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I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

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I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:49 pm

Newcastle's most notorious career criminal Ally Fraser sat at his desk in the old warehouse that he had long ago converted into his secret headquarters. The place had been abandoned since 1977 which was the year he first got arrested; the only thing that was worshiped here now was power and wealth.

Ally's inner sanctum was a plane circular room with walls made in plane oriental style. Lighting was indirect coming mostly from behind the walls.He was also a lucky man to have lots of decoration in his new office he found the plainness of the room enabled him to focus his thoughts more. A soft chime sounded through the office drawing Ally out of his thoughts. Opening his eyes, he spoke in a cool calm voice.

"Enter." he said. The door to his inner sanctum quietly opened and his American assistant Amy McArthur came in.

"I'm sorry to disturb you, sir." said Amy apologetically.

"It's alright, Amy," Ally answered he knew that Amy would not disturb his thoughts unless it was important. "What is it?"

"I hear you plan to get even with your cousin for getting you arrested in 1977 is ready." Amy reported smiling.

"Excellent." Ally replied smiling back.

It had taken 2 years for Ally to plan revenge on his nemesis Dennis Patterson. Amy knew her boss had begun work shortly after he had escaped from prison 3 weeks previously having been there for 2 years but Ally himself hadn't minded the wait. He had long ago learned the benefits of patience.

"Send word to our agents in and around Newcastle. Have them initiate phase one of the plan." Ally instructed at last.

"Yes, sir." Amy said.

Ally smiled as Amy left the room. The first phase of his master plan was about to commence.

Soon, revenge will be mine, he thought. And this time, Dennis you and your little friends won't escape me.

Then closing his eyes, he returned to his thoughts with the sound of Dusty Springfield's Son of a Preacher Man on the radio in his office, a faint evil smile on his face at the prospect of revenge.
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Re: I Pity the Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 3:52 pm

As the plane carrying him and his team arrived at Newcastle airport, Colonel John 'Hannibal' Smith realized that he couldn't sleep the previous night as he had a nightmare about Al Capone standing over his bed mocking him and swearing at him. He hid himself in his work feeling glad it wasn't the idiots who kidnapped him the year previously haunting his dreams. As they got off the plane, Hannibal saw his sidekick Templeton 'Faceman' Peck carrying two plastic cups of coffee.

"Here ya go, Hannibal, looks like you need it." said Faceman handing the coffee cup to Hannibal. Hannibal didn't say anything as he accepted the cup of coffee. Standing nearby, Captain H.M Murdoch and Sergeant B.A Barracus looked around looking up at the airport cameras zooming. Murdoch waited for Dennis Patterson and his friend Leonard 'Oz' Osborne to arrive which they did and Murdoch greeted the two Geordies with his usual smile.

"Morning, fellas." said Murdoch as they walked back to Faceman and Hannibal together. A few minutes later, Oz stood by B.A waiting for Dennis to finish his phone call to his former wife Vera since she had wanted to give them the information of Ally Fraser escaping from prison. As he looked at B.A who was miming on strangling Murdoch, he asked "What are you Yanks doing here? Something tells me that there's a film from your country premiering but London's not got it yet." The A-Team no notice of this snide remark not understanding what he said.

"Ah good morning, A-Team, I'm glad that you're all here as I know that Ally Fraser escaped from prison on Saturday night," said Dennis before turning to Oz. "I know this may upset you a bit but I asked them to help us send Ally Fraser back to prison and away from society. This my upset you but I don't want him near us."

None of the A-Team seemed to know who Ally Fraser was, Dennis explained that the two of them were work associates and that each and every line of the team which were dubbed 'the Magnificent Seven' had testified against him at his trial and Dennis said "That bastard was sentenced to 10 years for all the bad thing he ever did but my uncle Judge Lawrence Longridge knew I didn't want him released, he's 2 years into that sentence and I have to suffer for it."

Oz handed the rest of the documents to the A-Team who all turned to each other. Hannibal asked Murdoch to check who was the American version of Ally Fraser. Murdoch didn't need to be told twice as he already knew and met the man in question which was a New York mobster named Paolo Delvecchio. Faceman recognized the name and groaned "He's known to every police officer in America's Northern states, he's a right pain in the ass, never likes any of his items been touched on his desk."

"Crazy sucka, is he?" asked B.A as Faceman and Murdoch both nodded agreeing.

The second they got to Dennis's site office, Oz felt concerned for Dennis himself watching him through the glass door as he noticed that his colleague/friend didn't look himself this morning he was rubbing his head looking worried so he asked "Den, you sure you'll be able to work today?"

Dennis smiled slightly acknowledging his friend's concern and sighed "Oz, I'll be fine, it was just a bad night I had." Dennis sat back down at his desk as the A-Team noticed they weren't in Los Angeles anymore.

"Holy crap, it's a hard job getting up them stairs,you should have taken the elevator instead, Big D." B.A told Dennis.

Murdoch laughed at his friend telling" it's always good for exercise."

Dennis's secretary Lucy Thomas knocked on the door handing Dennis files of names of people who also testified against Ally at his trial, he examined the names as Faceman came into help look through them and said "Who the hell are these guys, Oz? Fraser and Kenny Ames were friends, Oz mentioned this."

Hearing this, both Dennis and Oz felt sick. The waves of nausea had been washing over Dennis since he heard that Ally had escaped from Durham Prison. Wincing slightly, he tried to give Oz the note in his coat pocket. He swore under his breath as he realized B.A grabbed the note and walked over to Oz with it. It was then he also realized the A-Team were also staring at him as Oz read the note.

