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The Return of Ally Fraser

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The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:28 pm


Martin Taylor Jr aka Marty turned and grinned when he saw the familiar blue eyes of his late father's closest and favourite cousin Barry.

"What's up?"

"That's exactly what I was about to ask you."

Marty grimaced.

"Uncle Barry, it's way too early in the morning to start mind games. What the hell are you talking about?"

Barry Taylor shook his head.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about, Marty," said Barry. "You've been moping around here like someone just died."

Marty's face fell for a moment, and he tried unsuccessfully to pull off his trademark lopsided grin. Barry and his first-cum-third wife Hazel Taylor (nee Redfern) both caught it.

"God, Marty, I had no idea," said Hazel. "Sorry..."

"Don't worry about it."

They stood there for a few awkward moments. The tension was getting to Hazel and Barry who weren't buying Marty's carefree facade.


"Don't. I...don't want to talk about it right now. By tomorrow, I'll be my usual psychotic self." He smiled slightly.

Marty turned and walked away. Barry did the same, brow furrowed as he thought Well, Val's on tour with her band, Neville was fine with this James Bond's crap Dennis and Oz are putting him through, Moxey's nephew Guy said that Moxey's doing great with his American female mob boss wife Eliza, Jason's too busy with some news story, Wyman told his listeners on his radio show that he's taking 2 weeks off and I would've heard if Trevor's who?

He thought about his nephew's expression for a moment when he had blundered onto the problem. Those deep blue eyes tensing in pain...The thought that *he* had caused it made it unbearable. If Marty wasn't going to talk about it, then he'd have to force it out of someone else.

"Hey, Oz!"

Leonard 'Oz' Osborne tensed for a moment. He had heard Dennis Patterson use that tone of voice before.

"Dennis..." gasped Oz turning his head.

"What?" He asked brightly, a sweet smile on his lips. Oz and Neville Hope cringed.

"If we did something to offend you..." Neville began.

Hell's bollocks. thought Dennis having had used this trick one too many times.

"Bollocks to this. Lads, I've got an email from Barry." said Dennis as both Oz and Neville nodded.

"You've noticed?" Oz asked, his usual calm voice replaced with excitement at the chance for more James Bond style stuff despite the look on Neville's face.

"Oz, of course we've noticed," said Neville. "I accidentally read Barry's email to Dennis and it said that Ally Fraser's been sulking for the past week. God..." He paced up and down the office. "He's been acting so moody lately, not angry, just...sad and Brenda said that the man's being a bastard."

Oz smiled in an odd "I know something you don't know" kind of way. Then his face turned grim as he said "You're kidding me, right?"

"WHAT?" Dennis exploded. "What the hell was that grin about? You tugged me along like that and you don't even know?"

"No but me and Nev've noticed some of the people in this town acting the same way," said Oz. "Something very bad's gonna happen and something tells me that none of Fraser's gang'll talk about it. Sometimes, most of the bastards we've come across for the last 30 odd years are too alike..."

"Well, whatever it is, I'm going to ask Barry for help," said Dennis. "I'm sure you don't mind."

Oz thought for a moment and asked Neville "Where did your Brenda say Fraser was hiding?"

"She said that Fraser's using Al Capone's old hideout in Chicago," Neville replied. "If we can all get in there, I'm sure it'll help if even for a couple of hours."

"Aye." said Oz smiling.

Marty tried again as Oz, Neville, Dennis, Wyman Norris and Barry were at his flat in Dudley a day later.

"Uncle Barry, seriously, I'm alright." said Marty.

"Marty, this has damn all to do with how you feel," said Barry flinching at his lie. "We think Ally Fraser's up to something said said that we can both beat you hands down. It'll be bostin."

Marty riled immediately at this. "Okay," he said sighing at his uncle's pleas to help him go to Chicago and save the world. "Tell this Moxey bloke I'm in."

Dennis smiled. Sometimes, this was just too easy.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Nov 08, 2019 2:37 pm

As they arrived in Chicago, Dennis smiled at his comrades as they were in a light blue Corvette which mob boss Eliza Moxey (nee O' Sullivan) had named Ringo and said "That soppy bollocks Ally Fraser really must've laid it on thick."

"I am so gonna kick his pompous arrogant arse all the way to hell, man." said Oz as his sudden grin mirrored Dennis's.

"You think you've had a bone to pick with him since 1985?" asked Oz as Elsa turned to her home when her third husband Albert Moxey had just stood on the front porch; it was trur that Moxey had grown up a bit and Oz only knew the basics after a few insane missions from the Hopes. He was going to rub Fraser's nose in it afterwards but somehow, the others didn't care.

"I hope the NYPD aren't outside watching this." said Eliza, her voice was designed for false bravado.

Oz stalled for a moment.

"What the-?" he began as he saw two men waking past them laughing. Oz had thought it was so obvious that Fraser was a creep but this new Moxey was something else. He turned, expecting to see the others trailing. They were right behind him.

"Nice try, Leonard." said Moxey's voice from behind Oz the moment the guys all got to the house. 15 years previously, Neville was rather agile dodging any of Moxey and Eliza's henchmen, after all, he was a geeky young man of 25 years old when the two of them first met. He hadn't even sen much James Bond movies before he became friends with Brenda's cousin George. He was pulled out of thoughts by Moxey in a white suit, light blue shirt, white tie and matching trilby with a black hatband suddenly appearing beside him smirking like a madman. Both looked back up the trail.

A large beefy black henchman was on the ground clutching blood his left arm.

"What the hell?" asked Eliza as she and the men sprinted across the room to the prone man. The man looked up and said "We got a few Limey dumbass buttheads."

Oz turned in time to block a pistol whip, the blow easily breaking his arm. He screamed in pain.

Oz was suddenly beside him hitting the man in a frenzy. He was kicking and thrashing but Barry quickly saw what the man was doing. The man couldn't get a decent swing but still relied on his weapon meaning Oz was soundly beating the crap out of him. Suddenly, he stopped. Grabbing the man's gun wrist in his left hand, he turned catching the armpit to the same arm. As he turned, he threw the man over and he flipped straight over her, landing in a heap at his feet.

"Ow! You landed on my foot, you bastard." groaned Moxey as he flinched at the pain.

The black henchman gritted his teeth, fighting the pain as he said "I don't remember you ever teaching us that one, Big Al."

"Big Al?????" gasped Dennis, Neville, Oz, Barry and Marty in unison.

"I forgot to tell youse lot," said Moxey smiling. "Me wife's associates call me Big Al."

The others grinned then started back to Moxey and Eliza's men and another man came by, gun in hand. Moxey quickly grabbed the gun from the black man. He turned to contestant number 2 and calmly raised the pistol. The man stumbled; there was no nearby cover to hide behind. He closed his eyes and heard a loud crack. He opened them again. The man was on the ground covering his eyes. Eliza amd the others looked away. The man finally stood up and turned to Moxey or Big Al as he preferred to be called.

"That was too close." said Wyman catching Neville's expression.

"What?" asked Moxey standing there, gun hanging loosely from his fingers. His eyes were red and he was staring in at the man who was groaning as if Race Bannon had shot him instead.

"That was pretty fast, Big Al, I'll give you that." said the man.

Moxey didn't move. He looked so lost, so vulnerable....

"Thanks, kidda," smiled Moxey. "Don't ever do that again or you're out of a job."

The reunion dinner started at 7:00pm but Wyman and Marty decided to go and see a gangster movie. Feeling like he was with the 1983 line of the Magnificent Seven but with Barry's nephew in Brian 'Bomber' Busridge's place, Moxey greeted old and new acquaintances but continued to scan the crowd for the familiar faces that he was truly looking for.

It wasn't long before one found him.

"Hey there, Mr 'I'm Only Into Redheads And Bad Girls'!" said a familiar Midlands accent from behind him.

Moxey turned around to his closest ally of the Seven. "Bazza!" Moxey exclaimed delightedly as he stepped forward to grip his friend's hand as Eliza hugged him. "Hey, man! How have you been?"

The retired electrician shrugged. "Good . . . Busy . . . Extremely busy . . . but good."

"Tell us how you've really been," Eliza joked. "How's that wife of yours, what's her name?"

Barry whipped a photograph out of his wallet. "Hazel, she's great!" he said. "She's now a hockey coach for her niece's team. Turns out Poppy, that's Hazel's niece, she's one of their high scorers! Right wing and . What about you?"

"I've got me own life here," said Moxey. "But it's been a while since we've seen each other, I'll give you that."

"And you seem to be doing odd jobs for your missus, right, Mox?" asked Oz.

"Hey!" Moxey returned as he faced Oz. "At least I never married Ally Fraser's ex! Talk about doing odd jobs for the wife," He stretched out his hand. "How're you doing, Oz?"

Oz flashed a mock scowl at his friend. "Well, you'd know if you ever returned my phone calls," he said. "I mean, we are right here in town, you know!"

"I know. I'm sorry. I just . . . ." Moxey's words stopped abruptly as his eyes settled, rather indiscreetly, on his 6 months pregnant secretary Maggie who was putting her coat on and leaving. She smiled at the Moxeys and rubbed her very prominent stomach as Eliza turned to Moxey.

"I'll have whatever you're having, Boopie." Eliza smiled giving her husband of 9 years a kiss as she turned to leave. Upon facing his old friends again, Moxey saw that Oz then had a very amused grin on his face.

"You dog," Oz guffawed as he gave Moxey a shot in the arm. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"He did," Neville insisted as a light blush crept up into his cheeks. "Months ago in the Christmas card he sent you and Vicki!"

"Ahhh bollocks, man," Oz mused as though it was all becoming clear. "That would have been December, right? Well, that explains it! I've only just dipped into late October in my backlog of mail! I won't get around to December for at least another couple weeks!" Oz then grinned broadly.

"Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, man," Dennis said earnestly catching Moxey in a hug as Eliza approached with the drinks. "We're all really chuffed for you both!" Oz, Barry and Neville echoed Dennis's well-wishes and, after several more hugs all around, the group of friends settled into engrossed conversation.

Gunfire and bullets. There were gunfire and bullets everywhere. And a well dressed man with a Scottish accent nearby.

The air was so hot and thick with smoke that it was difficult to think, much less breathe. The young man watched everything like a movie unfolding before him but at the same time, it was like he was there. He coughed and took ragged breaths as the noxious fumes assaulted his lungs. Glancing to his right, he saw a large man with a beard. The chaos around him didn't seem to touch the Scotsman. In fact, he seemed to revel in it, gliding through the smoke and fire as though it were a gentle summer mist.

The young man's head whipped around as another figure appeared on his left? He couldn't see his face either but he was soon followed by five other bodies stumbling through the charred surroundings. The people behind him had the stature of grown men.

The young man tried to scream as the smirking Soct raised his arms, a gun in both hands. He could make no sound, no matter how hard she struggled. The only noise in the air was a wordless battle cry erupting from the lungs of the man on the ground as he raised a gun. Then, suddenly, everything exploded into fire.


The blond haired young man jerked awake with a tiny whimper, his head flying up from where it had been- in his left had as his chin was on the heel of that very hand. He looked around wildly for a moment before his eyes settled on Wyman. Soddoing hell, it had been so real!

"Wakey wakey, Sleeping Beauty," Wyman chided as he shoved another handful of popcorn into his mouth, "You practically missed the whole film." Moxey suggested that both Marty and Wyman see an old gangster film from the 1930s. Marty continued to look around the room. So real!

"I guess it's just as well," he could hear Wyman say. "'Outstanding special effects,' my arse! Did you see that gun? That was the fakest looking thing I've ever . . . ." His voice trailed off as he looked at his friend. "Mart, you okay?"

Marty didn't look at Wyman but he could see that the young Midlander's blue eyes were wide with fear and that he was trembling as he stared at the floor. He swallowed hard as he tried to regulate his breathing, a cold sweat forming on his forehead. "Oh God," Wyman whispered as the film was over and turned to Marty with concern. "Did you have a nightmare?"

Marty locked eyes with Wyman, his filled with a terror that sent chills down the Londoner's spine. "Worse." he breathed.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 1:56 pm

Moxey rolled his eyes. Of course just because his brother in law Marvin asked him and his British pals to track Fraser down didn't mean they had to bump into Big Baz face to face even if it killed them. The large man held a handgun at them as they walked down the hall. If people knew Big Baz, he had to tell Ally who just dropped by but couldn't tell the Magnificent Seven. He snarled. The guy could get positively nasty towards people who hurt his family and friends. He knew he'd kill them, Big Baz was sure. Marty and Wyman frowned at their older colleagues as they all walked side by side. Hazel had insisted Barry's black Harley Davidson Poppy go to the garage his mechanic of a cousin Tessa worked at in Dudley despite Barry nearly getting injured in the last bike race. Oddly enough, Oz didn't try to ham them up.

"Barry?" asked Neville. "Aren't you supposed to be whining about your arm?"

Barry didn't reply.

"Oi Big Bad Barry?" asked Wyman waving his hand in front of his face. After a couple of seconds, he started to panic. Then he blinked and swiped at his friend's hand.

"Wyman?" asked Barry. "What the hell are you doing?"

