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A New Beginning

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Fri Mar 29, 2019 5:28 pm

Oz has promised to take Sarah to the convent on the way back to the embassy. As he pulled into the car park he looked across at her.

Oz: “ So ,you ‘ll be flying back tomorrow?”

Sarah: “ Yes my fellow travellers should be finished their business this afternoon.”

Oz: “ You won’t be able to keep this visit low key , I mean will it be a problem if Heather finds out ?”

Sarah: “ Don’t be taken in by the Heather and Gary show Oz. Our departmental heads have known for some time about Heathers’ agenda. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t anticipated something might develop along these lines. Don’t worry, nobody wants to sink Ames Security.”

Oz: “ That’s good to know, but what happens now?”

Sarah: “ I want to meet your beautiful daughter. I’m curious to see the family resemblance.”

Oz: “ No man, I mean can I tell everyone this vendetta is going to stop?”

Sarah: “ Absolutely. There is a good argument to say Heather exceeded her authority in coming out here in the first place. I would expect a reprimand , behind closed doors of course, but she was given a lot of rope and allowed her personal feelings to colour her behaviour.”

Oz : “ That’s not the kind of thing I would expect of you though Sarah Kennedy.” She looked at Oz, closed her eyes briefly and rummaged in her handbag.

Sarah: “ Do you know what this is Oz?” He looked at the crumpled plastic bag she was holding, with a puzzled expression.

Oz “ No, I’ve no idea pet.”

Sarah: “ It’s a packet of your favourite nibbles. I saved them for you while I waited in Aspen. “

Oz looked from her to the packet.

Oz: “ Can I see it pet?” She handed him the packet and he looked closely before handing it back. “Now I’m even more sorry that I never joined you. But at least you now know why .” Sarah’s gaze never left his face.

Sarah: “ Were you just checking the date?”

Oz: “ Why have you kept it so long?”

Sarah: “ I asked you first tell me ,were you checking the date. Did you think I was lying?”

Oz: “ This is like have you stopped beating your wife yet!”

Sarah: “ Answer the question, don’t be silly.”

Oz: “ It wouldn’t have mattered if the date was wrong. It’s enough for me that you remembered bonny lass.”
Sarah put her arms around his neck , pulled his face down and kissed him. He could feel her tears on his cheek.

Sarah: “ You’ve made me cry with your honeyed words you awful man.”

Oz: “ Come on, the sisters will be wondering what we’re getting up to in their car park.”

Sara : “ Tell me father who did you say you were bringing today?”

Oz: “ Howay clever clogs ,you know this is Sarah Kennedy she works in the foreign and commonwealth office.”

Sarah: “ I’m very pleased to meet you Sara Victoria. Your father has told me such a lot about you.”

Sara: “ So you must have known him when he was younger?”

Sarah: “ Indeed he was only a boy ,just out of short trousers.”

They both laughed and Oz was relieved that they seemed to be hitting it off. Nevertheless he was happy when the visiting time ran out and they said their farewells.

Sara: “ I hope to see you again Sarah Kennedy .”

Sarah: “ Perhaps I might come by and stay a little longer next time?”

Sara: “ I would like that. Goodbye and have a safe journey.”

As Sarah and Oz waited at the embassy entrance she spoke quietly.

Sarah: “ I meant what I said Oz. I would like to visit again.”

Oz: “ I look forward to it. We could have a proper look around , I could show you all the popular touristy spots ,or not, depending on how you feel.”

Sarah: “ We lived in the minute you and I back then , now we need some time to get past what’s happened in between , you know to catch up?”

Oz: “ Couldn’t have put it better myself pet.” He gave her a hug as she stepped toward the door.” Let me know when you’re coming back pet.”

Sarah: “ You can count on it . Bye bye pet.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Fri Mar 29, 2019 6:01 pm


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:47 am

Chrissy is speaking to Barry.

Chrissy: “ So you’re good for dinner tonight?”

Barry: “ There is no point in saying, you have been too kind these last few weeks? “

Chrissy: “ None whatsoever. Don’t forget that book you promised Anna. See you later.”

