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The Last Gig

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Apr 07, 2022 12:53 pm

Pru and Dagmar are having coffee and discussing the recent email from Barry .

Pru :” I’m pleased they are coming. I’m sure seeing Barry and Oz will give Nev a boost.He could certainly do with one right now.” Dagmar smiled and looked at Pru sympathetically.

Dagmar :” I’ve said it before Pru ,you really are bearing up well under the circumstances.”

Pru : “As I’m discovering ,there is very little option Dagmar. You know we’ve both said this before ,in sickness and in health.”

Dagmar :” I’ll tell Dennis when he gets back from Debbie and Detlefs’. It still seems strange to me , that after all those years together they just stopped talking.”

Pru :” Well Barry was spending such a lot of time away, Moxey got re- married and Oz had his singing career.” Dagmar smiled.

Dagmar :” Dennis heard that Oz has one of these space age hearing aids.Apparently years of being close to large loudspeakers damaged his -I think he said -lugs?”Pru smiled.

Pru :”We can’t ignore the fact that Chris Norris has been noticeable by his absence for some considerable time. At one point he was always around and about with schemes that kept the lads together” Dagmar laughed.

Dagmar :”I admit that I do miss our frequent flyer status with his personal aircraft.”

Pru :” Barry did mention did he not ,that Chris is still in South America with Carla, crawling all over ancient Inca relics?” They both laughed at this remark. Pru was looking at Dagmar when her face gradually adopted a serious look.” Can I ask you Dagmar, has Dennis talked recently about their Bridgenorth adventures ?” Dagmar frowned.

Dagmar :”Well naturally he has mentioned it from time to time but not recently.Why do you ask?”

Pru :”I think I now know why there was that friction that led to you and I having ,shall we say , some differences?” Dagmar had a worried look.

Dagmar :”Pru that’s in the past, I thought we’d both agreed to move on?”

Pru :” You’re absolutely right, it’s just that I now believe I know what really caused their falling out which led to the rift between you and I.”Dagmar was frowning.

Dagmar :” I thought they fell out when for some reason no one knows Nev accused him of double standards or something like that ,because of his time taxi-ing a drug dealer around Newcastle.

Pru :” So did I ,but recently Nev has been re-living that period in his life ,and keeps repeating something about Dennis not paying his debts.” Dagmar looked more mystified.

Dagmar :” What debts are these?”

Pru :” Back in the day you may know Oz set up a company, later named Bridgenorth by Neville, through which they would carry out the Transporter Bridge job .As Dennis had no money they agreed Dennis’s investment contribution would be deducted from his share of the profits on completion. “

Dagmar :” I fell through didn’t it ,until Joe Saugus came on the scene I think that’s right?”

Pru :”Yes and that was all because Jeffrey Grainger screwed them on the deal. However ,Neville has it in his head that Dennis still owes them his contribution.”

Dagmar :” Does Dennis know about this?” Pru shook her head.

Pru :”I don’t think so, but I was asking our doctor if there could be reasons behind Nev’s condition and he mentioned, among many things the knee operation he had a year or so back ,but then I suggested the idea Chris had had about Transported in Time ,you remember , I wondered if that might have been a trigger.”

Dagmar :” Why do you think that?”

Pru :” I knew about the trials and tribulations Nev had with his first wife and recently during his periodic rants he has been revealing a lot more, for example his period of celibacy at that time and all the domestic pressure he was under. Later when they got to Arizona the lads didn’t help by poking fun at him over a girl from the Chicken Ranch ,a well known house of ill repute I should point out.” Dagmar still looked mystified.” I take it you are unaware of these details ?” Dagmar nodded so Pru gave her an abbreviated version of the lads time in Arizona.

Dagmar :”I see. So you think somewhere in Nev’s imagination the reason he focussed on Dennis’s debt to Bridgenorth is because somehow it’s tied up with all the stress and anguish he suffered at that time and it’s acting like a trigger?”