Marty breathed out in relief. He hadn't realized he was holding his breath.

"You spaced out for a couple of minutes. What the hell were you thinking?" asked Marty already knowing the answer.

"Stuff." said Barry.

Marty groaned as he thought back to yesterday. He hadn't realized it at the time but despite his efforts, Barry had changed the subject about comparing Ally Fraser to Al Capone rather eloquently and Dennis asked "Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." said Barry guessing what his boss/friend meant.

"Hey, break it up." snarled Big Baz as they all stopped outside a couple of large doors. For the briefest of moments, Dennis, Neville, Oz, Barry, Moxey, Wyman and Marty were all shocked. Dennis and Oz knew Big Baz well, maybe even better than Ally did. It was so obvious that he was hurting to get his hands on Ally and Big Baz wasn't even trying to help him. Or let them help.

"Bollocks, man." said Oz as he, Dennis, Neville, Barry and Moxey hid but Marty and Wyman were grabbed, hauled to a large office and forced to sit in front of a desk. Big Baz sighed and put the gun down. He had been dreading this.

"I got a couple of spies, Mr Fraser." said Big Baz, his voice quiet.

The chair turned around. It was the one person Wyman and Marty weren't expecting to see in a crappy place like this.

"Whoa..." said both Wyman and Marty at the same time.

"Thank you, Baz." said Ally, his voice steady. It sounded almost...threatening. Marty got up and went to beat Big Baz up as he left. Big Baz slammed the door in his face. Ally looked at the two young men. His face softened.

"I'd sit the hell back down if I were you," said Ally as Marty as the young West Midlander groaned and obeyed the elderly Scotsman. "If you try to pull that stunt again, you two are dead. I'm sure Dennis and the rest of his team'll be alright after a week..."

Wyman suddenly whirled on the Scot, anger etched across his face.

"It's been 33 years since you and Dennis last met, you nut job," snarled Wyman. "33! The others won't be alright if you carry on like this."

Ally groaned inwardly. This young man could be just as stubborn as Dennis Patterson. For the hundredth time, he considered sending the Seven all the way to Hell. This crap with the mysterious Big Al was dangerous; the man was notoriously unpredictable where his family were concerned. Eliza Moxey had hated guns since her own father's death in 1985. The shooting was going to open a few old wounds and she didn't know how her third husband would react. She looked at these idiots, a mixed raced Londoner and a young man who looked a little like Barry Taylor. Both were defiantly staring back at him.

"It may protect me from that Big Al's temper but Eliza'll hate me if I shot someone just when my third wife's getting released in 2 weeks," said Al. "You morons got me sent away for 10 years back in the mid 80s."

"Damn you, bitch," growled Marty. "The amount of times we've all been willing to throw away our own life to save each other on this team...we have to." said Marty, his look of defiance changed to one of desperation.

The shock of his other half being sent to prison hit Ally hard. It wasn't living here that he loved. He loved Imelda but how much and in what way...

Great. Was Marty the first person to figure this out? The most womanizing person of his Year 10 class? The one who couldn't even figure out his own feelings for older women before it was too late? The irony made him chuckle dryly.

"What?" whispered Wyman. "Why'd you laugh?"

Marty smiled. He had figured Ally's emotions out before she had.

"Okay. We'll still stop you." said Marty as Ally glared at him and Wyman.

I could be wrong...why'd I notice it so late? thought Marty. I've been wrong before and he's so much like one of those gangsters in Quentin Tarentino films...someone else must have figured it out by now.

Dennis gasped. The joke was of the usual Al Capone quality as he and his third wife Lorraine were watching Jackie Brown on DVD the previous month but it was good that he was actually talking. They both stopped laughing at the same time causing a companionable silence. Snapping back to the present, he realized he hadn't heard from Wyman since he and Marty got caught. It was the only way he could think of helping his would've-been stepson. He was going to hate himself later but he had to help them. It was that simple.

"Barry," said Moxey. "Tell me about your cousin Martin again."

For a moment, Barry's eyes tensed. He considered using Wayne's old trick of joking his way out of situations.

"He was a good sharpshooter and I knew how to handle a gun thanks to him, Moxey," said Barry. "I know you and the others would've liked him." His tone was light but then he sighed and frowned.

"I guess so." said Oz.

"I know how you feel," said Neville. "Me and Brenda celebrate our wedding anniversary next weekend."

"If I remember, Martin had a crush on that Suzi Quatro!" said Dennis as he tried to hide from Moxey's eyes. Moxey caught his chin and gently forced the Geordie leader to look at him. Dennis looked into Moxey's sapphire eyes and realized there was more than concern. It slowly dawned on Dennis that he cared about everything and everyone a lot.

"That's right, Martin and me were as mad about the whole glam rock scene of the early to mid 70s as most teenagers were," said Barry feeling nostalgic. "It was always Suzi Q this and Suzi Q that."

This was too much for Neville who already knew that.

"I understand, Barry, my pal Frank was crazy about Lynsey de Paul," said Neville. "For God's sake, we need to find Marty and Wyman."
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:10 pm

Marty looked behind him. Wyman, who he was tied back to back to, was asleep. He suddenly remembered that before two of Ally Fraser's men tied them back to back and glanced at the door to the familiar sight of Moxey's car outside. For a few minutes, he turned to the mirror opposite Wyman watching him sleep, his chest rising and sinking gently with each breath. He shook his head and fell asleep himself. This was way too big for him to handle; he needed someone to talk to.

"Hey, dude," Marty told Big Baz who stood sat bolt before him and Wyman. "How the hell could you let this happen?"

Big Baz and the other man both shifted uneasily under Marty's furious stare. The usually spacious room suddenly seemed to shrink.

"There were two of them..." snapped the other man.

"We were supposed to be protecting each other!" Big Baz snapped back.

Marty's eyes dropped to the floor. He guessed Wyman had every right to hate him. After all, it was his job and he had failed. He imagined how he would feel if the other guys got captured instead of them.

"I'm sorry," Marty whispered to his sleeping friend, the wild look in his eyes disappeared. "Oh my God."

Marty was stunned. He knew Dennis wasn't capable of wanting revenge, that he'd want to punish Ally but to kill him? He realized he had made a mistake telling him. He hadn't told his wife Emma out of fear of him going crazy. Marty could deal with his best friend Eddie Malone's non stop talking, his friend Jason Barton's flirting with girls and his friend Ben Jordan's humor; it was the kind of stuff Marty was used to.

"Before you even tell me to kill that Fraser bloke we bumped into, Wy, you know I can't do that," said Marty. "Please, take some time to cool off. Getting angry won't help our situation."

Meanwhile, Dennis, Barry, Oz, Moxey and Neville all ran around Al Capone's old hideout looking for Wyman and Marty.

"Hey, Mox." said Oz as the five older men all ran in quick agitated steps.

"Oz, I need to talk to you." said Dennis.

"This is about the team getting back together, right?" asked Oz as Dennis frowned. He hated it when Dennis did that.

"I know why Ally's been doing this for the last 30 odd years," said Dennis. "God, I'm not sure he'd want me to tell you this..."

Oz looked sadly at his friend and asked "It's to make amends for all the crap we put Fraser through, right?"

Dennis took an involuntary step back and asked "You know?" Something clicked in his mind.

"You knew before, when I asked...didn't you?" said Oz. It was a statement, not a question.

"It's okay, Oz man," said Dennis. "I understand."

Oz nodded and asked his friend "What did my Vicki and your Lorraine tell you? All I know, Moxey's turning more and more into that Scottish bastard than the rest of us and as far as I know, it's kept him...unsettled."

"He told me everything," sighed Dennis. "He told me how he got inspired by his father-in-law's story of how he ran into John Gotti when he was just getting started."

"What?" Oz took perverse glee in actually manage to unsettle Dennis. "But I had no idea that our Moxey would open up about Fraser to anyone...not us...not London...not even you."

Meanwhile, Wyman woke up to find himself in pitch black and thought Nothing unusual about that, I've been sleeping badly lately.

For some reason, he didn't feel troubled anymore. He felt stirring behind him as Marty woke up from behind him. Both tried to stand up but ended up banging into each other by accident.

"Ow, shit..." Marty groaned from behind Wyman and both struggled for a moment before realizing where they were. Then, Marty's memories finally caught up with him. "Before you start, Big Bad Barry's gonna be so angry with me..."

"Mar, he won't be angry with you," said Wyman as that same "I know something you don't know" smile appeared on his face. "I very much doubt anything you could do would piss your uncle off."

"Dude, take that stupid grin off your face." said Marty seriously starting to panic, wanting to pace the room and Wyman's calm demeanor and unusual grin which had been popping up more and more lately weren't helping much.

"Mate, if it helps, I won't tell that Big Baz bloke." said Wyman as the door flew open.

"Tell me what?" asked Big Baz leaning on the doorway. He seemed...amused at something. Neither Marty or Wyman moved to tell Big Baz anything. He frowned.

"Has something happened?" asked the other man from behind Big Baz.

Both Marty and Wyman looked at The other man. Big Baz had little doubt that Mr Fraser would keep this secret. Marty's conscience was really starting to get to him.

"Dude, I had to..." Marty began to say.

"Dammit, what's up?" asked the other man.

"Your plan sucks." Wyman blurted it out and Marty smiled.

"That's it, you two are going back to Mr Fraser's office." said Big Baz as he and his colleague untied Marty and Wyman and dragged them to Ally's office.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:00 pm

By this time, Moxey, Dennis, Barry, Neville and Oz chose not to look round at their creep of a one time boss who entered the building. Instead, they surveyed the door admiring them and Barry almost groaned with embarrassment. Oz coughed lightly scaring the hell out of the others.

"Now what, Moxey. Sorry, Big Al?" asked Dennis turning to face Moxey, worry evident on every inch of his face. He strode over and wanted to punch Ally in the face. Then, as suddenly as it had arrived, the worry drained from his face leaving the complacent half-smile of a moment before.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Dennis but there was a slight problem with Ally," Oz growled the name. "...He's a massive twat."

Neville cocked his head in amusement and said "I never really agree with you but you've got a point."

Barry hesitated and said "Fellas, we're going in."

Oz's smile turned to a small frown. His voice's pitch didn't alter at all as he said "You're one bad dude, Barry Spencer Taylor."

Barry nodded and said "Thanks, Leonard Jeffrey Osborne." A small bead of sweat ran down his cheek yet he maintained his affable countenance.

"Do you think we'll find Wyman and Marty, Moxey?" asked Neville as the guys looked for the two younger men.

"Sure we will, Nev." said Moxey as they searched the rooms for Marty and Wyman.

Neville was horrified. He abandoned trying to maintain his dignity and trembled and closed his eyes as he thought Not here. Not like this...

"That bloody moron." said Marty's voice from one of the rooms which caused Barry's eyes to flick open. He nodded and left tripping over the step on the way out. The others smiled. Wyman was probably there to.

Big Baz stalked the hallway. He was angry with everyone and everything. It had occurred to him that everything happening in the past week had been blamed or forced on him. He was blamed for that Chicago cop's arm which he accepted. The business over trying to get rid of the unknown Big Al was being sorted out by Mr Fraser who seemed to know the guy's emotions better than anybody had realized. The thing he was having trouble with was his conflicted thoughts over those nosy young men who he and one of the other lads caught sneaking around the place. Big Baz had never before believed he had enough thoughts for them to be conflicted. He rounded the corner. And walked into another guardsman.

As Dennis, Barry, Oz, Moxey and Neville sneaked past, they barely registered the force. Oz glanced round as Barry opened the door to find Marty and Wyman tied back to back again.

"Oh hey, guys." said both Marty and Wyman at the same time.

Both stopped. Wyman was looking startled and for some reason, Neville felt there was yet another problem.

"Hey, guys." said Neville, his voice dry, he needed a drink.

"Is something wrong?" Dennis's voice snapped Neville out of his thoughts.

"Nothing." said Wyman smiling. He could tell Marty wasn't buying it but let it slide.

"That big bearded bloke's near this door." said Marty as if on cue, Big Baz stepped into the door and the seven of them realized Ally was already in here looking like he had forgotten to buy tickets to see Michael Buble in concert.

"Is everything alright in here?" asked Ally looking questioningly at Big Baz who in turn looked back at him.

"Sure." said Big Baz, his voice at its usual half joking tone, his lopsided grin was in its usual position. Ally thought about this. What the hell were these morons doing here? He looked at them, Big Baz forgotten for the moment.

"Honestly, I mean it, Baz, it's alright," said Ally. "I was coming in here to tell the boys here as it was."

Marty glared at Ally as the elder members of the Magnificent Seven gave up trying to figure out what was going on and preceded to attacking Ally, Big Baz glancing at them that said 'don't look at me, I didn't let them in' as he and four other larger men launched at them.

"You know, Ally, you contacted your contacts..." said Dennis realizing what Bomber once told him and grinned at his awful "pun." "...almost 20 hours ago, right?"

Ally nodded. He had a sneaking suspicion that Dennis was up to something and he didn't want to betray the memory of Al Capone.

"Has anyone got back to you yet?" asked Big Baz.

"No." said Ally who had no compuncture about lying to someone to protect them.