Barry: “ Without doubt the best accompaniment to good food is good company. Thankyou again Chrissy.” Barry leaned toward Anna who was sat next to him and whispered in her ear.

Anna: “ Aunty Chrissy thankyou for everything.”

Chrissy: “ Thankyou Anna for bringing us your welcome ray of sunshine.”

Moxey: “ Dear oh dear give it a rest pet ,you’re getting more happy clappy by the minute. By the way, I meant to ask earlier did Guy ‘phone this morning?”

Chrissy: “ Sorry Mox he left a message about the flights from Edinburgh, I wrote it down .”

Barry: “ How’s he doing these days?”

Moxey : “ He’s on that residential course l told you about ,and although it’s long days he’s really enjoying it. He
says he’ll be finished in another month and can’t remember when he’s had such a good time at school!”

Barry: “ That’s great ,I’m glad things are working out for him. Chrissy this is really magnificent, I haven’t eaten this well since , probably yesterday.” They all laughed .

Chrissy: “ I like cooking and it’s always good to have people enjoy food. It’s fine to have meals in hotels ,restaurants and airplanes but it is so different in the home. We think so don’t we Moxey?”

Moxey: “ Aye, and Mrs Irvine puts on a canny spread as well. Our Guy eats like a horse when he’s up on the estate.”

Chrissy: “ Are you saying I don’t feed him Mox ?”

Moxey: “ No ,I’m just agreeing with you about food prepared at home.”

Barry: “ Now, now you two, stop fighting there are children present.” Anna and Bea were both sniggering and asked Chrissy if they could leave.

Barry: “ It’s good to see her laughing Chrissy. I really am grateful for what you’re doing.”

Chrissy: “ Please Barry I’ve told you ,don’t .We’re only too pleased to help. Enough of that .Tell me how are you coping ?”

Barry: “ Well I’ve a lot on with the Leisure Centres at the minute, I’m just back from Varna and I’m going to the Cape next week. We’ve got bookings for the Fantasy holidays that’ll take us into next year. I only notice things when I go back to the house. You know bad memories. I had a call from Oz, he told me Kenny Brown is keeping tabs on things. The police will keep him in the loop. Oz said if she doesn’t want to be found that’s the part of the world to go to. Frankly I’ve reached the end of my tether with her. Let’s change the subject. Have you heard anything from the lads recently?”

Moxey: “ I had a call from Den he said his missus is run off her feet.”

Barry: “ This must be since she took on the new job?”

Moxey: “ Nah she’s got that sussed according to Den, it’s all the extra stuff she thought Oz was doing.”

Barry: “ Like what?”

Moxey: “ See, all the day to day stuff to do with the castle he’s let it go and Dagmar has been picking it up. I didn’t know until yesterday that the PCD paperwork has also landed on her doorstep.”

Barry: “ Surely most of that would be sorted by the accountants down in the town?”

Moxey: “ Yes that’s what I thought, but it seems that Oz has been sitting on stuff for weeks at a time and that slows everything up. I had a word last week but no joy.”

Chrissy: “ I told you Oz has had his head turned by that girl from the foreign office.”

Barry: “ I know about the hassle with Heather Lane, is that what you mean?”

Moxey: “ Not exactly but this Sarah Kennedy came here last week with a couple of suits and she spent a lot of time with Oz.”

Chrissy: “ A lot of time. He took her to see Sara Victoria.” She nodded and winked at Barry.

Barry: “ That sounds serious.”

Moxey: “ I think so. You know since Kenny and Vicky left he’s had a lot of time to himself. I reckon she is his new interest. See it’s not everyone who can entertain themselves when there’s no work , you know the devil finds work dah de dah. I had personal experience recently , I told you about my trip to Arizona. Well I had a similar chat with Den and Nev. We reckon Oz hasn’t made the complete transition to the suited executive .He still hankers for time on the tools .”

Barry: “ Mind Moxey you’ve hit on a point there .Haven’t we all had those thoughts from time to time?”

Moxey: “ Aye but after this last spasm on Wyman’s job I think I’ve worked out what the real problem is.”

Barry: “ What’s that Mox?”

Moxey: “ We’re still thinking that what we are missing is the graft.”