Pru :”Something like that.Perhaps.” She shook her head.” That’s why I’m hoping that seeing the other members of the team may help re -boot his memory banks.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Apr 14, 2022 12:31 pm

Chris is relaxing with Carla in their San Pedro hideaway when he receives an unexpected call from Hans Ulrich.

Ulrich :” Christian ,I trust you are in good health?”

Chris :” I am Hans and I hope you are too ,but you have me at a disadvantage. Is there a problem, you are not given to telephonic pleasantries?” There was slight pause.

Ulrich :” Very well Christian I will not prolong this call unduly.We need to discuss aspects of your uncles’ bequests as something unusual has come to light.I can meet you in either Lima or La Paz.”

Chris :”I prefer La Paz.When?”

Ulrich :” Tomorrow, three in the afternoon at the airport.”

Chris :” Fine Hans. I look forward to seeing you. Until tomorrow then ,bye bye.” Carla giggled as Chris turned to her.” Why are you laughing?”

Carla :” You told me once he said colloquialisms are indicative of sloppy thinking.You did that deliberately” They both laughed.

Chris:” I guess that’s a bit unfair, he can’t help being uptight. He’s had a thankless task over the years after all.”

Carla :” So what’s the problem, you have that pained expression ?”

Chris :” I’ve never been totally comfortable with Hans and I’m getting a bad feeling about this.My uncles were almost forensic in their legal dealings.I find it hard to believe there was a mistake.Perhaps there is someone contesting the will?”

Carla :” Chris you are not a poor man, surely this is not financial ?” Chris frowned.

Chris :”Certainly not, but if I was a betting man I would say it’s something to do with their last bequest.” Carla looked puzzled.

Carla :”What bequest?”

Chris :” I know they both wanted to do something for Wyman and any family he may have produced, but were uncertain when they last spoke to me .I recall telling them the only family he had after his mother died were the guys he worked with. Ulrich will know exactly who they are.”

Carla :” These are his Bridgenorth buddies?”

Chris :” Correct .Hans will know most of them ,they worked with my father in Dusseldorf years ago, he has no reason to look favourably on them ,but in addition questions were raised at the time the wills were made by the CWN board as it involved company shares.There were comments made about their state of mind et cetera.”

Carla :” They would question your uncles’ sanity?”Chris smiled.

Chris :” They would question anything that could be construed as a threat to CWN.”

Carla :” So why is he in such a rush?”

Chris :” Ever since Klaus and Jurgen passed the vultures have been circling, not helped by rumours of my strange retirement in the Atacama desert.” Carla laughed and took his hand.

Carla :” My poor dear boy.What is to become of you?”

Dennis collected the post and found a much redirected letter which he hurriedly opened . Dagmar was watching his expression change and began to worry.

Dagmar :” Dennis, what is wrong is it bad news?” Dennis started to laugh and do a little jig as he passed the letter to Dagmar.

Dennis :” All our problems are over pet, the big bricky in the sky has finally come through.We’re rich ,I tell you WE’RE RICH!

Dagmar :”This CWN is the company that Chris works for isn’t it?”

Dennis :” Actually Chris is the head honcho since his uncles died, but as you see Wyman’s share has been bequeathed to us ,his friends and business colleagues. I hope this puts a smile on Nev’s face.He’s been really miserable recently.”

Oz was reading the same letter as Dennis and with more or less the same result. Sara watched him as he jumped up and down.

Sara :” I know you don’t play the lottery so what are you so happy about?”

Oz :”I thought at first it was about the music contract with CWN, y’kna the deal with Chris on my royalties going into Brians’ fund.”

Sara :” But it’s not .Right?” Oz is still dancing around.

Oz :” It’s not, it’s even better.We won’t need a fund any more, we have more than enough .CWN has given me and the lads Wyman’s share of Chris’ uncles family jewels.”Sara wrinkled her brow .

