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When Barry Met Hazel

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When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:16 pm

I was wondering about myself about how Barry and Hazel first met so I was thinking that this story might be it. It's set in 1980 so enjoy.

Hazel Redfern wasn't ready to meet Barry Taylor the next day so she decided to wait for a month or two to meet him since she couldn't find anything good to wear.

"Bella, could you tell Bob I'm not ready to meet his friend he wants me to meet? I haven't found anything to wear yet." Hazel said.

"Okay. I'll tell him tomorrow." Bella Simpson said.

They separated for the day since Hazel had to be home at 5:30pm and 6:00pm which was dinnertime for her family.

"Hello, Simon. How was school today?" Hazel and Simon's mother Rose Redfern asked.

"Fine, Mom. I got my history test back. I got 100%." said Hazel smiling.

"Good for you, bab." Hazel's father Russell said happily.

He loved it when his children got good marks in school. Hazel knew she had chores to do after supper. It was her daily routine since she was busy with school in the day. After dinner, Hazel and Simon did the dishes together. He did the trash while she did the dishes.

Hazel had a hard time going to sleep that night. She had wondered who this Barry guy was and what he was like. It took her quite a while to go to sleep since Barry Taylor was on her mind and she wondered what kind of person he was. She had never dated once in her whole life and wondered what it was like to date a guy but had heard the stories from Bella. She knew she would get her first kiss sooner or later from a guy but that would come later. She knew sooner or later she would have a sex talk with her mother. Shirley was up the next morning before her alarm went off. She shut the alarm once it was going to buzz off.

"Hi, Mom." Hazel said.

"Hi, bab." Mrs Redfern said.

"Mom, Bella told me her boyfriend Bob Fluke's got a friend he wants me to meet." Hazel said.

"What kind of friend is this?" Mrs Redfern asked her only daughter.

"I hear the name was Barry Taylor." Hazel said.

"I know the name, Hazel. I know his mother because we get our hair done in the same parlor." Mrs Redfern said.

"Is she nice?" Hazel asked.

"She is. We go shopping once a month." Mrs Redfern said.

"I hope so. I'm supposed to meet Barry Taylor this week but I don't have anything to wear to impress him." Hazel said.

"I'll help you." Mrs Redfern said.

"All right. Thanks, Mom." Hazel said appreciating her mother's help.

Hazel ate breakfast and then she got her school things and headed out the house and waited for Bella's mother to pick her up. Bella's mother arrived within a few minutes so Marion didn't have to wait very long.

"Hi, Bella." Hazel said when she got into the backseat and joined her best friend.

"Hi, Hazel. Are you ready to meet Bob's friend today?" Bella asked.

"No. I don't have anything to wear. Give me more time." Hazel said.

"Okay. Should I tell Bob that?" Bella asked.

"Yes." Hazel answered.

"Okay. I'll tell him at lunch today but Don's a really cute bloke." Bella told her best friend.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Wed Dec 04, 2019 4:21 pm

Lunchtime arrived fast. Bella arrived at her usual table where she ate with Bob. Bob was there with a yong electrician named Barry Taylor.

"Hi, Bob." Bella said as the two kissed.

"Hi, Bella." he said.

"Hi, Don." Bella said.

"Where's Hazel?" Bob asked with curiosity.

"She can't make it today, Bob. She wanted to but she said she wanted more time to meet Don." Bella said.

"Okay. Let me know when she'll join us." Bob said.

Barry was listening to the conversation. He was wondering who this Hazel girl was that they were talking about.

"Who's Hazel?" Barry asked.

"My best friend." Bella answered.

"You'll like her, Don. Nice girl." Bob said.

"I hope so." Barry said.

"She is. She's the same age as us, Mr Taylor. We're 16." Bella said.

"Really? I can't wait to meet this Hazel." Barry said.

"Bet you can't. I think she goes to the same church as you." Bella told Barry.

"If she does, I don't think I've seen her at Mass." Barry said.

"Maybe she goes at a different time." Bella said.

"Probably." Barry replied.

Barry didn't know that Hazel Redfern attended the same Mass service he did but he didn't know what she looked like so he would find out until they met.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:42 pm

A month had passed and Hazel was finally ready to meet Barry.

"Tell Bob I'm finally ready to meet his friend." Hazel told Bella.