Barry: “ Isn’t that it then?”

Moxey: “ Let me answer that by asking you this. What was the hardest work you ever did, including our time in Dusseldorf?”

Barry: “ That’s easy it was the wash house job in the jungle.”

Moxey: “ I agree, and the reason was it was different to a lot of the other things we’d done. Yet some things were the same. We were all together and living in a hut .”

Barry: “ Mind I was away with the mixer for some of that trip.”

Moxey: “ But even though it was physically demanding it was great because we all knew it was a good job for the locals. Let’s face it the work in Germany was mostly boring ,we were really only there ‘cos it was a tax free gig. Thornley Manor, a miserable part of the world, lousy beer and weird locals, Spain was just tolerable ‘cos of the climate and cash in hand.”

Barry: “ I think I see where you’re going with this. It makes a difference when you enjoy the graft like in Arizona and Cuba . Why are you asking me this though Moxey , by the way can I have another beer?”

Moxey: “ Sure mate . Ask yourself Barry, what brought us all together here for this Spanish gig?”

Barry: “ We were all hoping for something better . Like always.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Thu Apr 04, 2019 8:01 pm


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:45 am

Wyman gets a message from Alan the Navajo to meet Mel at the Te Pee coffee bar near the Transporter.

Wyman: “ So Mel, what’s the problem, this is a first for you passing messages by Navajo?” She looked agitated and swallowed her coffee in one gulp.

Mel: “I hope there’s not a problem . Tell me how well do you know Chris?”

Wyman: “ Whoah lass ,what’s this about ?” Wyman could see she was both annoyed and worried.

Mel: “ Sorry love, that came out wrong. I just got this over a secure FBI line from Kenny Brown.”

Wyman: “ It’s serious then?”

Mel: “ Yes. Kenny’s not given to the vapours .He says that Chris needs to meet with you at a military airbase you and the lads once used .”

Wyman was looking puzzled. “ You look just like I feel . I had the same thoughts -what the hell?”

Wyman : “ There was that time he thought his emails and ‘phone were tapped, maybe this is the same?”

Mel: “ Only one way to find out kiddo. If you don’t mind I’ll tag along.”

Chris and Kenny Brown are waiting for them in an office in air traffic control.

Wyman: “ Hi you two . Mel’s along for the ride and to keep me out of trouble.” Neither responded to Wyman’s attempt at humour.” Well Chris how worried should we be?”

Chris: “ Before we set off Kenny had his guys give the ‘plane the usual once over. This time they found several bugs, which we left in place, and a couple of gps trackers .We disabled one and left the other.”

Wyman: “ So someone’s keeping tabs on you. That’s not new though is it bro?”

Chris: “ True but we think it’s the first time someone’s been on the plane .Anyway we’re keeping a low profile and not giving anyone reason to think we’re spooked.” Wyman could see Chris was uneasy.

Wyman: “ Something’s up ,isn’t it kiddah , you wouldn’t have got us here otherwise?” Chris looked at Kenny who nodded.

Chris: “ I went for a check up while I was in Florida, I was scheduled for a meeting there with Detlef anyway. I had to have my whole system cleaned out. Somehow I’ve been accumulating low doses of a poison over several months according to the specialist I went to.” Mel was as surprised and shocked as Wyman.

Wyman: “ Bloody hell Chris are you ok now?”

Chris: “ Yeah, yeah, no need to panic, which is what I did when I found out.” He laughed weakly.” It sounds very Hollywood when you say the p word , but the reason we’re here is to alert you to what we reckon is the Stille family’s latest move. They must have you in the sights as well but doubtful if they would choose the same method. Nevertheless many ways to skin a cat.”

Wyman: “ The end result was just to top you?”

Kenny: “ The experts tell us this stuff mimics early onset dementia. We reckon this would allow them to remove or replace Chris as head of CWN, but it is known that you are the major beneficiary of his estate. So , as long as Chris is alive no problem, but better if you were no threat at all.”

Chris: “ Wyman I am saying that you, or better we must be extra vigilant.”

Mel:” What can we do now that we know, without giving the game away?”

