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A Concerted Effort

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Mon Apr 12, 2021 1:33 pm

Hilary telephoned Sara at the New Castle.

Hilary:” Good morning Sara are you well it's not too long now I believe ,you estimated some time in June?”

Sara:” Indeed .But you have another reason to a call on our landline?”

Hilary:” I have. I promised to keep you up to speed regarding the Hunt woman. One of the first things she did upon her release apparently ,was to contact someone at an airport in New Zealand. I believe this confirms our earlier conclusion about Barry Taylor’s predicament? “

Sara:” It also implies her incarceration did not preclude her acquiring his travel plans. Is there a leak in Europol?”

Hilary:” Our thoughts exactly and unless you are correct about Frazer’s involvement we may also have questions about a Santeria connection within said organisation.”

Sara:” Does this offer any traction with the abduction ,because the rescue is under way ,isn’t it?”

Wyman is feeling better after a good sleep but is taking things very steadily as he heads up to the site in the mountains. With frequent looks at his rear view mirror he watched the road as he climbed higher. He could see a group walking up ahead and slowed to offer them a lift. Before stopping he had recognised Pablo and Nayra .They turned on hearing the jeep coming up behind, Wyman could see their surprised expressions.

Pablo:” Wyman, you’re looking fine, how’s the head?” Wyman laughed.

Wyman:” You’re not looking too bad yourself Pablo, but not as good as your sister. How are you Nayra?”

Nayra:”I am well Wyman but what are you doing here, surely you should be resting?”

Wyman:” I couldn’t stay in hospital, I had to leave and see you both to apologise and to thank you, especially you Nayra .I owe you my life ,the hospital say your treatment made all the difference . Here get in I’ll take you the rest of the way.”

Nayra:” Anybody would have done the same .Besides it was not your time.” Pablo saved Wyman from any further embarrassment by changing the subject.

Pablo:” Has there been any more word from the university Wyman?”

Wyman:” The last I heard from Robert it was all good news.” Pablo was watching Wyman closely as he seemed to be distracted.

Pablo:” Is there something you’re not telling us Wyman?” Wyman turned his gaze momentarily from Nayra to Pablo and then back to the road.

Wyman:” I’m not sure I can put things into words right now, but I’ve had time to think this last week or so.It’s something I can’t quite put my finger on .Little things ,sometimes a word or a sound. I don’t know why but I can visualise these mountains and this area very clearly.” They both looked at him with serious expressions.

Nayra:” The Aymara have a love for pacha mama, you know, mother nature."

Wyman:” I remember ,before we drink we pour a little on the ground to thank her .I’ve been thinking about that as well. Here we are ,that didn’t take long. Gee whiz look at the view it’s beautiful.” Pablo got out and headed toward the site cabin.

Nayra:” Wyman are you feeling well ,you look pale is it the thin air or….?” The question was left hanging.

Wyman:” Sorry I was just remembering the last time I was here.” He laughed and turned to see she was looking anxious. “ Please don’t worry I’ll be fine ,I just need to talk to you. I have so many questions .” She was looking even more nervous now and distinctly uncomfortable.

Nayra:” I will try to answer your questions Wyman.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:47 pm

Morag had applied for work in estate management , looking for jobs as far away from home as possible . Old Mac her father had always favoured Calum she explained to Moxey, and although she was the obvious choice to oversee the family estate there was no expectation that such a position could be filled by a female . Her return had been prompted by the family solicitor who alerted her to local reaction at Calum’s plans for the estate.

Moxey:” So Lake Havasu is home now?” She smiled .

Morag :” My husband and I went there for an early retirement you know, but things didn’t work out, then last year he shuffled off this mortal coil as they say.”

Moxey:” I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to pry.”

Morag:” No Moxey, we agreed I would reciprocate . So, I’ll arrange for the deeds to go to land registry in Edinburgh ,I’m due a shopping trip anyway, and I’ll send all the paperwork on then get our guys to talk to your guys .”

Moxey:” This will make a hell of a difference at Kilgrinnan you know, all that hassle at the chalets will be history, don’t you agree Guy?”

Guy:” I can’t wait to get started ,there’s miles of fencing to look forward to, in fact if it’s fine with you I’ll go back and let everyone know.You’re due back up here next week Morag at least that's what Calum said?”

Morag:” Well that was the plan before.” She smiled and looked across at Moxey.” I was only focussed on shopping in Edinburgh but now maybe we should be celebrating a good deal,what do you say Moxey?”

