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Going to New York

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Going to New York

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:48 pm

Okay, this the opening part of the Auf Pet script set in 1990 as I suggested to my pal Paul Hughes. Here's to you, dude:

Scene 1. A suburban home, Sunderland. Joe Barton is reading as his girlfriend Stacey McCabe is play fighting with Leonard 'Oz' Osborne as her older brother Jason is cheering both of them on and Dennis Patterson is also watching.

Jason: (to Stacey) Come on, punch him. Hit the bloke in the gut. (to Oz as Stacey does so) Come on, fight, man. Kick her up the arse.

Dennis: Give him what? You swear you're really wanting Oz to fight your sister?

Stacey wrestles Oz to the floor and sits on him.

Oz: We're only playing, Dennis man.

Joe: Oh my God, I forgot to say that a call came by an hour ago.

Stacey: You're kidding. (to Oz) You know my favorite part about that canny Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film?

Oz: What?

Stacey: When the Turtles go after Shredder's ninjas.

Oz: That was canny, Stacey.

Stacey: Why aye.

Joe: Can we please talk about the phone call now?

Dennis: Aye, who was it from?

Joe: Was there a Brummie lad among you lot called Barry Taylor?

Oz: No, I don't remember anyone by that name.

Dennis glares at Oz.

Dennis: (changing the subject) Who was the call from, Joe man?

Jason: Who's Barry Taylor?

Dennis: Barry was our Brummie electrician who was a lot brighter than the rest of us, he recently celebrated his 5th wedding anniversary.

Oz: Before you start with me, Dennis man, I was joking.

Dennis: I'm not starting with anyone, Oz man.

Oz: Thank Christ for that.

Dennis: I just wish you, Bomber or Moxey took Ally Fraser's trousers and slapped him across his own face with said trousers.

Both Oz and Dennis laugh at this.

Joe: Dennis, that's not nice.

Dennis: I know.

Stacey: Was that where the all came from? Birmingham?

Joe: Wolverhampton, Stacey. It was and it was for either Dennis or Oz.

Jason: Howa, man. (to Oz and Dennis) So what was it like in Marbella?

Oz: Ah it was fun, we did a lot of wacky stuff. I got to go to a club there, I got together with Fraser's ex, I got into a few fights.

Stacey: You fought someone? Who?

Oz: Some bearded bloke who works for Fraser, Big Baz. Honestly, as far as Vicki's concerned, our lives our better with old Fraser bollocks out of the way.

The phone rings again and Joe goes to answer it.

Jason and Stacey: (in unison) Why Ally Fraser?

Dennis: I was in debt, he wanted us to do some jobs for him, that sort of thing. Whole thing was weird.

Jason: Well, where's Fraser now?

Oz: Well, he's locked up in prison somewhere near Durham.

Joe comes back into the the room.

Joe: Dennis, the call came from Birmingham again.

Dennis: I'm coming. (walks over to the phone and answers it) Hello. Howay, Barry, happy anniversary. (beat) What do you mean by a lads trip to New York. (beat) He is? (beat) What do you mean there's one of us missing. It's not our Moxey again, is it? (beat) Wayne pulled out?! (beat) He is? (beat) Alreet, see you on Saturday, Barry. Adios. (hangs up)

Scene 2. Durham Prison. Ally Fraser is in the prison's exercise yard doing sit ups as one of the guards walks over to him.

Guard: Fraser, playtime's over. I'm taking you back to your cage.

Ally: Of course. You know, I'm really starting to enjoy it here in prison.

Guard: I don't give a shite what you enjoy, man. Just... (hears a scratching noise) You hear that? Hear what? Sounds like someone's scratching.

Ally: Well, that's peculiar.

The guard walks to the gate and sees a man with a bandanna covering the lower half of his face nearby. The man is holding a guy as the guard stands there wide eyed and scared. Ally smirks as he knows who it is.

Man: Put your hands in the air and don't move.

Guard: Who the hell let you in the prison?

The man knocks the guard out, grabs Ally's hand and drags him out of Durham Prison.

Ally: If you don't take your hands off me, I'll have you hurt.

The man removes his bandanna and reveals his face, it is Big Baz. Ally feels happy abut this.

Big Baz: You really won't hurt me, Mr Fraser.

Ally: Baz. (hugs Big Baz as they both get into the Jaguar and drive off)
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Re: Going to New York

Post by racesgirl2000 » Sun Dec 22, 2019 2:48 pm

Scene 3. The Hope home, North Shields. Neville Hope is asleep on the couch after being up half the night unable to sleep. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door so Brenda walks to the door and answers it, we see that the knocker is Barry Taylor.

Barry: Good morning, this is the Hope residence, am I right?

Brenda: Yes, it is and you must be Barry Taylor.

Barry: That's me, is Neville in?

Brenda: He's asleep on the couch mainly because he was up all night, I don't know why.

Barry and Brenda both walk into the living room to find Neville asleep as Brenda said. Barry walks over to the couch and sits near it.

Barry: Dennis was right, Neville's so adorable when he's asleep. (to Neville) Neville, Nev. Wake up.

We can see that Neville hasn't stirred yet. Barry gently touches his cheek and he croons softly. Brenda bends down and kisses him. Neville's eyes open and he smiles.

Neville: Brenda (sits up and hugs Brenda and then he sees Barry) Barry?

Barry: Hi, Neville.

Neviile: (changing his expression) I had the worst nightmare, Barry, that dream I had was so real. It was about New York. It was about us...and one of us got kidnapped.

Barry: What do you mean, one of us got kidnapped?

Neville looks at Barry very strangely.

Neville: I have no idea which one of us it was but one of us was kidnapped. was a dream, wasn't it?

Before Barry gets a chance to reply, there is the TV:AM theme playing on the TV as a young male reporter appears with Durham Prison in the background.

Reporter: I'm hear outside Durham prison where a dangerously psychotic middle aged man is still on the loose after escaping from prison two days ago. The man, Alisdair Fraser also known as Ally, was serving a 10 year sentence for extortion and attempted murder.

Neville: Fraser's escaped?!

Barry: Dennis won't like that.

Brenda enters the living room with a tray with two cups of coffee and two plates of toast.

Neville: Thanks, pet. (kisses Brenda on the cheek)

Barry: Ta. Hey, Brenda? I don't get the tea, loike.

Brenda: Well, my sister loves anything with mint in and I thought that would be a great idea to get some.

Barry: What's it taste like?

Neville and Brenda: (in unison) Like mint, we know.

Brenda leaves to wake Debbie up as Neville and Barry both laugh.

Scene 4. A shack in Northumberland. Big Baz is awake and we can see that Ally has just woken up.

Big Baz: You're awake, Mr Fraser.

Ally: Good morning, Baz. (to no one in particular) Sorry, Tyneside but I can't return to my cell today. I have revenge to seek and seek it I will.

Big Baz: You seem confident, Mr Fraser.

Ally: I am, Baz and I will have my revenge. (once again to no one in particular as Big Baz leaves the shack) Well, Dennis, you need to watch your back because here I come. Ally's coming for you and your team of idiots, I'll give you that. Sweet revenge is lots of fun. I'm going to make you pay. (laughs evilly as Big Baz re-enters)

Big Baz: I know the real reason you escaped, revenge.

Ally: I know. (changing the subject) So tell me, Baz, what have our friends the Magnificent Seven as they call themselves.

Big Baz: Well, the gaffer, you call him Dennis, he got custody of both his bairns after his ex got sent to a mental health institution and hid all the money in some high Tech safe from the USA, the one with the chin that looks like a pair of bollocks, he's got a trainee plumber called Jason and the fumbly one.. (thinking) What was his name, Mr Fraser? (suddenly remembering) Barry, Barry Taylor. Well, he just sold his van to make a few ends meet and back living in Wolverhampton, he still running the building services.

Ally: Oh I see but how do I get my 25 grand back?

Big Baz: You could kidnap one of them but which one?

Ally: (looks at the photo of the Magnificent Seven which he found in Big Baz's jacket pocket) I have no idea but I may start from the top.

Scene 5. A suburban home in St Helen's, Merseyside. We can see that Albert Moxey is doing his hair in a mirror as a red haired man who appears to be the same age as Moxey enters the living room.

Moxey's friend: It's ready.

Moxey: Thank God, I'm here and I'm not leaving 'til Saturday.

Moxey's friend: You in trouble again, Al?

Moxey: Not really. (changes the subject) Did your Judy already leave town for the week?

Moxey's friend: Kirsty.

Moxey: Sorry?

Moxey's friend: Me bird's name's Kirsty and her car's still in a garage in Everton so they took her brother's van.

Moxey: (rolling his eyes) Is that detail important to the story?

Moxeys's friend: (looking sad) No.

Moxey: Then why'd you tell me?

Moxey's friend: I don't know. This is me house and if me older sister walked in and saw you here, she'd report me to Kirsty and she'd kick me out.

Moxey: What the hell? (thinks what he wants and finally realizes) Hey, pal, I need you to get me a fake passport.

Moxey's friend: Easy. Uh, your name or fake name?

Moxey: Fake. Make me name Jordan Brightman.

Moxey's friend: I got it. (pulls out a fake passport and hands it to Moxey)

Moxey: Sound, mate, I owe you one. (hug his friend)

Moxey's friend: Boss. (changes the subject) Just one more thing, you got a call from Newcastle saying that some bloke called Fraser broke out of Durham and is after youse and a few other blokes.

Moxey: Oh bollocks.
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Re: Going to New York

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:03 pm

Scene 6. Neville and Brenda's home, North Shields. Dennis, Barry, Oz, Moxey, and Neville are all the living room talking about Ally's daring prison escape which was on the news.

Dennis: Calm down, lads, let's take our seats. We've all heard about Ally escaping from prison so we need to watch our backs at all times and so I'm assigning you to be careful.