"It took you a while to be ready to meet Big Bad Barry, Hazel, Marion. He looks a bit like Winston Churchill though. I heard from Bob that he attends the same church as you and your family do." Bella said.

"Really? What service?" Hazel asked.

"I don't know. You'll have to find out from him." Bella answered.

Hazel found it interesting Bella's boyfriend's friend went to the same church she did. Maybe they would go together once they met, but she never knew if he was a nice guy or not until they were introduced. That Tuesday at lunch, Bella let Bob introduce Hazel to Barry as he was fixing the school's lights.

"Oi Taylor, I'd like you to meet Bella's best friend Hazel Redfern." Bob said who was making the introductions.

Hazel could tell Barry Taylor was on both the fat side and the ugly side but she didn't want to mention his weight or image. He was overweight and ugly, she could tell. She did agree with Bella that Barry Taylor was cute.

"How many times have I told you not to call me by my surname, Bob? You know I don't like that." Hazel heard Barry tell Bob.

"You know I only say it to tease you even when my dad who's also your boss is around." Bob said.

"Still, I don't like it.'' Barry said.

She watched him take his glasses off and wash them. Hazel didn't know how to start the conversation with Barry Taylor so she let him start it with her.

After he put his glass back on, he said to her "It's nice meeting you, Hazel."

"It's nice meeting you too, Barry." she replied back.

"See, Bob, she didn't call me by my surname. There's a woman that doesn't call me by my surname." Barry said with a smile on his face.

Hazel could see how big of a smile was on Barry Taylor's face. She didn't know what made him happy. She didn't know what she did right to him. She was clueless but guessed she made him happy somehow. Barry told Bob and Bella he was going to eat with Hazel somewhere else so the two of them took their lunches and left Bob and Bella. Bob and Bella watched them head somewhere quiet. They headed for a different table in the lunchroom.

"They want to be alone, Bob." Bella said guessing Barry wanted to know Hazel a bit better.

"Guess so." Bob agreed to what his girlfriend just said.

Barry and Hazel sat down with their bags and lunches.

"Tell me more about yourself." Hazel told Barry as they began to eat their lunches.

So he did. Hazel couldn't take her eyes off Barry as he told her all about himself. When the bell rang for sixth period, Barry and Hazel threw their lunches away.

"Would you like me to take you to class?" Barry asked.

"Sure." she answered.

"What's your next class?" Barry asked.

"Gym." Hazel said.

"I have to get back to work." Barry said.

"It's okay. I've got bloody French afterwards." Hazel said.

Bob and Bella walked behind Barry and Hazel so they wouldn't know they were there. Bella thought Barry and Hazel were a cute couple.

"I heard you and I go to the same church." Hazel told Barry as they headed to the gym.

"I heard that too. What Mass service do you attend?" Barry asked.

"The first one. You?" Hazel asked.

"The first one." he said.

"My mom says she knows your mom because they get their hair done at the same hairdressers." Hazel said.

"Really? I'll have to check on that one." Barry said.

"Nice meeting you, Barry. May I have your number?" Hazel asked. Barry did so as Hazel wrote hers and gave each other their phone numbers.

"Thanks. I'll call you." Barry said and headed to the main exit of the school.

Barry had Hazel's schedule in his backpack so he would know where she was on certain days. He thought he would take her home with him and Bob that day after school. He wanted to get to know this girl he just met. He knew Bob was in the same German class as he was so he would ask Bob and see what he had to say.

"Bob, is it all right with you that I take Hazel home with me after school today?" Barry asked Bob.

"Sure. Why?" Bob asked.

Barry told him.

"Okay, Big Bad Barry. Sounds like you're in love." Bob said and whistled.

"Who's in love, Bobby boy?" one of Bob's friends asked.

"Barry Taylor is." Bob said who was still whistling.

"Who's the lucky girl, Bazza?" the guy asked.

"Hazel Redfern." Bob answered for Barry.

"The pretty redhead? She's pretty." one of the guys agreed.

"She's perfect for you, Bar." a guy named John said.

"I know, John. She is beautiful. I heard she goes to the same church as I do." Barry said.

"She does? Maybe you both can go to the same service. What Mass does she attend?" John asked.

"I think she said second." Barry said already forgetting.

"Maybe you could try to get her to go to first and you both can go together." another lad named Andy said.

"I like that, pal. I'll see if we can work something out. I can't keep my mind of my ex Shirley." Barry told Andy.

