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A New Beginning

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:34 am

Mel heard Wymans jeep outside and put down the report she was reading. She recalled the time when he would joke it was only three steps from work to home. Today it was longer.

Mel: “ You look bushed Wy, long day?”

Wyman: “ Yeah, a real downer.”

Mel: “ Wanna talk about it?” He looked at her and raised his eyebrows.

Wyman : ” I’m thinking this job is too big for me. We’re way behind and what’s worse is I can’t find out why. Stupid isn’t it? “

Mel: “ You just haven’t found the explanation yet ,that’s all. There’s always a reason, I mean you’ve been on big projects before and there are always problems. “

Wyman: “ Big difference this time Mel. I was never the head honcho before.”

Mel: “ Your talking about the construction side I guess?”

Wyman : “ Yes, and today I had to give the hard word to Moxey and Nev .They’ve run a week over on the school and library job and can’t ,or wont ,explain why. “

Mel: “ You told me they are good workers so there has to be another reason hasn’t there?”

Wyman : “ Aye they always were. I’m thinking now they might be past it, you know they’re not young guys any more. I think they’re too slow.”

Mel: “ Tricky situation . How do you plan to handle that?”

Wyman: “ Not easy.” He looked at her , his brow furrowed and eyes screwed up. " Can I ask you something Mel?” She looked worried and it showed on her face.

Mel: “ Yes. Of course , what is it?”

Wyman: “ Have you been up at the view point recently, you know near the sweat lodge?”

Mel looked at him, her face now expressionless. “ Not recently ,no.”

Wyman: “ I’ve been a few times recently, it’s a relaxing place.”

Mel: “ That tells me this job must be getting you down unless there’s something else bothering you?” She realised too late she’d slipped into FBI mode and was searching his face and could see he knew it.” Maybe it’s worth talking to Chip ?” Another mistake she thought seeing his crestfallen expression . “ What I meant love, was to talk it over with him, he’s an ok guy ,you know that.”

Wyman with a face like thunder answered. “ No petal what you really meant to say was to go tell Chip I’m not up to the job .Forget it. I’m going out. “

Mel was sufficiently worried to go over to see uncle Charlie . As she stopped outside his home little Mel ran over to the doorway and shouted “Uncle Charlie, it’s me.We’ve come to visit.”

They could hear his tv set playing but no sign of him.

Mel: “ Uncle Charlie,are you around ?” He appeared in the doorway behind her .” You always did make a lot of noise. You worried Mel?”

Mel: “ Can I switch that off, do you only watch Lucille Ball ?”

Charlie: “ Nah I catch a few Westerns now and then. So how is Wy man?”

Mel: “ I need your advice. “

Charlie: “ The dollar is good if you want a Land rover.”

Mel: “ No it’s Wy mans job, I think it’s getting on top of him.” Charlie was staring at her ,unblinking.

Charlie: “ He’s not the type to play around. I saw him at the sweat lodge . His friend the big guy with the beard was there .Wyman didn’t see him. He looks out for Wy man and the other guys you know. You keep an eye on Charlie Fox .”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:41 am

With Wyman’s latest worries on her mind Mel had taken Mai for a walk around the new buildings going up at the eastern side of the Crow river. It had been some weeks since her last visit and the progress, to her, was impressive. As they passed by the school a familiar figure waved .It was Neville.

Mel: “ Hi Nev how’re things with you?”

Neville: “ Fine, I’m missing the wee ones and Pru of course but this is a kind of therapy for me. How are you?”

Mel: “ We’re ok Nev thanks for asking. I brought Mai for a walk, we both keep saying little Mel I must get out of the habit ,Mai must be stir crazy these last few weeks since Wy man has been down here so much .He used to go for walks with her.”

Neville: “ Aye I think the job is getting to him.”

Mel: “ What do you mean Nev?”

Neville: “ Sorry pet I didn’t mean that the way it came out, it’s just it’s very obvious to me and Moxey. He went through us the other day for being lazy buggers, sorry, beggars and not keeping up. In fact we told him the problems are to do with short deliveries and lack of man power.”

Mel: “ I thought this was supposed to be the jewel in the crown, an opportunity for the Chocanaw youth to get involved?”

Neville: “ Yes but when I reminded Wyman he was not amused. We’ve had only one apprentice and he did a runner last week. Yet Moxey said there’s loads of lads just hanging around.”

Mel: “ I think I know what he means I’ve seen them as I came down here, but Moxey could be excused for not knowing ,they’re not Chocanaw. They’re Navajo lads.”