"They're being awful slow about this, aren't they?" said Marty, his smile beginning to get on Ally's nerves.

"We gave them almost nothing to work with," snarled Ally. "The guardsman you knocked out cold..." he glared at Marty. "...hasn't regained consciousness yet. As soon as they find anything out, I'll let you know."

Wyman felt his throat constrict. Ally was as compulsive a liar according to Dennis, something he had promised himself and Dennis he wouldn't do unless absolutely necessary. The others began to feel that Ally's voice wasn't calm, it was downright cold. Ally had a thumping headache. His mind slowly seemed to clarify. He remembered shortly before he was arrested, he had walked in on a conversation between Oz and Kenny Ames and said "I blame the main business partners."

"Marty, it's alright," said Wyman. "I...I'm sorry I snapped. It's just....Den's right, that bloke's a..."

As Wyman closed his eyes, Marty wished there was something he could do to help his friend and said "It's okay, Wy."

Wyman nodded sadly. Big Baz opened the door to the cell and allowed Ally out first. The older man was staring blankly at a space on the floor a couple of feet in front of him.

This is going to be painful for all of us. thought Moxey starting to hate himself. It wasn't his fault the others found out; the stress of Eliza knowing was going to hurt both of them.

"Well, since there's no point hiding it any more, we can all go through what is known so far." said Marty sadly while Moxey was resolutely trying to force the others to pay attention.

"Please, Mox.. I mean Big Al, go on." said Wyman, his reassuring tone helping Moxey a lot. It was good to know that someone else could help the Liverpudlian ex-con carry the burden.

"Right. What Leize told me, however, is that men like Ally Fraser deal with illegal weapons and "exotic" technology. He's attempted to get a hold of a load of technology in this town before..." Moxey didn't want to continue. He looked over at the others who all nodded sadly. "...and Kenny Ames was killed in one attempt 15 years ago."

"Kenny Ames was near impossible to find or catch; he slipped away with apparent ease the last time he was located. He sent the last time was from Detroit and he wasn't very well trained. From this, we can surmise that he was sent to test the security or test us. They may even have been sent to get us spooked," Barry sighed. "I also read somewhere that the CIA are using satellite tracking to find him but are having no luck whatsoever."

"But they know we're here..." Oz started.

"Yeah but this is the safest place to be if Ally gets it into his head he wants another hostage." said Neville.

"I can't believe you just said that." gasped Dennis, his face set. Everyone turned to look at him even Neville and Oz.

"What?" Marty was confused.

"Where was Ally when Kenny died?" asked Dennis. "He was in Marbella and he didn't seem to care.. as usual!"

"You were the same way when Bomber died, Dennis man." said Oz.

"I know," sighed Dennis. "My big sister Norma said that life must go on. Hell's bollocks, all we wanted was someone to be there for us. What the hell's wrong with this town?"

"Guys, I'm sorry..." said Moxey as the others all stared at him.

"Oh God, this is all my fault..." sobbed Marty as Barry hugged his nephew tightly.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Nov 10, 2019 2:15 pm

The police officers burst into Al Capone's old hideout, handguns raised. Officer Lauren Ashley was a step behind them wishing she had one handy. Lieutenant Lorenzo Mariano frantically searched the compound shouting for her as he found a Fraser guardsman face down in the hallway. Lorenzo carefully turned the man over and groaned when he found the tranquilizer dart. Pulling the dart out, he noticed Captain Roxanne Spencer suddenly appear beside him with Detective Josh Soremeken. Lorenzo was on the verge of panic; too much was happening and he'd had no time to organize his thoughts and asked "Any sign?"

Rozanne smiled when she recognized Lorenzo's voice and said "The dude's a jackass. He's unconscious of course but Lauren doesn't think he was the target; Ally Fraser was."

"Hey, this place isn't safe," Josh gasped. "Somehow, the security was disabled."

Lieutenant Frank Halcroft came up to them and shook his head at Roxanne; stating the obvious must be in the police handbook. Josh pushed past him and asked "Which is a polite way of saying that you're both staying with me?"

Something inside John snapped. He was angry at Lieutenant Lorenzo for stopping him like this, he was angry at that Big Al for coming here without telling him and most of all, he was angry at Lauren. With one foot, he heaved away from the door. Lorenzo may have been more experienced than Lauren but he certainly wasn't stronger. He pushed her back before he realized Lauren was actually moving with Roxanne. Lauren used the door as a springboard; kicking off from it and flipping backwards over Lorenzo with her colleagues in tow. Lorenzo spun; preparing himself for Big Al's inevitable arrival and came face to face with a man with a gun.

"Holy crap." He breathed the word under his breath. Ally's face was fixed; his brow low over his eyes and mouth a grim line. He could almost feel the hatred coming off the Scotsman in waves.

"Get against the wall." snarled Ally, his words cold; unemotional.

"Hey, what the hell's happening, pops?" asked Lorenzo feeling panic rising with him. This psycho was the same age as his father, 3 inches shorter than Lorenzo's 5'10 1/2" and had lost it.

"I seriously suggest you listen," snarled Ally. "Get against the wall."

The door behind him opened and Ally ignored it. Several gun muzzles were placed against the back of his head.

"Drop the gun, Ally." said Dennis as he, Neville, Oz, Barry, Moxey, Marty and Wyman all trained their guns on Ally.

"Where's my Joanne?" asked Ally.

"Drop the gun, Ally." said Moxey as Joanne Cosotto, Ally's wife of 5 years, came into the room and immediately took in the situation.

"Al?" asked Joanne as Ally threw the gun angrily at the floor.

Joanne walked over to his; the officers and his former builder pals forgotten. She ran her left hand along his right arm.

"What happened to security?" asked Ally, his voice clipped and he maintained his unfeeling demeanor.

"We haven't had time to..." Wyman began.

"Then why aren't you going after Big Al if we ever find him?" asked Ally mockingly and by this time, Barry had had enough.

"God, this is getting tiresome," groaned Barry. "You know he might be in this very room."

"You know Dr Surd tried to destroy the state of Illinois back on the 70s, Barry man," said Oz from behind Barry. "It wasn't an accident, it wasn't even out of reflex. Moxey's dad in law told us that Surd knew exactly what he was doing. Every agency in America hated the bloke enough...the whole of America hated him."

"Big Al, doesn't this sound a little ridiculous to you?" Dennis asked Moxey.

Moxey looked at Dennis and asked "What if the roles were reversed? What if Surd won? I very much doubt that even every officer in Illinois would've been angry."

Wyman opened his mouth to protest but realized Moxey was right. He would got back to 1978 lay into Dr Jeremiah Surd if he ever hurt them.

"Right, okay," said Marty. "So how do you know all this?"

Neville smiled and said "We all read about it."

"God, everything gets done while I'm not around." groaned Wymna.

"That's the only time things can get done, kiddah." Dennis grinned.

Wyman tried a weak smile. He needed to sort out everything with his wife Tina quickly if there was a world left when all this was over.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:20 pm

Ally smiled. Sometimes, life just fell into place so perfectly. He turned around to see Dennis behind him, walked over to him and punched him seven times in the face. Dennis grunted, blood running down his face.

"Go to hell!" said Ally as Big Baz grabbed Dennis from behind and grinned.

"You first." growled Dennis.

Oz made his way through the hideout as Neville, Barry, Moxey, Wyman and Marty followed, a few steps behind. They turned the corner and found one of Ally's younger henchmen standing in the hallway, fists clenched. Neville and Marty barely had time to register his presence. The young man grabbed Moxey and bodily lifted him shoving him against the wall. One arm pinned him to the wall while the other was laid across his throat.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" asked the man as he leaned against Moxey's throat. Moxey gasped and tried to avoid his eyes. Barry tried to get a hold of the man's arm but was shoved aside.

"This is mainly Fraser's fault." said Neville but the man ignored him.

"What did you do, you jerkass?" growled the man as Oz grabbed at him. They were was suddenly joined by Barry and Wyman and they managed to drag the man trying to kill Moxey off him.

"Aw hell," said the man storming past all five of them. "Just keep the big guy with you away from Mr Fraser."

Barry turned to Marty and said "Thanks, kid. I doubt we could've stopped a moron like Ally Fraser on our own."

"Don't worry about it." said Marty as he looked at his uncle who sunk to the ground.

"Nev, Bazza, youse two stay here with Marty and Wyman," said Moxey. "I'll be fine."

"Hey, Moxey." said Oz as Moxey stopped on one foot.

"What?" asked Moxey.

"We're not entirely sure what's going on but it's obvious that you care about wanting to send Fraser to hell where he bastard well belongs. A lot," said Barry, his voice soothing and Moxey couldn't help but listen. "Talk to Dennis about this."

The younger men were talking animatedly about something Moxey and Oz didn't in the least understand. They both saw Dennis tied to a chair and stared at him for a moment. He looked so peaceful, his face in complete serenity. He was almost like how he was when they were in 1983. Oz walked softly so as not to wake him. Kneeling, he brushed his friend's cheek. Dennis smiled. He was glad to see both Oz and Moxey despite being tied up.

"Dennis, I'm so glad you're okay." said Moxey as he searched for his penknife to cut his friend of 36 years free.

"Moxey, Oz, I knew you'd come." said Dennis as he smiled at his friends.

Big Baz turned around and suddenly told Dennis, Oz and Moxey "I guess this is the first time I've been the one actually using it to find a bloke like you since Race Bannon."

"What do you propose we do?" Wyman suddenly snapped out of the reverie caused by the sheer emotion flying around the room.

"Give 'em Project Theresa," said Barry. "It won't run without Questworld as Dr Benton Quest once said and it'll take them a couple of years to change its programme enough for it to run on any other system."

"But Fraser could still kill Dennis," said Marty. "We've got no way to stop them doing that and we still don't know where they are."

"Place a tracker bug inside the Theresa programme," suggested Neville. "Some equipment is pretty advanced and even if they do find it, they won't know if it's part of Theresa or not."

"No knife is as sharp or dangerous as an imprisoned mind set free." said Marty as he, Neville, Barry and Wyman ran off to save Dennis, Moxey and Oz.

"That doesn't change the fact that there's no guarantee that the world'll be safe." said Wyman getting impatient.

"We'll worry about that later," said Barry. "Ally'll probably keep the other three alive until he and that woman he's with get Theresa functioning."

"Are you willing to take that chance?" asked Neville.

"Better to die on your feet than on your knees." said Marty.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 1:54 pm

The computer operator shook his head. The Frasers would not be happy.

"Erm...Mr Fraser?" he said turning to Ally, the usual half-smile on his lips. "There appears to be a problem with the system."

In a fury, Ally punched the operator across the face and screamed "What the hell is wrong with it?"

The man stood, gasping and said "Project Theresa isn't compatible with our system, Mr Fraser. It'll take us several months, years even to alter Project Theresa's programming to fit our mainframe."

Joanne snarled, reaching inside her jacket and pulling out a handgun. She held it aiming at the computer operator. For a moment, her hand held the gun rock steady, pure hatred carving her face in stone. The man trembled, he knew he was about to die.

Joanne's hand began to shake, fingers loosening on the pistol. Her eyes were red rimmed.

Should I do this? Joanne thought as her arm dropped limply by her side, her face returning to its usual pale complexion. The operator thanked his boss silently.

"It's alright, Joanne. I'll do it." said Ally as he took the gun out of his third wife's hand and shot the man.

"Al?" asked Joanne as Ally hugged her.

"Everything'll be fine, sweetheart," said Ally kissing Joanne. "That Liverpool idiot Big Al's still trying to run me out like some kind of big shot."

Joanne motioned to another man. The man took Ally and left leaving Joanne staring proudly at her husband.

Neville, Wyman and Marty followed the hard assed dude to Ally's office deep in thought. Suddenly, the man felt Wyman's arm around his neck, spinning him and pushing him against the wall. He leaned closer, their noses inches apart. Then, he stopped. The man looked down questioningly up at Wyman, his heart pounding.

"Start talking, bitch face." said Wyman which took the man a moment to collect himself. For a moment, he had thought...he was certain...

"What?" asked the man.

"Where's Fraser since I know he goes crazy at times like this," said Marty. "Tell me, dammit."

The man tried to focus. He paused for a moment closing his eyes. He had been damn positive he was about to....he shook his head and tried to concentrate.

"Go to hell, bitch." said the man.

"God," said Neville, sudden anger flaring up. "I'm surprised he didn't blame you for this..." he indicated his nose which was still swollen.

Suddenly, the door opened and Joanne poked her head out.

"Ah there you are, boys," said Joanne arrogantly with both hands on her hips. "The others began to worry when you took too long..."

Joanne noticed Barry, Dennis, Moxey and Oz, all of whom were still tied up, staring at Neville, Wyman and Marty as they entered the room. Neville noticed Oz's left eye was black and a bruise had risen up on his cheek.

"Hey, Nev man," said Oz. "Congratulations, Joanne Jackass beat me in a two on one."

"What've you been up to, Mrs Fraser?" asked Moxey as his eyes hardened.

"You're no fun anymore." said Joanne.

"You're getting good at this negotiation stuff, ma'am," Dennis told Joanne. "Nearly as good as beating a person who's tied to a chair."