Oz: (folding his arms together) Ah bollocks. We all know Fraser's a bastard but this? Christ, I wish we killed him in Marbella and buried him under his precious pool!

Moxey: I agree with Oz on this one, Den, Fraser thinks he's Al Capone and stuff like that but this is something else altogether.

Barry: Maybe so but I certainly hope I don't have to run into that cocky bollocks ever again. (sees that the others are shocked) What?

Neville: I've never heard you say that word before, Barry. I think that you've probably... (notices the others staring at him)

Dennis: Barry's probably what, Nev man?

Neville: Never mind.

Moxey: Yeah, that's what I thought you said.

Oz: You can say that again, Moxey.

Dennis: In fact, no other prisons in Tyneside want Ally as long as Durham's had him because some of the guards think he's a stroppy bollocks.

Moxey: Oh I can't wait to get me hands on him!

Suddenly, the doorbell rings so Brenda goes to answer it.

Dennis: If any of you bumps into Ally, I want you to report it to me and I'll ask Bomber to take care of it.

Barry: No, come on, you should let Oz help out also.

Neville: Wait a second, didn't that newsreader Jason Busridge say that Fraser was a psychopath?

Dennis: Well, yes, apparently, Ally is a psychopath and was inspired by Capone in some ways but he was just a kook in his early days. (jabs his left index finger at the floor)

Barry: Whoa, you're telling us Ally Fraser's psychotic, inappropriate and made a few men almost beat us to death? Can we please report him to the police?

Dennis: Maybe but if you see Ally, you'll all be mature about it and tell me first!

Others: We know.

Brenda enters the living room with Bomber, the newsreader who was on television earlier and a Pug.

Brenda: Boys, there's somebody who wants a word.

Neville: If it's the Press, we're not interested in.. (sees Bomber) Howay, man.

Bomber: Hello, lads.

Others: Bomber. (rush towards Bomber and hug him one at a time)

Bomber: Careful, Bomber nearly broke that rib in a fight earlier in the week.

Young man: Uncle Brian, aren't you gonna introduce me to the guys over there?

Bomber: Sorry about that, boyo. (to the others) Boys, this is Jason, my nephew who reported Fraser's escape from prison on the news. (to Jason) Jason, meet the lads.

Dennis: Dennis Patterson. (shakes hands with Jason)

Neville: Neville Hope. (nervously shakes hands with Jason)

Oz: Leonard Osborne. (shakes hands with Jason)

Bomber: Call him Oz.

Jason: I'll call him Rambo.

Oz: What?!

Jason: Nothing.

Barry: Barry Taylor. (shakes hands with Jason)

Moxey: Albert Moxey. (shakes hands with Jason) Please keep that flaming dog away from me.

Bomber: Good, now that you lads know each other, I want to tell you that I saws Fraser this morning.

Others: (shocked) WHAT??????

Bomber: It all began the second Bomber got into that big car outside...

Scene 7. A suburban street in Bristol. This is a flashback and as Bomber gets into a car, he hums an old Dean Martin song and as he checks his mirror, he hears a cough and turns his head.

Ally: Guess who?

Bomber: (gasping) Hello, Mr Fraser.

Within seconds, Bomber sees Big Baz in the back seat and they both interrogate him.

Ally: Right. Before you even drive off, what I want to know is where's that bitch Dennis Patterson with my money he owes me?

Bomber: (pretending not to know) Money, what money?

Ally: Oh, don't play around with me, Mr Busridge, that 3 grand he had of me when we were in Spain and where's the rest of the team?

Bomber: Bomber has no idea.

Ally: Baz.

Big Baz grabs Bomber's hair and slams his face against the car window.

Bomber: Wayne's a roadie for Def Leppard these days, Barry runs his own business and I has no idea where the other lads are.

Ally: Oh I see. (to Big Baz) Baz, let him go.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser. (lets go of Bomber and they both get out of the car)

Scene 8. Neville and Brenda's home. Bomber has finished explaining everything about his encounter with Ally to the boys.

Bomber: You still owes Fraser, Dennis, Bomber knows...

Dennis: (interrupting Bomber) I know I do.

Oz: Hell's bollocks,we're not going on Fraser's pay roll.

Dennis: Oz, calm down. (to Bomber) I can't believe you never told Ally bastard Fraser to piss off.

Bomber: You see, Dennis, he told me that he's still on to you and if you don't mind if we change the subject.

Moxey: Thank God for that.

Bomber: An old friend of mine has this little renovation job on in New York.

Oz: How the bollocks in hell did you get that?

Bomber: Well, Oz, this friend of mine Paolo Mastromarino had his attorney to take a little care of business on his antique store which needs renovating there. I'm telling you what, Dennis, the team needs to get back together again and we'll be fine.

Dennis: Alright then, Bomber.

Oz: (looking baffled at Dennis) What the bloody hell did I just witness?

Neville: Us going to another part of the world.

Oz: Howay, man, I can't bloody wait to get out of there.

Dennis: Well, Oz, that's the reason Ally won't catch us there. (finds the others staring at him) Ho right, right, gotcha, gotcha.
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Re: Going to New York

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:07 pm

Scene 9. Newcastle Airport. The lads save goodbye to their loved ones.

Vicki: Be careful, Oz. I know we've just split up but I just want you to know that I'll be thinking of you all the time.

Oz: I knaa, hinny but if we ever get back together, we should really get married.

Vicki: Thank you. (kisses Oz on the cheek)

Neville: Well, I... guess this is it, Brenda.

Brenda: Please try to be careful, Neville. (kisses him on the mouth)

Barry: Hazel, if anything happens to me, I want you to tell Marty to be a good boy.

Hazel: Oh I will, Barry. (hugs him)

Christine: We've just gotten engaged, Dennis but be careful.

Dennis: Now, now, don't get upset, pet. Everything's gonna be fine. (to Kevin and Angela) Goodbye, you two, be good.

Angela: We will, Dad, love ya.

Kevin: I promise, Dad, I also promise ya I won't make any passes at Christine.

Moxey: (taking on a payphone) I... don't want you to worry about me, Clyde. (beat) Hey! You're the best pal a Scouse ex-con could ask for. (beat) Thanks. (beat) Well, I gotta go. Bye. (hangs up and joins the rest of the team)

Airline Announcer: (In the background) Final call for Flight 4311 to JFK Airport!

Scene 10. Flight 4311 to New York. The airplane is on the tarmac waiting for clearance to take-off.

Oz: Look how many suitcases they have in that tiny truck.

Dennis: Ooh that's right canny.

Bomber: Jason, will you move over?

Jason: But I got here first, Uncle Brian. Why should I sit in the middle seat?

Bomber: (sighs and sits next to Jason) Never mind.

Barry: (to Bomber) You know, you can't solve every with your muscles. Sometimes, you need brains.

Moxey: Yeah, like for dinner. Little bit of garlic, a little bit of butter, brains are delicious.

Neville: (sighs dejectedly) Wayne would've loved chatting up the stewardesses.

As if on cue, a stewardess approaches with a trolley and hands some complimentary orange juice to Neville.

Stewardess: Here you are, sir. Enjoy your complimentary orange juice.

Neville: Thank you. (to Bomber and Jason) Gentlemen, did you know that the New York Boy Scouts has its own special edition survival patches?

Barry: Don't worry, Nev. You don't have to have every patch.

Neville: I do have to have every...! Don't mind.

Scene 11. JFK Airport. Flight 4311 from Newcastle Airport has landed and the boys get off the plane.

Announcer: Hello and welcome to JFK Airport. (The announcement continues to go on)

Bomber: Welcome to New York, boys. (sees Paolo Mastromarino and his son Giovanni with a sign which reads Magnificent 7) Paolo, over here.

Paolo: Hello, Bomber. (runs towards Bomber and receives a bear hug from him)

Bomber: Glad to see you again, Paolo.

Paolo: How are you?

Jason: You know this bloke?

Bomber: Well, you know how there are no photos of Uncle Brian between 1959 and 1961?

Jason: Yeah.

Bomber: Well, there you are. (to Paolo) Um, I'd like you to meet my nephew Jason and some of the boys I mentioned in my last letter to you. (to the others) Boys, this is Paolo Mastromarino, my old college chum.

Oz: Howay, Paolo man. How are ya?

Paolo: Well, hello, fella, I've heard-

Oz: (interrupting) Not for nothing but can we call you Mr M only Mastromarino sounds like a gobful, like.

Dennis: Oz...

Paolo: Of course. Now come on, the car's waiting outside.

The Seven follow Paolo and Giovanni with Tin-Tin on her lead. However, they are unaware that Ally has followed them.
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Re: Going to New York

Post by racesgirl2000 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:49 pm

Scene 12. Mastromarino Antiques, Manhattan. Paolo, Giovanni and the Seven enter the store to find it about to be restored.

Oz: (whistles lowly) What a shitehole.

Dennis: Oz. (jabs Oz in the side with his elbow)

Paolo: Welcome to Mastromarino Antiques recently destroyed by a local gang called the Purple Dragons.

Giovanni: That's the real reason Dad wants you guys to get this store back to normal.

Dennis: We're on it, Giovanni.

Giovanni: Call me Gio. (to Bomber) Dad told me a lot about your wrestling career, Mr Busridge. I hope it's as good as he says it is.

Bomber: Thank you, Gio.

Moxey: (standing before Gio and acting as an empath of the obvious much to Oz's displeasure) I sense that you're... slightly confused right now.

Gio: Is this guy crazy?

Oz: Aye, he is.

Dennis: Don't mind Oz, Gio. He may be lacking courtesy but he's the best street fighter Newcastle's got to offer.

Oz: That's right, man. Just keep your eyes peeled in case there's trouble.

