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Tonights updates (Forum)

Any problems with the forum? Or even the site?
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AWP Corsa Tim
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Tonights updates (Forum)

Post by AWP Corsa Tim » Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:28 am

Tonight has seen a couple of smaller changes, and an 'extension' enabled...

Little edits have been above in the main header.. links on the bottom right side of the AWP banner were actually merging on some tablets and even PC's.. so 2 unnesscessary links have been took out, and the important ones left, which are 'Your posts' 'New Posts' and 'Active Topics'

Next edit is very small, when in a topic reading replies for some reason everyone's username sat to the right.. now its been changed and sits left with the other details like avatar and post count etc etc.. see, very small ...

Last thing is.. 'Topic Preview'.... a smart extension for the forum, (THIS DOESNT WORK ON MAIN FORUM INDEX)
it is as it says.. a small topic preview.. so click a category.. 'Filming locations', or 'Guten Tag'.. and once in there you can hover your mouse over the topic title and see a small lump of text and avatar of who posted and what was said.. at this time its set to the topic starter.. so whoever posted first creating the topic will have the small 'preview' shown on a 'mouse hover'.. this can be reversed and show the last post.. which can be good for Quotes topics, or Barley Mow topics like 'Treble Schnaps'... image previews below..

If for whatever reason you see none of these changes then go to the main index of the board, hold down CTRL and press F5.. that should fully refresh it... sometimes has to be done twice, or after a couple of minutes..

If anyone notices ANY errors whether you're on a smartphone like iPhone, a Tablet, laptop or PC then PLEASE tell myself or Lee ASAP.
topic preview hover.png
topic preview hover.png (96.14 KiB) Viewed 19551 times
topic preview hover 3.png
topic preview hover 3.png (68.41 KiB) Viewed 19551 times
topic preview hover 2.png
topic preview hover 2.png (68.72 KiB) Viewed 19551 times
topic preview hover 4.png
topic preview hover 4.png (77.94 KiB) Viewed 19546 times

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