Chris: “ While Kenny and the team are investigating discreetly, I am planning a long trip, ’cos I don’t feel well you know. The hope is that in the time I’m away an explanation will be forthcoming about the method of administration of the poison, and how the plane was compromised. Kenny is concerned if the plane was bugged where else might they have been.”

Wyman: “ How can we check our place in Arizona?”

Kenny: “ Don’t worry I’ll let Mel know what to do.”

Chris: “ I would advise you both to take a close look at your current work leisure patterns. Don’t make drastic changes though. Mel I know you can’t bring professional help to bear but I have off-book people that Kenny knows. If you’re happy for me to do that I can set it up now.”

Wyman: “ Where are you off to on your long trip?”

Chris: “ Wherever it is it will be via Spain . I know a young lady there who deserves a break.”

Wyman: “ Well I can’t go on a long trip but I might manage a few days to see the lads!”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sun Apr 07, 2019 5:34 am

Poison ?! I bet it's 'Lilly of the Valley'. Someone's Breaking Bad :twisted:

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:47 pm

Barry and Moxey have taken their discussion outside , with the beer.

Barry: “ But wouldn’t you say we’ve got something better here ,right now?”

Moxey: “ Well , yes , sort of. I’m not knocking it, but it was more accident than planned.”

Barry: “ So what? It could have been down to any one of us and I’d like to think as individuals we would all have done the same as Oz and try to share the good fortune.”

Moxey: “ Aye, well we are all just crumbs in the biscuit tin of life.”

Barry : “Bloody hell Mox , don’t be so glass half full. Look at the upside . How we are living right now, and think about the deals we’ve managed with PCD. These are all positives .”

Moxey: “ You’re right Barry .In fact I was saying to Den the other day some of these deals are really sweet. A lot of the companies we contacted had been struggling up to then and really jumped at the work. It took us a while to understand but Den reckons it’s tied up with the way the unions used to operate. Incidentally they are now among the weakest in Europe. Anyway that’s another one of the things Den wants to talk about .”

Barry: “ What do you mean Moxey?”

Moxey: “ You know the scheme in Cuba, where we recruited youngsters as apprentices?”

Barry: “ I’m sure there’d be a lot of support for that, I know we’ve been struggling to recruit in the Leisure centres. The local schools tell me most of the youngsters want to go to university , learning a trade skill is not considered cool.”

Moxey: “ It’s a pity that scheme was hijacked by the politicos . I blame Gary Turnbull for that. You were talking about Leisure centres before and didn’t you say you were going back to Varna , I thought you’d just been there?”

Barry: “ Well the last visit was mostly about helping the police and one or two admin problems.” Moxey could sense Barry was a little uncomfortable and decided to push him a bit further.

Moxey: “ Did you see anything of Hazel on your last visit. Den said Dagmar reckoned she thought you and Dagmar were an item?

Barry: “ No,no it was just a silly misunderstanding. Anyhow she’s had time off ,taken some holidays to look for another place to stay since her partner moved out demanding her share of the equity.”

This was all news to Moxey.

Moxey: “ Dear me lad, is this the lass she's been with all those years?”

Barry: “ Indeed Mox. A traumatic experience is how Haze described it. You have to feel for her you know , after all this time.” As Barry moved the conversation on Moxey could sense the confidence returning to Barry’s voice as his account of events unfolded. He realised what was happening and decided to say nothing. If there was any chance of even companionship for Barry in the ensuing weeks or months it was a better bet than what was currently on the cards. Nothing.

Moxey: “ You said there was another trip planned, to the Cape I think ?”

Barry: “ Yes ,the venue for our annual sales meetings was to be here in Malaga but it’s lost a lot of its appeal and I suggested to Kenny we rotate it, so this year South Africa, next year the Caribbean, and so on.”

Moxey: “ Very nice, especially for those who’ve never been before.” Again Moxey detected that Barry was a little flustered and he couldn’t resist asking.” So how many are going Barry?”

Barry: “ Well, it’s considered a bit of a company perk . Six from each site ,three from Holidays and three from Leisure.”

Moxey: “ So including you that’s getting on for forty?”

Barry: “ Yes. Money well spent in my opinion.”