"Dennis, is this a note asking your crazy uncle to excuse you from dinner this Friday?" asked Oz doing his best to sound nice and that was, according to their London pal Wayne Norris, when Oz himself wasn't being drunk or sarcastic. It was difficult when he looked and felt as bad as he did. The A-Team smiled slightly before standing and walking out the room. Shock welled up in the pit of his stomach as Lucy and the A-Team left.

"I'm sorry, Oz, I've tried to tell you but I always assumed you'd turn back into the man you were when we first met." Dennis answered fearing that his friend would doubt him. Instead, he closed his eyes as Oz sighed in defeat.

"Fine, Dennis man, you can go to your uncle's on Friday but you better make amends by being the first, the first man to find Fraser and tell me about it." said Oz as Dennis smiled politely
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Re: I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:00 pm

"Now, boys, remember to call once you find that Ally Fraser fella and try to stay out of trouble," said Hannibal exasperated. "That includes you, B.A, we all know you're the one who likes to play rough."

"Hell, no," groaned B.A staring at the helicopter. "I ain't getting on no plane that's got that crazy fool Murdoch as a pilot."

"Yes, you are." said the other A-Team members as Faceman gave B.A some horse tranquilizers and within a few seconds, B.A was out cold.

"Now, Hannibal, what could we possibly do?" asked Faceman said leaving his sentence hanging in mid air.

"That we haven't done before?" Murdoch asked and quickly fired up the engine before Hannibal could respond. The noise of the engine drowned out any more words from Hannibal as Dennis and Oz turned up. Within a few minutes, they were soaring high above the island.

The second they got to Sunderland, Murdoch bought the small helicopter into land; with his usual skill, he gently touched down and brought the plane to a halt. Deftly, Murdoch jumped down and went to collect Faceman's satchel and his and B.A's backpacks. Faceman, however, found getting down more difficult, he caught his foot and landed in a heap by Murdoch and the bags as B.A cam too. Murdoch laughed when he saw Faceman lying on the floor.

"Give me London or Birmingham any day." Faceman grumbled quietly.

"Come on, Facey, stop lying around and grab your bag, we need to get shopping for this concert on Saturday." Murdoch said excitedly.

"Lying around," Faceman said as he got up and grabbed his satchel. "Hey, it wasn't this heavy before."

"Crazy fool, what you put in Faceman's satchel?" asked B.A suspiciously.

"Come on, fellas, stop moaning, not far now." said Murdoch with a smile.

"You're pushing your luck, sucka." B.A reminded his colleague.

"Hey, wait up." Faceman called after Murdoch breaking into a jog he caught up with his friend and B.A and they disappeared inside Woolworth's. Nearby, a redheaded young man lowered his binoculars, picking up a walkie talkie, he contacted Ally Fraser.

"They've arrived." said the redhead in a West Midlands accent.

"Good, were they alone?" asked Ally's voice.

"Yes, just three of the Americans who came by the other day." said Red.

"And you know what to do?" asked Ally's voice.

"Yes, I'm just about to go and meet them." groaned Red.

"Well, get on with it, remember you're dealing with both Dennis Patterson and the A-Team, be careful, you know the consequences if you mess up?" asked Ally's voice.

"There'll be no mistakes and providing I get my cut, you don't have anything to worry about." said Red.

"You'll get your money as soon as I get my hands on Dennis now go." said Ally's voice and as soon as the conversion ended, Red put the radio away and got up to meet the A-Team, this wouldn't be easy.

Meanwhile back in Newcastle, Dennis and Oz were talking playfully when Hannibal arrived slightly out of breath.

"Mr Patterson!" Hannibal called as Dennis and Oz turned to face him.

"Before you have a go at me, man, I'm sorry for having a go at you." Oz apologized as Dennis had suggested.

"That's okay, big fella." said Hannibal.

"What Oz means to say, Colonel Smith is that he's sorry for any actions he may have committed like trying to attack Sergeant Barracus." stated Dennis.

"Yeah, B.A's like that." smiled Hannibal.

"Him and me both, like," Oz murmured. "You don't have to worry about me getting in the way, I might go to Sunderland to pick them up if you want me to."

"They're in a helicopter," said Dennis and Hannibal replied in unison. Oz looked strangely at Hannibal before turning back to Dennis. "I didn't tell you before 'cause you'd probably tell Nev or write to the other lads and we all know what would've happened then."

"But Dennis..." Oz began.

"Perhaps now isn't the time." Dennis said pointing slightly to the bewildered Hannibal.

"That's a shame but surely you fellas'll come and have lunch with me first, right?" asked Hannibal.

"Aye, Colonel, that's a canny idea." said Dennis smiling.

"Fine as long as we don't see any of Fraser's lot." groaned Oz rolling his eyes.

"How sure can you be?" asked Hannibal leading the way to the George pub.

"Good point," Dennis said before turning to Oz. "Are you alright, Oz man, you seem very..."

"I'm fine, just a little stressed, you know how it is." said Oz as Dennis looked sympathetically at him.

"I know, kiddah." sighed Dennis.

"Let's get lunch." said Hannibal as he reached for his satchel and began walking towards the George, Dennis and Oz not very far behind.

By the time they were in the George, Oz was talking loudly to Hannibal obviously having a good time. Dennis, on the other hand, was itching to get away. A timid looking waitress appeared in the doorway.

"There's a phone call for a Mr Reynolds." a young man with brown hair stood up and followed her to the bar. As he got there, he picked up the phone.

"Tom Reynolds." he said in a thick Manchester accent.

"Ahh Mr Reynolds," Ally's voice floated through the speaker. "How goes operation persuasion?"

"Well, so far so good," said Tom. "I think that Dennis Patterson bloke's going to be the easiest to take as he's planning on going for a piss anyway, it'll be hours before his bodyguard notices he's missing."

"Excellent, make sure you leave his watch behind, understood?" asked Ally.

"Okay," said Tom. "What you going to be doing with him?"