Moxey:” Well I was going to suggest a few drams or maybe we could go troughin’?” She clearly had no idea what he meant.

Morag:” You better explain what troffin means.” Moxey laughed making knife and fork actions with his hands.

The gunfire stopped and Barry could hear raised voices in the distance, English he thought.

Barry:” Did you hear that Naomi?”

Naomi:” Yes I did sport, we could be saying hello to our rescuers just now.” There were sounds of a scuffle , a few thuds followed by muffled curses. Then an Antipodean enquiry about their status.

“ Are you both okay? Here ,we’ll get you out of those tie wraps and hoods.”

Barry could see two very young lads one in green fatigues and the other in what looked like a black boiler suit. The one in green spoke.” Hi ,my name is Mackintosh,Mack for short, I guess you are Barry Taylor and you must be Naomi Hedges?”

Barry:” Spot on Mack.We’re both very pleased to see you.Where are the kidnappers?”

Mack:”Don’t worry they’re tied up right now. Let’s go ,the chopper’s waiting.”

The lads were making their way back to the boat for the first aid kit.

Oz:” I thought I’d hit him harder than that, the buggers’ gone!” There was no sign of Kemal outside the bungalow either.

Neville:” So that’s all three of them got away?”

Father Ben:” Maybe it’s as well ,our priority is getting assistance for your comrade .” He took out his satellite ‘phone and contacted Fredo to inform him of their success. Tatiana took a look at Den’s wound .

Tatiana:” Doesn’t look too bad. As the Americans say it’s a through and through.Probably could do with cleaning.”

Neville:” Thanks a lot Tatiana, is that the best you can do?” She gave Nev a withering look as he handed her the first aid kit. Father Ben was sat with Maria who seemed more relaxed now she felt safe.

Maria:” You say they got away?”

Oz:” Well there was no sign of them outside and I didn’t see another boat. Mind someone said Stefano has a mate in the military on the island, maybe they went over there.”

Dennis:” Aye well let’s just leave it and get back while we can eh?”

Neville:” It probably hurts like hell even if it is just a flesh wound eh Den?”

Dennis:” Thanks for that Nev. Are there any painkillers in that box Tatiana?”

Tatiana:” There’s a bottle of brandy.”

Oz:” That sounds perfect bonny lass.”

Neville:” Bollocks Oz it’s medicinal , it’s for Den, keep your hands off. Here Den take a swig. How much longer Father?”

Father Ben:” Only a few minutes, but we should look for medical assistance for your friend ,Fredo will know someone at this late hour.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Fri Apr 16, 2021 7:14 am

Antipodean enquiry ? Sounds like an Auckland fish and chip shop run by Rangi Rangi from Papatoetoe ! :lol:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Tue Apr 20, 2021 12:08 pm

Barry and Naomi both breathed a sigh of relief as they checked into an hotel after a gruelling debrief at Mack’s office in Auckland.

Barry:” I know we should be grateful for the rescue but …”

Naomi:” I know what you mean ,at times I thought they wanted us to apologise for being abducted. Anyway it’s over now ,back to work eh boss?”

Barry:” Aye we have a lot of calls to make ,let everyone know we’re ok.”

The Fantasy Film ‘phone lines had been busy after Barry and Naomi hadn’t turned up for their meeting.Hazel fought a rear guard action trying to salvage the situation with the US investors but they insisted they would only meet with Barry .

Dagmar relayed the good news to Anna when he managed to reach her on his first attempt.

Back at the New Castle there was a lot of relief and just as much consternation.

Pru :” From what you say Sara it sounds like it’s been a gigantic cock up?”

Sara:” Absolutely. Piecing together intel from Amesec and what we have from Hilary and more recently from Gomez, it looks like the plan and the ransom message were the work of Tarquin Pierce and not Fraser.However the abduction and imprisonment was down to Barbara Hunt.”

Oz:” So how the hell did she find out that Barry was going to be kidnapped?”

Sara:” She has a source in Europol who is behind the hacking of Barry’s computer and so accessed his emails.”

Oz:” Do you think she knew Tarquin was behind it?”

Sara :” I‘m not sure ,but we know she saw an opportunity ,took it and got her hands on a ton of bitcoin. If she hadn’t been so careless being in a rush ,they might have searched them ,found Naomi’s ‘phone, and things would have been very different.”

Oz:” Should we be worried about Tarquin, he must be really pissed off since his plan was scuppered?”

Sara:” Hilary has passed all the intel to the guys on the case in New Zealand .Barry was advised to keep a low profile for a while.”