Joanne stood, fists clenched. For a moment, she struggled with himself but sat back down on the chair. There were a few moments of tense silence and Oz opened his mouth to make another snide comment but Barry cut him off.

"We know you two used to know each other," said Barry. "Whatever the hell is going on, open up and quit screwing around."

Neville smiled grimly at his friends and said "Eliza's Johnny the Fox accidentally killed Captain Spencer's partner. He shot him and Officer Mark Kennedy died right in front of her."

"Mark Kennedy was Captain Spencer's partner?" asked Moxey.

"Was her partner. For five years," said Marty shaking, fists clenched. "I really don't see why you lot are still tied up."

Barry looked over at Marty for help. His eyes had narrowed, his eyes still on Joanne who grunted.

"For God's sake, we need to recover the Theresa Project," said Dennis. "That thing could be used to wipe us out years from now."

Oz had been brooding for a while now as he said "I have a cunning plan."

The others turned to face him. His voice had taken a cold edge, something rare for Dennis and Neville as Dennis said "You can discover what your enemy fears most by observing the means he uses to frighten you."

"Huh?" asked Neville.

"Fraser's been using our friends and families against us starting back to when we were still working for him back in 1985," said Barry. "That's also one of Joanne's greatest fears, to lose someone close to her."

"Are you saying we kidnap Ally Fraser?" asked Marty liking this idea. It had a nice irony to it.

"Whoa there," gasped Marty. "How the hell can you condone something like this?"

"I'm not condoning this idea, Marty. I'm suggesting it," said Barry as his blue eyes had turned hard. "We won't have to kill anyone this way. We exchange Ally for the Theresa Project. It'll be beneficial for everyone."

"Bazza man, the plan wouldn't work anyway." said Oz.

"What??" asked Oz and Dennis turning to their fellow Geordie.

"All Joanne and Ally need to do is hold out 'till Theresa's been integrated into their system," said Wyman. "Then they'll be able to come back in time to stop us."

"That'll take a couple of years." said Moxey.

"Yeah but the outcome's the same." said Marty.

"Then we make a separate attempt for Project Theresa," said Dennis as his brown eyes sparkled. "We grab that bastard Ally, make a run for it and make the swap."

"Me, Moxey, Wyman and Marty go for Project Theresa," said Barry. "Oz, since it was your idea, you, Neville and Dennis are doing the kidnapping."

"You're putting you non Geordie lads on the hard part of the mission and us Geordie lads on the Scot snatching?" asked Oz.

"Yep," said Marty. "Dennis'll tell us how to get in but I don't want you anywhere near Joanne until the swap."
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:31 pm

"Big Al, I gotta ask you something." said Marty feeling practically sheepish.

"Shoot." said Moxey, his blue eyes fixed on Marty's. The younger man had something on his mind, something that had been bothering him for a while. That much was obvious.

"What's going on with you, man?" asked Marty.

Moxey took a deep breath and asked "What are you talking about?"

"I mean, how come half the time you're trying to kill us like you're a character in a Tarentino film and the other half, you're unbelievably smothering?" asked Marty. "You keep pulling a Jekyll and Hyde thing."

"I was kidding." said Moxey turning to Barry.

"You weren't in there long." said Barry.

"I tried, Bazza, I really did," said Moxey. "Something's seriously getting to that nephew of yours."

"You know, Marty'd be touched if he knew how much Martin cared for him while he was still alive." said Barry.

"Yeah, well..." said Moxey scratching the back of his head.

"You really should let Dennis talk to him," said Barry. "Thing went downhill for us after Bomber died and I didn't disturb you two the other day, did I?"

"Huh?" asked Marty as he narrowed his eyes. "Barry, wait, who's Bomber?"

"Well, Marty, Brian "Bomber" Busbridge was a quiet 6'5" West Country brickie heavily built with a bushy beard, incredible strength and with a love of Bristol City although he was seen wearing a Bristol Rovers blue and white quartered shirt. He often 'went with the flow' and lets us make decisions though was often the voice of reason and good sense. When we found ourselves in trouble, we often ran to Bomber for help, even Oz." said Barry gesturing his head towards Oz and as he spoke, there was a slight edge to his voice.

Marty looked at uncle and said "Sod me, 6'5" is bloody huge...He was about the same height as Calvin Harris."

"You seemed sure of yourself when said that." Moxey told Barry.

"If I have blabbed to Ally, he could already have that Theresa thing running by now." said Dennis.

"Yeah but he hasn't." said Neville looking around.

"How can you be sure?" asked Oz.

"I know," sighed Neville. "Oz? You were terrified that I'd do something in there. This isn't through fear for me, is it? I can take care of myself, you know."

"I know you could' wasn't that...God...I..." said Oz as he hugged Neville. "Nev...I just...if this goes wrong, then we lose our lives. I can't... I'm scared, man. I can't let anyone die. We all miss Wayne and Bomber..I don't want the same thing to happen with anyone else. I can't let that happen. I won't let that happen."

"Oz, everything'll be fine," said Neville hugging Oz. "We'll shut this mother down, no problem."

"Are you sure you want to come?" asked Dennis trying to read Marty's face.

"Damn right," said Marty, his voice shaky but determined. "We'll stop this. We have to stop this."

Moxey frowned and took Dennis aside for a moment breaking apart from the others. The Scouser's voice dropped to a whisper as he asked "Why are you letting us go with you in the first place? Usually, we have to resort to following you to see any action."

Dennis held his friend's gaze as said "Because I don't want you to get hurt, Moxey." Or the other lads.

"But wouldn't taking us with you be more dangerous?" asked Moxey.

"Like you said, you'd just end up following me," said Dennis. "I want to keep an eye on you."

For a moment, Neville looked as though he'd crumble again. Dennis and Moxey's hearts stopped. They had never seen him this scared, this vulnerable. Then he slowly calmed, his features turning gaunt, haunted as he said "You better be right, Dennis. You better be right." He almost whispered the words.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:31 pm

The shadowy figures stood at the base of the security fence, a 9 foot high solid block of wood topped with barbed wire and meant more as a deterrent than as a real danger. The first figure, a well muscled man, reached into his backpack and pulled out a large, thick cloth, which he threw over the barbed wire. Then he easily reached up and hauled himself over. The second, another man, and a full head shorter than the first, leapt up using the rough surface to take a short hop up the wood before she could place his hands flat on the cloth and he too hauled himself over.

Marty jogged warily down the path. From what he'd heard from Dennis, the description of the place was sketchy at best and he had no idea how far they could rely on this information. The others were a few footfalls behind. Marty could sense rather than hear their presence. They drew close to the corner of the uprising, Marty pressing his back against the cold stone and peering round the corner.

The area was a large maze of alleyways caused by 15 foot high stone embankments for some sort of water supply, all floodlit. Unfortunately, the waterways seemed disused, leaving the floor bone dry. A fine gravel caused by stones ground up in the now missing water covered the pathways, making stealth extremely difficult. Sounds echoed eerily through the myriad of passageways, not deadened at all by the solid stone walls. They had no choice but to enter, there really was no other way into the heart of the complex.

From out of one of the multitude of alleys, a guard appeared, barely ten feet away and whistling a tune Marty couldn't place. Marty pressed himself deeper into the shadows, saw the gun the guard was carrying and swore under his breath.

"What is it?" asked Wyman, his voice was barely higher than the wind.

"They're carrying M203 assault rifles. That's Special Ops gear," said Marty as he leaned closer. "We'll be just as dead if they shot us with any other gun, Wy."

Wyman frowned. Marty had a point. They waited impatiently for the guard to pass. Yawning languidly, he scratched himself resting his gun in the one hand. Marty rolled his eyes. The guard finally sauntered off. Marty scanned the walls for CCTV cameras then ran through the hall straight down the middle. The others were still behind him. They paused when they heard the distinctive scraping of boots on the floor. Marty, Barry, Oz and Moxey jack-knifed down one part of the hell, Dennis, Neville and Wyman down another.

The guard was whistling an old Def Leppard song, it echoed down the hallway and made it near impossible for Oz to tell how far away he was or the direction it was coming from. Oz cursed under his breath. What's with these guys and whistling?

Then the whistling was joined by another tune. He recognized Gudbuy t'Jane from one of Barry's old Slade records. This one seemed closer in the direction Dennis, Neville and Wyman had gone. It was slowly circling his position. Drawing a large hunting knife from his ankle pouch, he turned facing the sound of the new threat. The man was metres away, he could hear his every step. Oz, Moxey, Barry and Marty wound themselves up preparing to pounce.

When the man turned the corner, Marty's heart almost stopped. Neville swaggered up whistling happily with Wyman and Dennis in tow. Oz looked at the three of them as if they were crazy but Neville grabbed Oz's hand pulling him through the hallway. They passed through the maze meeting no resistance at all. After searching for several minutes with Marty's throat beginning to burn, they found and climbed a rusted ladder which was bolted directly into the wall exactly as Eliza had described it.

They sat by Ally's office door. Neville finally stopped whistling, his throat dry.

Oz looked at him and whispered "What the bastard hell just happened?"

"To be honest, you can get quite jumpy at times like this," said Neville. "If you're jumpy and you're as dumb as those guys, you'd want a system so you wouldn't shoot your own men. Whistling was what they came up with. It also has the added bonus that guards wouldn't be in the same area together covering the same ground. Sure, there's no way to tell who's whistling."

Marty shook his head. This confirmed his long held belief that Neville was crazy as he asked "Where did that bloke go from here?"

"This is only the outer perimeter," said Barry. "We've got to find that thing, then we're going to have to search the labs for Theresa. Stick close and if this is the general class of security, we should be fine."

Keeping low, Neville and Wyman all made their way to the front of the unguarded office. They ducked under the windows, careful not to scrape the door. A guard turned the corner in front of them. In a flash, Oz was on top of the guy hitting him with one punch to the temple. They landed heavily on the grass, the smaller man already unconscious. Neville made a low whistling sound behind him.

"Guess you're good for something, Den." said Wyman.

Neville gave Wyman a dirty look as Dennis took the prone man's 203. He reached down and searched the man's belt pouches for magazines quickly clipping them onto his own belt with well practiced precision.

He held the gun in its ready position. "This should close the odds a little."

"Nah, it just widened them." said Barry grinning lopsidedly causing the others to chuckle.

The dark blue Lexus pulled smoothly into the car park. Moxey, Barry and Oz turned to bat Marty who was already alert and waiting. The driver's door opened allowing Ally to step out. She smiled timidly expecting Joanne to be here.

Without waiting for Moxey's response, Marty whipped out a Model 950 Jetfire Barry had given him from his ankle holster, a tiny gun that was easily concealed.

Moxey's eyes widened as he told Barry "You told Marty that he can't carry a gun into the complex."

Barry gave him a wry little grin as Marty walked up to Ally confidently. The older man smiled back at him. There was no fear at all.

Marty lifted the gun pointing it at Ally's stomach and said "Even if you can't find me uncle Barry, I can sure as hell get you and Barry told me who you are."

Barry didn't hesitate. He was instantly between Marty and Ally. Marty paused for a moment. The gun was still aimed at Ally despite the fact he was behind Barry. He looked into his uncle's blue eyes. First, there was no fear, no anger, only a kind of determination as if he could will her to stop with his eyes. After holding his gaze for a moment, Barry's eyes showed peacefulness and serenity. Smiling that wry little smile, he grabbed Ally and threw him into the trunk of a Porsche.

Something suddenly occurred to Wyman as he said "Nev, I need something from your bag."

"But you don't know what's in my bag." said Neville.

"I have a vague idea." said Dennis as Wyman shrugged and lowered himself into a crouch. Dennis reached in, pulled something out and gave it to Wyman.

They sprinted across the open space making for the hangar. It was the most direct route and only cover into Joanne's office. Making a snap judgement, Dennis sprinted, dived and rolled kicking the door open to find a bunch of stolen antiques.

"How could you even consider doing that?" asked Neville as he saw what Dennis was doing.

"It was the only viable option," Dennis answered. "You know that."

Neville glared at his fellow Geordie for a moment but didn't answer. Suddenly, Dennis stared at Wyman surprised as he span round bringing the rifle butt into the attacker's groin in a smooth sweeping action.

Meanwhile, Joanne checked her thinking Al should've been here by now. She reached for the phone when another lackey burst through the door.

The man was breathless and said "Boss, your husband..."

Joanne cocked an eyebrow. It wouldn't be good if her employees saw an outburst.

"What about him?" asked Joanne.

The man was gasping. "'am, he was kidnapped. A couple of blond guys got him."

For a moment, Joanne felt her entire world being destroyed. The shock caused her to crumple, head in hands. In a sudden flash, she remembered Theresa and stood.

"That's it, those bitches are going down." said Joanne as the man shook himself out of the shock. He had heard that people who were close to the boss often ended up dead.

"There was something else, boss," said the man as Dennis, Neville and Wyman all ran out of the office. "Well, someone else actually."

Joanne's smile broadened as she asked "Yes?"

"Guess who!" smiled Dennis as he saw Oz.

"Glad to see you too, man." said Oz as he hugged his friend.