"Not having second thoughts, are you?" asked Ally.

"No, I need that money too badly." said Tom.

"Good, it's not for you to worry about that chin artist of Patterson's or the A-Team, you leave them to me." said Ally's voice. The line went dead as Ally disconnected. Tom took a deep breath and plastered a fake smile on to his lips, just as he was opening the door he caught a glimpse of Dennis walking past. Silently, he followed the older man to the restroom. Dennis had his back to Tom as he exited the cubicle. Tom pulled a small gun Ally had lent to him from his pocket and pointed it at the unsuspecting man. Dennis turned round deep in thought.

"Oh my God, I didn't see where I was going," said Dennis said distractedly and went to walk round him. Tom gave Dennis a push backwards startling him. He looked down at the gun in his hand. "Whoa there, what's going on?" Dennis asked raising his hands.

"That's enough talking, Patterson; keep those hands where I can see them." Tom said as his attention was drawn to the door as people could be heard passing by, Dennis took the opportunity to rush at his attacker, he ploughed into him and they both went crashing to the floor. Tom, however, was stronger than he looked and he soon had Dennis pinned beneath him.

"Stop struggling, pal, you're only making it worse for yourself." snarled Tom.

"Making it worse, I fail to see how." gasped Dennis, his brown eyes wide.

"Well, it means I have to do this." said Tom as he quickly stood up pulling Dennis with him; he then pushed Dennis with all his might and watched as he collided head first with the row of china hand basins that lined on one wall. His body went limp and as his head drooped to the floor a smear of blood was left on the white sink.

"Told you it would be worse." smirked Tom as reached down and tore Dennis's watch from his wrist throwing it to the floor. A few seconds later, he picked Dennis up and made for the fire exit. Just as Ally had planned, there was a car waiting outside, Dennis was thrown carelessly in the back. The car then sped away down the deserted alley way. Tom watched it disappear before turning and going back inside. A slight smile played around his lips, he was rich.
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Re: I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 4:02 pm

This is the biggest load of bollocks I've seen in my life. Oz thought idly to himself as he sat alone at the table waiting for Dennis to show up so they could get something to eat and go back to his place to watch the latest episode of Taggart. He glanced at his watch, it was getting late.

Hell's teeth, Dennis should've been back by now. Oz thought, he wondered what on earth his friend could be doing here that would take him so long.

"Still no sign of Dennis?" Faceman asked as he and the rest of the A-Team approached Oz.

"Nope, I'm starting to get worried, man." Oz reminded them.

"He's a big boy who can take care of himself, big guy, no need to worry, why don't we go and get something to eat?" asked B.A.

"I'm going to give him five more minutes, tell you what, you go on and I'll meet you outside this place in five." Oz told the Americans.

"Okay Oz, see you then." Hannibal said as he, Faceman, Murdoch and B.A all turned and left not knowing if he had done the right thing or not. Once he was sure he was alone, Oz stared at the photo of Brian 'Bomber' Busridge and quietly spoke to it.

"Bloody hell, Bomber man, I can't find Dennis and I'm worried," sighed Oz to the photo. "I know what you'd say 'What do you mean you can't find him?'" Well, he said there was something he needed to do and he would meet me here later but that was hours ago. 'Okay, let's not panic yet, check with the staff ask where they saw him last, then let me know what you find out.' you'd say and I'd say something like 'Aye, man'. 'Don't worry, boyo, you know Dennis.' you'd say to me but that's what I'm worried about." Oz put the photo back in his jacket pocket and went to find the barmaid who had been looking after their tables. He found her downstairs by the cash register.

"Excuse me, pet." said Oz.

"Can I help you?" she asked looking up.

"Aye, I was wondering if you had seen Dennis Patterson around," said Oz. "I'm supposed to be meeting him."

"No, sorry, I didn't see him leave." said the barmaid.

"You didn't?" asked Oz shocked. "Where did you last see him?"

"He was just going into the men's toilets, I believe." said the barmaid.

"When was that?" asked Oz now feeling fear being to erupt within him.

"Couple of hours ago now, sorry." said the barmaid.

"Thanks." said Oz as he turned away and walked to the restrooms, he stood outside the door and took a deep breath. Slowly he opened it and walked in. To begin with everything looked as it should do as it had done when he had last been in there, he walked towards the cubicles checking for feet underneath, he was alone. He turned back towards the sinks, it was then he spotted something that made his blood run cold, it was a smear of blood. Now more convinced than ever that something had happened to his friend, he began frantically searching under the sinks for any clue as to where he might be. He was just about stand up when a glint of light caught his eye, it came from a dark corner as he approached he could begin to recognize what it was, it was Dennis's watch. Gently, he picked it up and checked it for damage, there was another small smear of blood but apart from that it looked okay.

"Any news?" asked Hannibal as he entered the restroom.

"The last place he was seen was the restroom," sighed Oz. "If I'm sure, it looks really bad, I found his watch under the sink and there's blood."

"Don't worry, we'll find him." said Hannibal as if he read Oz's mind.

"Do you think they know anything about Ally Fraser?" asked Oz.

"We'll take it for now as a kidnapping to do with who he is rather than who he works for but it can't be ruled out entirely." Hannibal reminded the tall Geordie.

"You're not going alone." said Oz.

"Oz, be careful, you could be next." said Hannibal as he and Oz left the pub.

"Some week this is turning out to be." Oz murmured to himself.

Elsewhere, Dennis felt the waves of nausea rush over him as his eyes blearily fluttered open, he swayed blindly for a moment trying in vain to hold on to the tattered fragments of consciousness racing through his mind.