Paolo: We've been doing our best to keep the store safe from trouble since my wife Bianca's passing 3 years ago, Brian but now, somebody trashed it to the ground and I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. tells us they plan to use them. (to a large futuristic computer) Isn't that right, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.?

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: That is affirmative.

Dennis, Neville, Oz, Barry, Moxey, Bomber and Jason: (in unison) I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.???????

Tin-Tin barks at I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.

Gio: The most sophisticated computer in the world.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: I have intercepted communications that the Purple Dragons are being organized for one massive statewide attack.

Paolo: From what I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. has gathered, it would be World War 2 times 100.

Dennis: World War 2? Hell's bollocks, that's...

Paolo: Yes. World War 3. Basically, all the worst parts of the Bible.

Suddenly, a young man in a contractors outfit enters the destroyed store. We see that he has sandy brown hair and large blue eyes and the boys notice to seem that he is trying to catch his breath.

Young man: Hi, Mr M, I'm here now where are these builders you hired from the UK?

Paolo: There right here, Callum. (to the Seven) Boys, this is Callum Kenny, he's going to be your contractor.

Dennis: Nice to meet you, lad. (to Bomber) You never told me there was gan be a contractor.

Bomber: I didn't.

Scene 13. A buliding site, Manhattan. This is where Paolo wants Mastromarino Antiques to be rebuilt and the team are getting down to business with Jason in Wayne's place.

Oz: What ya doing, Dennis man?

Dennis: Figuring out which animal attributes to give to our highly unconventional vehicle. (under his breath) If we ever get our hands on one.

Moxey: (overhearing) Sounds great. What'd ya have in mind?

Dennis: (singing) We need a cheetah's muscle so we can hustle
And a couple big gorilla hands

Oz: For climbing!

Dennis: (singing) Hope your seat belt's fastened
'Cause the motor's been fashioned,
After baboon adrenal glands,
We got a rhino's horn in case we run into trouble,
A big giraffe neck so our reach can double

The tail was gonna be a snake, I'm glad we used pencil
'Cause a monkey's tail will give us something more prehensile...
It's a highly unconventional vehicle,
It doesn't have wheels or a carburetor

It doesn't have a windshield, it doesn't have wings,
It doesn't have a heater, but we're at the equator
So I guess that's not so apropos
'Cause it wouldn't need a heater even if it wasn't such a...

Highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle (highly unconventional vehicle),
It's a highly unconventional vehicle!

Barry: That's a bostin idea.

Neville: He's a better singer than Wayne.

Dennis: That's not very nice, Neville. Now that the fanfare's over, what's say you lads let me go into town Saturday afternoon.

Oz and Moxey: (in unison) Can we come too, Dennis?

Dennis: Alreet.

Oz and Moxey: (in unison) Thank you.

Jason: Where should we start on restoring Mr M's store?

Dennis: Well, first, we'll start with the bricks as Mr M told us to. Then, we'll jump onto the carpentry and the plastering and finally, the rewiring and electricity goes into this place Of course, Mr M seems canny when he's not being a weirdo.

Oz: That totally sounds doable.

Scene 14. This one is a montage of the boys on the site. As Why Should I Worry? is sung, the boys get to work like nobody's business, Dennis is laying a few bricks with Neville and Oz, Jason is sawing through wood like he's Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Moxey is doing some plastering with Gio, Barry is checking for rewiring and electricity, Bomber is ordering the lads around and Callum is doing a whole lot of contracting. Gio is helping out as there is more bricklaying, carpentry, plastering, rewiring and contracting and finally, Paolo enters the site giving his approval.

Scene 13. The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Central Park. It is night time and as the others are asleep, Bomber is talking to Jason.

Bomber: How do you feel, Jason?

Jason: About what, Uncle Brian?

Bomber: Filling in for our lad Wayne!

Jason: It was okay. Night, Uncle Brian. (hugs Bomber who hugs back)

Bomber: Night, boyo, see you tomorrow.

As soon as Jason has gone to bed in the same room as Barry and Neville, Bomber starts reading a book on antiques. A few seconds later, he goes to the bathroom to wash his hands and emerges to find Ally on the couch.

Ally: I can't believe you and that prick Jason Busridge are related.

Bomber: (shocked) You.

Ally: Me.

Bomber: Get out of here before I calls for security.

Instead of listening to Bomber, Ally approaches him with a strange pendant and a wicked gleam in his eye.

Ally: You're getting sleepy.

Bomber frowns suspiciously at the metal trinket dangling from Ally's finger.

Bomber: Sorry, my wife wants me to cut back on my hi jink levels.

Ally: Don't make me do this. (calling out) Baz, get yourself in here.

Big Baz enters the room.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser?

Bomber: Oh no, not you again.

Ally: Yes, him again. My former cellmate gave me this necklace just before he was released from Durham Prison, you know. Granted, I don't think I'm the right kind of person for this stuff. Some doctor tried to use it on me once and it didn't work. I'm hypno-proof. (to Big Baz) Baz, grab him.

Big Baz: On it, Mr Fraser. (grabs Bomber and makes him sit on the couch)

Ally: Now, Mr Busridge, watch the mystic pendant.

Bomber does so and sees a beautifully molded dragon on a chain with two outstretched legs and a long curving body in the shape of a 'J.' Its eyes are tiny points of red.

Ally: Good. Look into the eyes of the dragon. (swings the pendant slowly back and forth)

By now, Bomber hardly remembered he is there. The dragon seems like the only thing in his world now and he feels mind drifting through the void with it. Ally tells Bomber to close his eyes. He does but the dragon is still there.

Ally: You can still see the dragon, can't you?

Bomber: Yes.

Ally: That's right. The dragon is your friend. You're safe and relaxed with him. You have nothing to fear. And you have nothing to hide. I'm going to count to seven. When I finish counting, you will wake up and let out everything that is hidden inside of you. One…two… three... four... five... six... seven. Wake up.

Sure enough, Bomber's eyes open and he cracks Big Baz in the side of the head and tackles him to the floor. Ally smirks as Big Baz squeaks in protest as the wind is knocked out of him and knocking him into Ally causing the pendant to fly from his hand. Big Baz tries to breathe but Bomber is sitting on top of him and gripping the side of his neck and making him dizzy.

Big Baz: (gasping as Bomber gets off him) That man's a psycho.

Ally: So can I be at the best of times. (to Bomber) Now you're in my power, you will turn into an assassin when somebody says 'underpants' and turn back to normal when somebody says (rolls his eyes) 'bollocks'.

Big Baz: Something is very wrong here.

Ally: Bollocks. (sees Bomber turning back to normal) Let's go.

Both Ally and Big Baz leave the room.

Scene 15. King's Plaza, Brooklyn. Dennis appears to enjoy being in this centre but Moxey and Oz are unsure as they enter a clothes store.

Dennis: I proper enjoyed that, like.

Oz: You enjoyed it?! Where's Dennis Patterson, you alien monster. (lunges at Dennis but Moxey has to hold him before he starts a fight in the middle of the Plaza)

Moxey: Look, Oz, I hate going clothes shopping as much as you do so let's try to get this over with, right?

Oz and Dennis: (in unison) Alreet.

They enter the clothes store and as minutes progress, Dennis hands Oz and Moxey a few clothes and both try them on. Later, Dennis realizes that he needs to use the bathroom.

Dennis: (under his breath) I reet need the toilet. (to Oz) Oz, can you come with me to the mens room? (to Moxey) You don't mind staying here for a bit, do you, lad?

Moxey: Sure, Den but don't take long.

As soon as Dennis and Oz have gone, Moxey is alone in the changing rooms and an idea come to his mind as glares at himself in the mirror.

Moxey: (to himself) Well, maybe it'll look good. (ruffles his hair a bit and does a few Harpo Marx facial expressions while giggling to himself)

Suddely, Moxey pokes his out from behind the changing curtains to see a large man from behind. The man turns around so Moxey goes back behind the changing rooms and gasps.

Moxey: (to himself) Uh oh, that's Fraser's muscle, what's his name again? Big Baz or something?

Big Baz turns to realize that he and Moxey have seen each other and looks around but Moxey is nowhere to be seen so he pulls a walkie talkie from his jacket and presses the button.

Big Baz: I'm in position now.

Ally: (over the walkie talkie) Good, how's it going so far?

Bog Baz: Patterson's gone so maybe we could grab one of the others!

Ally: (over the walkie talkie) Who do you have in mind?

Big Baz: Well, I think that the goofy looking Scouser might be a good substitute kidnap victim. Anyway, it'll be minutes before Patterson and that idiot with the broken tooth notice he's missing.

Ally: (over the walkie talkie) Good, make sure you leave his watch or anytinh you find on him behind, understood?

Big Baz: Okay what you gan be doing with him, Mr Fraser?

Ally: (over the walkie talkie) Not having second thoughts, are you, Baz?

Big Baz: No, I need revenge on those morons as much as you do.

Ally: (over the walkie talkie) Baz, Baz, it's not for you to worry about Dennis or the idiot with the broken tooth, you leave them to Callum.

Big Baz: I'll do just that. Over. (hangs up as another man walks by him)

A few seconds later, Moxey walks out of the dressing room he was in humming Red Light Spells Danger to himself passing a redhead with some clothes and wolf whistles at her.

Moxey: Excuse me, love, you're in the wrong dressing room.

Redhead: Thanks, buddy. (kisses Moxey on the cheek and walks off)

As the redhead walks off, Moxey smiles to himself unaware that Big Baz is behind him but within seconds, Big Baz jabs a gun in the small of Moxey's back.

Big Baz: Don't even think of moving.

Moxey: What the flaming hell?

Big Baz suddenly grabs Moxey by his left arm and turns him around so that both men are face to face. At that moment, Moxey's face pales.