Pru:” By the way do we know how Maria is getting on?”

Oz:” Yes I heard from Fredo ,she’s been helping them with their enquiries ,for hours apparently.Did Dagmar ‘phone back about Dennis?”

Sara:” Yes he’s fine .Probably the tender loving care from the resident nun. Tell me petal just what were the advantages of having a nun along for your adventures, you must give me a detailed account?"

Moxey and Morag are sat in the local pub .

Morag :” Well I’m glad I took your advice about the steak pie with chips Moxey. It’s great. Tell me did you really live out of a frying pan in Dusseldorf?” Moxey laughed.

Moxey:” You shouldn’t take it so literally, but I think it’s true to say that me and Barry took turns.”

They both laughed and Moxey realised he’d laughed a lot recently ,ever since meeting Morag in fact.

Morag :” You were telling me about your casino money?”

Moxey:” Aye well we kept in touch with Joe and then later with his son Chip , you see we’d made friends during the gig and so we paid them a visit now and then.More recently it was really down to Wyman .After all he married a local lass ,had a bairn to her and got to know Charlie the medicine man personally.”

Morag :” This is the guy on site with you in Jamaica?” At that Moxey lost his new found happy feeling and began to feel depressed.

Moxey :” Aye ,well we had words, one thing led to another.”

Morag :” You don’t strike me as the sort who holds a grudge ,but I can see you’re not happy about it?”

Moxey:” No I’m not ,but I don’t want to be working with someone with the kind of problems Wyman seems to have.”

Morag:” So how was it left, are you going back?”

Moxey:” I told him he could stuff it.”

Morag :” Hmm, fairly definitive I would say.”

Moxey :” Anyway I could do with a holiday ,how do you fancy going to see the Transporter Bridge, it’ll be a change from the London Bridge?”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Wed Apr 21, 2021 6:43 pm

... a gigantic cock up.
There is no cock up ! :roll:

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Apr 22, 2021 1:06 pm

Oz is looking at Sara ,an alarmed expression on his face.

Oz :” It wasn’t my idea, father Ben thought it would make us look less dangerous. After all the fuzz were suspect and……..” He stopped, Sara was laughing.

Sara:” You have heard the expression wind- up ,petal?” Oz was glowering.” Can you just humour me and answer the question , did Maria say she heard two names mentioned when Barry was being discussed?”

Oz :” Yes, she heard mention of Tarquin Pierce and Jeffrey Grainger but the exact context wasn’t clear .’

Sara :” But definitely no mention of the Hunt woman?”

Oz :” I’m sure if she’d heard it she would have said so.”

Sara :” It does tie in with the other intel . I feel like a double gin and tonic, but I’ll settle for a glass of water.:

Oz :” Are you still feeling sick pet?”

Sara :”Par for the course according to Dagmar and Pru. “

Chris is in a meeting with the Stille brothers.

Chris :” I’m going to Jamaica to assess current progress . I’m sure you are au fait with the current valuation of rare earth metals?”

Klaus :” Indeed .And the exploration in the Atacama ,how is that faring?”

Chris :” It is in hand; there have been some difficulties with the Chinese pressuring the locals for drilling rights which has made problems for our local representative. We may need to re assess our presence there. These guys have access to government at the highest level. I need to go there too.”

After Chris took his leave the brothers continued their discussion.

Klaus :” Was the loose end in the Atacama tied off?”

Jurgen :” Instructions were issued. I had no further message .I assume they were carried out.”

Klaus :” Perhaps confirmation dear brother?”

Wyman is holding Nayra’s hand and she is made nervous by the anxious look on his face.

Wyman :” Nayra it is your belief that taking material out of the ground is not a good thing?”

Nayra :”You know of the problems at Potosi ?”

Wyman :”You know that I know Nyara , but if stuff is on the surface it’s like it’s on offer, but seeking it below the surface ,below ground is like an invasion, theft or worse from pacha mama. So I must ask ,why do the Aymara let people drill?”

Nayra :” It is hard our life up here, and there are those who see what others have and they want the same.”

Wyman :” Would your people prefer no mining at all?”

Nayra :” Of course but how would this save them from losing out, no schools, no hospitals, no roads?”

Wyman :” There are places I have seen with material on the surface, easily gathered without drilling and mining. I believe my brother and his friends would pay if you allow this.”

Nayra :” You have spent time and effort on exploring for just what the others are after.Yet you would leave it untouched, underground?”