Where the hell am I? he wondered helplessly as his eyes grew accustomed to the gloom he could make out a small bed standing in the corner, he focused on it to try and stop the room spinning so violently. He touched his head and bright sparks flashed before his eyes, pain exploding from a large bump which had risen from where he had hit the sink. "Hell's bollocks!" he leaned back against the wall behind him slumping with defeat. Dry heaves burned through him as he fought down nausea once again. After a few moments the worst seemed to be over and he gulped down fresh air.

As his breathing and thumping heart calmed, he looked around him again, apart from the bed the room was furnished with little else only a stoic bucket stood in the opposite corner. Right, think, Dennis, think, what happened? Dennis thought as his hand went automatically to his wrist where his watch should have been. He looked down in surprise and alarm at finding it bare. Oh God, that lad who attacked me at the George, that was it. If he's working for Ally, I'm dead. Images flashed through his mind he remembered being in the bathroom and turning round and seeing the brown haired lad then he remembered pain as his head hit something.

The sink, no wonder it hurts so bastard much, thought Dennis as he remembered movement, the sound of an engine. There was a car with beige interior, leather seats. He remembered the smell of the leather and then a voice, a voice that sent chills through his spine and icy fear straight to his heart. There was not a person in the North East of England who had not heard of Ally Fraser, he was renowned for his determination to get the police off his back but even this had not prepared Dennis for their first face to face meeting in 2 years. The pure evil and hatred that had seeped through his voice was something Dennis would never ever be able to forget.

Dennis was getting over the worst of his symptoms, he had moved over to the small bed. He was starting to get worried that he had not seen anything of his captors, he had absolutely no idea where he was or why he was there he was just clinging to the hope that Oz would find him soon. However, his isolation was soon at an end when after a few minutes, he heard voices. He turned his head to one side and saw the illuminated outline of a door frame. The voices were coming from just outside. The fact that Dennis recognized them all too well made his limbs go numb.

"We were only able to capture one, Mr Fraser." said a voice which put him in mind of Oz.

"Good but Dennis Patterson'll do for now." said the voice of Ally Fraser.

"Shall I send the others to find his friend?" asked the voice.

"Yes, Baz but give me some time with this one first," said Ally's voice. "I must get acquainted with my guest."

With that, the door flew open. Dennis tried unsuccessfully to stifle a frightened yell as Ally appeared in the doorway.

"Sorry about that, Dennis, I trust your little nap was comfortable?" Ally inquired with that smirk on his face.

Dennis didn't reply but just sighed in disgust.

"Not in the mood for idle chit-chat, I see?" Ally taunted. "Fine, I just came to tell you that, well… soon, your secret will be out."

"What?" Dennis asked terrified.

"I thought that would get your attention," Ally said still smirking. "Yes, in order to save your life, that friend of yours has until midnight to find that 25 grand you stole off me 2 years ago."

"You're mad, Oz'll never…" Dennis began.

"You'd better hope he does, for your sake, I'm a sore loser." snarled Ally as he disappeared through the doorway and the door slammed behind him with a resounding thud.

"Oh God," Dennis sighed and held his throbbing head in his hands. "What the hell's going to happen now?"
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Re: I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:51 pm

As he and the A-Team arrived in Sunderland, Oz checked his watch and frowned. Where was Dennis? He had a call from Dennis's son Kevin to say that he saw a man who fitted Big Baz's description driving a car with a man fitting Dennis's description in Sunderland so he hoped Dennis would have ended arrived almost 10 minutes before. Dennis should have been here long before now. Yet there was no sign of him.

The A-Team were equally frankly puzzled wondering where Dennis was. From what Oz told them, Dennis would have contacted him if he were going to be late for some reason. Yes, Oz and Dennis knew each other better than they knew themselves but he knew that Dennis would have left him a message in writing if he was going to be late. Oz frowned. That was odd. Though it was possible that Dennis didn't leave him a message before he was kidnapped as he waLked away from Hannibal, B.A in tow and ducked into a nearby ally. There was another way he could get in touch with Dennis. Oz looked around carefully making sure that no one was around before shouting "Dennis, where are you?"

Mental alarm bells were now ringing as Oz both began to fear the worst. That something bad had happened to Dennis. Leaving the alley, Oz started walking up to Kevin as he and his friends walked past him and maybe then find out what was going on.

Dennis man, where are you? Oz thought now very worried about his colleague/best friend. He knew something had happened to Dennis, something very bad.

"Dennis." Oz called his colleague/friend's name but no one answered. He walked down the alley to where it ended at the side door to the building that was currently being renovated. Nothing there was no sign of Dennis at all. Taking a couple of deep breaths to keep calm, Oz looked around again then the glint of sunlight off a reflective surface caught his attention. The A-Team, however, were squatting down staring at Dennis's watch. For a second, Faceman stared at the watch in shock and horror, his mind not wanting to accept the evidence that he saw before him. But eventually, the horrible truth really dawned on them and Oz. Dennis had been kidnapped but only Oz knew who would do such a thing.

Murdoch leaped to his feet, his heart thudding in his chest. He had to alert someone. The authorities were already with her. He raced out the alleyway and looked around and then flagged down a passing police cruiser. A female officer from Newcastle Police station rolled down a window and looked concerned at the man who had flagged them down and smiled at him.

"Howay, man," said the female officer softly. "What is it? What's the matter?"

"Please help, ma'am," said Murdoch gasping. "Dennis Patterson's both been kidnapped."

Elsewhere, Dennis regained consciousness to a throbbing headache and almost total darkness. He was lying on the same bed he fell asleep on. He sat up groaning and clutching his head. Struggling to see in the darkness and through the headache, he looked around to see where he was. He was in the same cell as light came from a single purple tinged light stick in the corner that filled the room with an pale eerie glow that was almost impossible to see by. Dennis frowned wondering where in the world he was. The last thing he remembered was falling asleep after drinking some drugged water. He felt his pockets to find that he still had his wallet and a check of his right wrist showed his watch was gone as well.