The others all watched Oz clutching Dennis to him then burst out laughing.

Dennis looked up at all of them and grimaced saying "God, that Joanne Fraser's a total and utter ..."

Moxey's laughter subsided. He, along with men the world over, knew how much that had to hurt as he said "Sorry. So that was you who triggered the explosion?"

"Who the hell else, Moxey? Wyman said he got the C4 off Nev earlier." said Barry as he and the others hauled any stolen antiques out of the hideout, Dennis closing his eyes in agony.

"Aw come on, you lads are just exaggerating," said Dennis as he turned to Oz. "Does it really hurt that much, man?"

Oz looked at Dennis and yelled "YES!"

They ran the rest of the way to the complex's centre. Oz hoped that there was no permanent damage.

Barry stopped and asked "Seriously, are you okay?"

Oz nodded and said "Kidda, the only reason Joanne hasn't gone loco on us is because she hasn't had enough time to focus on her family except Ally."

"Well, what're we waiting for?" asked Neville as Marty opened the boot of the car to see Ally tied up and breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank God."
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 4:08 pm

Oz groaned and ran a hand along Neville's thigh much to his embarrassment. The laser had gone straight through muscle but had luckily missed the femur. Dennis and the others ran up breathless. Neville looked up before the pain in his leg made him wince.

"Nev man?" asked Dennis crouching beside his friend.

"My leg's injured," groaned Neville. "You lot are gonna have to get Project Theresa."

"We're not gonna leave you, Nev." said Moxey as he knelt next to his friend and tried to help him up.

Oz batted Moxey over the head and said "Mox, stop being Bomber for the moment! Nev can get out of here on his own. You and me can get Project Theresa then get out of here. I've still got the assault rifle. I'll be fine."

They locked eyes. After a moment, Moxey stood.

"You can't get in through Joanne's office. The window is bulletproof and it's covered by computer operated lasers," said Moxey as a thought suddenly occurred to him. "One more thing. Make our Marty carry this. I've got C4, phosphorous grenades and flash-bangs."

"Why can't I carry it?" asked Barry.

"Get your nephew to take it. It'll make him feel useful." said Neville as Barry ran to the car.

Later, Moxey and Oz sprinted around the building panting heavily. They were beginning to feel the strain as much as they had earlier. Oz paused for a moment to catch his breath.

"Oz?" asked Moxey.

"Just gimme a minute." said Oz as his breathing came out in raggedy gasps.

Moxey's heart pounded. He was in the same state, his hair matted to his head with perspiration. He slunk to the ground sitting quietly. They were both aching and probably couldn't go much further.

"Oz, you ready yet?" asked Moxey.

Oz grinned and said "Yeah. Just needed a sec, that's all."

Motioning for his friend to follow, he continued around the building which seemed to form a box around the courtyard. The windows covering the vast expanse of its walls were all blacked out or had their curtains drawn. Oz paused holding a hand up to stop Moxey. He stealthily made his way to a recess of the building. Edging his way to the corner, his breath lowered. All other sounds had dimmed and all he could hear was the breathing of the guards.

There were two of them, both in the corners of the recess. Turning, Oz found Moxey for once patiently waiting for him to finish. Indicating there were two of them, Oz was surprised when Moxey made his own way to the corner. The large Gerordie caught his Scouse friend's arm locking eyes trying to read his intentions. Bending down, he picked up a small stone and held it in front of him. The two of them smiled with relief. For a moment, Oz had thought Moxey was going to run out and tackle the guards bare handed. Gripping the stone, he threw it across the recess. The large clunk of stone hitting brick echoed across the deep recess. Moxey winked and smiled at Oz. The guards would run out to the wrong side turning their backs on their actual position.

They heard both guards dropping to one knee and drawing their weapons and shouted "Freeze!" Moxey rolled his eyes. Reaching into the satchel Eliza's niece Katy had given him, he closed his hand on the smooth cylinder of a "flash-bang." Pulling it out, he brandished it in front of Oz who smiled and allowed his now mobster friend past. Moxey hurled it into the recess.

They dived away from the hot white flash, arms covering their eyes. The guards' sudden screams rang out through the silence of the night. Moxey turned his head and whispered "You okay?"

Oz nodded. Getting up, they both returned to the recess remembering one time in 1983 when Barry told the whole team that flash-bangs created a blinding flash of light. The effects were temporary but hurt. A lot. Oz walked up to one of the guards silently. The man was flailing his gun around but was fortunately well trained so he wasn't firing blind.

Carefully, almost gracefully, Oz punched the man in the temple, the same way Bomber had taught him to do. He made no sound as he fell. Oz smiled at Moxey egging him on to try the same. Moxey, seeing this, mimicked his action on the other man. He smiled back causing him to frown and mutter something inaudible.

Moxey swore when he reached the door. It was locked with a keypad. He sincerely wished that there was some way to get in without having to check the guards' clothing or asking his hacker Imran Patel. Oz was suddenly behind him and asked "Moxey? Can we get in?"

"I can't," said Moxey. "The...the keypad. We've got nothing that will crack the code."

"Well, that wife of yours must have packed something..." Oz began.

"You lunatic, we can't get in. All Leize told me hacker Imran to put in this sodding bastard thing is explosives," said Moxey. "Nothing to crack the keypad. God, I tried...I'm sorry..."

Oz winked at his friend and for a moment, Moxey felt a slight anger at his friend for his reaction to her when he was being so open. He unlimbered the satchel setting it on the ground between them. After routing around for a few seconds, he found what he was looking for.

Meanwhile in the Moxeys attic, Ally stared at the bandaged form in front of him. Wyman's skin was clearly visible outside of the bandage, his chest rising and falling faintly. Ally considered this for a moment but Marty and Neville finally had some leverage.

"How you doing?" asked Neville snapping the two young men to attention.

"Let me go." screamed Ally as he struggled against his bonds as both Wyman and Marty nodded and left hurriedly.

Meanwhile at Ally's Chicago hideout, Oz found it, stood and grinned. Mkxey looked at the C4 in his hand and said "Oz, I think the guards'll notice that going off."

"And?" asked Oz.

"Do you want several hundred guards chasing us?" asked Moxey.

Oz shrugged and placed the C4 on the door setting the adhesive as he had seen in Die Hard as he said "The guards'll all be by the hangar 'cause of the explosion I triggered off earlier. It'll also keep everyone off their boss's arse."

He set the timer for 1 minute.

Moxey grabbed his arm and asked "What if Mrs Fraser's right next to this door?"

"You're telling me this now?" asked Oz as Moxey looked at the timer realizing he had just set it.

They ran, crouching when they had got far enough around the building. The explosion was deafening. Oz immediately got back up and sprinted for the entrance, a sudden anxiety clutching his chest. The recess was black, the brickwork around the door merely dust, the door missing. The rooms the door was closest to were empty. Oz breathed a sigh of relief.

Moxey was suddenly beside him. He turned, grinning from ear to ear. It had been a very big explosion. Moxey couldn't resist. He returned the grin.

"Now you've had your fun and blown something up, can we continue?" asked Moxey.

Oz grinned as they entered the main complex.

Apart from the rooms devastated by the C4, the complex was brilliantly lit. Its corridors were arranged in rows, each one ending in a gap to allow passage. The gaps were placed in an alternating fashion so one was at the top of the corridor while the next was at the base. They walked carefully down the corridors desperate not to alert any guards alerted by the explosion by squeaking their dabs on the slick polished floor.

Doors, arranged opposite of each other with no form of identification, lined the corridors. Moxey mulled this over in his head for a minute as he thought The people working here have been working here for long enough to memorize where everything is.

They checked the doors along the corridor. Some of the doors had keypads making them inaccessible. Oz cursed frustrated. Setting up C4 in here was likely to kill Joanne as well as destroy Project Theresa. He hit one of the wooden doors with frustration.

Moxey grabbed his arm. They paused, the sound of boots clearly audible. Reflexes taking over, they took up positions either side of the corridor impatiently waiting for the inevitable guards.

The boots got closer. Oz looked over at Moxey alarmed. He grinned and winked. He was itching for a fight after leaving the others alone with Ally Fraser like that. They could hear the guards' shouts now which meant there were at least two, maybe more.

Oz braced himself as the first man sprinted past his position. He noticed a man no taller than Oz pivoting on his heel swinging his leg into the man's face as he passed. His entire body snapped backwards, his head bouncing off the floor.The next man barely had time to register it before a woman a little shorter than Dennis had body tackled him.

Turning, the woman found Moxey kneeling on the chest of the guard she had knocked over and said "Some guys have all the luck, right, Big Al?"

"Charlie, we need one of these guys conscious to find Project Theresa. They might even have the codes for the keypads." said Moxey as he stood. The man groaned.

Shrugging, Charlie walked over to the man and went through the pockets on his flak jacket. Nothing. She reached into his trouser pockets. Nothing.

"Oh bollocks, man," Oz frowned then stood over the guard who was slowly coming to his senses. "Right, you don't happen to know where Project Theresa is, do you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about." said the man. Frowning, Charlie looked over at Oz and reminded himself that his Newcastle or Scottish accent reminded her of that Brit actor David Tennant.

"Great. We're screwed. It'll be behind one of the locked doors for sure and we've got no way of opening them." said Charlie as the large man turned the rifle on one of the doors shooting out the handle. The door flew open.

Back in the Moxeys attic, Dennis motioned for Barry and Marty to wait before dragging a tied up Ally to him. Pulling out his sidearm in case Joanne cam by, Dennis carefully made his way to the edge of the corridor. He quickly glanced round the corridor and was shocked to find Eliza at the door and said "Hell's bollocks, I thought you were Mrs Fraser."

"Sorry, I misunderstood the instruction." said Eliza as amusement danced behind her eyes but both of them resisted the impulse to smile.

"You sure you'll be okay with the gun?" Marty asked as he approached Dennis.

"I thought Moxey's wife was Ally's wife." said Dennis as Marty and Barry both watched him for a moment. For a moment, he felt a small pang of concern. Then he shook his head.

Meanwhile back at Ally's hideout, Charlie pointed his gun at the guard and said "Take us to Project Theresa. I've got no problem with shooting you."

"I don't know what you're talking about." said the man.

Gripping the gun's barrel in her right hand and letting go of the grip with her left hand, Charlie swung the rifle's butt upwards in a wide arc. The man was lifted off the ground by the impact, crashing to the floor heavily.

Both Oz and Moxey each raised an eyebrow at her.

Moxey frowned back at him and said "These guys seriously get on me nerves."

The second guard had gotten impatient and followed his partner a few minutes later. Oz's head snapped up as Charlie spotted the guard at the same time. He sprinted noisily up the corridor, Moxey and Oz both just behind her. For a moment, she considered stopping him but after seeing his determined expression she knew it would be pointless.

The guard looked behind him then tripped over the recumbent form of Joanne that he had left on the floor as his head was turned. The man cursed and stood as Charlie leveled her gun and shouted "Freeze!"

For a moment, the man hesitated. Charlies eyes were positively glacial. He raised his hands as Charlie asked "I'm only gonna ask this once. Where's Project Theresa?"

The man hesitated. Looking from two angry men to an angry woman, he got the impression that neither of them was in a mood for the usual response and said "Follow me."

Despite being an inch shorter than Joanne, Charlie slung the 63 hear old female mob boss over her shoulder ignoring the small grunt of protest. The guard walked ahead of them, his expression hidden from their view. They passed rows of doors, each one exactly the same. Yet the man seemed to know where he was going. He led them up a flight of stairs which seemed to be placed only halfway along the complex's length. The group paused at a door which seemed identical to all the others.

"This is the place." said the man.

Moxey thanked the man before knocking him unconscious. Shooting out the door handle, they entered quietly. Among a myriad of computers was a heavy-duty case. Pulling up the heavy catches, Charlie frowned at the pair of CDs.

Oz looked over at them and said "Doesn't look much."

"Yeah but these are an actual time machine." said Charlie as she gazed with wonder at them. When she had first learned of them, she was too busy trying to save the world to realize just what that had meant. Something told him that Joanne and Ally could do whatever the hell they wanted. Bring back whoever they wanted. She shook her head.

The large black man grabbed her wrist and asked "Well, what're we going to do with them? We can't very well lug the case around with us. We've still gotta get out and we're both exhausted enough as it is. Charlie, you've got to destroy them. It's the only way to make sure something like this doesn't happen again."

"Dammit, Jermaine, Project Theresa's dangerous and the idea that we wouldn't destroy it is terrifying," said Charlie. "Especially because it's out of concern for me."

Charlie shot the two CDs ignoring the slight pang of regret as she turned to Joanne and said "We destroyed Theresa, you ho bag."

Joanne held her smile for a moment. Then she folded in on herself, head in hands. Her body wracked with sobs. Moxey, Jermaine and Charlie watched with growing horror as they saw the all too familiar scene. Charlie looked up at Oz who still held the gun to the larger man's head. She closed her eyes. There was little doubt in her mind that Oz would pull the trigger with or without their boss's husband's say-so.