Big Baz: Shame that moron Dennis Patterson isn't here with you.

Moxey: Oh my God, you're Fraser's muscle, what's his name again? Big Baz or something?

Big Baz: Too right I am.

Moxery: You bastard.

Ignoring this, Big Baz slams the gun into Moxey's head knocking him unconsciousness.

Big Baz: That's for calling me a bastard, you weirdo.

A few seconds kater, Big Baz carries an unconscious Moxey over his left shoulder in a fireman's lift, removes the brooch pinned to the denim jacket Moxey is wearing, carefully places it on the floor and carries him out of the store. It is around that time that Oz enters the changing room and gasps in horror as he sees Moxey's brooch lying on the floor and signs of a struggle.

Oz: (calling out) Moxey, what happened! Where are you, man?

Dennis: (from behind Oz) Why are you shouting for, Oz man?

Oz: Look what I found, Dennis man! (picks up Moxey's brooch and shows it to Dennis)

Dennis: Hell's teeth, what happened to Moxey, man?

Oz: No idea but I found it by the dressing room Moxey was in just earlier.

Dennis turns around and pulls a mirror/communicator Gio gave him out of his satchel and presses a button. A few seconds later, the scree comes to life and Bomber appears on the screen.

Bomber: Hello, boys, how's the shopping expedition going?

There is a long pause. Oz and Dennis don't doubt that he is wondering why they would be calling him.

Dennis: Well, Bomber, it's gan...

Oz: (interrupting) Moxey's gone missing!

Bomber: Well, find him, you silly buggers.

Dennis: Oz found the brooch Moxey's stepfather left him in his will but we can't find our Moxey anywhere. I was hoping maybe he'd had to gone back to Mr M's store right away for some reason but...

Bomber: You boys did the right thing telling Bomber... me and the others'll start looking for him right away but if you find him, would you let us know?

Oz: The second we find him and not a second later. (ends the communication)
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Re: Going to New York

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Scene 16. Mastromarino Antiques, Manhattan. Dennis and Oz have returned without Moxey and Bomber appears rather upset.

Bomber: How you two be such idiots and lose Moxey in Brooklyn like that. (snaps his fingers)

Dennis: We weren't being idiots, Bomb, I needed the bathroom and Oz agreed to come with me.

Oz: Den's right,

A few seconds later, the phone rings so Dennis walks to it and answers it.

Dennis: Hello. (beat) Moxey, is that you, man? (beat) Look, I'm not interested in anything you might be trying to sell. (beat) Has something happened? Has there been an accident? Is Moxey all right? Who is this? (beat as Dennis realizes the words tumbling out in a rush) 25 grand... (beat) 30. (beat) I'll give you 30 grand for his return but only if he is unharmed, Ally. If you so much as ruffle his hair, the deal's off ... and I'll use every means at my disposal to track you down. (beat) Let me speak to him. (beat) I can't possibly get that much money together by 10:30 tomorrow morning. (beat) Where have you got him? (beat) You bastard, I'll... Hello. (groans and hangs up)

Jason: Who was that?

Dennis: Ally bastard Fraser, I've just had a call from him.

Barry: What the hell did Mr Fraser just say?

Dennis: Good news and bad news, the good news is that Moxey's alright, the bad news is that if we ever want to see him again, we've got to give him 25 grand by 10:30 tomorrow morning.

Oz: See, Dennis, I told you in the car there's something not right about this, we can't trust that bastard at all.

Neville: So where do we start now, Dennis?

Dennis: Well, I'll tell Mr M about it, get on to the architect in or Callum and we'll get things rolling from there, right?

Barry: it's a bit of a pisser, that.

Oz: Aye that is, Barry, I don't suppose that muscle of his has ever forgiven me about his nose, like.

Dennis: Aye, it is a bit of a pisser, man.

Suddenly, there is a thud from behind Oz and they all turn around to see that Neville has fainted.

Callum: Hey, guys, you're not gonna believe what happened to me earlier... (sees the others staring at him) You're all serious, what's up?

Dennis nods to Oz who relates the events up to being told Moxey has been kidnapped.

Callum: Oh shit.

Scene 17. 740 Park Avenue. Moxey wakes up up with a start, something cold and wet is touching his forehead, he sits up and sees that his right ankle has been shackled with a 2 metre chain attached to it and he could sense a figure near his head.

Moxey: (uncertain) Er, hello?

Suddenly, a hand grabs Moxey's leg and he sits down to find a red haired woman squeezing a cloth in to a bucket by her left knee.

Redhead: Look, buddy, don't move at all, save your strength for when the boss interrogates you.

Moxey: Sorry?

Redhead: Where are my manners? My name's Karen, Karen Kenny.

Moxey: Al, Al Moxey.

Karen: I'm a worker for Mr Fraser but I live in Staten Island.

Before Moxey could ask where his backpack and denim jacket are, a loud bang from the other side of the room makes him and Karen freeze on the spot.

Ally: That's enough, Karen, what have I told you about getting attached to my prisoners?

Karen: (shocked) I'm sorry, boss, it won't happen again. (gets up and half-stumbles out of the cell)

Suddenly, the door closes and Ally enters the cell turning to Moxey who is trying not to shake with fear.

Ally: You moron, you think that by acting brave you will impress me and I'll go easy on you that will not be so. (staring coldly at Moxey) Now tell me what Dennis told you what he did with my 25 grand and I might spare you and your pathetic team.

Moxey sneers slightly at Ally knowing that he may be his prisoner but he still has some pride.

Moxey: Come on, pal, did ya seriously think ya'd get me to talk so soon? (scoffs) You must be dumber than I thought.

Ally and Moxey both glare at each other as Moxey soon realizes wasn't the smartest thing to do. Ally walks over to Moxey and slaps him across the face.

Ally: No matter. I've got time, I'll see if this can't change your fragile little mind! (calls to the door) Baz, get yourself in here.

Sure enough, Big Baz enters the room and Moxey seems scare at the sight of him.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser?

Ally: Give this punk the beating of a lifetime.

Big Baz: I'm on it, Mr Fraser.

Moxey: Are you kidding me? (shuts his eyes)

Swiftly, Big Baz approaches Moxey and his fist shoots out hitting him squarely in the chest. With a gasp and a groan, Moxey's eyes shoot open. Blearily, he gazes at the large man in front of him. Suddenly, his eyes fly wide open. Gathering his strength, he plants his feet under him and pushes himself up. Standing erect, he glared at Big Baz and starts to fight back. As Ally leaves the cell, Big Baz's mouth cracks into what could only be called a grin but grins are never made to look like that particular one. Before Moxey could react, Big Baz's arm lashes out hitting his head. Moxey's head smacks against the stone wall causing his eyes to momentarily lose focus. Before Moxey could regain any composer, Big Baz strikes by punching him in the chest, ribs and head which are alternated by Moxey doing the same to him but Big Baz acts fast with kicks to the knees to cut his legs out from under him. Each time that happens, Moxey's body starts to fall only to be painfully jerked to a stop by the chain around his ankle.

Big Baz: Howzat?

Moxey: (suddenly dazed) I thought Oz was bad.

After several minutes of these attacks, Big Baz steps back and surveys the damage. Moxey falls to the floor with blood running down from a cut on his forehead and his breathing hoarse and painful. The attacks have left him unconscious and he would not be waking up anytime soon. Big Baz allows himself one genuine smile.

Scene 18. Mastromarino Antiques, Manhattan. The team have seen the attack Big Baz launched on Moxey on screen and Paolo is as upset as Dennis is while Oz is angry.

Paolo: Boys, I'm afraid I have bad news. A few minutes ago, your friend Moxey was almost beaten to death.

Barry: (shocked as Neville comes to) What?

Dennis: Oh my God, that devious bastard.

Paolo: It appears now that I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. was wrong about Johnny Delvecchio being behind this crap. (turns to face the machine) That was bad, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. Very bad I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: I'm sorry.

Oz: Wait a second, Mr M, I'll handle this one, like.

Jason: (to Dennis) This I've got to see.

Dennis: Stop it.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: Mr Patterson, I'm intercepting communications about your friend Moxey's whereabouts.

Gio: (faces I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.) On screen!

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. turns the screen to a map of New York and when it gets to Park Avenue, the screen shows a light blue star which presumably suggests that Moxey is there.

Neville: What's the star supposed to represent?

Bomber: It could be Moxey but who'd do this?

Dennis: (to himself) Of course, Ally bloody Fraser.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: Let me show you something.

The screen turns to the clothes shop Moxey, Dennis and Oz and it shows Big Baz kidnapping Moxey and dragging him to a white van and after a minutes, the video ends as a foot covered the screen.

Dennis: How did that bastard do this shite?

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: I think that the large man in the video took the wrong person.

Bomber: Oz, Dennis, Barry, Jason, Neville, Gio and Paolo: (in unison) What????????

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: They were looking for Mr Patterson.

As this is said, Oz gasps as a picture of Dennis appears on the screen.

Oz: Hell's bollocks, Fraser was after you?!

Bomber: So, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., where's Moxey?

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: It appears that Moxey is being held captive in the dungeons of 740 Park Avenue.

Gio: What the hell does that mean?

Dennis: 5 years ago, my previous marriage didn't recover and I was living with my older sister Norma so I can still stay in contact with my children Kevin and Angela who I got back 2 years ago after me ex-wife Vera was sent to a mental health institution. By 1985, I was working for a Newcastle upon Tyne gangster called Ally Fraser and I was in debt to him.

Oz: (interrupting) Fraser's got a notorious reputation throughout the North East of England but had built up a trusting relationship with Dennis.

Dennis: Oz, shut up.

Oz: Sorry: Dennis.