Oh bollocks, he thought. This is a disaster. What the hell does Ally want with just me?

Awkwardly, Dennis sat up and tried to stand up. Tried being the operative word, his legs felt like they were made of jelly and he sat back down again before he could fall flat on his face as the sound of footsteps in the corridor caught his attention and Dennis looked at the door just as the sound of multiple locks being pulled back. It appeared that Ally was about to taunt him again. The door opened and Dennis blinked in the bright light that suddenly flooded the room he was in. So much light that he couldn't briefly see the face of his captors.

"Come on, Patterson," Big Baz's voice said. "The boss wants a word with you and your friend."

As if on cute, he dragged Dennis from the room to what appeared to be a modern office. The grip him was familiar and scared the hell out of him but he noticed that this place was so clean, it made his own office look like Kevin's bedroom and staring at him was Ally.

"Sorry for the tidiness, Dennis," said Ally. "I've been cleaning while you fell asleep."

As his vision adjusted to the bright light flooding into the office, Dennis stared at Ally in surprise and a healthy amount of fear. This was the man who had at 17 years old had gotten involved with the wrong sort of people, had almost killed Kenny Ames and came close to destroying his career and all out of a desire for revenge. Revenge on him for sending him to prison and stealing 25 grand from him just 2 years previously.

"I wish I could say it was nice to see you again, Ally," said Dennis sarcastically. "But I would be lying if I said it was good to see you again."

"Charming," Ally replied snorting in derision. "After I so kindly had you brought here."

"What do you want, you bastard?" Dennis demanded to know. "Why have you kidnapped me? You know that it won't get you anything."

"On the contrary, Dennis," Ally replied. "I do remember there was a large amount of money which went missing from a suitcase you had 2 years ago."

"Excuse me?" asked Dennis bending his head to one side.

"You heard me," said Ally. "I only escaped from Durham recently and I've got 10 years because of your and your team of idiots."

"Bollocks to you." Dennis replied firmly as he got shakily to his feet.

"Oh but you will return that 25 grand," said Ally. "That way, you'll pay for what you did."

"Oz, where are you?" Dennis said quietly.

"Why must you do this that hard way, Dennis?" Ally asked as he stood before Dennis and glared at him. "You treated me like crap when I tried my best to be nice to you."

Dennis felt the force Ally was trying to make him feel in his mind trying to force him to comply but Dennis resisted and did not move and a look of surprise momentarily passed across the face of his sociopath former boss. Concentrating, Ally wished he had hypnotic powers to the strength of his telepathic probe into his do-gooder former worker's mind.

"I'm still not helping you." said Dennis as he saw Ally leave the office. During their last meeting 2 years previously, Ally had developed a grudging respect for Dennis who proving himself worthy of still more respect. Yet that would not stop Ally from going after Oz. No, it would not stop him at all. In fact, it would make things that much more satisfying at the end of the day.

Outside the warehouse, B.A's van stopped nearby and Oz jumped out followed by the A-Team and as they approached the warehouse, Murdoch fired a grappling hook onto the roof and the entire gang climbed up. They stole across the roof and found a ventilation shaft.

"Murdoch accessed a layout of this place," said Faceman. "This shaft'll take us straight into the building."

Hennibal nodded at this and jumped in. Faceman, Murdoch, Oz and B.A followed although B.A had to make a little effort to push his big butt through.

B.A crashed to the floor and Murdoch barely had time to jump out of the way and Hannibal asked "Will you fellas be careful? I don't want every guard in the place in here." They stood in a small room with a table and storage closet. It smelled of cleaning fluid and Oz guessed it was a janitor's storage room. He tried the door and it opened.

"Let's go and quietly. We've gotta get to where the GZ7667 is stored," said B.A as he lead the way. The corridor was mostly dark but there were some security lights here and there. B.A pulled out a small flashlight and map Murdoch had drawn. "According to this, the room where the gas which could kill some dude is located down the hall and to the right. Come on."

They proceeded down the hall when they got the surprise of their lives. A door suddenly opened, a light blazed into the hall and Tom stepped out.

"Holy crap," he cried at the sight of Oz. "It''s you!"

Despite his surprise, Oz recovered quickly and said "You Tom Reynolds?"

"Yeah, that's me." said Tom.

"Right, you, where's Dennis Patterson?" asked Oz through his clenched teeth as he held Tom against the wall. "Tell me or I'll bang your head against that wall."

Tom studied the tall Geordie and asked "You're not here to steal more of my valuable research?"

"No," Hannibal said getting pretty impatient. "Are you referring to the GZ7667 gas?"

"Yeah," said Tom. "Almost all of it was stolen. Do you know why?"

"It might be used to kill Mr Patterson," said Faceman as the look in his eyes left no room for argument. "So I wanna find out who's responsible and I could use your help. In fact, I insist."

As Oz let Tom go, he ran off to tell Ally that Oz and the A-Team were here and it made perfect sense if someone was working late, they'd leave a door open. They could have just walked right in. Suddenly, it was all becoming clear.

"Dude, where are those gases stored? Fast!" B.A asked Murdoch.

"Follow me," Murdoch said running around the corner. The others followed. They ran down a long corridor to a pair of double doors. He punched in an access code to open them and they found themselves in a large room full of tanks that resembled large gas cylinders. "This is where the GZ7667 was stored."

"If Fraser's here, he's dead." snarled Oz.

"Save some for B.A." said Hannibal as B.A, Murdoch and Faceman moved like shadows between the cylinders of gas. They spotted 2 men gathered around one of the storage cylinders. One of them had attached a hose to it and was filling a smaller tank, the size of an SCUBA tank. The masked man quickly noted the number on the storage tank CC-199132. Then, she got back to the others in a hurry.

