years ago until it was sabotaged from within. His Chinese contacts became family friends which made the problem so much worse when their infiltration was completed .I believe this is the same group behind the failed attempts by Barbara Hunt and others and more recently Heather Lane and Pru Hope.”

Carla :”Do you mean Neville’s wife?”

Chris :”Yes I do . I know this because Kenny Brown has been keeping a watching brief.”

Carla :”You’re giving the impression that you’re under siege ?” Chris laughed.

Chris :” It feels like that ,but it isn’t just firewalls we need ,hacking is big business and we divert a lot of our resources to counter that.”

Carla :”Didn’t you say this cyberspace was where people like GCHQ in the UK were helpful?”

Chris :”True, and we work with them and others like them all over the world. Carla , I guess what I’m confessing is this is the twenty four seven job I was never prepared for .”