Sara :”Here let me have a look ,what family jewels.” She read the letter, twice and then she jumped up and down as well.” No more worry about special schools Oz, you’re right!”

In a country house in the Scottish highlands Moxey is having a dram with Morag in the sitting room facing the loch.

Moxey :”You know petal, there was a time…..” He never finished ,he was interrupted by Morag.

Morag :”I know exactly what you were going to say .This bequest is wonderful but it would have been a lifesaver a few years ago.” Moxey laughed.

Moxey :”You read my mind, but it’s true.Before my time in the Caribbean things were tight. Anyway what I’ve learned these last few years is there are other things of value.I’d no idea that I’d have Bea and Guy ,and even less idea about finding you.Or is there any truth in the rumour that you head hunted me ‘cos you’re a man eater?”

Morag :” Sometimes Albert you do talk like an idiot.I’ve told you before,I found your profile on a lonely girls site on the internet .You daft bugger.” They both laughed.

Barry is in a meeting with the Fantasy Films attorneys.

Barry :” So correct me if I’m wrong ,what you are saying is we can collectively or individually choose a shareholding in one or more of the subsidiaries including the Bolivian Mining company Wyman owned ,or accept a cash realisation?”

Pru is reading a letter addressed to Neville Hope from a firm of attorneys in the USA. She didn’t hear Nev creeping up behind her. He shouted and she yelled and jumped up in surprise.

Pru :” Nev, what the hell are you playing at.You just gave me a fright?” Nev was laughing and grabbed the letter she was reading.

Neville :”I know what you’re doing.You’re reading all my letters.”

Pru :”Of course I am.You told me to, don’t you remember. Give it back.” Nev looked puzzled and handed the letter back.

Neville :” Sorry pet I forgot.” Pru smiled.

Pru :”Don’t worry.The doctor told you it’s no big deal to be a little forgetful at our age.Anyway this is good news Nev.” He smiled at that.

Neville:”I like a bit of good news.What is it?”

Pru :” Well we’ve come into some money. You remember Wyman, well his rich uncles passed away and remembered him in their will. Now Wyman's gone it’s going to be shared with you and the other lads from Bridgenorth and their dependants” Nev’s smile had disappeared and was replaced with a look of anger.

Neville :” As long as that bastard Paterson doesn’t get his hands on it.”

Pru turned away to hide her tears.

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Fri Apr 15, 2022 6:24 pm

Nev, piss up a rope :x

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Wed May 18, 2022 10:05 am

Barry and Moxey have travelled to the gated community to see Den and Nev.

Moxey :” It’s very decent of you to give us a lift like this kiddah. You must be in the same club as Chris these days?” Barry laughed.

Barry :” Not exactly Mox I only have use of this one aircraft and to tell you the truth I’m not so sure I want to continue,I’m too old for all this dashing about. “Moxey stifled a laugh and shook his head.

Moxey :” You say that like you mean it?” Barry gave a sigh and nodded.

Barry :” I do Mox. I found this last year hectic .I’ve had enough, I feel like Oz does ,wanting to pack it all in.”

Moxey :” Aye ,you said when you asked him to come with us he sounded down.”

Barry :” He did and thought it best to come under his own steam . He was due the last operation on his hearing later that day.Anyway Mox have you heard anything new about Nev’s condition?”

Moxey :” No more than you Barry since our last chat.According to Pru it’s not getting worse but it’s still hard work. That’s why she’s so upbeat about us coming over. She hopes seeing us will perk him up a bit.” As they were walking into the arrivals lounge Moxey saw a man holding a card that said Barry Taylor.” Hey Barry that guy’s waiting for you.” Moxey was very impressed with the limo.” Dear me Bazza is that a drinks cabinet?”

Barry :” Good idea Mox .Pass me one of those gin and tonics would you.It’ll be about half an hour to their place.You were saying Pru’s finding it hard work?”