Wyman :” I feel this is the right thing to do and I will tell my brother this should be a good thing.”

Oz has gone to Den’s place ,sick visiting he told Nev who said he was also helping Den with his convalescence.

Oz :” Are you allowed beer in your condition lad?”

Dennis:” Piss off Oz and pass me another ,it’s to help build me up y’kna ,I’ve been poorly.”

Neville :” I’ve heard you need to flush out your system after lead poisoning!” Oz laughed.

Dennis :” Aye I’m sure you all think it’s bloody funny ,you’re just getting childish revenge for all the arse shrapnel jokes when we were in Thailand.” It was Nev’s turn to laugh .

Neville :” He even tried to tell us he deserved a medal for saving that lass from a mortar bomb.”

Oz :” Y’kna I really miss this camaraderie ,the jolly banter ,that’s……”He didn’t finish, he was looking at Dennis, Nev had got to his feet and had one hand on Den’s shoulder.

Neville :” Dennis, Den man what’s up?” Dagmar came running in having heard raised voices .

Dagmar :” I was afraid of something like this. Dennis,Dennis did you take the pills from the nurse?” Dennis looked up at her ,he was very close to tears.

Dennis :” I forgot petal.”

Dagmar :” Can you help me get him laid down lads?” After helping Dagmar get Den settled and watch him take the pills Nev and Oz made their apologies and left.

Oz :” Hells teeth’s I had no idea.Did you?”

Neville :”Why no man ,nobody did . Some kind of reaction to getting shot the quack told Dagmar, that’s what the pills are for.”

Oz :” I’ve always thought of Den as tough as old boots.’

Neville :” They reckon it could be weeks before he’s right.”

Oz :” Shovels of shite ,then there was two!”

Neville :” Two what?”

Oz :” Wyman, Moxey and Barry all out of it. Now Den. This is worse than Bangkok.”

Neville :” That was different Oz and anyway we’ve all moved on.You’ve got Sara and a bairn on the way, and Den’s got Dagmar.”

Oz :” It’s still true Nev.”

Neville :” What’s true?”

Oz :” Y’kna, what we had, or have ,when we’re all together ,we all.” Nev could see Oz was serious.

Neville :” Aye ,I know what you mean. I was just saying to Pru the night we got back. I was telling her about you getting us together for the bridge job and before y’kna, about our time in Dusseldorf.”

Oz :” You remember Nev, after Thailand it was Den who told the OED we three would stick together.”

Neville :” And we ended up back in Germany.”

Oz :” Mind it was a good move for Den, he wouldn’t have met up with Dagmar again.”

Neville :”Was it Bomber who said we’re all just crumbs in the biscuit tin of life?”

Oz :” Dear me Nev you don’t get any better.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Sat Apr 24, 2021 7:15 am

The 3 Amigos !!! All for one and sod the rest :lol: :P> :D

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Thu Apr 29, 2021 11:58 am

Chris has instructed Kenny to travel to the Atacama ,suggesting he should take assistance. The whereabouts of the sniper is still unknown, and no one has been able to contact Wyman.
Chris pays a visit to Carla’s shop in San Pedro.

Chris :"So when was it you last saw Wyman?"

Carla :” He said he was going up to see Pablo and his sister, that was yesterday.Why?”

Chris :” I’ve asked Kenny to take a couple of his guys up there to have a look around. I think Wyman might still be in danger.”

Carla :” I’m worried as well, he didn’t look too good. He shouldn’t have checked out of the hospital so soon, but what can you do ,he’s all grown up now?”

Chris :” I’ll check back with you later, I’m off to the site in Jamaica, tell Wyman if you see him.”

Barry is on a flying visit to see Anna at the New Castle.

Barry :” Hello petal, everything ok with you?”

Anna :” Hi dad, it is now you’re here and I see you’re in one piece.”

Barry :” I’ve been in a few scrapes before in my time but this recent thing is something I wouldn’t wish to repeat. “ Dagmar poked her head around the office door.

Dagmar :” Can I have a few words before you go Barry?” Barry nodded and smiled.

Barry :” Sure, I’ll be with you shortly. So Anna I hear you’re nearly finished the IT course?”

Anna :” Yes, it was aunty Dagmar’s idea really but it is very interesting.Dad when are you coming back?”
Barry felt awful as he considered lying to his daughter then realised only the truth would do.

