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Stay out of Trouble

A Place for the fans versions of AWP

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Stay out of Trouble

Post by Londongal1983 » Thu May 21, 2020 5:29 am

Scene 1- Scotswood Road, Newcastle. Dennis Patterson and Leonard 'Oz' Osborne are walking to a building site and talking among themselves.

Oz: So what did Vera say about your lad then, Dennis man?

Dennis: She says that our Kevin's behaviour's out of control.

Oz: Meaning?

Dennis: Kevin's been fighting and arguing with just about everyone and Vera said that if it happens again, he's out of the house and out of her life.

Oz: How old is your Kevin now?

Dennis: Just turned 17 and he acts like he's bloody 21.

Oz: (changing the subject) It's good to have you back.

Dennis: It's good to be back!

Oz: So how was your flight? Mind you, I don’t suppose it takes long from Germany nowadays.

Dennis: Nah, just over an hour - ney bother.

Oz: So did you meet up with Dagmar?

Dennis: Aye.

Oz: And??

Dennis: Oh she’s fine. Just went for a drink and reminisced about old times. She’d aged a bit, like.

Oz: Ah well, I reckon there’s a good chance she thinks the same about you.

Dennis sighs.

Scene 2- a building site for a new shopping centre. Dennis and Oz arrive when Dennis's secretary Lorraine Thomas rushes over to them.

Lorraine: Mr P, you got a call a few minutes ago.

Dennis: Who from, Lorraine?

Lorraine: It's from a Mr Len Jordan.

Dennis: I'm on it. (rushes into the site office and answers the phone) Hello. (beat) Len, what's wrong? (beat) Kevin did what?! (beat) Is he alright? (beat) Where are you? (beat) I'll be right there. (hangs up and runs out of the site office)

Scene 3- Newcastle Freeman Hospital. Dennis rushes over to the bed his son Kevin is lying on surrounded by Len and Frank Jordan.

Len: Before you have a go at me, Denny, your Kevin's alright.

Dennis: Thanks, Len man. (to Kevin) Kevin son, how are you, lad? Oh come here!

Kevin and Dennis hug.

Kevin: If you see Mam, Dad, can you tell her I'm not coming back home?

Dennis: I'll try.

Len: Frank found your Kevin on the kitchen floor after he took all those pills Donita uses to stop her migraines and wrote a letter blaming Vera and Angela for everything.

Dennis: Hell's bollocks. (to Kevin) So do you see much of your mother?

Kevin: Not since I ran away 2 weeks ago.

Dennis: (shocked) How could you say that? She's your mother.

Kevin: Works at the local chemists.

Dennis: She’s a chemist?

Kevin: Nah, on the tills, like.

Dennis: Am only joking, son. So is she with anyone?

Kevin: She's still with that fat Scottish prick and if you ask me, she's better off without that one!

Dennis: So how’s your sister?

Kevin: Alright, I think.

Kevin looks at Len who shakes his head. He continues…

Kevin: Anyway, I've got a Summer job working for some rich Scottish bloke who wants to meet you. This Saturday.

Dennis: Who?

Kevin: You’ll have to wait and see. It’s a surprise, like.

Dennis: Today’s been full of surprises. Hey, Len, you don’t reckon it’s Ally Fraser, do ya?

Len: Could be, I’m not psychic, Denny. You’ll have to wait and see!

Kevin: Anyway, it’s been great seeing ya again, Dad. I’ll see ya soon.

Dennis: I'll see you when I can. (kisses Kevin and leaves with Len and Frank.

Scene 4- a cafe toilet, Sunderland. Albert Moxey is washing his hands at a sink and watching a few men passing by him. When he can see no-one else left, he turns the tap off, dries his hands and accidentally barges into a red haired woman in a white jacket over a light blue dress.

Woman: Oh my God, I'm sorry. Am I in the wrong toilet?

Moxey: Yeah but that's okay.

The woman and Moxey get a closer look at each other and smile.

Woman: Albert Moxey, is that you?

Moxey: You look familiar, have we met before?

Woman: Back in 1967, I was your sister's exchange student from Dublin!

Moxey's eyes widen and it all comes back to him.

Moxey: Whoa, you're that Irish Bernadette girl who fancied me like mad.

Bernadette: That's me but some people call me Bernie these days.

Moxey: I'll call you Bernie if you call me Al, deal?

Bernadette: Deal. (hugs Moxey and thry both walk out of the men's bathroom arm in arm.

Scene 5- Ally Fraser's old office. Kevin is showing Dennis around.

Kevin: (pointing to his left) That's the water fountain and trust me, it tastes better than the one at school, (points to his right) that's

Dennis: I worked for scumbags like you so he wouldn’t have to. At least the old school ones like Ally Fraser had some sense of decency! You, your just…

Kevin: I’d be very careful what you say - I think you’re forgetting the big guy over there can hear us. (gestures his head towards Big Baz)

Dennis walks over to the door but then turns around...

Dennis: As from tomorrow, my lad doesn’t work for you. I’ll pay what he owes, so how much does he owe?Tommy: Fifteen grand in all.Dennis: YOU’LL GET 5 GRAND MAX, AND ON MY TERMS - WHEN I CAN PAY IT!!Scene 12Dennis storms out thinking he’s done enough to keep Tommy off his son’s back. To his surprise Tommy follows him in a rage, grabs him by the collar and throws him against a nearby car…Tommy: Just who in the name of shite d’ya think your shouting the odds at old man? He’ll pay what he owes and on MY terms. I could not make an example of ya right now and make ya disappear, but people already know there’s only one name to fear round here, and it’s NOT the small-time has been, Ally Fraser!!Darkened figure: Is that a fact?Tommy looks like he’s seen a ghost and instantly lets go of Dennis.Ally: Now piss off back to your shithole of a Gym. I need a word with Dennis here. Oh, and before you call any of your ‘roided-up’ buddies to come and sort me out, let me warn you son: you are being watched and it will be the last thing you (or they) ever do!Tommy nods nervously, still in absolute disbelief and quietly walks back to the Gym…Dennis: Ally, man, I don’t know what to say?Ally: C’mon, let’s get out of here. I’ll take you home.They both get in Ally’s Mercedes and it drives off
Did you do that?

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