Moxey :” Yes, and Dagmar told us she doesn’t say too much about it but she’s heard him when he’s ranting, mostly about Den.”

Barry :”What’s that all about?”

Moxey :” It all goes back to when we set up Bridgenorth and Den had no money.” Barry pursed his lips and frowned.

Barry :” They were the best of friends. Next to Oz I would guess Den must be his oldest friend.”

Moxey :” Exactly, but if Nev has some kind of dementia what can anyone do?”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Wed May 18, 2022 7:10 pm

Dementia ?! Oh shyte :o :? :|

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Sun Jun 26, 2022 1:33 pm

Barry had his head in his hands at that remark.

Barry :” I’m pretty sure it’s not dementia Mox.” Moxey looked at him in surprise.

Moxey :” Is there something you’re not telling me Barry?” Barry sighed.

Barry :”Nev got in touch some time ago and the first thing he said was not to say anything to Pru .He was in a bad way .He was hooked on pills and was trying to kick them but had no success.” Moxey was stunned.

Moxey :” Nev ,an addict,I can’t believe it?”

Barry :”I gave him a’phone number and an address of a guy I know and I’m hoping there’s been some progress.”

Moxey :” How the hell did this happen?”

Barry :” You remember the knee op he had, well there was a problem with a clot that made it’s way to his brain .All this came to light when he went to his doctor because of the pain. In the meantime he's taking his regular walk in the park and is approached by a guy who had noticed his limp and, long story short ,offered Nev some herbal pills that he said would fix his pain.”

Moxey :” So Nev took the pills?”

Barry :”He did, and they worked, so well in fact that he went back for more only to find the guy wanted him to pay for them because he'd had to buy them himself.Seemed plausible to Nev so he did. Until the price went up .That’s when he went to a local pharmacy with one of the pills.They were not herbal ,in fact it was a prescription-only drug similar to valium.The street name is benzos I’ve since learned.”

Moxey :” So what Pru thought was dementia was down to these pills he was taking?”

Barry :”I don’t have all the story but that’s my guess.My question is why didn’t Nev’s doctor prescribe something for the pain in the first place?”

Moxey :” That’s assuming he went to the quacks of course.” Barry looked at Mox and nodded his agreement.

When they arrived at Dennis’s, Barry had to go through the story again for the benefit of a recently arrived Oz .

Dennis :” I feel so sorry for Nev, in fact I feel for both of them. Pru must have been past herself especially after getting the all clear after the knee op. Then all this happens.”

Barry :” I have to tell you ,I was at a loss when he told me what he was up to.I did the first thing that came to mind, and I’m still not sure about keeping it from Pru.”

Moxey :” Where’s Nev right now?”

Dennis :” Dagmar said he was at home when she spoke to Pru this morning.”

Oz :” So what’s the plan lads?”

Barry :” Well I could give him a bell and ask if he had any joy with the contact I gave him?”

Dennis :” And if Pru picks up the ‘phone?”

Barry :” I ask her how Nev is?”

Oz :” We could all go round and say we just arrived, didn’t you reckon she was hoping we might cheer him up, Dennis?”

Moxey :” Might be best if it’s all out in the open?”

Dennis :” Then Pru will know we kept it from her.”

Oz :” Shovels of shite Dennis surely Nev’s health is more important?”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Sun Jun 26, 2022 7:14 pm

Oz is making sense for once ! :P

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Mon Jul 04, 2022 9:56 am

Pru was very pleased and confided that she was so relieved they had arrived ,giving them all a hug in turn.

Dennis :” So where is the man in question Pru?” She looked heavenward and shook her head.

Pru :”At a guess I’d say he’ll be down in the park.”

Oz :” He did know we were coming over though pet?”

Pru :” I did tell him, but who knows if it registered.”

Oz :” Okay lads let’s get down to the park and get grip of him.”

When the lads reached the park they followed Pru’s directions to the seating area favoured by Nev and could see him in deep conversation with a young man wearing a baseball cap, backwards.