Neville: “ Well don’t they have their own scheme on the other side of the river?”

Mel: “ I thought so and now I come to think ,are they there every day Nev?”

Mel: “ I can’t be one hundred percent sure but I would say it’s like they’re protecting their turf.I’ve seen it before in the inner cities,kids looking after their corners in the drug business.”

Neville: “ I’ve seen some of their faces since the first day I came here. They all can’t be watching me ,surely?”
Mel: “Is Moxey around Nev?”

Neville: “ Down this road and two blocks on he’s finishing off the library .Tell him I was asking what he’s doing for bait.”

Mel carried on towards the library and Moxey. Before she reached the second block she had encountered another group of youths ,this time Apache but showing the same behaviour as the Navajos near the school where Nev was still laying blockwork.

Mel: “ Hiyah Moxey ,how’re you doing?”

Moxey: “ Hello stranger ,haven’t seen you .or Mai for ages.Are you both fit and well?”

Mel: “ We are Moxey , we’ve just been talking to Nev and he said to ask you what you are doing about bait, do you go fishing at lunch time?” Moxey laughed.

Moxey: “ Nah it’s what they call their scran in Geordie land.”

Mel: “ Ok you got me ,what’s scran ?”

Moxey :” It’s what scousers call their food. Scousers are folk who live around Liverpool. In case you wanted to know.”

Mel: “ Ok. Can you tell me what these lads are doing around here Moxey?”

Moxey: “ Dunno ,they’ve been here all the time .I asked one of them if he fancied learning the trade but he just laughed .”
Mel: “ You know they’re not local, they’re Apache and a long way from their res or school.”

Moxey: “ No I didn’t know ,I assumed they were Chocanaw ,unemployed or bunking off school. I mentioned it to Wyman last week but he’s not interested,he’s got someone from the tribal council on his back.”

Mel: “ Has he ,do you know who?”

Moxey: “ Not sure pet but I have heard him say uncomplimentary things about that fellah Charlie Fox.”

Later that day when Mel caught up with Wyman she mentioned her conversations with Nev and Moxey.

Wyman: “ Oh hell ,I knew it would come back to bite me in the bum. Yes ,the council are chasing me but the fact we’re falling behind is really not down to me. They can’t or won’t follow up on deliveries and told me not to harass the suppliers. That means my hands are tied. Sorry Mel I know I’m shouting but it’s driving me round the twist.”

Mel: “ I could help if you’d let me.”

Wyman: “ How? You don’t lay bricks, I know that for sure.” They both laughed.

Mel: “ Nev said the short deliveries are a problem?”

Wyman: “Ordinarily ,stuff coming on to the site would be checked by our guys at the site entrance. The council insist we have it checked as it comes into the Chocanaw reservation which is miles down the road and don’t ask me why. Charlie Fox said it’s tribal business and to keep my non tribal nose out of it.

Mel: “ I may have solved part of the problem earlier today.” She proceeded to explain her theory about the youths hanging around the corners and how they could be monitoring the ongoing work as well as her suspicions about materials and short deliveries.

Wyman: “ What possible reason would Charlie Fox have to rip off his own people?”

Mel: “ I suspect he has no idea what’s happening he just wants to feel in control of this project since he can’t stop it. The fact that two other tribes are involved tells me this is organised and probably no Chocanaws involved. I think I should come back at night and look all round ,maybe cover the entire perimeter. Without little Mai.”

Wyman: “ I don’t think you should do that alone, we need to find a child minder.”

Mel: “ What makes you think you are coming?”

Wyman: “ Are you going to stop me .Pet?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:49 am

Dennis had a call from Kenny Ames to meet him for a drink in the bar at the Leisure Dome. Dennis was a little concerned as this would be a first for Kenny at this venue.

Dennis saw Kenny at a table with a sea view. He looked up as Dennis walked in and waved him over.

Kenny: “ Help me with this bottle Dennis , grab a pew ?”

Dennis: “ That’s very thoughtful of you Kenny, but I have to ask about the venue, why here, is everything ok?”

Kenny: “ Everything ‘s fine Dennis. Your good lady is doing something like spring cleaning I think, so I thought here would be good.”

Dennis: “ She has talked about little else Kenny I haven’t seen her this fired up since she took on the last job. Anyway you didn’t bring me here to chew the fat?”

Kenny: “ Just walk me through the latest with the builders merchants.”