"Wish you two were at lunch today to see those two together. They were just right for each other." Bob said to his friends.

As he left, Barry knew school let out at 3:15 so he couldn't wait to see Hazel again but didn't know she got her rides after school.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:49 pm

Hazel knew she had the same feeling about Barry as he did for her. She glanced at his schedule he had given her at lunch so she'd know where he was on certain days of the week. She knew Bella was right that he was handsome. She didn't have his phone number yet but somehow would get it sooner or later. She hardly talked on the phone that much at home except for homework and the weekends.

That night, Hazel could barely concentrate on her homework and all she could think about was Barry but she did get her homework done. She did tell her mother she met Barry Taylor at lunch that day.

"He's really handsome, Mom. You've got to meet him sometime." Hazel said.

Rose saw her daughter had love in her eyes. She knew her daughter wasn't a child anymore and was a teenager in high school.

"I'm sure your father and I will meet him sooner or later, Haze. I do know his mother." Rose said.

"You know what he did at lunch today, Mom? He gave me his phone number." Hazel said.

"Why would he do a thing like that?" Russell asked who was listening to the whole talk.

"I don't know, Russell. I think our daughter's in love." Rose said thinking it was cute.

"Does that mean I get to start dating men, Mom?" Hazel asked.

"Wait a minute, young lady. We'll have to talk about this." Russell said.

"Dad, you know I'm old enough to have a relationship." Hazel said.

"Yes, you're old enough to date." Rose said to her daughter before pointing out to her husband "She's not old enough to drive a car yet, Russell."

"I know that, Hazel's not 17 yet." Russell said.

"I will be in July." Hazel said knowing she wasn't a little girl anymore.

"She's too young to drive a car! There is absolutely no way Hazel's going to date a nice young man at this age. She's just going to have to wait until she's in college to date a nice young man, let alone drive a car. I don't want my little girl to get hurt." Russell said.

"Come on, Dad. This guy goes to our church." Hazel said.

"I don't care, bab. This case is closed. Period." Russell said sternly.

Both Rose and Hazel could tell Russell had meant what he said so they didn't talk about it anymore that night.

"What am I going to tell Barry, Mom?" Hazel asked as Rose came into her bedroom later that night to say goodnight.

"I don't know, bab. You can still see him but you're not going to let your father know about this. I don't know why your father disapproves of dating relationships for women." Rose said as she kissed her daughter goodnight and turned the light out.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:02 pm

Morning came fast. Hazel was up early the next morning and had a hard time deciding what to wear to school. She wanted to look nice for Barry when he can by again and for when they ate lunch together that afternoon.

Lunch arrived fast that day and Hazel was looking forward to eating with Barry Taylor again that afternoon.

"Hey, kid." Barry said when they were at the same table together.

"Hi, Barry." she said.

"I love it when you call me that. I hate being called Big Bad Barry," he said thinking of his friend Bob Fluke who also his boss's son. "Call me that name again."

"Barry." she said.

That's when he gave her first kiss. Bella and Bob were watching their best friends kiss.

"Big Bad Barry's a good kisser, Bella. Trust me." Bob said.

"I believe you." Bella said.

She loved how the two of them looked together. They were a good pair, Bella thought. Bella loved Barry's blond hair and blue eyes and Hazel's red hair and green eyes. That's a cute couple, she thought to herself. She knew they would end up marrying each other in the future and have a couple children let alone grandchildren. She didn't know if they would end up living here in Coventry or somewhere else with the children. She would have just to find out. She knew Barry Talyor would make a great father while Hazel make a great mother. She could see the children they would be raising in the near future.

"Bella, Earth to Bella." Bob said.

She heard the lunch bell ring.

"Yes, Bobby?" Bella asked.

"Lunch is over." Bob said.

"You've been quiet the whole lunch period. Why so quiet?" Bob asked.

"I was just thinking about Barry and Hazel. I think they'd make a great couple and make a great father and mother and grandparents in the near future. I can see that happening. Maybe we'll be best man and bridesmaid." Bella said.

"Bella, that'll be years from now when we'll be getting married. You and your romance." he said as they left the lunch room with their backpacks.

"Come on, Bob, they're such a cute couple. Wouldn't you agree that Don and Shirley look cute together?" Bella asked her boyfriend.

"They do. Isn't that why I wanted the two of them to meet?" Bob asked.

"I agree." Bella said.