Moxey: “ So how do you choose the recipients?”

Barry: “ The names are picked out of a hat.”

Moxey: “ I have to ask Barry.”

Barry: “ Yes. Ms Refearn is one of the lucky ones.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:09 am

Barry & Dagmar eerrr I mean Hazel ? Aye maybees. Maybees not though !!! :?

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Wed Apr 17, 2019 2:17 pm

It’s seven in the morning on the Chocanaw reservation and Mel is awake. She has a call from Dawn.

Mel: “ Hi, what’s the problem?”

Dawn: “ You need to tell Wy man the shaman wants to talk to him.”

Mel: “ Are you serious Dawn, you ‘phone me at this time?”

Dawn: “ I don’t want you to worry but this was not uncle Charlie who spoke to me.” Mel took a minute to process this.

Mel: “ I hear you Dawn ,sorry I’ll tell him straight away.”

Wyman had left earlier , in fact more than an hour earlier. His cell phone buzzed. It was Mel.

Wyman: “ Hi Mel ,problem?”

Mel: “ Not that I’m aware of but I’ve just heard from Dawn, she said you have to call at Uncle Charlie’s he wants to talk to you.”

Wyman: “ Really, I’m up to my eyes here ,can’t it wait?”

Mel: “ I don’t think so, she made it sound urgent. I don’t recall uncle Charlie being one to chew the fat. I would say it’s urgent honey.”

Wyman: “ I’m sure you’re right .I’ll take a break and go over now.”

Wyman’s jeep made short work of the track from the site up past the Sonora lodges and he pulled up outside uncle Charlies shack in under ten minutes. As he walked around to the ever open doorway he could hear the TV playing. He banged on the door and shouted . There was no sign of uncle Charlie inside and Wyman was beginning to get annoyed at a potentially wasted journey when he heard someone behind him. He turned to see the man in question smiling .

Uncle Charlie: “ Hello Wy man ,come inside. You know Fonzarelli?”

Wyman: “ I don’t but the lads tell me he was popular a few years ago. I thought you were a Lucille Ball fan?”

Uncle Charlie: “ This guy is better, he’s crazy, I like him. Ay,ay. Whoah. Wait here .” He gave Wyman the thumbs up as he walked into the next room , quickly returning with something in a leather pouch. Wyman wasn’t sure what Charlie meant by the thumbs up . He handed him the pouch, put his hand on Wymans’ shoulder looking him directly in the eyes. This was a first for Wyman , he’d never been this close to Uncle Charlie before.” This is for you. The big guy can’t be with you all the time . Joe had the other one. “

Kenny Brown relays news from his man in Belize to Oz.

Kenny: “ Hi Oz just an update. Our guy has heard that fighting has started up country .He’s been told the government sent troops when the mercenaries employed by the mining interests were attacked. Not sure if our traffickers are in on this but it doesn’t look good for anyone on the wrong side. “

Oz has not been sleeping well. His day to day routine had been turned upside down after the visit from Sarah Kennedy. For days after her return to London he couldn’t seem to focus .He knew there were things he should be getting on with but had no appetite for work.This in itself surprised him because the estate administration was one of the few things he’d got to grips with and been able to derive some satisfaction from on a daily basis. Instead of a few hours in the office he would find himself wandering around the garden . Singing .

When he eventually went back to grab a sandwich and coffee the message from Kenny was waiting for him. He knew he should act but didn’t know what to do.

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Fri Apr 19, 2019 8:55 am

I bet he was singing 'Working Man Blues' ! :P

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sat Apr 20, 2019 3:18 pm

Oz was out of breath when he caught up with Dennis and the others at the college in town.

Oz: “ Sorry I’m late lads ,who’s this lot?”

Neville: “ They’re the people who organise what they call Urban Studies, which we think includes plumbing, joinery, bricklaying and such like.”

Oz: “ Mind, it looks a bit run down in here doesn’t it?”

Dennis: “ Never mind about that Oz ,Mr Martinez was about to explain what they have in the way of facilities.”

Martinez: “ You said in your ‘phone call that you believe there is a requirement for tuition and training in urban studies?”