Dennis: “ Best thing since sliced bread as far as they are concerned ,mind this lot don’t eat a lot of bread. Only two gripes , both from Brussels, the taxes for small businesses are a pain so they have to pass some on in increased prices to retail. Otherwise it’s much better than we thought, there’s so much work out there you know, not enough hours so a lot of overtime when they can’t get new pairs of hands.”

Kenny:” Don’t get me started on Brussels. Anyway we must talk about that later I think we should look at Barry’s predicament.”

Dennis : “ Dear me the lad’s had more than his share of strife but y’kna I’d put money on him taking her back given half a chance.”

Kenny: “ It occurred to me as well Dennis, he’s gone off to see Oz and she’s still at their place with Anna .She has to report in to the local plods but otherwise…….Did he say anything to you that might shed any light?”

Dennis : “ Nah, but I did think if he was to open up to anyone it would be Oz.”

Kenny: “ Well he’s probably there by now. Ostensibly his visit is to persuade Oz to return to the fold and primarily to give you a hand . “

Dennis: “ Do you think I need a hand Kenny?”

Kenny: “ Don’t be so bloody prickly Dennis, you know where I’m going with this, or you should be. “ He put down his glass, moved within a foot of Den’s face and stared directly at him.

Dennis: “ I know what this is about Kenny, all this business with rationalisation, acquisitions, and a new PA. You’re re appraising your empire .I know you’re feeling super fit, you never stop telling me, so I guess you’re about to get back in harness. Am I right?”

Kenny: “ Dennis I’ve never felt this good, really, last checkup was great, MRI, brain scan, the works and absolutely no signs of the old problem. So I must ask how are you doing with the good doctor?”

Dennis: “ Well since you ask, after the pipes and tubes were all descaled I felt an immediate improvement but took things slowly as advised for a week or so. Now after another month or so of vitamins and exercise I am loads better. We’ve both been coming down here taking advantage of the facilities. However unlike you Kenny I feel no desire to start laying bricks. So have you an ulterior motive asking about my health?”

Kenny: “ Not really Den, but I did wonder if you might be harbouring thoughts about a trip to Arizona, you know to join the others .Is that still on the cards ?”

Dennis: “ Kenny you must know Dagmar is over the moon with this new job. She’s throwing everything into it. If I did go it would have to be a flying visit. She likes us to keep close these days. “

Kenny: “ You’re a very lucky man Dennis , unlike our friend Barry. His problems aren’t over yet. In fact I think until Zoe can be located and questioned the extent of Tatiana’s involvement will remain a mystery.”

Dennis: “ Kenny are you going to share this latest intel ?”

Kenny: “ A number of interested parties are monitoring the progress of a certain container which will make landfall in Ecuador and then head to somewhere in Guatemala .”

Dennis : “ Bloody Norah how the hell is that going to help Barry?”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sun Jan 13, 2019 12:52 pm

Tatiana was annoyed with herself. It was taking so long to get back to a semblance of fitness. It was almost a week since her return. She wished she had the gym that Barry had installed for her before the divorce. That set her off thinking about Barry. He had kept in touch yet maintained a distance.

She looked once more at the dog eared card she’d brought from Varna. It hadn’t been a dream, Kenny Brown had pushed it into her hand when he and Detlef had been in her cell. She’d spoken to him only once since her return to Spain .Kenny believed that she could help them . She might be just what they needed to make the link between Ulrich and the traffickers’ network he said.

Kenny: “ I can help you Tatiana, if you help me. You want to find Zoe and clear your name , if only for Barry’s sake I guess. Right?”

Tatiana: “ Yes , but what is it you want me to do?”

Kenny: “I also want to talk to Zoe. She is in over her head . She made a big mistake in Varna and underestimated the people she was trying to intimidate. They are very well organised and very nasty and if she helps us we can help extricate her from this. It will be a joint operation with the FBI and some other interested parties including CWN .Do you agree to help us?”

Tatiana: “ I still need to know exactly what it is you want me to do, and when can I tell Barry?”

Kenny: “ At this stage all you should tell Barry is you are going to look for Zoe with my help and that I will look out for you.”

Tatiana was dialling Pru’s number. She needed to make arrangements for Anna.

Pru is ‘phoning Nev.

Pru: “ Hello petal and how are you?”

Neville: “ Not bad considering .Is everything ok with you and the wee ones ?”

Pru: “ Missing their dad but they have a new playmate as of yesterday.”

Neville: “ Who might that be ?”

Pru: “ I am surrogate mum ,again, for Anna.”