"You guess so? I think you agree one hundred percent." Bob corrected his girlfriend.

Bella didn't say anything after Bob corrected her agreement. She heard what Bob had said to her but she couldn't take her eyes off their best friends. She knew that she and Bob both knew their best friends were the perfect couple for each other. Bella had tuned Bob out and watched Barry Taylor and Hazel Redfern kiss. She didn't know if it was Shirley Jackson's first kiss that Barry Taylor had given her or not, but she'll find out sooner or later. She and Bob kissed each other and he said goodbye on his way to his next class.

"Call me tonight." Bella said knowing she and Bob wouldn't see each other for the rest of the school day.

"I will." Bob told her.

She knew Barry Taylor always gave Bob rides in his van after school because they had the same route together. The rest of the school day had gone by fast. Don and Bob met at Barry's van's after the bell rang for the day. Barry was the first one to get to the van so he waited for Bob to arrived. Barry didn't seem to mind waiting for a couple minutes. Bob saw Barry a few minutes later waiting at his van.

"Hi, Big Bad Barry. Saw you and Hazel kissing after lunch today. See you two are the perfect couple." Bob said in a teasing way.

"Stop it. Maybe we did kiss. It was her first kiss anyway." Barry said.

Bob kept teasing Barry about the kiss the whole way home and Don wanted to tune him out, which was hard to do.

"Quiet already, Bob. I've had enough of the teasing!" Barry said as they reached the Flukes driveway.

"Enough of what?" Bob's father Frank Fluke asked.

"Nothing, Mr Fluke." Barry said.

"I know it's something, Barry. You can tell me. Thanks for bringing Bkb home by the way." Frank said as Bob and Barry said goodbye as Barry was about to drive off.

"Bob's just teasing me because I gave Hazel Redfern her first kiss today." Barry said.

"That's normal. Everybody gets teased about something." Mr Fluke told Barry.

"I know. I don't like being teased when I'm in a relationship with Hazel." Barry said.

"I know you don't." Mr Fluke said.

Frank knew Hazel was a nice girl Bob's age and that he and his wife Ann liked her. Later that night when Barry was going to bed, his cosuin/flatmate Martin was talking to him.

"I like Hazel too, Barry. I think she's the right girl for you. Your mom likes her too." Martin said.

"I thought you'd like her. I heard they go to the same church as we do. Shirley Jackson says they attend the same Mass service as we do." Barry told his cousin.

"Really? I never knew that." Martin said.

"Neither did I until me and Hazel talked about it when I walked her to her next class after lunch this afternoon." Barry said.

"That's interesting. I wonder why we never saw them." Martin said.

"I don't know." Barry said as he watched his cousin going to sleep before falling asleep himself.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Fri Dec 13, 2019 3:04 pm

Barry woke up the next morning bright and early. He was going to see if Shirley would like to eat alone with him again that day. He sure didn't want to listen to Bob Fluke calling him Big Bad Barry. He was sick and tired of hearing "Big Bad Barry" all the time and didn't like that. He knew that Bob knew he didn't like it but kept calling him that anyway. He heard Bob's car horn beep outside at the normal time that morning.

"There's Mr Fluke, Barry. He's waiting." Martin said.

"I know, Martin. I saw him. Just let me get my stuff and I'll be out of the door for the day." Barry said.

Barry remembered he had eaten breakfast so he didn't have to worry about it. Martin watched from the flat entrance as Frank Fluke drove away from the block of flats with Bob and Don Simpson in the passenger's seat.

As he got to the school to work of the electric again, Barry saw Hazel at her locker before the bell for all first classes rang.

"Hi, Hazel." Hazel heard a male's voice say behind her.

That's when she dropped her books on the floor. She turned around to see who was saying hello to her.

"Barry! You scared me!" Hazel said jumping a little bit.

"Sorry if I did. I didn't mean to." Barry said.

"I know you didn't, Barry." Hazel said as Howard helped her pick up her books.

"Ta, Barry." Hazel said appreciating his help.

"You're welcome." he said.

"Hazel, I've got something to ask you." he said.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Would you like to eat alone with me again today at lunch?" he asked.

"Sure. You don't want to each with Bob and Bella?" she asked.

"No. I'm tired of his calling me Big Bad Barry. I hate that despite me being 5'8" tall." he said.

"Sure, we can eat alone." she said.