Dennis: “ Yes, as a group we have a lot of experience in the building industry but recently during some forward planning ran into what we believe could be a major problem for us in the near future. If I understand this Urban Studies covers joinery and plumbing and so on ?”

Moxey: “ Mr Martinez we think we see a solution to this but require your help .There doesn’t seem to be anywhere locally where training in basic building trades is offered. “

Neville: “ See Mr Martinez during our time with OED , that’s a UK government department, we were able to organise an apprentice scheme that offered the training that my colleague mentioned, joinery, plumbing , bricklaying and the like.”

Martinez: “ I would be very pleased to help you if I could ,but my colleagues on the college board must be convinced that this is a viable proposition. If there was an element of environmental or renewable technology there would be no problem. There are funds available for this” A group of three people entered the room led by a tall ,thin man who was speaking very loudly in Spanish. They walked straight past the lads and immediately confronted Martinez. Dennis whispered to Elaine, who he had asked to accompany them as interpreter.” Tell me what they are saying , I’m getting the impression Martinez is not the head honcho he led us to believe he is .”

Oz: “ Who’s he Dennis?”

Dennis: “ Never mind Oz. “ Dennis walked over to the loud guy. ”Excuse me sir, where we come from it is considered very bad manners to ignore guests as you’ve just done. Mr Martinez could you explain to your colleague who we are and why we are here ?” The man in question had already turned toward Dennis on hearing his tone. He looked Dennis up and down then turned to Martinez and made a comment in Spanish. Dennis looked at Elaine who whispered in his ear.

Elaine: “ Who are these people Martinez, we have heard nothing from Brussels about them?”

Martinez: “ Gentlemen ,gentlemen can I ask you to meet with our British guests who are here to seek our help . Senor Valdez please. “

Dennis: “ So this Urban Studies you mentioned does that include the trades we are interested in?

Martinez: “I'm not sure Mr Patterson. We are advised to ensure the emphasis is on environmental studies ,this is what the financial support is for, and senor Valdez is head of that department. He says we see no demand for what you say.”

Neville: “ I can’t believe I’m hearing this. We have first hand evidence . Do any of these guys have experience in the building industry?” Neville aimed his remark toward Martinez but was pointing toward Valdez. At the sound of Neville’s voice Valdez had turned and was clearly not happy , another stream of Spanish was directed toward them. Dennis leaned toward Elaine.

Elaine: “ What would a pasty faced fart like him know of building anyway.” Martinez had heard this remark and looked suitably embarrassed.

Oz: “ What’s going on Dennis ,I get the impression we’re not really welcome here?”

Dennis: “ Mr Martinez if you can’t help us who can we talk to who can?”

Martinez: “ I have responsibility for what are called ancillary subjects. I had no idea that Valdez would be so awkward.”

Oz: “ So the problem is with this Valdez guy is it?”

Dennis: “ Leave it Oz I have an idea. Mr Martinez if we can show you what kind of thing we want would that help?”

Martinez: “ Of course, they say a picture is worth many words.”

Dennis: “ Where is the workshop area you told me about?”

Martinez: “ Come with me .It’s not far.” They walked out of the meeting room along a corridor and into what was looked like a builders yard. There were bags of cement, piles of sand and gravel. Planks and roof trusses were laid about haphazardly with window frames and doors.

Moxey: “ Is this what you call work in progress Mr Martinez?”

Martinez: “ No Mr Moxey .I’m sorry to say this has been here months ever since …” He never finished the sentence, Valdez and his two friends had followed. He was not pleased and he was shouting at Martinez .

Dennis: “ Elaine what’s the latest?”

Elaine: “ I told you that there is no call for this ,there are many from Eastern Europe for this.Our youth should be directed elsewhere.”

Oz had been walking around the workshop and shouted to Dennis.

Oz: “ Hey Den look at this. I haven’t seen a hod for years.” Valdez was clearly losing it. When he saw Oz with the hod he yelled at Martinez.

Elaine: “ This fool is making us look like idiots. Tell him our students are academics, not working with their hands.”

Martinez: “ Valdez you have it all wrong .They don’t want academic they want trade skills.”