Neville: “ How come? “

Pru: “ Tatiana was very apologetic but begged me to help .She reckons she has one chance to save her marriage and has gone to find Zoe .”

Neville: “ She’s got a bloody cheek mind, she’s only just back from her last jaunt. By the way where’s Barry “

Pru: “Last I heard he’d gone to see Oz.”

Neville: “ Can you manage pet, shall I come back?”

Pru: “ I know how important this trip is to you. It’s at a particular personal level and I also know what you said about missing out on the girls’ growing up when you were away before. Ordinarily I would cope, but there are some big changes since Dagmar took the PA job and now with Anna as well as our two it’s difficult. I have got some help with routine stuff but we agreed to prioritise the wee ones. I don’t want to sub contract their care at this stage and you made your views on absentee parents very clear.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Wed Jan 16, 2019 5:25 am


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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:21 pm

Just before leaving to pick up Wyman Mel looked in to make sure Mai was asleep and thanked Dawn again for stepping in to keep an eye on her.

Mel: “ You know what they can be like when they get to be two, into everything they shouldn’t , she’s really her fathers’ girl. Thanks Dawn, we’ll make it up to you.”

She drove down toward the casino and picked Wyman up near the transporter.

Wyman: “ You’re late pet. Problem?”

Mel: “ No just making sure Dawn is ok looking after Mai.”

Wyman: “ So, on the basis that someone might be watching us what do we do now?”

Mel: “ We double back and go over the transporter as though we’re going south into the desert.”

Wyman : “ You want me to drive?”

Mel: “ No, why do you ask?”

Wyman:” No reason. Tell me your ideas about the lookouts on the site again.”

Mel: “ There are too many of them just to be keeping an eye on the new builds, and they seem to be mainly Navajo and Apache with a few Hispanics . First question would be, how do they get paid and by whom?”

Wyman: “ You’re thinking drugs again?”

Mel: “ What else is there of value in this neck of the woods?”

Wyman: “ So we’re heading south and we’ll cut across the Sonora before going where?”

Mel: “ We agreed that there was some reasoning behind the council insisting the trucking checks were carried out at the reservation boundary?”

Wyman: “ Only that Charlie Fox wants to show he's in charge. If we keep going with the Crow river on our left it eventually flows into the gulf after crossing the border near Nogales.”

Mel: “I reasoned that whatever the scam , and there has to be one to account for such large quantities of materials, it must involve trucks at every stage including the eventual destination.”

Wyman: “ So what are you thinking Mel?”

Mel: “ There must be signs if we can just see them. You can’t just disappear tons of stuff without some indication.”

Wyman: “ And we do this in the dark?”

Mel: “ Trust me I have Indian heritage.”

Wyman: “ Bollocks.”

Mel: “ Trucks need space to turn round and to unload. There will be signs we just have to keep our eyes open.”

Wyman: “ We’re about fifty miles south of Chocanaw territory and this road goes dead straight for another fifty.”
Mel: “ Can you see up there on the left there is a fast food place. They wouldn’t build it if there was no trade. You’ve gone past. Go back and let’s take a look.”

Wyman obliged , turned around in the road and slowly approached the building which was in darkness.

Mel: “ I can see lots of tyre tracks crossing to the entrance but they don’t stop here. See that dirt road , that’s where they’re headed.”

Wyman: “ Just as well you’re not hungry.”

Mel: “ Are you taking this seriously?”

Wyman: “ Of course my love. Carry on down this road?”

Mel: “ Yes. Switch to dipped beam.”

Wyman : “I can see some buildings up ahead ,looks like a ruin.”

Mel: “ According to my map it was a hotel before the transporter was brought over. Let’s take a closer look. Cut the engine and lights.”

As they got nearer they could read some of the weather beaten signs “ Your Sonoran Sojourn starts here” and another saying “ Welcome to “ and the rest indecipherable.

Mel: “ Someone’s been here recently ,look at the tracks over there and here on your right.”

Wyman: “ But that’s all pet , just tracks. It doesn’t help.” He got out and set off in the direction Mel had pointed , using his ‘phone to light the way. Mel followed behind scouring the ground for further signs. Suddenly she heard a yelp and Wyman’s light was no longer visible.

Mel: “ Wy man where the hell are you ,Wy man?”

She ran to where she had seen him last and saw a deep hole in the ground with Wyman on his back partially covered in sand and still clutching his ‘phone.

Wyman: “ Don’t you dare, I swear if you laugh I’ll pull you in here with me. Give me a hand out.”

Mel: “ There you go my love “ as she pulled him clear of the edge.” You’ve solved the problem.”