Moxey :”I bet that’s the dealer ,he looks really shifty.”

Dennis :” Moxey ,just ‘cos he’s got his hat on in reverse doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a villain.”

As they drew closer they could hear raised voices.

Oz :” He looks the part to me though Mox !” Neville turned at the sound of Oz’s voice, his face contorted with anger.

Neville :” What do you bastards want ,can’t you see I’m talking to my friend here.” At this point the friend did a runner, Moxey later reckoned it was their superior numbers that frightened him off.

Oz :” What the hell are you playing at Nev ,you’ve got Pru scared to death?”

Neville :” Mind your own business ,I’m dealing with this.” He looked across and saw Barry.“What’s the big idea?” Barry looked suitably embarrassed.

Barry :” Hi Nev, I was just telling the lads you were going to see that therapist. Did you find him useful?”

Neville :” This is not helping, you’ve just panicked my friend, he’ll be thinking I’ve dropped him in it.”

Oz :” He’s no friend Nev, he’s a low life ,a dealer, dragging you down. Howay kiddah let’s get you home. “ Barry put a hand on Oz’s shoulder and spoke in his ear.

Barry :”Take it easy Oz, there’s another side to this problem I haven’t told you.” Nev chose this opportunity to run off after the dealer. Oz turned to face Barry.

Oz :” What do you mean ,another side to this problem?”

Barry :” You recall Nev and Pru didn’t come to our last gig at the transporter bridge?” Oz nodded.

Moxey :” Aye ,they were in Cuba ,something to do with that job they did on ship identification, so what’s that got to do with it?”

Barry :” While they were there Pru was approached through Colin Vanes department, you remember him ,Heather Lanes’ old sparring partner?”

Oz :” Howay Barry what’s this got to do with it?”

Barry :”Patience Oz ,it’s got everything to do with it. She was effectively offered her own security brief, based on her previous record and on the fact her face is not currently known in those parts.”

Dennis :”And you’re saying Nev was not happy with this development?” Barry nodded.

Barry :”Exactly. Apart from having to move there and the disruption for the twins ,where would Nev fit in and the worst part is she’d be working closely with Colin Vanes.”

Moxey :” No wonder Nev was pissed off, he’d think he was playing second fiddle to that bastard.”

Barry :” I have a feeling there may be a bit more to it ,but he was so distraught when he contacted me I couldn’t bring myself to question him any further.”

Oz :”Are you thinking Vanes slipped her a length before now?” There was a chorus of moans and cries of “leave it out Oz”.

Barry :” Anyway I can quite see how Nev spiralled downward what with his wife’s job offer and him feeling surplus to requirement.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Thu Jul 07, 2022 8:49 pm

Oh dear me :roll:

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Fri Jul 22, 2022 12:28 pm

Dennis was taking a 'phone call and turned to face the lads as his conversation ended.

Dennis :” Well ,I’ve just been informed that we can visit Nev today if we want to.” Moxey gave a cheer.

Moxey :” He’s okay now is he Den?”

Dennis :” Sound as a pound according to Pru. The clinic gave him a clean bill of health yesterday and she says he’s champing at the bit. It has been a long time for him after all.”

Oz :” What’s he going to be doing though Den, look after the bairns while Pru goes out to work?”

Dennis :” Howay man ,don’t be like that .Who knows ,if she does get posted back to Cuba the OED might have an opening for someone to teach bricklaying! “ Moxey laughed along with him but Oz was not amused.

Oz :” All I’m thinking Den is why Nev got hooked on those pills in the first place.”

Dennis :” Like Barry said he was very down at the time and that dealer saw an opportunity .Nev was just unlucky.Anyway lads this must be the place, looks like we’re here .It looks very smart though.”

Moxey :” Barry said that therapist was the bees knees didn’t he?”

Oz :” Yes Moxey he did .So what?”