Dennis: (continuing) Nevertheless, Neville and Oz were shocked to discover he is working for him. After re-uniting with the lads and completing work on Barry's new house, I was offered more building work by Fraser who trusted that we were all great construction workers. From there, I took the rest of the lads to Derbyshire to work on an decaying mansion which Fraser has bought from Kenny Ames, a porn baron who had fled to Spain.

Barry: (continuing) Dennis, assuming his role of the gaffer once again, had to deal with more problems, notably when we were laid off after Thornley Manor was declared a listed building. However, we were allowed to start work again when Fraser decided to turn it into a care home for elderly people but Dennis instantly became aware of the poor quality of materials sent to us so we defended Dennis's honour by going on strike until Fraser upgraded the conversion. We came out on top when they overpowered Fraser's heavies.

Neville: (continuing) Fraser offered Dennis more work to clear his debt. Once the conversion at Thornley Manor was complete, we headed to Spain to work at Fraser's villa. This soon became difficult when they were mistaken for criminals in the "Costa Del Crime". By this time, Dennis has his now fiancee Christine Chadwick whom he brought along to Spain. Christine told Dennis that Fraser's criminal activities have come back to haunt him and was planning on becoming an exile in Spain. When Dennis was sent back to Newcastle to apparently bring some documents for Fraser, his suspicions were answered when he discovered 25 grand in undeclared currency in the suitcase. He hid this and confronted Fraser over his treatment of him. He then forced Fraser to end his working relationship with him, he also threatened that we'll demolish everything we built for him if Fraser tried to cause harm to Dennis's family.

Scene 19. 740 Park Avenue. Moxey has just come round after the beaten he took earlier. Hie stands up only to find that it is at least 5:30 in the morning and thinks that he is going to die if these wounds of his aren't treated soon when suddenly, a soft creak from the door stirs Moxey from the wallowing despair.

Moxey: (hesitantly) Karen?

Karen: Sit back down, Al, Mr Fraser wanted me to treat your wounds which must be the reason I'd be here this damn early.

Moxey: (confused) Hang on a minute. That Scottish bastard injures me and then, he cures me, I don't get it!

Karen: Well, obviously, Mr F expects you to be with him 'til one the guys you're with gives him 25 grand other wise he won't give a shit if your wounds got dirty and infected. I'm only here to clean them and he agreed when I said that you might eat something.

Karen starts to clean any blood Big Baz left on Moxey using a soft cloth soaking it in warm water then gentle rubbing away some of the blood which is collecting on his face. Though she works very carefully, Moxey flinches every time the cloth touches him.

Moxey: Ow, that bloody hurt.

Karen: Sorry, maybe talking'll take your mind off of it so where are you from? I can tell you're not from around here.

Mosey: Well, I'm from Merseyside, love. To be honest, I've got a somewhat troubled past.

Karen: Holy crap.

Moxey: Until about this time last year, I was convicted arsonist. Anyways, I always tries to ensure that no-one gets burned. Despite his criminal record, I'm a friendly and kind bloke. (flinching slightly as the cloth brushes his lower lip)

Suddenly, Karen removes the cloth, set it down, grabs a tray full of food and sets it on a box whoch Moxey believes is supposed to be a substitute for a table.

Karen: Okay, that's you all cleaned up and fed, I gotta get back to work. See ya.

Moxey: Bye. (frowns as Karen walks to the door)

At that moment, Moxey suddenly feels cold, colder than he has ever been in his life and he knows who is there even before the terrible voice rumbled as Ally enters his cell.

Ally: Well, have you decided to tell me what I ask? (fixes Moxey with an unshaking stare)

Moxey: Well, let me think…. NO!

We can now see Moxey's pain turning in to anger. Ally glares at him and snaps his fingers as Big Baz comes by.

Ally: (to Big Baz) You must stay by that arsonist and make sure he doesn't fall asleep. If he does, beat the crap out of him.

Big Baz: Yes, Mr Fraser.

Ally laughs evilly and leaves leaving Moxey all alone expect for Big Baz near him.

Scene 20. Mastromarino Antiques, Manhattan. The team are getting ready to rescue Moxey and as Polo has suggested, Gio is going with them.

Dennis: OK, let's checklist: laser pen, jet backpack, watch computer, x-ray glasses, master-key pen and your very own comm-mirror.

As this is spoken, Gio takes what seemed to be a book out of his backpack.

Barry: What do you need that book for?

For any answer, Gio opens the book and Barry and Neville both glare in awe as instead of pages, it has buttons on one side and a screen on the other.

Gio: This book was a gift from Dad. I haven't used it but I've got the feeling I'll need it now more than ever.

The others nod and they go to the roof of the store where a jet is waiting for them. They get get in and the jet flies to Park Avenue.

Scene 21. Park Avenue. As they get out of the jet, the guys see a redhead no shorter than Dennis walking past them with a few bags. They can see that she also has large green eyes, small hands & feet, average arms & legs and an average sized chest. We can see that she is wearing a black leather jacket over a light green sweater, blue jeans and brown ankle boots and it is clear to the guys that she is important and if anybody knows where in Park Avenue Moxey is, she is likely too. They are about to approach her when they spot Big Baz coming over to her and talking to her. The girl visibly sighs and walks down Park Avenue up to 740. Meanwhile, Oz and Neville glare at Jason who taps on Gio's computer book.

Oz: What are you doing, man?

Jason: Gio told me that sometime ago, he was able to trace any frequency in New York for radio and data transmissions, I hope they still use it.

Neville: Don't get upset but wouldn't it be better if you use a computer for that?

Gio: Actually, it would, yeah but the point is all that data's stored in my computer book, I hadn't had the time to build a way to transfer the data out of it.

Oz and Neville: (in unison) Oh.

Scene 22. 740 Park Avenue. Moxey is still chained by his ankle, his stomach growling. He shuts his eyes again as the cell door opens and he can see that it is Karen who gives him the light blue turtleneck jumper which is no longer covered in blood and she puts a tray of food on the box.

Mkxey: Thanks, Karen, I really wanna....

Karen hushes him with a hand gesture.

Karen: Shut the hell up. That Big Baz guy's been telling Mr Fraser what we talk about. I'm afraid we can't speak 'til he (loudly) STOPS OVERHEARING. IT'S RUDE, BAZ. (glares at the door)

Moxey doesn't know whether he is happy or sad, he is happy because he gets more of a chance to think of what he is going to say to Karen and sad because he may never see her again.

Big Baz: (from outside the door) Shut the hell up, Karen.

Moxey: Don't talk to Karen that way, you goon. (to Karen) You gotta get me outta here.

Karen: I'll try but I don't know what that the boss's got in mind. Sorry, Al, I wish there was something I could do to help.

Moxey smiles at her as if he has just had a good idea.

Moxey: There is. Look in my backpack, there's a silver chain with my initial and a locket with the word Albert on it. Go and find a stocky looking brown haired bloke with cream coloured Pug, get them to take you to the people they're with and tell them where to find me show them the necklace and they'll know you're telling the truth.

Scene 23. Park Avenue. Jason is standing by a tree as Tin-Tin is doing her business and looks up in surprise as he hears Tin barking at a redheaded woman in front of him.

Jason: (to Tin-Tin) No. (to the redhead) Sorry, love, you're not my type. (calling out) Hey, guys, come on, there's a redhead in front of me

As the others run over to Jason and Tin-Tin, they are surprised to see the girl they saw earlier standing there obviously distressed.

Karen: Are you Dennis Patterson?

Dennis: No, that's Jason Busridge. I'm Dennis Patterson.

Karen: Good now listen carefully, I know where your pal Moxey is and I wanna help you get him out but you gotta come with me to Ally Fraser's place in Park Avenue.

Oz: (eyeing Karen skeptically) How can we trust you? You work for Ally Fraser.

Karen holds a silver chain and the boys crowd round to see it. On the chain, there is the letter M beautifully entwine and set with sapphires and a heart shaped locket with the name Albert on it.

Barry: That's Moxey's necklace, he swore he'd never give that away for as long as he lives.

At that, Karen motions to the boys for to follow her and this time, they don't argue. When they reach 740 Park Avenue, they are taken aback. The guards at the gate stop Karen and speak to her, she answers them back and they let them pass through. When the gates fully close behind them, Karen turns to them briefly.

Karen: (whispering) Come on, we gotta hurry before Baz smacks the shit out of your guy Al Moxey again.

Bomber: Again?

Jason: Be quiet, Uncle Brian.

Scene 24. The cell of 740 Park Avenue. Moxey is nearly asleep when the door opens and Ally glares at him, then hauls him to his feet.

Moxey: Hey, what the hell are you doing?

Ally: (angrily) Get up and tell me what Dennis has done with my 25 grand right now.

Moxey: Well... I don't know...

Ally: Don't make me repeat myself (shouting) TELL ME WHAT THAT PRICK DENNIS PATTERSON HAS DONE WITH MY 25 GRAND.

Moxey: (cracking under the pressure) He said he was gonna use that money to fund his son's college education. Turns out he and his fiancée want his lad to go to a college in Wolverhampton in September, please don't kill me.

Ally: Thank you. (lets go of Moxey and walks out of the cell)

Moxey: (quietly as he hugs himself) I'm proper sorry, Den, I tried to stop him but he was too forceful for me.
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Re: Going to New York

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Scene 25. The hallway of 740 Park Avenue. Karen is leading the way around the place as the boys including Callum are impressed by the interior.

Dennis: (whistles) Wow, Ally's really outdone himself this time.

Neville: Are you sure this is the way?

Karen: Yes, I'm sure now come on, the entrance is near.

Gio: (to Barry and Jason) Do you see that steel door there?

Barry and Jason both nod.

Gio: I intercepted a radio transmission earlier on with the access code to open the door to their subterranean facility.

Jason: You did that?