After a few moments, she opened them again. Oz was looking at Joanne and the large man, gun still pointed at their heads, utter disgust and revulsion on his countenance. He snarled and threw the gun away.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

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Jermaine rolled his eyes when he realized that he would need a hand free to open the door. Releasing his hold on Joanne, he shoved the woman aside. Joanne fell limply to the floor, eyes open but unseeing. Jermaine ignored her grabbing the door handle. The security system for the keypads appeared to be one way; after all, who would want to break out if unauthorized people couldn't get in?

Suddenly, he felt Moxey's hand on his shoulder as he thought God, can't the boss take a hint?

He suddenly felt himself being spun, Oz pushing him back into the door. He stared at him with furious eyes, a look Oz had seen turned on Ally almost a day ago. Both his hands were placed on his shoulders pinning him to the door as Moxey said "I am getting really sick of you always taking your idiotic anger out on the rest of us. We keep trying to help you and you keep throwing it back in our faces. What ticks me off most about all this is that you're trying to claim it's love for Charlie that's making you so sodding crazy all the time."

Jermaine held Moxey and Oz's gazes but no emotion played over his face. Moxey didn't stop, everything coming out in a rush of words as Jermaine said "You're right. Charlie was right about the Frasers being dumbasses."

"Our mate Bomber said that too." said Oz as he turned his head away. Jermaine groaned, any mention of absent friends often made his boss sad.

"Your pal Bomber sounds like he used to be a great guy," said Jermaine. "Do you think he'd want you acting like this? It's been 15 years since he died, Big Al. I never knew you 'til you started dating the boss but I doubt that anyone you could care for this much would want you tearing yourself apart over such a dumb thing. I'll admit I made the same mistake. We shouldn't have trusted the big dude here but we're bad ass, Big Al, we're going to survive this."

"Jermaine man, I've always thought of Big Al here as one of my closest friends. I know we've just met but I don't know what I would do if anything were to happen to any of you and I don't want to lose you or anyone else in this crazy town except Joanne and Ally because of some stupid mistake. God, man, I love Big Al and the other lads. They're my family."

Oz and Moxey both held Jermaine's eyes searching for some kind of emotion. Seeing none, their eyes dropped to the floor and Oz released him fully. Charlie reached for the door handle beside Jermaine who stepped out of the way to let her through.

She held the handle for a moment. She was scared, if Jermaine couldn't stand the sight of a crook like Ally Fraser for the crap he caused people for at least 50 plus years, then it would be goodbye to the world. Perversely, for a second, she wondered if Mrs Moxey might have to ask Ally to go to Hell.

Jermaine's hand was suddenly around her wrist as he said "Y'know, leaving through that door may be symbolic but it's not very practical."

She looked oddly at him for a moment before he suddenly wrapped his arms round her pulling her into a tight embrace. After a few minutes, she pulled away. Jermaine watched her saying nothing but amusement dancing behind his eyes. Wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she looked at him oddly and said "Go on then, make a joke."

"Nah. Not really in the mood." said Jermaine shrugging but ignoring the temptation to grin.

Oz coughed lightly into his hand causing both of them to look round.

"Don't you think we had better be leaving?" asked Oz, his arms crossed, his eyes holding the same amusement as his friend's cohorts but for a different reason as he watched the two of them.

"Sure, I doubt we have any choice in the matter," said Moxey. "Let's go."

Shielding their eyes with their hands, Moxey, Oz, Charlie and Jermaine tried to look into the hangar. Charlie could just about make out the dark silhouettes of several dozen guards as she and Jermaine both leaned back in and sighed. Jermaine had deliberately set off the C4 as far away from the guards as possible which meant all of them were still alive and more alert than ever.

"What the freaking hell?" asked Charlie.

"Think of that C4 as their ticket to the next George Michael concert." said Moxey.

The four of them crouched. There was no way Oz or Moxey was going to be able to make the run this time. Oz had to figure out an alternative route, that was all there was to it. He thought perhaps that he could move all the way around the outside of the hangar, then use the sun's brilliance to blind the guards to his position but he rejected the idea. All it would take was one of them to be wearing sunglasses to screw it up.

They suddenly heard the sound of automatic fire from the other end of the hangar. Looking behind him he saw several dozen guards running from the complex, all making for the sound of gunfire. George lifted the assault rifle he carried to a ready position and heaved himself to his feet, once
again biting back the pain in his thigh. The only reason he could think for the guards to be firing would be the four of them escaping.

They sprinted out into the middle of the hangar, Oz gasping against the tearing agony in his leg. Reaching the same crate as he had a few hours ago, he stopped, dropping to one knee and aiming into the hangar. Shielding his eyes, he once tried to pick out targets despite the sun's glare. His eyes widened in shock at what he saw.

Black figures clad in body-suits were sprinting into the hangar, each one armed with their own assault rifle. Each one took up a firing position behind some piece of cover, taking aim and firing into the packed guards. Despite the guards' greater numbers, they were slowly driven back by the wall of gunfire, their own sporadic bursts ineffectual against the packing crates the intruders were hiding behind. It was over in a few minutes, the remaining guards simply throwing down their weapons and raising their hands. Oz flinched as soon as he saw them do it.

The body suited intruders didn't pause. Every guard was shot.

Charlie swore under her breath and said "Dammit, dude, I know some crap like this would happen."

Oz stopped to consider this for a moment as the police's timing exactly when the gang were already in the complex and recovering Theresa was too perfect to be coincidence. Which meant someone working for the police had to know what the gang were doing. Oz looked over the crate again. If anyone found him sneaking around, he'd be shot on sight. He raised his arms and called over the nearest group of officers hoping at least one of them would recognize him. One of the masked men or women gasped when he or she saw Moxey.

"Holy crap! Al? Big Al?" Moxey groaned inwardly. He suddenly wished he'd been shot on sight.

Donna Tyler ripped her mask off, her brown eyes locked with his as he said "Well, I'll be damned. Here we are working our way through some cheap "buy one get two free" guards and we find you skulking around!"

"Which reminds me," asked Donna. "Whose side are you on?"

Moxey raised an eyebrow and said "Didn't Leize tell you? Donna Rose, I'm surprised. Imagine you going into a situation like Spencer sent you here."

"God, Big Al, small world," said Donna as she suddenly noticed the group of agents waiting impatiently for her to finish. "You dumbasses go and finish whatever it was we're supposed to be doing."

The agents turned to leave.

"Just a minute." Moxey grabbed the nearest man and turned on him with sudden ferocity. "Me and the guys..."

"We know. We're on orders not to shoot them or you." said Donna as Moxey was patiently trying to ignore the man's attempts to change the subject and strike up a conversation.

"Sorry. I'm okay now. No idea what that was all about." said Oz.

Jermaine gripped his fellow tough guy's shoulder and said "We do. Dude, this Bomber dude wouldn't want his memory to affect you like this. You won't let go of the memory of his death."

"Neither will you." Moxey replied flippantly.

"Why do you say that?" asked Charlie patiently talking in a soothing voice.

Never mind." sighed Moxey as they all ran out of the building.

Meanwhile outside, Oz struggled to keep up with the agents who were keeping up a steady pace as they made for the complex.

"Hey, Big Al. Something up with your buddy's leg?" asked Donna

"Yeah. It's been shot." said Moxey replying for Oz.

Donna grinned and said "Damn, the great Leonard Osborne who Big Al's been telling me about gets shot by one of these SOBs."

Oz ignored the comment. His leg was in agony but he wasn't about to let Donna anywhere near his family alone as they reached the complex's wall.

"They went round the side to look for a way in," said Moxey. "That's where I left them."

"Right," said Donna as she signaled to two of the five agents with him. "You guys go into that courtyard thing. The boss said that was the easiest point of ingress."

Moxey's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Charlie and Jermaine coming round the corner. Oz and Moxey ran over and high-fived Jermaine and Charlie.

"Hey, Big Al!" said Charlie feeling oddly energetic.

"I thought we were supposed to be recovering Theresa," said Oz. Suddenly, it took a moment for his brain to catch up with what he said. "Not that I'm not happy to see you..."

Jermaine answered. "Well, we were kinda about to but Charlie was being a jackass then we found Theresa and..."

Charlie broke in. "Then I shot it and then there were loads of guards and we had to leg it."

Moxey clicked his tongue. Something had been bothering him as he said "I wonder why the Frasers wanted Theresa so bad? And why did Joanne break down like that?"

Charlie looked over at him and said "No idea. Must've been something pretty important."

Meanwhile at the Moxeys house, Eliza's brother Marvin O' Reilly entered the house and headed for the living room then noticed vaguely that Ally Fraser was sitting on the couch. He felt his shoulders tense. This didn't feel right. He scanned the room and saw Dennis tied up on the floor and rushed inside into the arms of Ally himself.

In some ways, Ally was vicious, bad tempered and despite being at least three inches shorter than Marvin's 5"10 1/2', he was as violent as the Melon Farmer from Kick-Ass 2. As Ally grabbed him, Marvin elbowed him in the eye and dove to his left to avoid Ally's hands. A second body tackled him from behind and both pulled him to the ground grunting with the force.

"I thought you said Big Al's brother-in-law wasn't due to land in Chicago til tomorrow, Al," said Joanne joining the struggle. "This fella sure is a damned fighter!" Marvin felt the woman who she guessed was Joanne Talerico Fraser hold his shoulder down and Ally began to pound his chest. Marvin felt herself begin to weaken as she gasped for breath.

"Just hold him down while I give him the drug, okay?" muttered Ally as he stopped punching and nodded for Joanne to hold Marvin down while he fished a hypodermic out of her pocket. "Don't worry, boyo, this won't hurt a bit!" Ally said and jabbed it into Marvin's neck.

"Hey! Who the hell are you?" yelled Marvin. "Dude, what…" his voice faded away as darkness overtook him. The last thing he heard was "Well, he better by damned be worth it. The little shit'll pay for my eye surgery!"

A few minutes later, Moxey, Oz, Charlie and Jermaine came home to see Dennis tied up. Crap, Ally had gotten free as the two of them saw him sitting on the couch.

"So, Laurel and Hardy return," said Ally cockily. "Don't make me wish we'd kidnapped Dennis instead of the younger two, boys or you'll regret it." A laugh. "Joanne thought you'd be stubborn but Big Al's pain in the arse of a brother-in-law gave moi a black eye. I'm not happy about that."

Moxey consciously gulped down his outrage and lowered his voice. "Okay, you're the one in control here, Ally. Would you mind telling me what it is you want from me? Maybe I can get you whatever it is you want and you can let me go. My wallet's in my satchel, you're welcome to it if you want it."

Joanne laughed hoarsely and said "We don't want your wallet. Why do you think we bothered coming here? We want you! We should be there soon and you'll meet the boss. I know he's been looking forward to seeing you!"
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

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Moxey peered through the darkness frustrated that even after so many hours, he still couldn't see his surroundings clearly. He, Eliza, Oz, Dennis, Neville, Barry, Wyman and Marty were all in his and Eliza's attic and with his hands restrained, it had taken a while to get the attic light on only to discover that there was nothing to see.

He tried to stay calm. Someone in the Chicago gangland mob must have noticed his absence by now; Jermaine and/or Charlie would be calling out the troops. Why was he here? He tried to remember the training Bomber taught him and the other guys on captivity and torture. It hadn't been pleasant, the primary goal had been to make the subject afraid and to teach her how to handle that fear as well as physical pain. There was no telling what Joanne and Ally had in mind. Moxey closed his eyes against the dark room and tried to bolster his confidence wishing vaguely that the Thunderbirds and Team America were real so they could rescue him. He repeated to herself like a mantra… This may not even be about that sort of crap…Maybe they just want revenge…. Don't panic. I don't know what's going to happen and that's the problem. Deep breath. At least it's just me up here as well as Leize and the other lads. Be grateful for small blessings. I can face whatever comes, I'll manage and they'll find me. Charlie and Jermaine'll be looking to find me…

As the attic light blinked at the light, a figure entered and said "Joanne got out of the ties, you wanna use the cuffs instead?"

"Go ahead." said a voice on what sounded like a speaker phone.

Moxey, Eliza, Oz, Dennis, Neville, Barry, Wyman and Marty were all tied up as Barry asked "Will somebody tell me what it is that you want?"

"Bad news, guys," said Imran Patel stepping in front of the light. "Sorry about the delay but the Gruesome Twosome got away."

"Imran?" asked Eliza. "Holy crap, what are you doing? Is this some kind of practical joke? Where's Big Jake?"

"Oh, it's no joke, ma'am," said Imran as he moved in closer, attention focused entirely on his bosses and the friends of one of his bosses. "I heard that Scottish dude ranting and raving about Big Al becoming one of us and all he and his old lady got a damned siding business? What a bitch, that girl was always set for life. Sure, she had the looks, the family contacts but he lost you to Big Al and his ex to the big guy!"

"Nice one, lad," said Dennis. "Now, c'mon, undo these cuffs and we'll go and kick those two up the arse."

Ally entered the attic, pulled a gun stopping Imran's forward motion immediately and said "Oh no, young man. Dear darling Dennis and his team are our meal ticket, you also!"

"I don't suppose you'd consider at least giving me my gun back," said Barry. "I mean, it was a gift from my cousin before he died."