Barry :” I know it’s not what you want to hear petal but at the moment it’s not so easy to make plans. When things settle down in a week or so I promise I’ll spend more time with you.Sorry I have to dash, see you soon.” He gave her a peck on the cheek and left quickly but couldn’t avoid Dagmar.

Dagmar :” Barry, please?”

Barry :” Dagmar ,you wanted a quick word?”

Dagmar :”I’ve had Fredo on the ‘phone asking after you.He says you must see him urgently.” Barry was frowning at this.

Barry :” Did he say what it was about ?”

Dagmar :” Not in so many words but he said he’d had an e mail from New Zealand.”

Barry :” Oh shit, now what?”

Dagmar :” I would guess it could be about this latest scrape you got into.”

Barry is in Fredo’s office, the desk is littered with paper.

Fredo :” Come in mister Taylor, come in and take a seat.”

Barry :” Thank you inspector I must explain that I have several pressing engagements…..” Fredo was shaking his head rather vigorously.

Fredp :” Mister Taylor you don’t seem to appreciate how serious your position is .What happened to you was no accident and is a grave worry to us all. The authorities in New Zealand have recovered a lot of information from their forensic work on the island where you were held. They advise that you take great care over the next few weeks and restrict travelling to only the essential.” Barry was shocked and it showed . Fredo waved his arms again to emphasise the point.” Please,mister Taylor!”

Barry :” I don’t understand. I thought it was all over and we were back to normal.What have they told you?”

Fredo :” All in due course mister Taylor, for now I insist you do as I ask for the safety of you and your daughter.Now ,perhaps you can do me a favour and clear up a problem concerning your colleague mister Patterson?”

Barry :” Dennis, Dennis Patterson?”

Fredo :” I have been unable to reach him by telephone.”

Barry :” I’m not surprised ,he’s still recovering from being shot and is is receiving medical care as we speak.”

Fredo :” We have a request from the police in Newcastle on Tyne asking the whereabouts of mister Patterson. They have asked us to confirm or otherwise his continued presence in this area of Spain.”

Barry :” Can you tell me why they are asking?”

Fredo :” When they told me, I had what you call a deja vu feeling. His name appeared along with others in a newspaper article by none other than miss Nikki Myles.”

Barry :” I see what you mean, this has happened before ,that bloody woman is determined to have a Pulitzer Prize come what may.”

Fredo :” There is a new theme this time , a more tenuous link I would say.She talks about an increase in crime in the north east involving eastern europeans but linked to one name in particular.”

Barry :” Let me guess ,goes by the name of Rampton?”

Fredo :” Yes but this is his wife more accurately the widow Rampton.”

Barry:”Dennis hasn’t had contact with either in twenty years.”

Fredo :” Nevertheless, the newspaper article details her beauty salon empire was built on the proceeds of her husbands drug dealing, and guess who was his designated driver.The business took a hit as eastern europeans moved in on their market.They say Dennis is behind it and point to his involvement with these people as long ago as his involvement with the Transporter Bridge, and to his violence toward her late husband.”

Barry :” You know what Dennis would say ,it’s a load of bollocks.”

Fredo :” Maybe, but there is every indication that the Rampton family are currently searching this part of Spain courtesy of Nikki Myles detailed account in the newspaper.”

Barry :” She must be desperate .We know she resigned from her previous job and joined up with Tatiana who has since taken holy orders, and when Barbara Hunt was collared by Europol her income will have dried up..”

Fredo :” Bearing in mind Barbara Hunt was released in the last few weeks perhaps this is her idea of retribution ?”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by Tracy » Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:53 am

Try The Portland. :P>

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Re: A Concerted Effort

Post by 936trt » Wed May 05, 2021 1:32 pm

Jo is returning from the area where the sniper was thought to have operated and has contacted Kenny.

Jo :” Hi Kenny , I’ve finished ,I’m on my way back.”

Kenny :”Any signs?”

Jo :” Not a pro from the litter.”

Kenny :” Litter?”

Jo :” He’d left brass and candy wrappers. I told Luis it could be misdirection.”

Kenny :” Had he been there long?”

Jo :” Nah, not long enough to need a nature break. I checked . Nothing buried.”

Kenny :” Any clue from the brass?”

Jo :” Could be Chinese or North Korean, you might have a better idea when you see it.”

Down in the village Wyman is getting ready to leave.

Wyman :”I can’t make my position any clearer. Do you think they have understood what I’m trying to do?”

Nayra :” It is a lot to take in and it’s new and very different to anything else that’s been put to them.”