"What kind of gas is CC-199132?" asked Faceman.

"It's a new formula, it's designed to act on the brain and depress the higher functions. It can be a very effective truth gas." said Murdoch.

"Oh my God." said Oz already guessing what was going on.

"Let's go find Dennis. Hurry," Hannibal ordered the others. "Before those fellas see us."

Oz clenched his fists and said "Bollocks to Fraser. If he kills Dennis, he bloody well could and use any means necessary, hence the truth gas they're stealing now."

"Let's follow them, fellas but maintain altitude," instructed Hannibal. "I don't want those total wieners to know about us until I'm ready."

"It all makes sense, it's too much of a coincidence," said Faceman. "Those fellas stole the knockout gas to use in a kidnapping plot we worked on last year. I don't know if they tried to get the victim to voluntarily give them information first."

"That crazy fool'd never talk." insisted B.A.

"I know they wouldn't," said Murdoch. "That's why it makes sense that they're going to force them to talk and went back to the easy source of the gas they'd need. And it's up to us to make sure they don't use it," The truck had stopped in front of a low rectangular building before he turned to Oz. "You probably know that place, this place was a warehouse back in the 1920s. Let's go."

"How do we get past those guard dudes, Hannibal?" asked B.A. They could be seen patrolling in the floodlights around the building.

"We'll think of something," said Hannibal in a grim voice. "We're gonna save Dennis and God help any goons who get in my way." At this last statement, Hannibal saw that Oz's fists were clenched.
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Re: I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Nov 03, 2019 2:52 pm

"Quick." said Hannibal as he, Oz, Faceman, Murdoch and B.A ran looking for Ally's office. He pulled up the door--luckily, it wasn't secured--just enough to let them in this place and find Dennis.

"How'll we get out again?" asked Oz.

"I'll figure something out." replied Faceman.

Meanwhile in Ally's office, Dennis groaned softly as he stirred from a deep uneasy but thankfully dreamless sleep. He opened his eyes and groaned when he saw that he was still in his psychopathic former boss's office, Dennis shuddered not even wanting to think it. He closed his eyes again as he got up and wanting to knock on the office door asking the morons outside to open it hoping Ally himself wouldn't come in. A gasp escaped Dennis and he walked cautiously to the door hugging himself, trying to steal himself against the unwelcome intrusion of memory.

After what seemed like an eternity, there was a knock on the door but Dennis remained where he was quietly hugging himself and shaking with reaction. I have to get out of here, Dennis thought. I can't take this much longer.

Slowly, he managed to pull himself back together and heard a voice with a Geordie accent outside but it wasn't Ally or any of his henchmen before scanning the room looking for a possible way out. The room he was being kept in was Ally's sodding office, there were windows but they were very small and high up even if he could reach them he would never fit through them. Looks like my only way out it through the door. he thought.

Sighing, Dennis looked around to see if there was anything here that he could use as a weapon to escape with, his captor was after revenge on him so Dennis doubted very much that his captor would let him go without a fight. He swiftly noticed that there were two items in here that could possibly meet his needs. The first was the desk where a handgun still stood but a thorough look soon ruled that out as the desk was securely bolted to the floor. The second was a metal and plastic fold down chair; bits of rope on the floor around it showed that it was probably the chair he'd been tied up in earlier.

Dennis smiled softly as he noticed that the chair was not bolted down like the table. The chair wasn't the ideal thing to use to get out but it would have to do. Carefully, Dennis first sat then stood up; only just managing to suppress a groan as he protested the movement. His face a mask of determination, Dennis ignored the pain and moved over to the desk, grabbing the chair, walking back to the door and once again determinedly ignoring the pain in his body moving across the room. This time till he was beside the chair. Then, he carefully folded down the chair so it was easy to pick up.

Ignoring the pain plaguing his body, Dennis picked up the folded down chair and headed over to the door to wait. A grim smile appeared on his face as he heard footsteps approaching the room where he was being kept. He moved quietly to the side where the opening door would shield him from his captor's sight until the last possible moment when it would be too late. For a moment, the footsteps stopped and then there came the sound of a lock being turned and then, the door started to open. Dennis readied the chair as the door opened. He thought it was Ally at first but when he saw it was Oz, his demeanor changed.

"So sorry, Oz, I thought you were that psychopath we sent to prison," said Dennis sheepishly. "I also apologize about the gun and the hard chair."

At that, Dennis dropped the chair letting it fall to the ground with a loud crash. For a moment, he stood there looking at Oz and for a second thought about what would have happened if he knocked his friend out by accident. Realizing what he was considering, Dennis gasped in revulsion hugged him.

"That's alright, Den," sighed Oz. "The A-Team are nearby and I'm sure they'll find Fraser before he kills us."

Dennis took a deep breath and then started hoping the A-Team were alive. He had no idea how long Ally was hoping to keep him prisoner for so he wanted to get as far away from here as possible as quickly as possible before his captor came back.

As he broke the hug, Dennis and said "Calm down, man. No one's gonna kill us." The two Geordies stepped towards the door and waited holding it open just a crack. Both waited for Ally's hand to appear to pull the door all the way up. When it did, both froze on the spot.

"Come on!" Hannibal urged his team after shooting one of Fraser's men in the leg. Hearing another henchman coming around the right side, Faceman and Murdoch grabbed the edge of the trailer on that side and with perfect timing pivoted themselves around to the side of the truck and Murdoch struck out with a web kick at the same time. He nailed the henchman in the nose and sent him flying.

Pulling out his gun, Faceman ran past the fallen henchman followed by the rest of the team and they entered a small office area beyond which was an open area with double doors but they had no sooner turned a corner when they ran into a henchman who had time to hit an intercom switch and shout before a blast of knockout gas dropped him.