Wyman: “ How’s that?”

Mel: “ Let’s get out of here first, I wouldn’t like the bad guys to find us here. “ They reached the jeep and set off back along the dirt road.

Mel: “ Keep the lights off and don’t floor it like you usually do.”

Once on the metalled road Mel made a call to FBI in Phoenix.

Mel: “ Hi can you put me through to Geralds office it’s Mel here. I believe we’ve stumbled across the tunnel someone theorised about earlier this year. How do I know ,well I just helped get someone out who fell into it.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by 936trt » Sat Jan 19, 2019 12:38 pm

Oz and Vicky are heading for the castle where they will have afternoon tea at the invitation of Kenny Ames.

After Oz made a tearful farewell to Sara Victoria ,Vicky gave him a hug and observed this was Oz yet again showing his feminine side as he had done many times over the last few weeks.

As they walked through the doors into the panelled entrance Oz turned to Vicky.

Oz: “ Dear me pet this really is a world away from what we just left .”

Vicky: “ When I used to commute early on it had the same effect on me. Although I still get a buzz from going to the salons ,and from seeing Sara ,coming in here is like coming home and it’s special. More so now that I have you back.”

Oz: “ I think I know what you mean, Newcastle doesn’t have such pleasant memories for me though, what with our Rod ,and before that, best left unsaid. Now though.” He turned to look at her again.” We’re together. “

Vicky: “ So the plan is to run this idea by Kenny?”

Oz: “ Yes and I’ve had another thought. If I can convince Gary Turnbull to get involved it will improve our chances .”

Vicky: “ Why Gary Turnbull?”

Oz : “ See he was the one who came up with the idea of loaning out OED staff, you know, I told you about the Outreach project? That worked well for us before.”

Vicky: “ But that was with UK embassies ,you were talking about Eastern European yesterday.”

Oz :” Same principle though, top rank guys, vetted by our security, discreet, clean bill of health. Can’t fail.”

Vicky: “ Ames Security will do all that?”

Oz : “ Why not, just have to clear it with our Pru.It’s really just an extension of what we did before. I have a great feeling about this. You know Vicky, I feel really good ,you know ,about myself. It’s the first time for ages.”

In Arizona Wyman and Mel have arrived back at their home on the res.

Mel: “ It's late so I’ll pick up Mai tomorrow before I check in to the office. Will you go straight to the site?”

Wyman: “ I’ll have to tell Chip what we’ve seen.”

Mel: “ Just remember Wy, this is an ongoing FBI case and you can’t bring Chip into it yet, not while it’s a federal issue.”

Wyman: “ Surely he has to know there’s criminal activity on the site, those youngsters are involved? ”

Mel: “ That’s true but can I suggest you don’t mention anything about the tunnel. Just say we think they are creating a diversion for something but we’re not sure what just yet ?”

Wyman: “ Would you prefer I left that up to you?”

Mel: “ Good idea, and don’t say anything to Moxey. Did you say Nev was taking time off?”

Wyman: “ Yes he looked a bit sick the other day and said he was going back to give Pru a hand,she had her hands full now she’s looking after Anna again.”

Mel: “ Is that all it is , he hasn’t been over here that long?”

Wyman: “I was just thinking someone had made a half decent job of the roof supports, that last section would have been better with six by fours then it might not have collapsed.”

Mel: “ Sometimes I think you don’t listen to me at all.” Wyman looked up . “ If it had been stronger you might not have fallen through it and we wouldn’t have known about the tunnel. As it is someone will know they’ve had visitors and will be asking questions.Best if it looks like business as usual on the site. Ok?”

Wyman: “ Yeah, fine. There’s no way they can trace it back to us though.”

Neville has taken a taxi home from the airport.

Neville: “ Hello pet .I’m home.” He could hear Pru in the kitchen.

Pru: “ I’m really glad you’re back Nev. Good journey?”

Neville: “Yes , uneventful. Twins in bed?”

Pru: “ They are both worn out. We went for a walk after the sitter left. She is very good, she reckons they could both be in school before long. I ask you, they're not two years old yet. They were asking after you when I put them to bed.”

Neville: “ We need to talk Pru.”

Pru : “ Indeed. Drinky winky first?”

Neville: “ Good idea.What do you fancy?”

Pru: “ Mojito?”

Neville: “ Good idea. It’s been a while.”

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Re: A New Beginning

Post by Tracy » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:16 am

haha, for Wyman, it really is the tunnel, not the funnel ! :lol:

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