Gio: Yes, I don't see any guards.

Karen: Me neither, come on.

Oz: Can't we split up?

Dennis: Canny idea, Oz. I go after Ally with Callum while you, Jason and Bomber go and find Big Baz. (to Neville and Barry) Nev, Barry, you two go with Karen and see if you can find Moxey.

Gio: What about me?

Barry: How about you monitor us while we find Moxey?

Gio: (rolling his eyes) Okay.

Scene 26. The hallway of 740 Park Avenue. Neville, Barry and Karen are off to find Moxey as Neville suddenly hears a whining noise from nearby.

Neville : Can no one else hear that bloody whining noise,it's just started again?

Barry: Is this the same noise you heard before?

Neville: Yes and I'm sick of it.

Karen: My dad had a pal who served in World War 2, he got tinnitus, it was a real pain in the ass.They told him there was no cure, it got so bad, he talked about puncturing his eardrums.

Neville: Thanks for that, Karen,I know what to do then.

Barry: You've been on about that since yesterday, no one else can hear it so give it a bloody rest.

Scene 27. The hallway of 740 Park Avenue. Dennis and Callum are off to confront Ally when Callum is trying his best to hide the gun Ally gave him from Dennis.

Dennis: Before you start, Callum lad, try to take it easy, we're all on edge so let's not be falling out. We're close to getting Moxey back, ok?

Callum: I'll try my best, Big D.

Dennis: Big D? That's an ironic nickname which I haven't heard for years.

Callum: When's the last time you heard it?

Dennis: About 10 years ago. (stops outside Ally's office door) This is it, I'm ready to give Ally Fraser that 25 grand I owe him even if it kills me.

Callum: Let's do this then.

Scene 28. Ally's office. Dennis and Callum enter and as they do so, Dennis finds a gun on the desk, picks it and points it at the chair.

Dennis: Well, Ally, here I am with that 25 grand I owe ya. You may as well tell me where Moxey is now.

Callum pulls the gun out of his jacket and points it at Dennis.

Callum: You better give that money to him, you fat SOB.

Dennis is shocked at this and turns around to see Callum pointing a gun at him.

Dennis: What the bloody hell?

Callum: Mr F, look what I found.

The desk chair turns around to reveal Ally smirking at Callum's progress.

Ally: Thank you, Callum, I thought you were a moron but you really did it. (to Dennis) Hand over the money and you get your friend back.

Dennis: You bastard. (groans as he hands the 25 grand over to Ally while Callum still holds the gun at him)
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Re: Going to New York

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Scene 29. The cells of 740 Park Avenue. Barry and Neville follow Karen down a staircase to where the cells are. Barry seems brave but worried as Karen seems concerned as Moxey had been beaten up again and Neville looks worried as usual. Barry and Neville don't know who most of these prisoners are but they know he have to do their best to get them out after they have found Moxey.

Karen: (stopping outside the cell Moxey is in and hands Barry the keys) Here, you might need these. I know Big Baz won't need 'em anymore.

Barry: Ta. (opens the door which swings inward and hits something) Now let's get Moxey out of there and see if we can persuade Mr Fraser to let his other prisoners go or give him a spanking if he doesn't.

Neville: I think we've hit something. (steps into the cell with Barry and Karen to see Moxey clutching his forehead) Moxey.

Moxey: (rubbing his forehead) That bloody hurt, you moron.

Neville: Sorry, Moxey.

Moxey: It's okay, Nev. (flinches at the pain in his head) Ow.

Suddenly, two men approach the cell and drag Karen out leaving Moxey, Barry and Neville in the cell.

Man 1: Are you crazy, Karen?

Karen: Get offa me, ya goons.

Barry: (to the men) Who are you?

Man 2: We're a couple of Mr Fraser's guys, you Limey son of a...

The second man gets punched by Moxey who lets go of Karen as she runs off.

Scene 30. The hallway of 740 Park Avenue. Oz, Jason and Tin-Tin are walking behind Bomber as he leads the way to finding Moxey.

Bomber: Be on your guard, boyos.

Oz: Aye, Bomb.

Jason: On it, Uncle Brian.

Tin-Tin barks knowing that her owner is uneasy with the lack of response from whoever it is who owns the place. After a few minutes, they find themselves face to face with Ally and Big Baz.

Ally: Well, what do we have here? (approaches Bomber and whispers) Underpants.

At that moment, Bomber turns into a lean mean builder killing machine and approaches Oz and Jason menacingly.

Bomber: You're going to suffer, boys.

Jason: What's happened to my uncle?

Oz: Fraser must've hypnotized him. (to Bomber) Sorry to do this to you. (punches Bomber in the face as hard as he could)

Ally: (seeing Jason) Jason Busridge. Of course you've got that daytime slot on TV:AM so why not have that spot next to Lorraine Kelly?

Jason: There's nothing between me and Lorraine, pal. (rushes towards Ally with his left fist raised only to be confronted by Big Baz who shoves at Jason while Oz and Bomber fight each other)

Ally: Please don't lie to me, Mr Busridge. We all know you only speak to Mike Morris to get to that woman.

Jason: She's got a boyfriend already.

Bomber and Oz charge towards while Big Baz starts fighting Jason. Jason gives Big Baz a kick in the crotch before punching him in the face which sends Big Baz howling in fury and suddenly as Bomber and Oz are charging towards him while still fighting each other, Jason finds himself on the verge of wanting to help him. Oz lands a powerful punch to Bomber's torso. Though it doesn't hurt him physically, the force of the impact sends Bomber yelling and landing besides Big Baz.

Jason: Thanks, Oz.

Oz: Just doing my job, Jase.

Both high five each other as Bomber and Big Baz get to their feet and charge at Oz and Jason respectively. Jason grabs Bomber's arm and in a quick martial arts move send him flying over his shoulder to land on the floor. Oz starts to move towards Jason as Big Baz tries to grab him from behind. Oz grabs Jason, drops to the floor and both roll away to the side evading Big Baz's attempted at a grab.

Big Baz whirls angry that Oz and Jason have gotten away from him and starts to advance towards them only for Oz to get back to his feet swing around and perform a half nelson on him which causes Big Baz to fall forward and land flat on his face. Suddenly, Bomber grabs hold of Jason and pushes him hard into the wall.

Jason: Snap out of it, Uncle Brian, you're not like this.

As Bomber ignores this, Ally could see that Big Baz is having fun trying to get a hold of Oz who seems quick, agile and appears to have a battery of martial arts skills that he is using to great effect. Sighing inwardly, Ally realizes that he is going to have to intervene directly.

Ally: You're a match for most men, Mr Busridge, I'll tell you that.

Jason: That's not saying much then, is it?

At that moment, Oz charges towards Ally pulling a fist back ready to break his nose. Ally smirks in amusement seeing Oz coming for him as if he would let him get close enough to punch him.

Ally: Baz.

Big Baz: On it, Mr Fraser. (takes a few steps forward and grabs Oz by the lapels and slams him against the wall)

Ally: Put them with their friends.

Bomber: Yes, master.

Jason: Let me go, I'm a black belt in taekwondo.

As Bomber and Big Baz drag Oz and Jason away, Ally watches them go and smiles. Smiling evilly, he heads back to his study to confront Dennis who is with Callum.
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Re: Going to New York

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Scene 31. The cells of 740 Park Avenue. Barry and Neville try to calm Moxey down as the cell door flies open but instead of Ally, Bomber hauls Oz inside and Big Baz hauls Gio and Jason inside with Tin-Tin on their heels.

Oz: (rushing over to Barry, Moxey and Neville) Before any of you start, Fraser's got an inside on the site.

Moxey: I knew it was Callum. If he hurts our Dennis, I'll bloody kill him.

Barry: Save some for the rest of us, Moxey. (realizes something) I noticed that after she ran off, Karen had a police badge on. I think that she was sent undercover to stop Mr Fraser from destroying us.

Before anyone could say anything else, there comes the distinctive sounds of the whining noise Neville heard earlier. Everyone in the room exchanges puzzled looks and a few minutes later, the door opens and to everyone's surprise, Callum hauls Dennis in the cell. Dennis only just manages to stay on his feet when he is thrown in before spinning around and glares daggers at Cullum who laughs under a glare that would reduce most enemies to a quivering wreck. Then Callum closes the door and locks it.

Dennis: Right, I think we've all had quiet enough losing for one day. I'm upset that Callum and Ally were in this together.

Others: We know.

Barry: From what Karen told Callum, there are solar batteries that'll power the technology in this place for a while but not too long, time's running out as the batteries have already been at it for a few hours.

Neville: How much time do we have left?

Barry: No idea.

Moxey: Then we need to get out of here now and.... (sees Tin-Tin and starts to jump behind Oz) Eee, Jason, your dog's in the cell. Get it away from me.

Jason: Sorry, Mox but where I goes, Tin-Tin goes. (to Tin-Tin) Tin-Tin, leave the nice Scouser alone.

Tin-Tin stays by Jason despite being as far away from Moxey as possible.

Oz: I agree but how?

Dennis: No idea.

Gio: (looking up from where he is staring at the floor) We need to get out of here.

Moxey: We're all agreed on that, Gio but how?

Dennis: (looks to the door) Hold on a second. (to Oz) Oz, can you try to break that door down?

Oz: On it, Dennis.

Gio : But....

Barry: But it would do us no good. Karen's got the key and if Mr Fraser's got it, we're dead.

As if on cue, the door is opened and Karen walks over to them fearlessly holding the keys in her right hand. Dennis gestures for her to go over to Moxey in order to get his ankle unchained which she does so. As soon as he is freed, Moxey runs over to her and hugs Karen.

Moxey: Thank you, thank you. (lets go of Karen and pauses) Is it true you're an undercover cop?