Moxey :” All I’m saying is he’s done a good job . Got Nev into this place didn’t he. What’s up with you this morning, all this negativity?”

Oz :” Look I remember how Nev was before ,y’kna ,always ready to help, unsuspecting, naive even, and easily duped.”

Dennis :” What are you getting at Oz, the last thing Nev needs right now is someone bringing him down. If you have a problem with Pru don’t dump it on Neville .Right?” Oz shook his head and looked heavenward.

Oz :” All right, all right ,if it means that much to you I’ll keep it shut. Let’s get this done with.” He marched up to the entrance and opened the door ,the others followed.

Moxey :”Dennis have you noticed how he keeps touching his ear?”

Dennis :” I have and I didn’t say anything to him , Sara says he’s been very worried since his last visit to the doctor.”

They were directed by the receptionist to an open area she called the patio where they could see Nev at a table in conversation with Pru. He turned as they approached and the smile that appeared on his face convinced Dennis this was the old Nev.

Neville :” Now then lads , hiyah Dennis ! Moxey! Oz!. No probs finding the place then?” Dennis noticed that Pru was looking daggers at Oz and wondered about the significance.

Dennis :” Nah ,no problem.We had good directions from your lass Nev.”

Moxey :” How’re you feeling kiddah?”

Neville “Tip top Mox, they’ve done an excellent job and what’s more they’re turfing me out in the next half hour or so. We thought we’d have a celebration back at the house .We’re expecting a video call from Barry later ,and you’re all welcome to join in if you want?”

Dennis :” Sounds like a plan Nev.”

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by Tracy » Sat Jul 23, 2022 5:35 pm


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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Mon Aug 01, 2022 1:59 pm

They had all arrived back at Nev’s place and were drinking coffee while Pru was setting up the video link with Barry in another room.She had already given Barry an explanation about the call and asked that he just follow her lead and not ask questions emphasising that the doctor said he knew what was best for Neville and all would be revealed shortly.

Barry :” Does Nev understand why you turned down the job in Havana, he must know you were disappointed?”

Pru :” I have been offered second prize and ,at some point in the future, who knows…..frankly at the moment Nevilles’ health is the most important thing.”

Barry :” Second prize?”

Pru :”Head of security Consular section in Orlando ,and only a hundred miles away from you know where, plus the twins won’t have to relocate ,they are at a critical stage education-wise right now.”

Barry :” I ask again does Nev understand the significance of what you have done?”

Pru :” It’s been a long time since I played the country life hostess Barry, don’t misunderstand me I have loved every minute of our life especially the twins, but there comes a time when ones’ health fails…”

Barry :” Please Pru, tell me what’s wrong - what do you mean when ones’ health fails?” Slowly it dawned on Barry they were talking about Nev’s health. He could hear other voices nearby and then Pru cut him off. Oz had come into the room with Neville.

Oz :” So this is where you’re hiding , Nev wants to know if we’re ready for the call with Barry?”

Pru :” Yes ,I have to contact this number in two minutes and then it’s all go. Do you want another drink Nev?” Nev looked up and shook his head.

Neville :” Nah this is fine pet, have we had a call from Brenda yet?” Oz looked up in surprise and could see Pru shaking her head at him .

Pru :” No Neville ,we have had no calls at all this morning.Were you expecting someone?”

Neville :” Don’t be daft ,the hospital will have told her I’ve been discharged.” Oz was looking open mouthed at Pru who still shook her head,” Come on through you lot ,you’ll miss the video with young Taylor.” Dennis was frowning.

Dennis :” Young Taylor, you haven’t called him that for years, he will be flattered .”Neville turned to look at Den at his remark.

Neville :” Is that you being sarky again Dennis, it doesn’t suit you ,it’s the lowest form of wit." He looked distracted." I don’t know why Brenda hasn’t been in touch.”

Dennis :” Brenda, who’s this Brenda you’re on about Nev?”