Valdez was shouting in Spanish again and pointing at Oz.

Elaine: “You are the one who has it wrong Martinez .Just look at this one ,the puff with the nose, I doubt he could even lift that or even know what it’s for.”

Dennis: “ Mr Martinez would you mind if we gave you a demonstration?”

Martinez: “ By all means Mr Patterson.” Dennis had Moxey and Nev mix some mortar while he brought a barrow load of bricks to where they were standing.

Dennis: “ Mr Martinez if you would care to watch I would like to have our Mr Osborne lay a few courses? Oz can you come and do your thing? Might I suggest your Mr Valdez watch from a distance because if I tell Mr Osborne what he said he would be very annoyed.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:33 pm

Lads back in graft, now ya cookin ! :D DL :P>

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Tue Apr 23, 2019 10:17 am

After five minutes laying bricks Oz was puffing and panting .

Oz: “ Hang on a minute with those Den. Are you on a bonus?”

Dennis: “ What’s up with you ,it’s just a couple of loads?” Den was already on his way to collect another barrowful when he saw Oz was close to knackered. He stopped, not immediately taking in the scene. He glanced across to Nev and Moxey ,both leaning on their shovels, breathing heavily . Den was about to make a comment about their age when he thought better of it. If ever he wanted proof that his recent medical treatment was timely this was it. He would look for a chance to explain this to the lads at a later date.

Dennis: “ Now then kiddah I’ll start the other side, if Nev and Mox can put the door frame up. Ok?”

Oz: “ Dear me is this what teamwork is all about?”

Neville: “ I’d forgotten what a bloody slave driver Den is. Here Moxey give us a hand with this. If we have the time you could do a bit plastering to show these guys how it’s done. That’s if you can remember?”

Moxey: “ You cheeky bugger Nev. I don’t know how you dare. Didn’t you see my handiwork on Wymans gig?”

Dennis: “ If you ladies have finished with the chat can we get on I want that wanker over there to see what we’re on about.”

Oz: “ While we’re on about him Den what was it he said?”

Dennis: “Can you lay bricks and talk at the same time?”

Oz: “ He never said that did he?”

Dennis: “ Nah man it was a puff like him with the nose wouldn’t be able to lift a hod even if he knew what it was for, something like that.” Moxey and Nev both burst out laughing ,they knew what Den had done. Oz stood up and turned to the group stood by Martinez. He pointed his trowel at Valdez .

Oz: “ Don’t go away Pedro when I’ve finished here you and me can have a little chat. Nobody makes fun of my nose and lives.” Martinez started to laugh , Valdez clearly hadn’t understood Oz’s comment and had asked him to translate.

Dennis: “ Mr Martinez can you come over here?”

Martinez: “ Certainly Mr Patterson .What do you want?”

Dennis: “ We have almost finished here, please watch as my colleagues fix the doorframe , just like that. The next stage here would be for plasterers . In practice other tradesmen would also be involved , plumbers and electricians . I hope after our demonstration you now have a better idea of what we are looking for .Do you have people who can teach these skills? ”

Martinez: “ Yes, but currently they are on leave. This department has been undergoing some changes and we have only been able to survive by offering new courses. Mr Patterson I think you know what has happened . We need to be financially viable.” Dennis interrupted him.

Dennis: “ I told you in our first discussion that the costs will be met by us.” Valdez had been listening and watching Dennis and Martinez and was now paying close attention.

Martinez: “ Mr Patterson I’m not sure you appreciate, these are considerable sums.”

Dennis mentioned some figures and Martinez looked incredulous. Valdez marched over demanding Martinez tell him what had just transpired. Martinez turned and raised his hand palm outward.” Stay there , you have nearly lost us an opportunity this morning. These gentlemen have gone out of their way to show us what they are looking for, the least you can do is shut up and listen.” Valdez took a step toward Martinez and for a second it looked like it was going to get physical until Oz intervened and grabbed Valdez’s arm.

Oz: “ So Pedro , now I have your attention do you want me to show you what I can do with a hod?”

Dennis: “ Oz ,Oz ,put him down .He’s not worth the hassle. I think we are close to a deal here with Mr Martinez.”