Karen: Oh yeah, the NYPD sent me undercover to stop Mr Fraser from destroying you guys.

Dennis: Sod that, let's get out of here.

Scene 32. Ally's study. Ally is ready to finally carry out the plan as he started it. He smirks feeling glad that he has 25 grand again and straightens as he looks out over New York City.

Ally: I have the 25 grand which went missing 5 years ago and I never have to return to Great Britain ever again.

Unaware to Ally, the door flies open and Dennis sneaks in with a gun Barry gave him and stands in front of Ally's desk pointing it at him again.

Dennis: Turn around right this second and put your hands where I can see them.

Ally turns around to find himself face to face with Dennis again.

Ally: You know what I think, I only needed my 25 grand back by abducting you but that Scouse goon was a substitute.

Dennis: I guess you're right, you only care about yourself from what I've heard so.... (cocks the gun ready to fire at Ally)

Ally: You think you're going to shoot me, Dennis, I think that you should bloody well think again.

Dennis: Shut up, Ally. Shut the bloody hell up and drop what you're planning on doing.

Dennis lowers the gun as Callum and Karen enter the room. Both Dennis and Ally can see that Karen has a gun pointed at her twin brother Callum.

Karen: Drop the gun, Dennis, I've got this one. (to Ally) Drop your dump crappy plans or Cal here gets his ass hauled down to 60th Precinct which is in West 8th Street in Brooklyn.

Dennis: Good thinking, Officer Kenny but I told you that I can handle this on my own, like.

Callum: Karen, you better drop the gun before you accidentally shoot me.

Karen: Shut your damn mouth, Cal.

Dennis: (closing his eyes) I should've asked Oz to come with me even if it means getting shot.

Ally grabs the gun from Dennis and points it at him which startles the living hell out of both Callum and Karen.

Ally: Auf wiedersehen, Dennis.

But instead of a shot, the four occupants in the study hear knocking and see the door opening. As if on cue, the door opens and Big Baz falls forward which allows the others to enter the study.

Oz: Knock bloody knock, Fraser.

Ally: Well, well, look what the cat dragged in.

Moxey: Shut your gob or I'll smack you for one count of kidnapping.

Dennis: Am I glad to see you lot? (runs over to the others and hugs each of them)

Neville: Are you OK?

Dennis: Calm down, Nev, I'm fine.

Barry: Forgive me for saying this but you don't seem that fine to me. (places his right hand on Dennis's left shoulder)

Dennis: I'm sorry and it's okay, don't worry, man.

Barry opens his mouth to speak but as he does so, Bomber enters the study and charges over to the gang.

Bomber: For God's sake, shut the hell up.

Others: Huh? Uh oh.

Oz: What's going on?

Bomber: You're going to die for this.

Callum: Let me handle this. (pulls his gun from his jacket and points it at the gang) Are you pricks in cahoots with my sister?

Moxey: (lying) I had no idea your sister was a copper 'til just now.

Bomber: Oh really? When I gets my hands on you, you're all going to die.

Dennis: What the bastard hell you done to Bomber, Ally?

Ally reaches into his jacket and pulls the pendant he used to hypnotize Bomber showing it to the gang.

Ally: Just a wee thing I prefer to call vengeance by hypnotizing one of you.

Barry: That pendant looks familiar.

Oz and Moxey: (in unison) How??

Barry: It's a hypnotic pendant which seems to hold your attention effortlessly. It's difficult to pull yourself away from looking at it.

Dennis, Neville, Oz, Jason, Barry, Moxey and Karen all turn their heads away as Ally swings the pendant around humming to himself. Big Baz can't believe his eyes when he sees the pendant being swung around into it falls out of his hand. Ally then searches for the pendant which he finds and puts back in his jacket but pulls his gun out and points it at Dennis again.

Ally: Sorry, Dennis, you're not leaving here alive. (fires the gun)

Oz pushes Dennis out of the way and gets shot in the shoulder. The others watch in terror as Oz falls limp to the floor and passes out. Moxey and Karen both run to aid him.

Moxey: OZ! Come on, you'll be fine.

Dennis: NO! (dropkicks Ally with such force that he breaks the desk in half)

Jason: Poor Oz. (to Dennis) Oz isn't gonna die, is he? Finally, this whole vengeance against Ally Fraser crap claimed it's payback.

Barry: No, Oz isn't going to die, Jason, he'll be fine. (to Dennis) Please say Oz'll be fine.

Bomber charges towards the boys just as Neville summons up the courage to confront Ally.

Neville: You bastard, you shot one of the greatest men I know. (punches Ally in the face just as Bomber pulls him off and throws him onto the couch)

Moxey: (rushing over to Neville) Don't worry, Nev, I've got this.

Karen: (coming between Moxey and Ally) NO! AL, STOP!

Moxey: I love you, Karen but Mr Fraser must die.

Karen: You wanna kill him? You'll have to kill me first, Mr Moxey, I'm not going to let you become a murderer...

Moxey: Karen, please get out of the way... he just shot our Oz... do you still want to protect him?


Moxey: I know you're an undercover cop but why do wanna protect that rotten bastard?

Karen: I'm not but I know you're far better than he is.

Moxey sighs just as Bomber pulls a knife out of his boot and tries to stab Dennis but we can see that Dennis is faster and with a quick movement, he has Bomber on the ground.

Dennis: Ally hypnotized Bomber?! Hell's bollocks.

At that, Bomber turns back to normal and gently gets Dennis off him. Oz claps his hands and that means only one thing; the spell Ally put Bomber under has been broken.

Bomber: Calm down boys, Bomber's got this. (to Ally) You're going to have a very long vacation in jail, right, Oz? (pauses) Oz? (turns to Barry and Jason who stare sadly at Oz's unconscious form)

Barry: Mr Fraser shot Oz in the shoulder but he needs to get to a hospital, Bomber.

Jason: (sees that Bomber is back to normal) Uncle Brian, you're back. (runs over to Bomber and hugs him)

Bomber: What are you talking about, boyo. I never wents anywhere. (hugs Jason right back)

Dennis: We need to call the British police and an ambulance for Oz.

Scene 33. New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. Bomber, Dennis, Jason, Karen, Barry and Neville are all there waiting for news on Oz and Moxey while Jason is doing his best to hide Tin-Tin from people.

Jason: (quietly) Tin-Tin, no. (to the others) Guys, if... you want nothing to do with me, I'll... understand it.

Neville: That's okay, Jason, we don't blame you or Tin-Tin for Moxey being kidnapped or for Oz getting shot.

As this conversation is being spoken, a doctor and a nurse approach the team.

Doctor: Are you the people where were with Messieurs Osborne and Moxey?

Dennis: Why yes. Yes, we are.

Nurse: Good, you fellas can see them if you want.

Barry: I can't believe what we just saw earlier, Oz got shot and Moxey got beaten up... we had to honor that by doing our very best at what they did at the time, calling the British police on Mr Fraser.

Scene 34. New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital. Dennis, Barry, Neville, Karen and Bomber enter the room where Oz and Moxey are in. Moxey has a bandage around his head with a few minor cuts and bruises while Oz has his left arm in a cast.

Karen: Holy shit, Al, I'm so glad... you're still... alive. (runs over to Moxey and hugs him)

Moxey: (hugging Karen back) Careful there, Karen, I'm not dead.

Oz: Thank Christ you're not. (sits up)

Doctor: As you can see, boys, Mr Moxey appears to have taken a few beating which explains the minor cuts and bruises while the bandage around his head indicates that he had his head slammed against what may be either a stone wall or a brick wall while Mr Osborne took a bullet wound to a fleshy part in his shoulder. If it was any further right, it would've been fatal.

Oz and Moxey: (in unison) Bollocks.

To Barry's shock, Dennis appears to be as shocked as he is.

Barry: Look, we have to get back to Great Britain on Saturday so will they okay by then?

Doctor: Of course. (leaves the room with the nurse in tow)

Moxey: (to Karen) Well, what can I say?

Oz: How about hurry up and arrest me for starters?

Moxey: Arrest me, for what?

Oz: Never mind. (closes his eyes)

Moxey: Where was I before I was rudely interrupted? (glares at a sleeping Oz before turning back to Karen) I suppose thank you would do for a start, thank you for taking care of me and talking to me.

Karen: You're welcome.

Moxey: I would've been so lonely with out you and most of all thank you for saving my life, I hope you can hear me because I'm really gonna miss you and I'll always remember you and I could almost thank that Scottish scumbag Ally Fraser for throwing our lives together but than I could kill him for what he did to me.

Karen: You and me both, buddy, you and me both.

Moxey realizes that he is about to cry as there are now tears streaming down his face.

Dennis: (seeing that Moxey is about to cry) Mox?

Moxey: Sorry, Den. (to Karen) Oh Karen, I wish I could here your voice one last time. (grabs Karen's hand and rubs his tears away)

Karen: It's okay and I'm up for promotion in a few months but I won't forget you.

Moxey: Thanks.

Karen gets up and leaves. Part of Moxey hopes that Karen would've stayed with him but part of him knows he would never see her again and no matter how much he pretends, it would always be true. He curses himself for loving her if he hadn't of fallen for her, it wouldn't have hurt like this. He thinks that he is going to cry again but even as Barry hugs him, the tears still wouldn't come.

Scene 35. Mastromarino Antiques, Manhattan. Dennis, Neville, Oz, Jason, Barry, Moxey, Bomber, Gio and Tin-Tin are in Paolo's office as he tanks them for rebuilding his store.

Paolo: Well, I want you to thank you boys for rebuilding my store before the grand reopening.

Bomber: Wait a minute, you said you were going to allow us to work a little bit longer.

Moxey turns his head towards the window in case Karen passes. As if on cue, a NYPD car passes with Karen driving. Moxey waves at her and she waves back and as the car leaves, Moxey feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see Dennis looking at him.