"I'll save you a table then. See you at lunch." Barry said as the bell for first classes rang.

"See you at lunch." she said as she saw him disappear into the hall.

Hazel walked to her first class which was English. She had it with Bella so they sat together.

"Hi, Hazel. I thought you'd never get here." Bella said.

"Well, I made it, all right." Hazel said to her best friend.

She saw she got there before the teacher did.

"Miss Ross ain't here yet." Bella said.

"So I see that. Guess who I saw in the halls at my locker?" Hazel asked.

"Who?" Bella asked interested in the subject.

"Barry Taylor. Did you or Bob give him my locker number?" Hazel asked.

"No, we didn't. Why do you ask?"

"He was right behind me when I dropped my books and said hello. He scared the hell out of me!" Hazel said.

"You mean like a ghost?" Bella asked.

"Exactly." Hazel said.

"Wow." Bella said.

She knew her best friend and Barry Taylor were the perfect couple for one another.

"If you and Barry Taylor ever get married, I want to be the maid of honor." Bella begged her best friend.

"You will be." Hazel said.

They were quiet while the teacher took roll call. Hazel saw how fast English class went by that day. She had always enjoyed English class and it had always been one of her favorite classes she had aced in. She sure didn't know what Don's favorite classes were but she'll find out sooner or later. She and the class were reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. She was going to read some more of it later that night for homework. The morning classes went by fast and then it was finally lunchtime. Bob and Barry didn't see each other till lunchtime. Bob saw Barry fixing the lights and talking to his father and waved at them both.

"Hey, Dad. Hey, Big Bad Barry." Bob said.

That was when Barry jumped and almost fell.

"Don't scare me, Bob!" Barry told his young friend.

"A little too late for that, Barry my brother." Bob said. "You eating with me and Bella today?"

"Nope. I'm eating alone with Hazel." Barry said.

"Ooh you're in love with Hazel Redfern, ain't ya?" Bob Fluke asked in a sing-song voice.

"You bet. Thanks for introducing us. She's perfect!" Barry said as he and Mr Fluke left leaving Bob at his locker.

Bob whistled and watched his father and his friend and head for the lunchroom. Bob could tell that was the sign of love so that was why he whistled. Bob met up with Bella at the end of the day.

"Could I catch a ride with you, Bobby? My ride got canceled." Bella said.

"Sure thing, bab. Donny rides with me, don't forget." Bob reminded his girlfriend.

"I haven't forgotten. When will the day come when he gets a driver's license so he could take Shirley places?" Bella asked.

"Don't ask me. I don't have that kind of answer." Bob answered his girlfriend's question.

They both were wondering the same thing so that was why Bob couldn't answer Bella's question about Don getting his driver's license. They met up again at the end of the school day at Bella's locker. Don always met Bob at his locker but was told to meet at Bella's locker. Barry knew where her locker was and had been there a few times and wondered where Shirley got her rides after school but didn't bother asking until during the ride home.

"Where does Hazel get her rides from?" Barry asked.

"She and I carpool." Bella answered before Bob could answer.

"Why isn't she with you right now?" Barry asked.

"She had a doctor's appointment earlier so she couldn't ride with me after school." Bella said.

"Hope she's okay." Barry said feeling a bit worried.

"The appointment's not major." Bella said.

"Good." Barry said with a smile on his face.

He didn't want Hazel diagnosed with some health issue. He and his family had no health problems. He knew how his mother was with health issues so he didn't want her to start worrying about Hazel. Barry drove back to his flat after work as Mr Fluke took Bob and Bella home.

"I've never been to Don's house before, Bobby." Bella said knowing that Don's home was unfamiliar to her.

"Now you have, bab. I've been here several times. You'll like the inside of his house once you've been in." Bob said.

"I would? Wow." Bella said.

"You would." he said as he gave her a kiss.

He had forgotten the motor was still running. Martin could see that Mr Fluke didn't drive away as yet.

"Your boss's still outside, Barry." Martin said as his cousin entered their flat.

"I thought he left." Barry said.

"No, he didn't. He's got a girl with him and they're kissing." Martin said.

"Let me see," Barry said as he headed for the window. "Yup, they're kissing. She's his girlfriend, Martin. That's why you've never seen her before."

"Who is she? She's beautiful." Martin said.

"Bella." Barry answered.

"Beautiful name. Your mom told my mom that she might've called you that if you were a girl." Martin told his cousin.