In the meantime, Joanne arrived in the attic with Barry's gun and 'Big' Jake Jordan as Imran, Moxey, Eliza, Oz, Dennis, Neville, Barry, Wyman and Marty all lay shivering on the floor of the darkened room. There was no heat in the place and it was definitely winter here. Remembering Oz untied him, Marty got up and began to do star jumps in place to keep warm. As the others joined in, Eliza just hoped it would be in time.

"What the hell's going on, Al? Surd didn't PAY! The deadline passed and NOTHIN' happened!" Joanne asked.

"So what now?" asked Ally. "We destroy Dr Surd's crap?"

"Not yet," said Joanne. "Lucy, get the car. Debbie, get the guns. I don't think Dr Surd'll ignore THIS message."

Big Jake's eyebrows raised and he made a mental note to send that Ally guy to Hell even if it killed him. A few hours later, Marty was on his laptop and ran through the tape again. Then he opened the box gently and looked at what nasty video had been had sent; The film showed a Surd henchman dragged to a wooden table or bench or something, his hand splayed onto it and an axe coming down hard. It made Neville lose his lunch at the sound of the man's screams.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

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Michael O' Leary huddled on the floor trying to stop the blood. The dumb asses who did this had given him an old towel to hold against his hand but any movement and he started bleeding again. The fat guy's blow with the axe hadn't just taken off a finger, it had damn near cut his hand in two severing multiple blood vessels. Just his luck he'd get a kidnapper with lousy aim. He'd never pilot drive his beloved BMW Z4 Rachel again unless he could do it one-handed. He snorted. How likely was it that he'd pilot anything again? He could feel his head swimming and his hand throbbed. How long had he been out? He peered into the darkness with crusty eyes. Still daylight judging by the small chinks of light that got past the metal shutters over the windows.

Well at least they'd fed him not that he could eat much. So they didn't want him dead just yet but he knew he didn't have much time. He clutched his hand to his chest feeling the pain throbbing up his arm. They'd left right after they'd taken his finger off and Michael had a pretty good idea what they were going to do with it. His heart ached when he thought of how his wife Emma would take it.

Slowly, he dragged himself to his feet. The idiots who did this weren't worried about Michael breaking out now that the SOBs had crippled him. His eyes avoided the bench covered in his own blood then realized that an equally bloody axe lay on the floor next to it. They'd forgotten it in their rush to send that last package to Emma. He frowned in speculation. The windows were impossible, but this was a cabin, solid enough but it had to have weak spots…Maybe the bathroom walls? The room smelled of dry rot to begin with.

He slowly bent to pick up the axe with his good hand. Fortunately they'd hit his left hand and he was right-handed. Judging by his attackers past history, he would be alone the rest of the day at least. He wasn't very fit but he had time. And he had patience. And he had an axe.

Holding the sticky axe with his right hand, it took Michael several hours to chip a hole big enough to slip through in the bathroom wall. He had to stop periodically to catch his breath and try not to pass out. He was starting to feel woozy, his hand was burning up. He thought infection might be setting in. Thank goodness his surgeon kept them all up to date on their tetanus shots or he'd be fighting lockjaw as well.

Finally, he was able to squeeze through the opening and debated whether or not to bring the axe with him. He looked up. Damn! The last thing he needed was a pouring rainstorm. The wind was picking up too. He decided to leave the axe behind since he didn't think he could carry it. He could barely lift it by now and he didn't want to frighten any passerby he asked for help by toting a bloody axe with him since he was already covered with blood. He laughed bitterly remembering a hundred campfire stories he'd told his twin children Johnny and Rosie. His laugh became a sob as he stumbled away from the cabin and down the gravel road.

Michael stumbled down the road. It was a long hike and it had begun to get dark. The rain was getting heavier. He wrapped his arms across his chest to try to preserve what body heat he could. He looked around, never had the forest seemed so menacing. He stopped, hearing wheels on gravel, then ducked behind a redwood tree to listen. A Illinois state police car came up the road and he had a suspicion that he knew who was in it.

"Damn," he muttered under his breath and blended into the forest. They'd find out he was gone shortly. He couldn't stay on the road, that was the first place they'd look. His best bet would be to try to shadow the road or find a stream and follow it downhill. Streams led to rivers which led to civilization and help. He sat quietly until the van had passed then made the best speed he could through the woods.

It got darker and darker and Michael soon realized that he was lost. He couldn't see the road anymore. The rain poured down drenching his clothing and plastering his red hair flat on his head. He stopped in the shelter of a tree and carefully unwrapped his hand. It felt hot to the touch and hurt worse than ever. Well, there was nothing more he could do with it. He re wrapped it in the sodden cloth. He decided to cut his losses and try to rest for the night. In the morning, he'd see his way better. He found a giant redwood long hollowed out by fire and hunkered down inside trying to shield himself from the cold and shivered himself to sleep.

Later that night, he heard voices calling his name. He couldn't tell where the voices came from but he knew that his attackers couldn't let him go. They had too much at stake. Quickly, he rummaged outside his tree and found some underbrush to hide the opening. He had to stay quiet if he was going to survive this. He huddled back into his corner against the burned out bark of the tree and hunched over his injured hand. He felt cold, he was shivering harder. He should be holding his hand above heart level to control the bleeding; His surgeon would disapprove of his current posture. As if he could still lift his arm... God, he wished his brother-in-law Homer were here hopefully toting hot coffee with bourbon in it and some painkillers. His clothing had dried a bit but was still damp. His feet didn't bear thinking about; his boots were coming apart at the soles. He ran his right hand over his sweaty forehead. Great. His fever was worse; the hand was definitely infected. He had to wait out those punks then he could try to hike into a town somewhere.

Lieutenant Spencer got out of her car to find a group of police waiting for her in the pouring rain. A man in a trench coat with an umbrella met her and offered his hand.

"You must be Lieutenant Rose Spencer," he said shaking Spencer's hand. "I'm James Davis, the officer in charge of this investigation. Let's move inside and talk."

Spencer followed him and asked "Is there any word on who did this?"

Lieutenant Davis was silent a moment looking abashed and said "I'm sorry, no. We've picked up Ally Fraser's two henchmen and they swear that Mr O' Leary here broke out of Surd's old hideout and says he don't know where he is."

Spencer frowned and said "If that were true, this guy would've found help by now, wouldn't he?"

Lieutenant Davis shook his head and said "We've examined the area. There's a hole chipped through one of the walls. We found a considerable amount of blood inside the building and a bloody axe immediately outside the hole. Given the amount of blood, I'm afraid we can't rule out the possibility that Mr O' Leary was killed by thee little SOBs and the story of his escape concocted to avoid prosecution for murder….Lieutenant Spencer? Eddie! Get Lieutenant Spencer a chair and some water!"

Spencer slumped in the chair feeling the blood rush away from his head. No, can't faint, he reminded himself. He isn't dead if there's no body. We'll find him and bring him home to his family, no matter what.

Eddie sat next to Spencer and said "Lieutenant Spencer, I said it was a possibility. Mr O' Leary… athletic, right? He could've chopped that hole himself despite…ahh…injuries. We got searchers in the woods looking for him right now. We've got scent hounds out there too. We'll find him."

Spencer looked bleakly at Eddie. The man hadn't even put Michael O' Leary into the present tense. They were looking for his body, for God's sake. He drew in a breath and said "I understand, Lieutenant Davis but I hope you don't mind if I call in Villa Park Police as well? Michael O' Leary's been out there for hours and I want to maximize his chances." Spencer found her hands balled into fists but had no one to hit. She carefully spread her hands flat on her thighs.

"By all means, ma'am, please feel free to call them in. We'll be happy to work with them. They have an excellent reputation," Lieutenant Davis said soothingly. "But I do have to insist that they're not interfere with my investigation or handle evidence. They aren't trained for that."

"Damn your theory," Spencer locked eyes with her fellow lieutenant. "Emma O' Leary said she only wants her husband back alive. She and I don't give a damn about your investigation. Anything that will help to find him, I'm going to do."

"Understood, ma'am," Lieutenant Davis replied. "Would you like to use our radio to call them?"

"No, I'll use my own car." Spencer replied and sprinted back to her Volvo George.

Imran, Imran, Moxey, Eliza, Oz, Dennis, Neville, Barry, Wyman and Marty were in the Moxeys lounge when the call came in. Spencer purposely gave a brief account of her visit with a Chicago police officer.

"I've already updated Lorenzo separately. First, there may be a news presence so I want Big Al and two of the other guys on this case. Yes, even James Bond would do something this crazy," At Wyman's groan, he added "This is the only way to make sure that we actually help each other out. I know these guys are uncomfortable but they're necessary in this instance. Big Al, I want you, the big guy and the guy who sounds like Ozzy Osborune and looks like a pig to take Amy. Put her at top speed. I want you here immediately," Spencer ran a hand over her face tiredly.

"On it, Rosie." said Moxey as he, Oz and Barry immediately went to the garage.

"The rest of you stay here and monitor this place in case Balmy and Clyde return," said Spencer. "Chicago Police have a theory that Michael O' Leary was actually killed and his body hidden somewhere in the forest. In any case, they're experiencing a major storm system here with a drop in temperature so it's likely that he'll have hypothermia on top of everything else. Bring both the primary and secondary medical kits."

Oz swallowed hard and said "On it, Lieutenant. What makes them think that…that this O' Leary bloke…"

Spencer sighed "The amount of blood in Surd's old hideout's significant. They think that those two morons made up a story to hide a murder. There are searchers and dogs out here already but they've had no luck at all. Get here as fast as you can."

"Which kit did you bring?" Lance asked crime technician Lisa Lewis as Moxey, Oz and Barry arrived on the scene seeing the large crate marked with a red cross that Lisa was had opened.

"You're unpacking the primary medical kit. I've got the secondary one here." said Lisa as she gestured toward the crate with her chin.

"Wait a minute, the portable operating theater?" Barry demanded. "We aren't going to need that, are we?"

"Chicago Police want us completely prepared for whatever we find," Lisa replied closing the empty crate and surveying the various medical supplies and implements the Englishmen had stowed. "I hope to God they won't be needed but we'll have them if we do."

"Do you think that dude's still alive?" Lance asked softly.

"Rosie's really worried about the bloke," said Moxey. "But we're all assuming he's alive." He turned to Lisa. "And we WILL find the bastards who did this kind of crap."

"Did you bring all the equipment?" Spencer asked Lisa.

"Yes, ma'am, it's all loaded," Lisa responded. "Do you have a search area mapped out?"

"Yeah, here's a map of the national forest," said Spencer handed it to Barry. "You guys come with me. Lieutenant Davis, the kids tell me that they've got some kind of DNA sniffer that can track Ally Fraser better than a sniffer dog especially in this rain."

"We've got a newly developed piece of equipment that should assist in locating the victim," said Lieutenant Davis. "It can track a person via the DNA trail that he leaves behind. We're hoping to locate Ally Fraser by that method. The CSI techs have already been through."

"I think I'll stay outside." Lisa told Moxey with a mournful smile.

Barry concentrated on not losing his lunch and Oz concentrated on not smashing the place up while Moxey went over to a wooden bench literally soaked in O' Leary's blood and carefully scraped away a sample.

"Are you okay, man?" asked Oz closing up his sample slide.

"I'll be better when we get outside," Barry gritted and forced himself to survey the entire cabin including the hole chopped in the wall. With difficulty, he exited the cabin at a reasonable pace. "While Lieutenant Spencer's calibrating the tracker, we need to talk to that other cop."

"Well? Did he survive?" Spencer asked in low tones.

Davis took a long breath and said "He's lost a lot of blood, Lieutenant Spencer but yes, I think that survival's possible. I don't think that Ally Fraser guy necessarily set this up to hide a murder."

"We should know shortly," Spencer replied and returned to where Lisa stood. "Lisa? Is your machine ready to go you mind if I accompanied you on the search?"

"Sure, Miss Spencer," said Lisa. "And yeah, the machine's ready and calibrated. We can start any time now."

"We'll leave the vehicle here until we find Ally, Lieutenant Spencer," Davis said. "I'm sure Big Al can help us."

"That sounds fine to me," said Moxey. "Let's get going."

"Did you hear that?" Spencer asked grabbing Moxey's arm despite being 3 inches shorter than Moxey. "Did you hear that cry? It almost sounded like Ally…"

"It could be just a wild animal, Lieutenant," Oz said quietly listening intently. "It came from this direction and that's where the DNA leads as well."

"Guys! Tracks!" said Spencer pointed out some muddy footprints near a stream. "They look fresh."

"Fan out and call! Maybe he'll know our voices." Barry suggested.

Several minutes later, Spencer and Moxey heard Oz's voice calling from the underbrush "Big Al man! I've found him!"

Spencer and Moxey plowed through the ferns and brush to find Oz and Barry face to face with Ally as Ally ran over to them. Spencer, Moxey, Oz and Barry eyed Ally who was holding a gun at them.

"How far away did you park that crappy car of yours?" Ally asked Spencer.

"We're about a quarter of a mile away. The forest is pretty dense in this area," Spencer replied. "Not too far."