Dennis: You know you can always talk to me if you need to that is 'cause we all care about you. We were all going stir crazy when Ally kidnapped you, kiddah.

Moxey: (sighs) It's true what they say: Old habits die hard.

Bomber and Paolo hear the soft sigh and shake their heads. Moxey and Oz's wounds are healing but they can both see that Dennis is getting worried. Moxey is hardly ever saying anything to anyone, Oz's brash comments are down to a minimum and they wouldn't even answer Paolo back.

Bomber: (to Moxey) I know you're hurting, boyo but that Karen lass's always with you in your heart and in your mind.

Moxey: Thanks, Bomb. (to Paolo) Can I have some water please, Mr M? I'm parched.

Paolo: Of course (goes into the store kitchen)

Gio: Dad's a first aid kit, Mox, are you sure you won't have a painkiller?

Moxey: Sure, Gio, I won't mind it.

Neville: Dennis told us Ally was trying to find out what happened to the 25 grand Dennis stole from him 5 years ago. Surely, he'd realize pretty quickly, you didn't know?

Moxey: Yeah, that's what I thought. I reckon the bastard enjoyed beating the shit out of me. Anyway, I think these bruises might heal. I don't really want to know, lads, ok?

Dennis: Ok, kiddah.

Barry: Moxey, are you feeling ok?

Moxey: I'm getting there, Bazza.

Oz: You'll be glad to know Fraser's going back to Durham Prison.

Moxey: Thank God.

At that moment, Paolo enters with a glass of water and hands it to Moxey.

Paolo: There you go, Moxey.

Dennis: Get that down your neck, it'll make you feel better, guaranteed.

Moxey (drinking the water greedily, shaking his head and then drinking again) Thanks, Den, Thanks, Mr M.

I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.: I must tell you this has been the worst day you British people have since none of you know when. (to Moxey) I know it can't compare with what you've been through, Mr Moxey but....

Moxey: I know what you mean, I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E., there was a point when I thought I might not get to see Dennis or any of the others again. Not a lot of fun, I can tell you. I've had enough adventures to last me the rest of my life. I don't believe I'm saying this but I can't wait to go back home.

Jason: Well, we'll be back in the UK before too long. Have you any plans, Mox?

Moxey: You know, I fancy a holiday in Scotland. Me and my sister had a great time kayaking, trouble is I don't think me nerves'll be normal for a good few weeks yet.

Dennis: It's okay, man, I've got everything under control. Thing is though I fancy going back to work or to one of those gamblers support groups.

Oz: Amen, brother.

They all laugh.
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Re: Going to New York

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Scene 36. Joe and Stacey's house, Sunderland. Oz is fixing the sink with Jason, Barry is checking for any wiring, Dennis is talking to Joe and Stacey, Neville is washing up and Moxey is plastering.

Joe: Dennis, I'm so glad you're back. (gives Dennis a hug so hard, it nearly squeezes the breath out of him)

Dennis: Steady on there, Joe. I may be past 40 years old but I'm not ready for the graveyard yet.

Jason: You heard the man, Joe, get off him. (hauls his future brother-in-law off Dennis) Wait 'til you and my sister get married before you hug Dennis that way.

The boys all stop as Moxey has that concerned look.

Moxey: You ever been married, Jase?

Jason: Well, me and my woman Bethany just got engaged recently. What about you then, Manchester?

Moxey: I'm a Scouser, not a Manc.

Jason: Sorry.

Moxey: That's okay. (to the others) I almost got engaged once.

Stacey: What happened?

Moxey: I'd been seeing this girl from Runcorn. No 'Beauty Queen' obviously but we had a good time and I thought it was gettin' serious.

Barry: What was her name then?

Moxey: (hesitating) Roxey.

Jason and Stacey both burst out laughing.

Oz: Roxey?! So she would have been Roxey Moxey.

Moxey: Yeah, I know. Maybe that's why she ended it like. (gets that glazed look and starts to slowly lick his lips) She did really amazing things with her tongue.

Neville: Like what?

Moxey: Eh? Oh, eerrr nuttin', it's just we were gettin' serious. Well, I thought so anyway but one night, she never showed up. I waited till closing time and walked home. I tried phoning but no reply. Went round to her place and her sister said she had packed a bag and got on the bus. Said she didn't know where she was going but she would say that. I got a postcard a few days later from Leicester. 'Dear John'.

Joe, Jason and Stacey: (in unison) John???

Moxey: Its a term of reference. Anyway, it was over and I rarely had another woman since.

Barry: Thats a really sad story, our Mox but never say never.

Moxey: Mmm, I really fancy going back to Kirkby this weekend. I could take care of some business on the way.

Oz: Business?

Moxey: Oh just some family stuff. Me sister needs some help and I'm the only one she can trust.

Dennis: What dya do for cash then?

Moxey: That's no bother. Got a mate who can cash me up.

Joe: Not a loan shark?!

Moxey: My mate Clyde, he gave me a fake passport which Fraser never found on me when he grabbed me.

Stacey: You got kidnapped by that scumbag me and Jason call our real dad?! Let's be honest, Kirkby, I'm glad he never raised us.

Dennis: Agreed.

Moxey: At least one of youse (glares at Jason) got me accent right.

Neville: Tea's on.

Stacey: I wondered why you got 8 cups out, like.

Neville: I thought I’d keep it a surprise. I was dying to tell ya! I also found some of those chocolate biscuits my little girl Debbie likes. I hope you weren’t hankering after something else.

Jason: Turn that TV up a bit, Joe. I need to kna if Fraser got sent back to Durham, man.

Oz: Me too, Jase.

Joe turns the TV on to the Six o' clock news. We can see that the newsreader is Jason Busridge.

Jason B: And so with that, Margaret Thatcher will be leaving 10 Downing Street for good this Monday. In other news, the career criminal Alisdair Fraser has been recaptured. Tyneside police believe that Mr Fraser, who is serving a 10 year sentence for extortion and attempted murder, was found in a shack in Northumberland and with that said, we got to Claire Cartwright on this story.

Moxey: I don’t know what wudda happened if you hadn’t showed up to save me.

Dennis: I think that Ally would've either killed you or sold you into slavery.

Moxey: Uh oh.

Dennis: Don’t worry, Moxey, Ally's back in Durham and that's that.

Moxey: Thanks, Den.

Oz: Don't give us that, Mox man, we'd be going crazy if you sold into slavery.

Dennis: Aye, aye, very good, aye… Probably true an’ all and that's illegal in some parts of the world!

Scene 37. St George's Pub, Newcastle. The boys are celebrating a job well done in both New York and Sunderland. Oz and Moxey are still talking, Barry is reading a book, Neville is thinking of Brenda and Dennis is staring at his left hand as Bomber and Jason arrive.

Dennis: Oz man, I know this is role reversal, like but I need some advice?

Oz: What about, Dennis man?

Dennis: I really need to prepare for mine and Christine's wedding and I was wondering if you had any advice.

Oz: I’ve humped quite a few boilers in me time ya know, man, I can’t be expected to remember them all.

Barry: So what time are you heading off then, Oz?

Oz: I'll have to get to Vicki's about midday. Get a bite, a jar or two and then head on over to the Holy Grail.

Moxey: What happened?

Oz: Nothing much, Mox, me and Vicki have just grown apart over the last few months.

Neville: Oh my God, Oz, we're so sorry.

Bomber: Oh, are you boys still at it? We're all alive and that's alright!

Dennis: Champion, Bomber man.

Barry: So what now? We all go our separate ways and never see each other again?

Moxey: I tossing well hope not.

Jason: You need to be a bit careful. I got a call from NYC, it turns out Mr M's store has reopened and Gio's starting work there as a Saturday sales boy starting September.

Bomber: That's right, Jason. to that. Do you remember that Ally Fraser's property empire, boys.

Dennis, Neville, Oz, Barry and Moxey: (in unison) Who doesn't?

Bomber: Well, the new owner says it’s not in the best shape at the moment and this is where we come in. They needs someone to manage the business - buy properties at knock-down prices from auctions, do them up and get tenants in. Get the business back on track.

Dennis: What’s the catch?

Bomber: No catch. All legal and above board. These houses are the owner's ‘pension pot’ so they need us to run operations.

Dennis: What about what we owe them?

Bomber: The price wasn't discussed but you’ll have responsibilities and a budget to organize. Are you up for it?

Moxey: Sounds just what you need, Dennis!

Dennis: What about labour? Can I pick my own team?

Bomber: They said you can use who you like. You always put together a good team. I’ve no concerns on that front. I don’t really want to get too involved in the fine details. You just run it and I’ll pay you to do so. I’ve got enough else to deal with.

Dennis: Well, you tell the owner it’s a very generous offer, Bomb and they'd be mad to knock back!

Bomber: Well, it would be good to put what happened with Fraser behind us and I’m sure the money would come in useful.

Dennis: Aye, well, why not. You tell this owner they've got themselves a deal, Bomber.

Bomber: That’s fantastic news, Dennis. This calls for a celebration.
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Re: Going to New York

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couple of bits made me laugh out loud.... well written.

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Re: Going to New York

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ruggedscot wrote:
Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:04 am
couple of bits made me laugh out loud.... well written.
Ta, pal and which couple of bits made you laugh out loud, loike
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Re: Going to New York

Post by ruggedscot » Sun May 17, 2020 11:21 am

sorry don't log in here often and just noticed that you had replied.... It was the way that it was written caught the whole mood of the series. and the characterisation. well done and thanks, made me smile so it did. very good grasp of the program and its characters.

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Re: Going to New York

Post by Londongal1983 » Thu May 28, 2020 7:32 am

I loved this script from start to finish
Did you do that?

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