"Really?" Barry asked.

"Auntie said that she would but she'd have to see if your dad liked the name but I'm not sure what girl names he liked." Martin said.

"Calm down, Martin. I'll go out there and tell Bob's dad to drive Bella home." Barry said and headed out the flat. Martin watched Barry telling Mr Fluke that he'll see him tomorrow.

"Sure thing, Barry. We'll scat out of here. I could tell we're not wanted here." Bob said as he and Bella stopped kissing.

"See you tomorrow, M Fluke, Bella. Sorry about this." Barry apologized.

"I know this is your house, Barry. I understand." Bella said understandingly.

"I know it's my house but my cousin Martin said you two better move out of here before my landlord sees you kids and gets suspicious about you two." Barry told the young couple.

"Good point." Bella agreed.

"I'll see you two tomorrow, Bob, Bella." Barry said.

"See you tomorrow." the two said at the same time as Mr Fluke drove away from the house.

Barry came back into the flat.

"Ta, Bazza." Martin said.

"No problem." Barry said.

"Bella's a bostin lass." Martin said.

"I'll tell her you said that. I'll give her your compliments." Barry told his cousin.

"I'm sure you will." Martin said.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

Post by racesgirl2000 » Mon Dec 16, 2019 3:24 pm

The next morning arrived. Mr Fluke was early and waiting for Barry to come into his van so they can go to work that morning.

"Barry, Mr Fluke's here!" Barry heard Martin call that Thursday morning.

"Thanks, Marty! I saw him!" Barry called back from his bedroom.

He grabbed his backpack and ran downstairs and out to the waiting car. Martin couldn't believe on how fast his closest cousin could run these days.

"Hi, Big Bad Barry." Bob said.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I hate being called that?" Barry asked his friend without saying hello or good morning that day.

Bob loved annoying his friend of two years. He knew he wouldn't stop so he would continue calling his best friend by nickname even if he hated it.

"How would you like it if I called you Bobby?" Barry asked his friend.

"I wouldn't seem to care." was Bob's answer.

Barry knew some Bobs out there liked to be called Bobby but he didn't know if this one liked it or not so he never tried it himself and never thought of doing so. They arrived at Preston High School. Bob parked in his assigned parking space at the high school and then the two got out of the van and Mr Fluke locked the van for the day and Bob headed for their first morning class which was French.

"Bob, my cousin Martin thought Bella was beautiful." Barry said.

"Bella'd love to hear what your cousin said about her." Bob said knowing what his friend had just said.

They had noticed how fast the school day went that day. Barry didn't see Hazel that day. He wondered where she was at lunch so he ate with Bella and Bob since he didn't see Hazel.

"Where's Hazel today, Bella?" Barry asked Bella.

"I'm not sure. I think she got sick. I haven't seen her either." Bella said wondering the same thing Barry was.

"I wanted to eat alone with her today." Barry sighed in disappointment.

"I'm sure you do, Big Bad Barry." Bob said taking a bite from his lunch he bought that day.

Barry gave him that look that told Bob he didn't like to be called Big Bad Barry. Bob ignored the look as always.

"Looks like Shirley'll miss today's afternoon classes too." Bella said.

"Guess so." Barry agreed.

"Bella, before I forget, my cousin Martin thinks you're a beautiful girl. I told him I'd give you his compliments." Barry said.

"Tell her ta." Bella said.

"I will." he said.

"When did she see me?" Bella asked in curiosity.

"Yesterday when you were in the car with Bob, Hazel and me when you were going to drop me off at my house." Barry answered.

"Oh. Just wondering." Bella said.

"That's okay. You'll have to come into the house one of these days to meet Martin. He's great." Barry told Bella.

"Guess I'll have to. What about Hazel? Has she met him yet?" Bella asked.

"Not yet, but she'll get her chance." Barry said.

"Okay. Maybe we can meet your cousin together." Bella said.

"That can work." Barry said liking the idea.

"Guess it can." Bella agreed.

Bob Fluke didn't say anything because he had food in his mouth. He just let his girlfriend and friend do all the talking since he was chewing food at the moment. Bob was quiet the whole time Barry and Bella were trying to figure out when would the perfect time be for her and Hazel to meet his family. The bell finally rang for their afternoon classes at the high school.

"This day sure is flying fast." Bob said.

"Don't you know it?" Barry agreed.