Neville :’ There you go again Dennis ,you know you’re getting on my nerves with these comments.” The situation was saved by Pru taking charge in her best head girl manner.

Pru :” Come on chaps let’s take our seats in a semi circle around the screen.” Oz was making faces at Dennis out of Nev’s eyeline and Moxey picked up on it .He whispered in Den’s ear.

Moxey :” Is there something goin’ on Den?” Den whispered back.

Dennis :” There is definitely something not right ,Nev just asked about their Brenda getting in touch.”

Moxey :” You mean from the hereafter?” Den looked at Moxey and nodded his head vigorously.

Pru :” I have just connected ,we’re through to Barry.” And there was Barry's grinning face filling the screen.

Barry :” Hello lads ,hello Nev how are you feeling?” Nev’s face was a picture of puzzlement, and he was momentarily lost for words until Pru came to his rescue.

Pru :” The sound is amplified by this box of tricks Nev ,all you have to do is speak up.” Nev turned and growled a reply .

Neville:” I know how to speak to my friends thank you.” He turned back to the screen.” Now then young Taylor how are things in your neck of the woods?” Barry had of course heard Nev’s comments to Pru and he was now the one lost for words.

Barry :” That’s an expression I haven’t heard for a long time Nev, probably not since Dusseldorf.”

Everybody except Neville breathed a sigh of relief when the video call came to an end.

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Re: The Last Gig

Post by 936trt » Thu Aug 11, 2022 11:18 am

As Barry’s face faded from view there was silence until Dennis and Moxey were both looking at Oz who was about to speak.

Dennis :” Button it Osborne ,whatever it is we don’t want to hear it.” Pru had taken Neville into the next room as he was so clearly upset and agitated .The here and now of the video call had unsettled him ,he was unable to relate to current events and was reliving some of his experiences in Dusseldorf.

Moxey :” What was it Pru just said to you Oz as she went out?”

Oz :” Heaven preserve me from cutting edge psychology.”

Moxey :” What did she mean?”

Oz :” This whole thing was supposed to sort out Nev’s problem, his phobia she called it.”

Dennis :” I thought she said that he would be pleased to see us?”

Oz :” So did I but she’s been looking daggers at me all night .”

Moxey :” Your Sara was on the ‘phone to Pru earlier and I heard the bit about you saying he was just attention seeking.” Moxey and Dennis laughed loudly.

Dennis :” Just what we would expect from Sigmund Osborne!”

Moxey :” I must be the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on.I thought he was cured after being in that posh clinic?”

Oz :” Nah, this other quack told Pru that the drug taking wasn’t important ,it was just a symptom of his anxiety disorder brought on by the trauma of the operation on his knee.”

Dennis :” Where the hell did this thing about dementia come from then. It’s not so long since Nev bent my ear about it being time to hang up his boots and start taking things easy, y’kna looking to the future like?”

Oz :” I would have thought the windfall from the Stille family would have solved most of Nev’s gripes?”

Moxey :” So this stuff about Brenda is regression?”They all turned to look at Moxey.

Dennis :” You’ve read that somewhere, haven’t you?”

Moxey :” I’m not thick Dennis ,it’s just I know sometimes I come across a bit strange like.”

Oz :” Anyway back to the here and now. Pru said the latest advice she got from this quack was that seeing us lot was just what he needs, familiar faces ,conversation, witty repartee and so on, all to allow him to re engage with his psyche.”

Dennis :” He’s back in bloody Dusseldorf man, that’s no good ,is it?”

Moxey :” He needs to move forward, surely sight of the bairns would do that wouldn’t it?”

Oz :” Pru told Sara when she suggested that to the quack he was not impressed..”

Dennis :” Well if familiar faces won’t do it what else is there?” Oz was gazing off into space.

Oz :” Do you remember that Chocanaw medicine man ,the one who sorted out young Wyman.I bet he would know what to do

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