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Location video mistake..

Do you know of a Location we don't have?

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Location video mistake..

Post by AWP Corsa Tim » Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:36 pm

Just noticed a small mistake in my 3 Hour long video, which isnt good man, thankfully its only a clip from the credits.. of Wayne's driving.. In the video its highlighted as 'Hartley Road/Bentinck Road.. Where as its actual place is on Abbey Street actually coming the opposite way from the concrete towers and old petrol station we see him go by.. Bloody filmed in a weird order or at least edited in a weird one.. But next video will have to see this corrected.. Been double-checking lately as someone called me out saying Wayne didnt phone Barry from the Trowell services on the opposite side to where they all have the 'Magnificent 7 talk'... Where as he DID in fact.. The place we do see Wayne drive is in the video, just not mentioned.. at 1:25:31.. at that point im stopped and Wayne would have gone by the opposite way to where i was.. Bloody hate getting things cocked up.. We live and learn though dont we..