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Re: A New Beginning

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"These are considerable sums." That's an echo to Ally's "These are hard times." :P>

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Re: A New Beginning

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Mel and Wyman are watching the sunset behind the Sonoran Lodges.

Wyman: " Any more of that chicken left Mel?"

Mel: " All gone Wy man. Surely you're not still hungry?"

Wyman: " Nah, not really, y'know how it is, if it's there I'll eat it. I'll have another beer though pet."

Mel: " Something on your mind Wy ?"

Wyman: " Am I that transparent ?"

Mel: " Yes."

Wyman: " Chris is worried, and after Uncle Charlie, sorry ,the Shaman spoke to me ,I'm worried as well."

Mel: " Do they think there's an imminent threat?"

Wyman: " They're thinking I or we, may already be under surveillance."

Mel sat up and put a hand on his arm.

Mel: " What exactly did Chris say?"

Wyman: " He was giving me a heads up .There have been indications for weeks that something was going on. He's had stuff coming from Solly's guys, from Kenny Brown and from Ames Security, as well as Pfister, and this latest , the poisoning ,well that's as personal as it gets."

Mel: " Well it's no secret that the Stille's if it is them, have global reach."

Wyman: " So you take it seriously as well. I was thinking maybe it's just me y'know, I've become more sort of wary since you and Mai have been in my life."

Mel: " Maybe that's not such a bad thing Wy. The FBI teaches us that there's always danger ,the thinking is that the longer the threat persists the greater the chance of paranoia setting in. But you're not jumping at every noise and shadow."

Wyman: " I was just thinking what we might get Mai for her birthday."

Mel: " What?"

Wyman: " A bike."

Mel: " Why?"

Wyman: " I always wanted a bike at her age."

Mel: " She's not three yet."

Wyman: " Well I think she'll like it."

Mel: " Where's she going to ride it round here?"

Chris and Barbara are on the second day of their break.

Barbara: " This is a wonderful place Chris .I've never been to these parts before. How did you find it?"

Chris: " It started with something my mother used to say. When she was still up and about I would visit and she would say how are you and I would say fine and how are you and she would say I'm on cloud nine. Then I would say one day I'll take you."

Barbara: " Did you?"

Chris: " I booked a trip but she never went . The dementia took hold very quickly and I was advised it would be too disruptive, such a change to her routine and surroundings would be detrimental."

Barbara: " I'm sorry Chris."

Chris: " No, no, it was a long time ago. Anyway I 'd found that at certain times you can take a trip through the clouds and I thought I would like to do this with you."

Barbara: " I knew from the brochure the train would take us up to the lake."

Chris: " Yes well Titicaca is so high, if we go on this boat now we'll find our heads will be in the clouds."

Barry and the staff have just about finished breakfast on a beautiful sunny South African morning .Barry taps a spoon on his glass get some attention.

Barry: " Good morning happy campers. I hope you are all enjoying our stay here . This is our last day and we have a trip arranged to a local vineyard where we will be encouraged to try their product. The coach will leave in about twenty minutes."

As Barry made his way back to his room his 'phone rang. It was Kenny Brown.

Barry: " Hi Kenny. What can I do you for?"

Kenny: " Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Barry, but we have just raised the threat level for your group."

Barry: " What's up Kenny, you sound serious?"

Kenny: " I've managed to reach everyone except Oz, to let them know that there's been an attempt on Wyman's life. He's ok but I'm afraid his wife and daughter are both dead."
Barry couldn't believe his ears. Kenny waited for the news to sink in.

Barry: " Jesus Kenny ,what happened ?"

Kenny: " Mel borrowed Wyman's jeep to go into town. She picked up Mai from nursery on the way. The police say they had a report of a vehicle exploding on the Phoenix road. The FBI are all over this as you might expect she was one of their own .The current theory is it was an explosive device detonated remotely."

Barry: " Where's Wyman?"

Kenny: " Chip took him to hospital .They can't console him ,Chip said he's been sedated. I told Chrissy and she's on her way as we speak. I'll keep you up to speed Barry. If you can contact Oz I'd consider it a favour."

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