Even Bella couldn't believe it herself.

"It sure is." Bella agreed with the guys.

The last few hours of school flew by fast. Mr Fluke took Barry home with Bob again as usual and then was gone for the rest of the day. That night after dinner, Barry went straight to the telephone and called Hazel up.

"Who is this?" Barry heard a woman's voice say when he asked for Hazel.

"Barry Taylor." he answered.

"One minute." the woman answered.

Barry could guess it was Hazel's mother who answered the telephone but he would ask once Hazel was on the phone to see if he was right.

"Hazel, there's a man for you on the telephone." the woman said.

"All right, Mom. Who is it?" Hazel asked.

"Somebody by the name of Barry Taylor." she said.

"Barry Taylor? I'll take it. Ta." Hazel said as she took the call privately.

"Hello?" Barry heard Hazel's voice say on the other end of the line.

"Hi, Hazel." Barry said.

"Hi." she said.

"Where were you in school today?" Barry asked.

"I had a feeling you'd ask that." she said.

"You did?" he asked.

"Yeah. I had to pass on going today because of family relative was sick in the hospital and my mom thought I shouldn't be in school today. I'm sorry I didn't tell Bella." Hazel said.

"She was wondering where you were." Barry said.

"I'm sorry. I'll try to tell either you or her next time something like this comes up again." Hazel said.

"That's all right. If it was an emergency and you couldn't get to the phone, I'm sure we'll understand next time." Barry said.

"I'm sure you will." Hazel said.
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Re: When Barry Met Hazel

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The next day which was Friday, Barry rode to the school with Bob and his father again. When Barry got to school that morning, a few of the kids were laughing at Barry and Bob. Anybody who knew Barry knew that he really hated to be laughed at.

"Why are they laughing at us?" Bob wondered.

"Who knows?" Barry answered his friend and they soon figured it out later on.

"They're laughing at you, Big Bad Barry." Bob said.

"Why? I hate being laughed at." Barry said.

"I know you do, Bazza. I do too." Bob agreed.

"Why are they laughing at me for?" Barry wondered aloud and that was when they headed to the boys' bathroom in the school to figure out what the kids were laughing about.

"You said they were laughing at me, Bob." Barry reminded his friend.

"They were!" Bob said.

"About what?" Barry asked feeling rather clueless for once in his life.

"I'm not sure. Let's figure it out." Bob said.

"I don't see anything funny." Barry said.

"I don't either but let's figure it out." Bob said.

"I'm sure we'll figure it out." Barry said.

It took the guys quite a while to figure out what the kids were laughing about on Barry.

"I see what they were laughing about, Bazza." Bob said.

"What?" Barry asked.

"Your weight." Bob said.

"Weight isn't funny." Barry told his friend.

"I know it's not." Bob agreed.

Barry hated it when people made fun of weight. He couldn't help loving to eat food. He couldn't help being heavy because of all the food he ate and enjoyed. He was thinking of proposing to Hazel when the time was right and realized how much he loved her.

"Bob, I've got news for you but you've gotta promise not to tell anyone." Barry said.

"What?" Bob asked.

"You've got to promise not to tell anyone and that includes Bella and Hazel." Barry said.

"What's that?" Bob repeated.

"I wanna marry Hazel." Barry said.

Bob burst into giggles and said "You can't marry her yet! You just met her!"

"It's true. I think she's the perfect bride for me, Bob. I'm not even joking." Barry said.

"You've got to be, Barry. You can't love her after meeting her right away. Impossible!" Bob said in giggles.

Barry knew that was true but this was different for him. He knew this was love in first sight. He had a feeling his former fiancee Shirley felt the same about him. Months and months passed and Barry found himself spending so much time alone with Hazel. He had found them as a steady couple and later on they found themselves as an inseparable couple. One night when he was alone with Hazel Redern on a date, he put on a Slade record.

"Want to hear some music?" Barry asked her.

"Sure. What do you have in mind?" she asked.

"Slade okay with you?" Barry asked.

"Fine with me." she said.

She didn't care what he played. They listened to the tune Burning in the Heat of Love.

"This song's real bostin, Barry." Hazel said.

"I know. I feel the same way." he said.

Towards the end of their date that night and the song almost ended, both Barry and Hazel sang along with the song.

"Get lucky, you teaser, you gonna give me some lip? Ooh I like your mind, it's your body I can't stand." they both sang together.
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