"What the hell was that?" exclaimed Ally as he saw his office door open. He hit the switch angrily and demanded "What's going on there and where the hell's the gas I ordered?"

"The A-Team are in here," Mr Fraser," said Big Baz. "By the look of things, they knocked out two of our men and Patterson's friend is in your new office!"

", it can't be! Those two are history," snarled Ally. "I want every one of those idiots captured. Or else." He left the 'else' unsaid. Then he entered his office and turned on Dennis and Oz who almost didn't dare hope. "If you lead those idiots here..." he threatened. Big Baz picked up a chair and threw it against the wall so hard, it rebounded almost to the other side of the room and left a hole in the wall. "Something like that!" he snapped.

"How could we have?" asked Oz.

"I have no idea...I'll figure that out later," said Ally as he grabbed a lamp and smashed it on the back of Oz's head knocking him out. "Serves you right for breaking and entering."

Meanwhile, the A-Team found themselves in the middle of a battle constantly swinging their fists knocking attacking henchmen left and right. They were hitting henchmen in the throat and glad they couldn't see their faces as they fell to the ground clutching their throats and gagging horribly. They could see the cell just ahead. Slamming one more henchman against the unyielding brick wall, all four ran through the doors.

"That hurt like any punch Bomber could throw." groaned Oz coming round.

"Maybe so but Ally's crazy enough to do something like this." said Dennis.

"Do what I tell you," Ally snapped at Big Baz. "I'm sick of your crap!"

"Just watch it, Fraser." warned Oz angrily as Big Baz roughly grabbed Dennis by the arm again jerking Oz along as both were tied back to back but left to go to the stockroom.

Ally went to an intercom on the wall and said "This is your boss Ally Fraser. Tell Paolo Delvecchio I'll be..." He was interrupted by a huge cloud of blue smoke and an all too angry cry.

"You Ally Fraser?" asked Hannibal as he, Faceman, Murdoch and B.A all appeared. "Okay fella, where are Dennis Patterson and Leonard Osborne?" He pulled out his gun and pointed it at Ally.

"Wouldn't you like to know, Colonel Smith." said Ally and in a lightning movement, he seized a circular saw blade and whipped it at Hannibal who quickly dodged the lethal projectile and fired a canister of knockout gas at Ally but the crafty Scot's reflexes were amazingly fast as he grabbed a board and knocked the canister away like a baseball to a far corner of the cell where the gas exploded and dissipated harmlessly.

"Why don't you fight like men now?" sneered Ally.

"Okay." agreed B.A as he launched a very hard punch across Ally's face. It landed on target knocking him against a table. Then Ally grabbed B.A by the leg and threw him against the wall. B.A groaned with pain after the impact of the solid wall behind him.

"And now I'll have the pleasure of choking you to death and since I won't need Dennis or his bodyguard anymore after that, they'll be next." said Ally. This filled Hannibal with rage and caused him to forget B.A's pain. Grabbing a broom with a wild yell, Faceman slammed the wooden pole into Ally's face. Then he struck again before the recently escaped criminal could recover. Ally staggered backwards, a trickle of blood running down his face.

"Had enough?" demanded Faceman.

"Not nearly!" said Big Baz from behind the A-Team just before he belted Murdoch in the head with a 2 x 4. The pilot slumped to the ground.

"Good work," said Ally turning on a table saw behind him. "Now let's get this over with." Big Baz lifted the prone Murdoch up and placed him on the table and moving him towards the deadly fast-moving saw blade.

"Murdoch!" screamed B.A and Faceman forgetting themselves in their panic.

"What the hell?" said Ally looking up. This gave the still dazed Murdoch the opportunity to pull out his gun and fire a shot right near Ally.

"Dammit." cried the Scottish criminal stumbling backwards. Faceman found the strength to jump up and smash a fist into Ally's stomach despite his adoptive father telling him not to hit a Scotsman as B.A nailed Big Baz with the same board he had used to stun Murdoch and they all ran to Ally's office where Dennis and Oz were tied back to back but the henchmen still had to be dealt with.

"God, Ally needs to die for what he's done." said Dennis and it didn't escape his notice that there was a hint of anger about something in his voice. His Geordie accent was slightly stronger as it always was when he was angry about something.

"What does Mr Fraser want expect us to do, Dennis?" asked Hannibal as Faceman and Murdoch untied Dennis and Oz. "I'll make him wish he was dead when I'm done with him."

"If you say so, Hannibal." said Faceman though he did not want to elaborate on what that news was at the moment. There was no doubt about it; Like Oz, B.A could be one intimidating guy when he wanted to be. Though at the moment, Dennis and the A-Team could both could see that Oz's commanding presence was unintentional and was probably being used as a shield to hide his true feelings.

"Come on," said Murdoch. "Let's go, for God's sake."

Dennis closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths to keep his temper from showing, he couldn't loose his cool now when all he wanted to do at the moment was scream. To let the anger show. Everyone looked at Dennis and could tell that at the moment he was like a volcano about to undergo a cataclysmic eruption, Oz saw through his always in control mask and could see all the fury that Dennis was keeping inside. A fury he too felt and if he ever came face to face with Ally Fraser again then God had better show him mercy because he would not and a look at Dennis showed that he would show no mercy either. In fact, he looked like he wanted to strangle Ally with his bare hands.

Dennis opened his eyes again as the door opened and Ally arrived scowling. He was keeping an eye on Ally and Oz who had a 'guess who, you Scottish bastard' look on his face. The storm inside him was picking up.

"Well, this is a surprise," said Ally as he stared from Dennis to B.A and looked angry with what the African American did to two of his men. "Before we go any further, I understand one of you assaulted two of my henchmen."

B.A snarled "Crazy fool."