"Hey, Ally, you don't wanna kill us while you're at it." said Barry.

"You bet our arse I'm gonna," said Ally said as he cocked his gun. "The faster you idiots die, the faster me and Joanne can go to NYC. And besides, Joanne's better than the woman you stole from me, right?"

"Don't talk about my Vicki like that, you Scottish twat." said Oz as he, Barry and Moxey started to beat the crap out of Ally.

"How dare you mention her to me, you broken toothed idiot," said Ally. "You and that pig Spencer are gonna die and me and Joanne'll be away by the time you're both buried."

At that moment, Barry pulled a gun out of his satchel and both he and Ally started to fire at each other but Spencer, Moxey and Oz ran as fast as they could. Oz frowned feeling a deep flare of rage against Ally for the way he treated Vicki over 35 years ago and thought Okay, the second Barry gets Fraser, he's getting his arse kicked all the way to Hell. He's a moron, he knows that.

"Is that really necessary?" asked Barry as Ally fired. "We try to avoid getting killed for the sake of the state."

"Well, Barry, I'm glad that you're not gonna make it," said Ally. "I'm gonna have some pretty good fun take some pictures of your corpse."

"The Hell you are." said Ally and as Barry moved out of the way, Ally aimed the gun at Spencer, Moxey and Oz. Suddenly, Barry fired so Spencer, Moxey and Oz dived out of the way which meant Barry had finally did what no man in Britain could do by shooting Ally fatally wounding him. Three shots passed through the crooked businessman and he fell.

"Holy crap," gasped Moxey. "This is a total disaster."

Spencer, Moxey, Oz and the Chicago Police all ran over to Barry and Fraser and knelt down by Barry.

"Before you start, Moxey," said Barry trying to reassure him. "It was in self defense."

" Hell," Ally gasped. "Damn all...of Hell."

Don't be upset, shot Fraser in self defense, like." said Oz quietly and tiredly.

Davis wasn't understanding anything.

"What are you talking about?" Davis asked. "You killed Ally Fraser. With him gone to Hell, everything'll be alright."

"Tell Joanne...Tell Joanne...I love..her..." said Ally as he finally closed his eyes and stopped speaking. His right arm fell limp and lifeless on the road. Barry's eyes went wide as Joanne ran up to her dead husband.

"No, sir. Please! Please don't leave me! Don't leave me, damn you!" Joanne cried, tears pouring down her face. Lisa attempted to revive Ally but it was no use. Ally did not respond. He was gone. Moxey hugged Spencer and gave Barry a thank you smile for being a hero. They all mourned the deceased criminal as the police cars pulled up.

The police brought Barry, Spencer, Moxey and Oz to the station where they explained what had happened. After filling out some papers, they were escorted back to Moxey and Eliza's home. When arriving, Davis explained what happened to Eliza. She then held her husband and hugged the life out of him. Not everyone was so sad. The North Easterners of Great Britain celebrated when they heard the news of the demise of the man who ruined so many lives.

Two weeks later with all the preparations made, a funeral was held. Surprisingly many had arrived for the funeral aside from the Seven, Vicki, Brenda, Lorraine, Brenda, Tina and even some police officers and citizens from Newcastle had showed. Ally was given a very normal tombstone with a stone bust of himself atop it. As everyone took their seats, Dennis came up the podium to deliver the eulogy.

"We are gather here today to pay our respects to Alasdair George Fraser who preferred to be known by Ally. A hero who worked tirelessly to protect his reputation. He was a dedicated conman, a rotten boyfriend, a loving son and finally, a good and loyal friend. While we lay his body to rest, his spirit and legacy will live on in all of us who carry on his memory. We hope that he may have at last found peace in the next world," He turned to the tombstone and saluted it. "See you in Hell, Alasdair."

After the reception, The team all went to Oz and Vicki's home. Their car was followed by Barry's van, Lorraine's Porsche, Neville's Ford Capri, Wyman's BMW, Marty's motorbike and Eliza's Cadillac. Upon arriving to their home, Oz escorted the others to the door. Moxey turned to Big Baz who came with Barry and Hazel and shook his hand.

"Thanks for coming, Baz. I know Fraser was a bastard but I really appreciate it." said Moxey.

"No problem, man. Some folks say Mr Fraser was a good man." Big Baz said.

When the front door was opened and they entered the house, Marty went to the bathroom. Wyman, Tina and Elsa all followed him. Dennis then turned to Big Baz and gave a slight bow.

"I thank you for coming, Baz man." Dennis thanked.

"Please, it was no trouble," Big Baz said before continuing. "Listen, Dennis man. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to call or visit me in Durham. You're always welcome. Besides, my grandkids are very fond of your Kevin's kids. I'm sure they wouldn't mind helping lift your spirits when you and Lorraine are ready."

"I'll consider your advice. Thank you again, Baz. Have a safe trip back to Durham." said Lorraine.

With that, Ally's former henchman bowed his head to her and head towards his car. After the large man left, Vicki closed the door and placed her back against it. She placed her hand on her face and began to cry. She slide down the door sinking to the floor. She was still having her own struggle. She loved Ally in her own way. He was dashing, handsome, intelligent and caring at first. True, he could be a bit insensitive at times and an egomaniac but she loved him all the same. Now he was gone and she was still having trouble coping. However, she tried to put on a brave face for Oz who was coping fine. This wasn't the first time he'd lost someone so close to him. First Wayne, then Bomber and now Ally. She had to be strong for him. Vicki grabbed a box of tissues and wiped her eyes. After cleaning herself up, Vicki walked up to her husband of 7 years and hugged him.

"Leonard?" Vicki asked.

"Vicki." said Oz hugging her right back.

"I hate to say this but I-I miss Ally so much, It-it hurts!!" Vicki cried out as Oz continued to hold her.

"I know. I miss him much," Oz said sadly. "He was a bastard to the end but we all miss him."

The next couple of months went by without incident. The Seven rounded up some of the remaining members of their Rogues gallery and had them incarcerated. Over these months, the team divided their time between Chicago, Newcastle, Wolverhampton and London for a change of scenery. They visited old friends and family. The change in scenery helped soothe everyone's broken hearts and they started feel better. Returning home was hard as coming home helped remind them what was lost but it had gotten better over time for everyone even Vicki who had gotten over Ally's death. After much consideration and planning, Oz's son Rod decided to talk to Vicki about an idea he and his father had. He entered his father and stepmother's room. Vicki was brushing her hair but stopped when Rod entered.

"Hello, Rod. How are you?" asked Vicki.

Rod approached the bed.

"Vicki, I want to talk with you for a minute." Rod stated.

"Ok, what is it?" asked Vicki.

Rod stood before Vicki who finally saw him as the son she never had.

"Vicki," Rod started. "Dad told me that you didn't seem to be doing well since Ally Fraser's death. Do you want to talk about it?"

Vicki looked at him saddened.

"I still miss him so much," Vicki admitted solemnly. "Everywhere I look, I'm reminded of that bastard and it hurts..."

"Vicki, that brings up an idea I had recently. What if you and Dad went away from Newcastle for a while?" asked Rod as Oz passed the bedroom. Vicki came out of her depression and looked at Rod in surprise.

"Go away...Go away from Newcastle for a while? But to where?" asked Vicki.

"Rod and his woman Zoe've been thinking about Glasgow and perhaps opening up a salon and a plumbing business with a loan from a bank or Big Baz," Oz clarified. "But I don't want to make this decision without your consensus. We're a family and we should make decisions together. If you don't feel like you want to move then we won't. Just think about it alright?"

"Alright." Vicki said.

"Thanks, Vicki." said Oz and Rod in unison as both kissed Vicki and left the room.

Vicki thought long and hard about this suggestion. Being here in Newcastle only seemed to remind her of what she had lost. Glasgow would have friends there and she would probably feel more comfortable in the metropolis. Ally grew up knew the city and she would be there with Oz, Rod and Rod's girlfriend Zoe McDonald. She could be happy in Glasgow but there were also other factors to consider about not leaving Newcastle. Newcastle was were she was born, her hometown. True, there was painful memories but there were also good memories and friends she had here especially her cousin Julie McMichael. She was also her best friend, could she leave her and Newcastle? After a great deal of thought, Vicki finally decided that she wanted to move. The next morning at breakfast, Vicki told Oz that she agreed with Rod's decision to move away from Newcastle. After two months of house hunting, visits to Glasgow and negotiations with realtors and landlords, they finally settled upon their new house and the store for Vicki's new salon and Oz's new plumbing business. They began packing up and sending things to Glasgow in different moving vans. The day finally came where the two of them had to bid farewell to Newcastle. Dennis placed the last of their belongings in the van and hugged Oz while Julie said her goodbyes to Vicki.

"Well, my life won't be the same without you, Vicki man." Julie complimented.

"I'm sure it won't, Julie man." Vicki agreed with a chuckle.

"We'll miss you, Vicki. Come and visit us anytime," Lorraine suggested. "We'd love to see you and Oz if you'll allow us to."

"I don't want to you to go, Oz man." said Dennis said sadly.

"I know, Dennis man but I just can't stay here," Oz said regretfully. "I need to go somewhere else and get my head together and for Vicki to try to come to terms with Fraser's death."

Dennis looked down at the ground depressed and disappointed. Oz felt his best friend's sorrow at this choice and tried to lift his spirits at least a little bit. He put his hand to his former gaffer's chin and lifted it up to face him.

"Hey, man. Cheer up. It's not like I'm gonna be gone forever," Oz reminded Dennis. "I'll come back and visiot when me and Vicki've gotten settled in Glasgow. I promise I'll come back."

Dennis smiled a little bit. The two shook hands and then embraced in a tight hug. Both holding their eyes shut trying to hold back their tears.

"I'm gonna miss you." sighed Dennis.

Oz closed his eyes tighter as he could hear the sadness in his voice.

"I'll miss you too." Oz replied.

The two continued to hug for a few more minutes. Vicki looked at the two starting to have doubts about Rod's idea for moving. The two old friends broke from the hug and Neville, Barry, Moxey, Wyman and Marty came to the group.

"Ok, the van's packed up. Are you guys ready to go?" Marty asked.

Dennis and Oz came up to their comrades. Oz looked at his wife and then to the lads.

"Aye, we're ready, Marty." Vicki said.

Marty nodded, turned to Barry, hugged him and said "I'll see you on Saturday, Uncle Barry."

"You too, Marty." Barry told his nephew.

"Don't hesitate to call or visit." Neville reminded Oz.

"They won't. Stop that, Nev." said Wyman.

With that, Oz, Vicki and Marty got into the car, buckled up and pulled out of the drive way. As they started to pull away from their home and the team. Oz looked out the window and waved at his best friends as they drove down the lane. They drove through the city, past familiar places and taking some last looks at the metropolis before getting on to the highway and leaving it behind.
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Re: The Return of Ally Fraser

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Damn, damn, damn.

Joanne's anger had been so intense, so blinding that until the explosion that threw him across the hideout, she was not aware that she had thrown everything breakable within reach into the flames of the fireplace. The bottle of cooking oil, however, had somehow managed to remain intact until its contents had begun to boil and expand finally shattering in all directions. As Joanne convinced herself to come back to his senses, she realized the hot oil had ignited as it flew through the air, splattering flames throughout the room. The wooden building was nearly completely involved in the blaze, the floor between her and either the front or kitchen doorway on fire, the front door itself in flames.

Trapped, she rose to her feet, the heat searing his face and smoke blinding her and she used her hands to feel her way along the wall. Joanne knew there was a window along here someplace... She reached the corner and cursed.

Damn that former Surd man to get away and kept them from overseeing the operation. Damn those two morons for screwing it up. Damn that moron Big Al and his bitch of a wife Eliza. May they both go to jail. Damn the Chicago Police for allowing Ally to get murdered. Damn the idiot who looked like a pig, sounded like Ozzy Osbourne and killed her third husband. And damn those British creeps that compelled them to make elaborate plots for their demise. Only to fail and fail again.

This would be the last time, Joanne vowed. Failure would not happen again. Her next scheme would be simple and precise...

She reversed direction, still searching for the window.

The fire crept under the kitchen door and moved toward the back door. Flames licked at grease spilled down the side of the propane-fueled cooking range. Then the oily residue ignited, drawing the inferno onto the top of the stove and closer to the propane valve at the rear of the cooking surface.

The same valve that her mother had carefully shut off each evening when they were in their holiday cabin in Switzerland where Joanne spent her Winter holidays; her fear of fire was no hypnotic suggestion but a true childhood phobia. A phobia Joanne Fraser had considered exploiting but dismissed as it did not fit in her perfect plan.

Joanne had found the window frame and was fumbling at the simple fastenings with little success when the heat caused the rubber gasket at the propane valve to melt and the gas to leak out. Suddenly, a tremendous explosion lifted the cabin’s roof,which just as suddenly pancaked back down flattening what remained of the cabin that continued to burn as she finally managed to craw out of the nearest window and ran near a truck, the one which held a truck driver who resembled a younger version of her beloved Ally. The burning propane shot its blue flames into the air in a bright plume that could be seen far into the night as Joanne got into the truck and told the driver to go as fast as he could.
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