Wyman :” They will need time to explain to the other villagers I know.Tell them I hope to hear from them soon.I must go ,I have to get back to Jamaica.” He took her hand and smiled. “ You are very lucky to live here. I’m jealous.” He let go of her hand ,turned and set off toward his car. As he reached for the door Nayra heard the crack of a rifle shot and Wyman crumpled to the ground. Nayra screamed.

Kenny has contacted Chris with the news of Wyman’s death.

Chris :” Did you move his body?”

Kenny :”Come on boss. We took photographs before the police and medics arrived. What do you want us to do now?”

Chris :”Stay with him and let me have details of where they take him.You say the sniper nest was old?”

Kenny :” Yeah, the guys reckon it was an amateur or it’s fake, you know ,made to look old. Jo says no other sign, so he left for the village.”

Chris :” You say Luis heard the shot?”

Kenny :” Yeah ,it came from that direction .”

The Stille brothers are chatting during their flight to Isla Victoria.

Klaus :” I understand our business in the Atacama was brought to a successful conclusion?”

Jurgen :” Yes. It remains to be seen how Christian reacts to the news of his brothers death.”

Klaus :” No,no my brother, he was not Christa’s child . Circumstances will make him refocus and of course in time he will accept his position.”

Oz and Neville are visiting Dennis.

Oz :” Can you believe this Den?”

Dennis:” It must be true ,Sara got it from that Hilary guy and Pru heard something from Amesec.”

Oz :” There was an attempt before in Arizona Wyman said ,when his wife and bairn died ,the bomb was meant for him.”

Neville :” Moxey won’t know about this,he left for Scotland before Wyman went to South America.”

Dennis :”I remember the first time we saw him, y’kna,in Middlesbrough.”

Neville :” It can’t have been easy for Chrissy bringing up a bairn on her own, and yet he still wanted to find out about his father.”

Oz :” Well it’s no secret his father wasn’t my favourite Martian.”

‘Neville :” Aye we know Oz ,you’ve told us often enough and yes he was a waster and now he’ll have some explaining to do if they’re both up there ,together.” Nev nodded in an upward direction.

Pru is talking to Heather Lane.

Pru :”You’ve heard about Wyman?”

Heather :”Yes.He was in the mountains above the Atacama working on this rare earth business. Contract killing is the word around the water cooler.”

Pru :”Anyone in the frame for it?”

Heather :” He was not a favourite of the Stille brothers.Christian spoke a lot about the friction that created, especially after he made Wyman a beneficiary in his will.”

Pru :” So a contract shooter?”

Heather :’ We believe so.”

Pru :” Chinese?”

Heather :” Interesting you should say that. Kenny Browns guys took a look up there and said it looked staged.”

Pru :” In what way?”

Heather :” A pro would not leave anything behind especially toffee papers and empty cartridges.”

Pru :” So the ammunition and weapon have been identified?”

Heather :” No prizes for guessing but such material is easily obtained and so not definitive proof of Chinese intervention.”

Pru :” He was involved in what is a very strategically sensitive area so there is no shortage of potential suspects.”

Heather :” Everyone and his uncle are in this race and it’s no secret Chris has skin in the game, CWN in particular. The Stille family have a lot of competitors.”

Pru :” You mean enemies don’t you?” Heather looked across at Pru.

Heather :” I can neither confirm or deny.”

Barry has ‘phoned Dennis to talk about his meeting at Fredo’s office.

Barry :”Hiyah Den, how’s it hanging kiddah?”

Dennis :” I take it you haven’t heard about Wyman?”

Barry :” I don’t know ,what about Wyman, I’ve been all over the place since getting back?”

Dennis :”Sorry to say Barry but he’s dead.” There was a pause before Barry replied.

Barry :” I take it this isn’t some sick joke?”

Dennis :” Nah, it’s a sad fact, he was shot on his way back from that village near the drilling site in Bolivia.”

Barry :” Bloody hell Dennis, it puts our problem in perspective doesn’t it. Does anyone know who did it?”

Dennis :” No one knows much about it yet. Chris is going over, his lads have already been there to have look see. Anyway Barry ,was this about the business in Newcastle?”

Barry :” Aye Den it is. Y’kna I still can’t get my head around Wyman .”

Dennis :” Barry I know, none of us can understand it but there is a problem right here and now Fredo reckons someone is over here looking for us.”

Barry :” To be precise Den, Fredo believes it’s primarily you they’re after because of your previous form as a personal driver for a drug lord and your involvement with east European black labour.”

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Re: A Concerted Effort

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