"What?" said Murdoch pretending not to know.

"That idiot who attacked me is in here, I just know it." said a voice from behind the door as Big Baz entered and he was rather mad, his glare fixed on B.A.

"Why's that sucka staring at me?" asked B.A as he noticed Big Baz was staring at him.

"Because you assaulted him and he's now going to return the favour." Ally replied as everyone ran out of the room except B.A and Big Baz.

B.A slammed Big Baz against the door. "Tell me why you grabbed Dennis Patterson," growled B.A. "Or I'll kick your crazy fool ass from here to London!" Big Baz quickly emptied his pockets. B.A grabbed Big Baz by the front of his black turtleneck sweater and hoisted him across Ally's desk.

"You're gonna regret what you did..." said Big Baz, his hot breath seemed to singe B.A in such close proximity. The large bearded man reacted by slamming B.A against the wall.

"Damn." B.A shouted. Judging by this, that crazy fool Ally Fraser had planned this all and was planning to get revenge on Dennis for stealing 25k from Fraser 2 years previously. After being manhandled, B.A took a deep breath and flung his hands in the air. He looked up to see the man's fist coming towards him. There had to be to get out of this mess which would be more difficult because of this man.

"That's for attacking me, pal." Big Baz yelled. Outside, Oz waited for five seconds. Nothing to listen to any grunting in Ally's office.

"Dennis, I'm going in." said Oz.

Dennis shook his head and said "Oz, it's too risky."

Hannibal place a hand on Oz's shoulder as he opened the door to Ally's office and within a few seconds, Oz ran into the office to see B.A looking a bit battered, his face bruised and rushed over to him.

"Are you feeling alright, man?" asked Oz as B.A looked up.

"A lot better," said B.A getting up and knowing Big Baz was outnumbered. "Thanks, dude."

"You're welcome now who's ready?" said Oz as he and B.A both got ready to smack Big Baz around the office for kidnapping Dennis and assaulting B A. At least 5 minutes later, the two of them left the office with a rather dazed Big Baz.

"You'll pay for this!" snarled Ally who then stood up with blood on his dark blue blazer. His eyes were murderous and said "You're dead. All of you and that includes you, Baz, you moron." At this final statement, Ally glared at Big Baz.

"What?" cried Big Baz. "You let 'em get the better of you!"

"I'm done talking," Ally said as he pulled out a gun and aimed it at an acetylene tank. "I'm going to blow us all to kingdom come." But just as he was about to pull the trigger to ignite the gas, a canister came sailing through the air and crashed into his arm throwing his aim off. The gun went off and shattered a window. B.A took advantage of the opening and threw one from the floor to flatten Ally.

"Sod it," said Big Baz. "I know when to quit...but next time, you buttheads, we'll clean you up like soap scum!" Hauling Ally to his feet and dragging him away, Big Baz disappeared through the side door and the two men were gone.

For a few seconds, the warehouse was quiet. Oz turned towards the A-Team who were standing together before the two Geordie men hugged them.

"I knew you'd come to save us." Dennis said.

"Ain't no crazy fool gonna kill you guys," said B.A turning to Murdoch. "Good job throwing that canister, man, that was quick thinking."

"Oh that wasn't me, B.A." said Murdoch.

"Face?" asked Hannibal.

"Nope," said Faceman. "It was Oz." The lieutenant nodded to Oz who as if on cue started rubbing his arm.

"Canny going, Oz," exclaimed Dennis. "We gave the bad guys a kick up the ass." He studied his friend for a moment knowing what a wonderful man.

"Okay B.A, you and Oz go after Fraser while I call the police," said Hannibal. "Then I think we can all use a super pizza."

"Finally," cried Faceman and Murdoch in unison. "All we can eat."

Dennis shook his head. It looked like it was going to be a long meal.
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Re: I Pity the Fraser (an Auf Wiedersehen, Pet/A-Team crossover)

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A few days had passed. Dennis, Oz and the A-Team were at Pizza Hut in Durham as Oz, despite himself, had been nonstop in his gratitude for the A-Team for helping him save Dennis and since Murdoch now put him in mind of Moxey, that gratitude extended to them.

"You know, fellas, I'll make sure when to tell you that you're now honorary members of the A-Team." said Hannibal as he smiled at Oz.

"Thanks, Hannibal man." said Oz thinking being a honorary member of the A-team was a really good idea.

"Tell me again how that jerk Fraser tried to make you talk, Dennis." said Faceman. Now that the danger was over, he was full of curiosity as to what had gone on.

"They threatened me, like, they were gonna gas me to force me to talk." said Dennis quietly. It was clear it was something he really didn't want to discuss.

"Facey, why not save it for later?" asked Murdoch.

Faceman nodded and said "Sorry about that, buddy."

"That's okay, Lieutenant." said Dennis not having touched anything he had been offered. Faceman left and Hannibal stood at the booth where Dennis and Oz were.

"You know it's okay to still be scared," said Oz. "That would've been traumatic for a grown man that includes you, like. It would've been scary even for me." He carefully avoided saying 'us' in case the A-Team were listening but it wasn't likely.

Dennis looked at him and asked "Really?"

Oz nodded and said "Really. You didn't panic, you held up, you acted like a real hero. I'm bloody well proud of you."

"Thanks, Oz man." said Dennis smiling.

"Dennis man, you don't want people to know," said Oz. "Now eat that pizza before it gets cold, like." Dennis nodded and picked the slice of pizza he had been offered up.

"Yo, Oz, the waitress asked if you wanted another large pizza." said B.A as he winked at Oz. Oz groaned and left the booth.

"None of my clothes might fit after today." said Oz with a wry grin. Dennis and the A-Team all chuckled as Oz accepted the pizza and Dennis had finished his slice. He felt things would be different for him from now on.
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